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Joe Allbaugh (Board Member)

In a June 2012 email to POLITICO, Allbaugh wrote about President Barack Obama, “Our leader is more pomp than circumstance. Again, no leadership. Hell, I could do better than he is doing. All hat, no cattle.”

On October 24, 2011, Republican Rick Perry’s 2012 presidential campaign announced that Allbaugh, who served as campaign manger for George W. Bush successful 2000 presidential campaign, would serve as a “senior adviser” to Perry.

Between 1999 and 2010, Allbaugh donated over $39,000 to political candidates and PACs. The only politician to receive money from Allbaugh who is not a Republican was Joe Lieberman (I-CT).

In 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Shaw Group—represented by Allbaugh’s lobbying firm—was awarded $200 million in no-bid federal government contracts to repair damage done by the hurricane. Allbaugh’s hand-selected replacement as director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Michael Brown, was leading the agency at the time. When criticized for lobbying and consulting with an agency he used to head, Allbaugh responded, “I don't buy the 'revolving door' argument. This is America. We all have a right to make a living."

Allbaugh lobbied for tax perks for the River Birch Landfill company in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In 2010, the FBI raided River Birch’s offices as part of a criminal investigation into allegations of “pay-to-play” politics between River Birch and local government officials in Jefferson Parish.

In 2003, shortly after Allbaugh became FEMA director, FEMA awarded a large emergency water supply contract to Lipsey Mountain Water. The move was unusual because Lipsey had no production capacity and only 15 employees—they had to purchase their water directly from Nestle Waters North America, the former holder of the contract. The Lipsey family is also is also one of the nation’s largest gun wholesalers. Like Allbaugh International Group, Lipsey’s Inc. is an NRA corporate donor.

In May 2001, Allbaugh was called to testify before a Senate committee while serving as the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). “Many are concerned that federal disaster assistance may have evolved into both an oversized entitlement program and a disincentive to effective state and local risk management,” he told the committee. “Expectations of when the federal government should be involved and the degree of involvement may have ballooned beyond what is an appropriate level.” Four years later, FEMA received widespread criticism for their inadequate response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. At that time, FEMA was headed by the man Allbaugh handpicked to be his replacement: Michael Brown.

In 2001, during Allbaugh’s FEMA director confirmation process, he indicated in a disclosure that he had never been a party to an administrative or civil proceeding. In fact, in 1990, Allbaugh participated in bankruptcy proceedings, listing liabilities of nearly $300,000.

Allbaugh was involved in “Funeralgate,” a controversy in Texas during the late 1990s. Eliza May, director of Texas Funeral Service Commission, was forced out of her job after she launched an investigation into the business practices of Service Corporation International (SCI), the nation’s largest end-of-life services provider. SCI founder Roger Waltrip was a personal friend of the Bush family and made large contributions to Bush’s political campaign and his father’s presidential library. SCI officials met with Allbaugh, then Texas Governor George W. Bush’s chief-of-staff, a number of times prior to May’s dismissal to complain about her investigation. May’s filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against SCI and the State of Texas, eventually settling for over $200,000.

Scott Bach (Board Member)

In a July 3 interview with Adam Toxin, the interim communications manager of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFPO), Bach asked, “

In a July 3 interview with Adam Toxin, the interim communications manager of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFPO), Bach asked, “Are we trending towards more individual freedom, which, of course this country was founded on, or less?” Referring to a recent Supreme Court decision upholding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, he answered, “And what I see, and which is, um, echoed and amplified by the recent, um, health care decision is, my conclusion is it’s less … The Obamacare decision is, to me, it’s the final nail in the coffin … It is the ultimate attack on the Republic. The last vestige of freedom that’s left.” Toxin, referring to the King of Britain at the time of the Revolution, stated, “King George wasn’t anywhere near this tyrannical. The Stamp Act was nothing like Obamacare.” Bach replied, “I agree with that … This is a…case of public officials who have an agenda, who have exceeded their mandate, who have violated their trust and Constitution and the principles on which the country was founded … You know what? The system is not self-enforcing. It requires human beings with the will to preserve it and somewhere along the line, um, those with the will to destroy it have taken over the majority.” Turning to the topic of civilian militias, Bach stated, “Let me substitute the word ‘militia’ for ‘armed populace.’ You know, ironically, and JPFO members know this, Hitler was pro-gun control. Ironically, Mahatma Gandhi understood the need for a people to be armed … He understands the importance of being armed, not necessarily using arms, but having them as a check.” Finally, he made reference to the November 2012 elections and warned, “It is the most important elections, presidential and congressional, of our lives.”

In a January 4, 2024 interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Bach commented on an anti-trafficking bill that sought to limit civilians' handgun purchases to one per month, saying "This legislation makes it a crime to exercise a constitutional right to obtain handguns any more often than Big Brother dictates. It's overkill in the extreme." The legislation was signed into law by then-Governor Jon Corzine on August 6, 2009.

Commenting on an anti-trafficking bill that sought to limit New Jersey residents' handgun purchases to one per month, Bach asked the New York Times, "Can you imagine a golfer having only one club?" The legislation was signed into law by then-Governor Jon Corzine on August 6, 2009.

In a June 30, 2023 editorial in the Star-Ledger, Bach wrote, “The Constitution exists to limit government power over individuals, not the other way around.” In truth, those who drafted and ratified our Constitution did believe that a stronger federal government was necessary in order to preserve the Union. As Alexander Hamilton asked the Constitution's critics in Federalist No. 30: "How is it possible that a government half supplied and always necessitous, can fulfill the purposes of its institution—can provide for the security of—advance the prosperity—or support the reputation of the commonwealth? How can it ever possess either energy or stability, dignity or credit, confidence at home or respectability abroad? How can its administration be any thing else than a succession of expedients temporising, impotent, disgraceful? How will it be able to avoid a frequent sacrifice of its engagements to immediate necessity? How can it undertake or execute any liberal or enlarged plans of public good?”

In June 2008, Bach testified before the New Jersey State Assembly Judiciary Committee on A2116, a bill that sought to ban private ownership of firearms of .50 caliber or greater, like the Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle, a weapon that can take out armored targets up to a mile away. Nonetheless, Bach claimed that the effect of the legislation would be to be prohibit New Jersey residents from possessing “popular rifles used by sportsmen,” “flintlocks and muskets,” and “family heirlooms.” Addressing the members of the committee directly, Bach then told them, “At this point, it's hard not to conclude that a sweeping gun ban is precisely what you intend.”

In an editorial regarding S2431, a state bill that sought to increase criminal penalties for unlawful possession of a handgun, Bach accused New Jersey legislators of “knowingly and intentionally opting to pass legislation that will send law abiding citizens to jail.”

In an October 10, 2023 editorial in the Star-Ledger, Bach addressed New Jersey state legislation that sought to ban private ownership of firearms of .50 caliber or greater, like the Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle, a weapon that can take out armored targets up to a mile away. Claiming that the legislation would ban “hundreds of common hunting and historical firearms, including the flintlocks and muskets that won the American Revolution and the Civil War,” Bach mocked the legislation as “a clear solution to the urban problem of drive-by musketeering, no doubt...

Bach called the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (now known as the Animal Protection League of New Jersey) an “extremist group“ in a 2003 opinion piece due to its opposition to recreational bear hunting in New Jersey. Bach claimed that the bear hunts were necessary due to the danger to posed to humans. A spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, however, called aggressive bear attacks in the state “infrequent.” Bach also blamed animal rights activists for unsolved vandalism of State Fish & Wildlife vehicles.

In an unpublished editorial entitled “2002 Elections May Signal National Conservative Trend,” Bach discussed the findings of a panel at an event sponsored by the Center for the Study of Popular Culture. He quoted one panelist, the leader of a “tax reform organization,” who described “six demographic trends among likely [future] voters that indicate a general movement toward conservatism ... A growing investor class, a growing class of conservative youth, declining union membership, increased gun ownership and concealed carry permitting, increased home schooling, and a decrease in the number of government workers.” Making reference to his home state of New Jersey, Bach then concluded: “In parts of New Jersey, the 2002 elections held out signs of the start of conservative trending as well. The strong victory of [Republican] Congressman Scott Garrett over [Democrat] Anne Summers in the 5th Congressional District race—particularly in traditionally liberal Bergen County—shook up the liberal establishment throughout the state. If that trend continues, [Democratic New Jersey Senator Frank] Lautenberg and many others like him may indeed have something to fear come election days of the future.”

In 2003, the Southern Poverty Law Center identified the Center for the Study of Popular Culture (now the David Horowitz Freedom Center) as a "hard right" organization that has “helped spread bigoted ideas into American life.”

Bach embraced an insurrectionist interpretation of the Second Amendment in an undated, unpublished editorial, writing: “Collective firearms ownership by a population is an insurance policy against government oppression and extreme abuses of power. If you don't think that governments oppress and commit atrocities against their own people, think again. During the 20th century, while Americans were building cars, factories, and shopping malls, at least seven major genocides occurred throughout the world, in which more than 50 million people were exterminated by their own governments (Germany, USSR, Communist China, Cambodia, Uganda, Guatemala, and the Ottoman Empire). Each of these state-run atrocities was preceded by ‘common sense’ gun control, registration, and eventual confiscation by the government, all under the pretext of advancing public safety.”

In contrast, the author of the Second Amendment, James Madison, made it clear in his writings that advancing public safety is one of the highest priorities of government. He also made it clear that any armed opposition to the federal government would only be legitimate if conducted under the authority of state governments. In Federalist No. 46, Madison chastened fears of potential tyranny in the federal government, saying such a government would be opposed by "a militia amounting to near half a million of citizens with arms in their hands, officered by men chosen from among themselves, fighting for their common liberties, and united and conducted by [state] governments possessing their affections and confidence." Furthermore, the U.S. Constitution (in Article 1, Section 8) states that one of the purposes of the state Militia is to "suppress Insurrections," not to foment them.

Buster Bachhuber (Board Member)

Opposing a piece of proposed legislation which would require guns to be licensed, Bachhuber said, "We need to remind ourselves that whether a gun bill reduces crime or not is not the object of the game. In the mind of Thomas Jefferson, the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting or so-called sporting purposes, but all about maintaining freedom in the face of tyranny. We tend to overlook such reasons and get caught up in just sporting purposes."

Carol Bambery (Board Member)

The website of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Ownership (MCRGO), the organization which Bambery founded, features an article written by the radical gun rights group Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership in which the author speculates that proponents of gun control have thoughts like, “I'd rather be raped than have some redneck militia type try to rescue me.” The article goes on to claim that all people have homicidal influences, but proponents of gun control are unable to consciously admit that they have a desire to kill. Turning to the subject of race and religion, the article states: “Consider for a moment that the largest and most hysterical anti-gun groups include disproportionately large numbers of women, African- Americans and Jews. And virtually all of the organizations that claim to speak for these ‘oppressed people’ are stridently anti-gun. Not coincidentally, among Jews, Blacks and women there are many ‘professional victims’ who have little sense of identity outside of their victimhood…Thus the concept of ‘identity as victim’ is essential. How and why do members of some groups choose to identify themselves as victims and teach their children to do the same? While it's true that women, Jews, and African- Americans have historically been victimized, they now participate in American society on an equal basis. And other groups, most notably Asian-Americans, have been equally victimized, and yet have transcended the ‘eternal victim’ mentality. Why, for example, would a 6'10" NBA player who makes $10 million a year see himself as a ‘victim’? Why would a successful, respected, wealthy, Jewish physician regard himself as a ‘victim’? Conversely, why might a wheelchair bound woman who lives on government disability NOT regard herself as a victim? I would argue it's because the basketball player and the physician believe that their identities are dependent on being victims – not because they have actually been victimized, but because they're members of groups that claim victim status. Conversely, the disabled woman was probably raised to believe that she is responsible for her own success or failure.” The article also suggests that anti-gun individuals can be converted by a trip to the shooting range stating, “This is a good time to offer some reading material on the benefits of firearms ownership. But be careful not to provide so much information that it's overwhelming. And remember this is not the time to launch into anti-government rants, the New World Order, conspiracy theories, or any kind of political talk!”

Bob Barr (Board Member)

In a January 23, 2024 op-ed for Townhall, Barr wrote, “Today’s young youth are more narcissistic than ever … Of course, they are not completely to blame. Parents and adults share responsibility for creating this monster. For decades, parents were told by so-called parenting ‘experts’ that offspring would be best raised on the belief each is special and entitled to all life has to offer. Now, trophies are awarded to every child on the team or in the class so no child’s self-esteem is bruised by virtue of being ‘left out;’ letter grades from ‘A’ to ‘F’ give way to vague and slippery narratives. We encourage every teenager to pursue their passion in college—something to which they are ‘entitled’—regardless of the marketable value of the skills they gain after many tens of thousands of dollars spent on that education … It is this delusion of entitlement that served as the catalyst for the recent ‘Occupy’ movement.”

In a November 12, 2023 op-ed for the Marietta Daily Journal, Barr wrote, “Had Reagan faced President Barack Obama on Nov. 6, he almost certainly would have won. For virtually every element accounting for [Republican presidential candidate Mitt] Romney’s failure to connect with a majority of voters last week, Reagan’s genuineness, good humor, vision and optimism would have carried the day for the GOP. Fielding such a candidate to represent the Party in 2016 will greatly increase—not decrease—the chances that the 45th President of the United States will be a Republican. And fortunately for the GOP, there are a number of such potential candidates in its farm team—young Ronald Reagans ready to lead the country to a new Morning in America.”

In an October 28, 2023 op-ed for the Marietta Daily Journal, Barr endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan in the November 2012 election, stating, “The inescapable and overriding importance of re-charting America’s course away from the Big Government Liberalism of the current administration has prompted me to support the GOP ticket of Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan. The stakes are simply too high to admit any degree of hesitancy in this regard. The decision I have reached, and in which I ask other libertarian-leaning and conservative-oriented voters to join, is not one based on a serendipitous view that Romney is the perfect candidate … He is not [the perfect candidate] … We cannot afford a search for perfection. We cannot afford to withhold votes from a candidate we perceive to be imperfect. What we do know beyond any doubt, is that the current course on which our nation already is well-embarked is not sustainable.”

In a July 9, 2023 op-ed for the Daily Caller, Barr wrote about a January 2012 report issued by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) entitled “Hot Spots of Terrorism and Other Crimes in the United States, 1970 to 2008.” Barr claimed that the report provides “an insidious analysis of Americans who happen to hold certain philosophical or political views,” stating, “Americans who ‘believe that one’s personal and/or national way of life is under attack’ or who are ‘nationalists, anti-global, [or] suspicious of centralized federal authority, [and] reverent of individual liberty,’ are painted in a negative light.” He complained, “And though the report is meant to document acts of terrorism inside the United States, there is only a passing mention of 9/11 and Islamic extremism … It is deeply disturbing that the executive branch of our federal government continues to demonize and delegitimize political beliefs, particularly those challenging the ‘conventional wisdom’ or the status quo. It is even more distressing that neither the U.S. House of Representatives nor the Senate has moved to put a stop to such efforts, which they could if their members possessed the understanding and the backbone to do so.” START asserts that the report qualifies individuals and groups as terrorists because they have actually carried out or attempted to carry out violent attacks in the United States, not based on their ideological orientation. The report breaks violent perpetrators into ideological categories, including extreme left-wing, extreme right-wing, religious, ethnonationalist/separatist, and single issue. START asserts that “descriptions of these categories in the report do not suggest that an individual or group with one or more of these characteristics is likely to be a terrorist.”

In a June 20, 2023 op-ed for the Marietta Daily Journal, Barr wrote, “I am a real fan of handguns manufactured by Glock. And, for many years I have known Paul Jannuzzo.” Paul Jannuzzo, former CEO of Glock, Inc., a firearms manufacturer, fled the country first to Mexico, and then Amsterdam amid allegations of embezzlement. He was arrested in Amsterdam and extradited to the United States. In March 2012, Jannuzzo was convicted for racketeering and theft. He was sentenced to seven years in prison and thirteen on probation. Barr also stated that he wrote a letter of support for Jannuzzo prior to his sentencing.

In a May 28, 2023 op-ed for the Daily Caller, Barr wrote about what he called the “demonization of George Zimmerman and the deification of Trayvon Martin.” Barr was referring to the February 26, 2023 shooting of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin by concealed handgun permit holder George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida. Barr stated, “Much like the Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carroll’s fable, Alice in Wonderland, many would just as soon sentence Zimmerman first and try him later, if at all.” Barr also criticized the Florida prosecutor, Angela Corey, who brought charges against Zimmerman, stating that she “based her decision on some of the flimsiest evidence and legal analysis I have ever seen.” The “latest absurd development,” wrote Barr, occurred at Malcom X Elementary School in the District of Columbia which hosted “Trayvon Martin Day.” He referred to the program as dealing with “some manufactured problem about an already highly politicized legal case in Florida … Perhaps the program honoring Trayvon Martin was accompanied by a chorus of ‘Kumbaya’ to help foster a ‘happy spirit.’”

In a November 2, 2023 op-ed for The Daily Caller, Barr defended GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain against allegations of sexual harassment, asking, “What exactly does ‘sexual harassment’ mean, anyway?” Barr also complained that, “During a 2004 bid for the U.S. Senate, then-Rep. Jack Ryan (R-IL) had his campaign completely derailed by salacious claims made by his ex-wife, actress Jeri Ryan.” Jeri Ryan has alleged in child custody proceedings that on multiple occasions her then-husband took her to “sex clubs” and attempted to make her perform sex acts on him in front of other people.

In a September 12, 2023 op-ed for The Daily Caller entitled “Get Off Mike Vick’s Ass,” Barr defended Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick—who served nearly two years in federal prison for his involvement with a dog fighting ring—against continued criticism. He also said of Vick, who signed a $100 million contract with the Eagles in 2011, “It is not as if Vick is on Easy Street. In addition to being on the NFL commissioner’s watch list, Vick’s financial situation is not exactly assured, and he continues to pay heavily for his past legal transgressions. He reportedly still owes creditors $19 million.”

Barr expressed his belief that bullying is “a natural rite of passage” for schoolchildren and worried that anti-bullying initiatives in schools would encourage to students to “snitch on each other” in a September 2, 2023 op-ed for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He also complained about the impetus for anti-bullying measures by writing, “Much like ‘hate crimes’ laws long-favored by liberals, New Jersey’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights was passed as a reactionary measure nearly a year after a gay college student tragically committed suicide.”

In an August 26, 2023 op-ed for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Barr wrote that, “We can only hope Obama resists the urge to send in American ‘peace-keeping’ forces to help rebuild the country; Afghanistan and Iraq provide clear examples of why such a policy invariably becomes an expensive tar baby.” The phrase “tar baby” is considered by many to be a racial epithet, and earlier that month a Republican Congressman sent President Obama a letter of apology after using the phrase while discussing the president’s policies.

In an August 11, 2023 op-ed for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution entitled “’Random Violence’ a Sign of Things to Come,” Barr compared peaceful demonstrations in Wisconsin against an anti-labor law to the “violent protests in Greece and the United Kingdom over cuts to public benefits.” Barr went on to add: “The reactions by beneficiaries of Wisconsin voters’ largesse were typical of people who have become dependent on government in one manner or another, and who view such benefits as ‘entitlements’ to which they enjoy a fundamental and irrevocable right. When any person or institution then threatens those entitlements—whether a president, a prime minister, or federal or state legislators—the reactions become very personal and potentially violent.”

On February 2, 2011, Barr weighed into a controversy concerning for-profit schools accused of using deceptive marketing techniques in a Politico editorial. Barr opined that, “Judging by the level of vitriol being directed against for-profit schools, one would be justified in concluding critics suspect them of harboring terrorist cells and offering instruction in improvised explosive devices.” Barr failed to mention his employment with John Marshall Law School, a for-profit institution.

In January 2011, Barr began serving as an advisor to former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier. Barr was consulted by Duvalier as he attempted to recover $5.7 million in assets frozen by the Swiss government. The assets were frozen following charges that Duvalier had embezzled $300 million from the Haitian government during his 15-year rule. Duvalier was also accused of widespread human rights abuses, including torture and murder. Human Rights Watch claims that Duvalier’s Tonton Macoutes Militia was responsible for up to 30,000 civilian deaths. Barr dismissed these allegations against Duvalier, saying, “I deal with allegations all the time. They are the cheapest commodity on the market.” Previously, Barr had visited Haiti to help Duvalier’s brother-in-law fight drug smuggling charges.

In July 2008, Barr called former Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC)—who famously and fiercely opposed the creation of a national Martin Luther King Jr. Day—“one of the finest, most courageous and deeply principled men to ever serve in the United States Congress.”

Barr’s immigration platform during his 2008 presidential run included support for eliminating the guarantee of birthright citizenship. While the Fourteenth Amendment currently confers citizenship upon any individual born in the United States, Barr proposed that children of illegal immigrants, even if they are born in the United States, should not automatically qualify for citizenship.

Barr authored a March 7, 2023 op-ed for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution lauding proposed legislation to prevent employers from prohibiting guns on company property as “extremely modest.” Both the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Newnan-Peachtree City Area Employer Committee criticized the legislation as “dangerous.”

In 2007, Barr was paid $70,000 by the Marijuana Policy Project to lobby on their behalf in support of the legalization of medical marijuana in the District of Columbia. Previously, as a Member of Congress, Barr successfully authored an amendment that prohibited the local DC government from acting to legalize medical marijuana.

Barr accidentally discharged a pistol that was handed to him by a supporter at a campaign event in 2002. The bullet struck a glass door—no one was injured in the incident. One of Barr’s sons later attacked a man dressed as Yosemite Sam who showed up at a campaign event to mock the then-Congressman over the incident.

In 2001, three airport security guards filed a complaint against Barr, alleging that he used racial slurs against them during a dispute over access to a private parking lot. Barr reportedly asked the supervising guard, “When are you going to open the gate you stupid black idiot?”

In August 1999, Barr paid a $28,000 fine to settle charges by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that he accepted nearly $100,000 in illegal contributions during the 1994 and 1996 elections.

On July 29, 1999, Barr voted in favor of an amendment to the yearly District of Columbia appropriations bill that would have banned adoption by gay parents in the District. The amendment failed 215-213.

In June 1999, Barr attempted to attach an amendment to a defense spending authorization bill to ban the practice of the Wiccan religion. Barr described his opposition to active duty soldiers being allowed to practice the Wiccan religion as follows: “I think it brings disrepute to the military and ought not to be allowed as something on par with the Judeo-Christian beliefs on which our country was founded.”

In March 1999, Barr opposed expanding the federal definition of a hate crime to include crimes motivated by the victim’s sexual orientation, calling proposed legislation “a backdoor way to obtain protected status for sexual orientation and sexual deviancy.”

In January 1999, Barr’s second wife, Gail, swore in an affidavit that she was convinced that Barr had an affair with a woman who would become his third wife while he was still married to her. Barr did not deny the affair when asked about it repeatedly during divorce proceedings. The affidavit was released to the public while Barr served as a manager during impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton. Impeachment managers were Congressmen on the House Judiciary Committee who functioned as prosecutors during the proceedings. Clinton was impeached after he was accused of lying about an extra-marital affair.

Barr gave the keynote speech at a white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) national convention in 1998. The event featured fellow speakers Jared Taylor, publisher of the racist American Renaissance magazine (“when blacks are left entirely to their own devices…civilization disappears”) and Brent Nelson, author of the anti-immigrant book America Balkanized. CCC has claimed that blacks are genetically inferior to whites and has also advocated homophobic, anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic ideas. The organization frequently publishes racial commentary on current events, and once blamed journalist Daniel Pearl for his own murder due to his choice to enter into an interracial marriage. When confronted with the overtly racist nature of the organization, Barr claimed he had “no idea” what CCC advocated. According to CCC chief executive Gordon Lee Baum, however, Barr “knew what we were all about before he spoke to us. We don't invite people and let them walk into the dark on us.”

In 1996, Barr was the author and sponsor of the Defense of Marriage Act, which defined marriage as between one man and one woman. Under DOMA, states are not obligated to recognize the validity of same-sex marriages performed in other states. Furthermore, the bill prohibited the federal government from providing benefits received by married couples to individuals in same-sex partnerships. During floor debate, Barr said the bill was needed because “the flames of hedonism, the flames of narcissism, the flames of self-centered morality are licking at the very foundations of our society, the family unit.

In 1996, Bob Barr voted in favor of legislation that would allow states to ban children of illegal immigrants from attending public schools.

Ronnie Barrett (Board Member)

In a February 5, 2023 radio interview on “Cam & Company,” Barrett stated, “Yeah, I hope gun owners now see that how big of a target is on their back. Gun owners is a huge obstacle to the socialism that's trying to be introduced into our country now. You can't have socialism, and you can't round up hordes of armed free people and put them in cattle cars. It's just a very difficult process to do. So before you can have good socialism, you have to break the will of the independent thinking person, the self-reliant person, and when you look at that self reliant people usually have a firearm. They usually have a flashlight. They usually pay their bills. They're not dependent on the government. You have to get rid of those people before you can make them, everybody lockstep dependent on the government, so that's why the big target. That's why they're after rifles. It has nothing to do with crime. This represents independent self reliant thinking people, and they are the enemy.”

In a July 26, 2023 appearance on NRA news, Barrett commented on a July 17, 2023 speech in which President Barack Obama stated, “There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me—because they want to give something back. They know they didn’t – look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something – there are a whole bunch of hard working people out there. If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business–you didn’t build that.” Barrett replied to these remarks, stating, “What Obama had said here with the ‘you didn’t do this’—this is not new stuff. You know, the world has heard socialist people try to sell this game for decades. You know, it’s the same thing that was said in Europe in the 30s. I went back and listened to his whole talk on that and the whole thing is that ‘you’re not going to be able to do it by yourself and you’re only going to be able to do it if we share and your problems of you not having any money is really this rich man over here and we’re going to take from that rich man and give it to you.’ And of course that identifying a problem thing, we’ve seen that in history, too. You always have to identify some sort of group that is the problem for you and you can go back and like I said look in Europe in the 30s and how their groups were identified … The original government that our Founding Fathers set up loves [entrepreneurship] because that’s what they wanted you to be. What they wanted you to be [is] self-sufficient, hardworking, get out there, you keep what you’ve earned. But that flies in the face of socialism. So entrepreneurship and things like that is gotta be the enemy of the socialists, of the Obama folks and things like that. You can’t have those guys walking around. The Obama people, or the socialist people, they have to have people solely dependent on the government and sucking on its tit … It blew me away to hear the people applauding what [Obama] was saying. I thought, ‘did you never pay attention to history? Don’t you know we have heard this before?’ And it always ends up in collapse or millions of people dead.”

In a July 26, 2023 appearance on NRA news, Barrett commented on a July 17, 2023 speech in which President Barack Obama stated, “There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me—because they want to give something back. They know they didn’t – look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something – there are a whole bunch of hard working people out there. If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business–you didn’t build that.” Barrett replied to these remarks, stating, “What Obama had said here with the ‘you didn’t do this’—this is not new stuff. You know, the world has heard socialist people try to sell this game for decades. You know, it’s the same thing that was said in Europe in the 30s. I went back and listened to his whole talk on that and the whole thing is that ‘you’re not going to be able to do it by yourself and you’re only going to be able to do it if we share and your problems of you not having any money is really this rich man over here and we’re going to take from that rich man and give it to you.’ And of course that identifying a problem thing, we’ve seen that in history, too. You always have to identify some sort of group that is the problem for you and you can go back and like I said look in Europe in the 30s and how their groups were identified … The original government that our Founding Fathers set up loves [entrepreneurship] because that’s what they wanted you to be. What they wanted you to be [is] self-sufficient, hardworking, get out there, you keep what you’ve earned. But that flies in the face of socialism. So entrepreneurship and things like that is gotta be the enemy of the socialists, of the Obama folks and things like that. You can’t have those guys walking around. The Obama people, or the socialist people, they have to have people solely dependent on the government and sucking on its tit … It blew me away to hear the people applauding what [Obama] was saying. I thought, ‘did you never pay attention to history? Don’t you know we have heard this before?’ And it always ends up in collapse or millions of people dead.”

Ronnie Barrett personally designed the first .50 caliber sniper rifle after observing a Browning machine gun mounted on a gunboat. This high-powered sniper rifle—available for sale on the civilian market—has an effective range of over a mile and can pierce armor. John C. Killorin, a former special agent in charge of the Atlanta field division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), called Barrett’s rifle "a devastatingly powerful weapon against which most troops, most law enforcement, no civilians, have any means of defense.” Barrett, on the other hand, has described his invention as “a toy for a big boy.” In 2004, then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) banned civilian ownership of the rifle. In 2005, U.S. Representative Jim Moran (D-VA) and 28 cosponsors introduced legislation that would have placed stricter regulations on .50 caliber sniper rifles by placing them in the same federal regulatory class as machine guns. The 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle Reduction Act found that “the intended use of these long-range firearms…is the taking of human life and the destruction of materiel, including armored vehicles and such components of the national critical infrastructure as radars and microwave transmission devices, in addition 50 caliber sniper weapons pose a significant threat to civil aviation in that they are capable of destroying or disabling jet aircraft … The virtually unrestricted availability of these firearms and ammunition, given the uses intended in their design and manufacture, present a serious and substantial threat to the national security.”

In fact, a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle was used by the Branch Davidians during the 1993 Waco siege, forcing the FBI to use armored
Bradley fighting vehicles before having to upgrade to even heavier armor. Smalls arms proliferation led to the acquisition of Barrett .50 sniper rifles by other terrorist organizations and extremist groups. Essam al-Ridi, a government witness during the trial of terrorists involved in the 1998 bombing of United States embassies in Africa, testified that he sold Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda terrorist organization 25 Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifles in 1988 or 1989. The sale would have represented at least 15% of the total production of .50 caliber rifles for either of the two years in question. The Barrett .50 rifle was also used by IRA snipers to kill British police officers and Irish constables during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Barrett raises funds for the NRA Foundation by offering tours of the Barrett factory in exchange for a $1,000 donation.

Clel Baudler (Board Member)

In the wake of the February 26, 2023 killing of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by concealed handgun permit holder George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, Baudler voiced support Iowa’s version of Florida's controversial “Stand Your Ground” law. The “Stand Your Ground” law, known by critics as “Kill At Will” or “Shoot First,” was harshly criticized after the Martin killing by opponents who contended that the law condones vigilantism and unjustifiable murder. In defense of “Stand Your Ground,” Baudler pointed to an Iowa case where a man used a handgun to defend himself from an unprovoked attack by two individuals. He was charged with intimidation with a dangerous weapon and going armed with intent, but acquitted of all charges. Baudler vowed to bring back Iowa’s “Stand Your Ground” bill each legislative session until it is passed. “I think when everything cools down [concerning the killing of Trayvon Martin], we will get it through some day, some year,” he said. “If we don’t, I trust the voters to put the right people in office to do the right thing for Iowans, not Floridians or Californians, but the right thing for Iowa.”

Responding to plans by Occupy Wall Street protestors to hold non-violent demonstrations in conjunction with the January 3, 2024 Iowa presidential caucuses, Baudler, who is a Republican member of Iowa’s state legislature, told protesters to expect a response that “will be swift and it will be sure.” He went on to add, “Since I'm not a state trooper anymore, they probably won't be handcuffed - but I have friends. If an officer asks for help, I will help, believe me. We're just not going to tolerate in rural Iowa what's going on in the big metropolitan areas. A little thump therapy never hurt anybody.”

Between 2007 and 2009, Baudler was a sponsor of a proposed amendment to the Iowa Constitution that called for recognition by the state of only marriages between a man and a woman. It failed to pass.

In 2008, Baudler sponsored HF 2476, “A bill for an act prohibiting local legislation that prevents local government officials or employees from cooperating with federal officials with regard to the immigration status of persons within the state.” The legislation would have made local law enforcement officers and local government officials personally liable to civil actions if their jurisdictions enacted legislation that prevented local law enforcement from working with federal law enforcement on immigrant matters.

In 2007, Baudler co-authored legislation that sought to prevent Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles locations from offering information in any language other than English. The bill failed to pass.

Baudler is a Republican member of the Iowa House of Representatives.

In February 2008, Baudler authored and introduced HF 2187, “A bill for an act relating to bail restrictions imposed against a person who is an unauthorized alien.” The bill, which died in subcommittee, sought to require law enforcement to hold “unauthorized aliens” without bail if they were charged with any criminal offense. Such a law would be unconstitutional as applied to a person charged with a federal crime as the Eight Amendment provides, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Most U.S. states also have provisions barring excessive bail.

Clel Baudler (Board Member)

A September 5, 2023 article in the Des Moines Register indicated that Baudler supports the use of profiling at airports for “select passengers.”

Baudler once traveled to California and lied about a medical condition to obtain a prescription for medical marijuana in an apparent attempt to demonstrate that medical marijuana laws can be abused. In California it is illegal to lie about a medical condition to receive a prescription. Baudler claimed that he didn’t break any laws because he doubted the man he talked to (who he referred to as an “oriental”) was a real doctor, saying, “I wouldn't want to bet that guy had anymore than a high school degree in some other country.”

Ken Blackwell (Board Member)

In a January 19, 2024 interview with Breitbart News, Blackwell discussed the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 20 first-grade students and six adults were killed. Blackwell stated, “A gun is a tool. The challenge we face instead is the culture … More and more people reject the whole notion of right and wrong. It’s becoming fashionable to deny the existence of God, and claim the right to determine for yourself what you will live for and how you will live. Some embrace the worldview that life is ultimately meaningless, so what’s the point? We come from nothing and we become nothing. Others embrace a worldview that all that matters is going for the thrill and whatever feels good.” Blackwell also addressed President Barack Obama’s proposals to combat gun violence, stating, “If we stop this gun control legislation, what kinds of executive orders and regulations will this president come out with to achieve the same result. We can take him to court on all that, but he’s trying to remake the courts as well. We’re only a single vote away from the Supreme Court erasing the Second Amendment … Nobody wants to talk about 2016 yet, but the reality is this is likely a four-year fight over the Second Amendment to our Constitution. Whoever wins the White House in 2016 will likely determine whether the right to keep and bear arms a decade from now is embraced as a constitutional right, or as a government-granted privilege that a president or governor can revoke on a whim.”

In a January 15, 2024 open letter to former Secretary of State General Colin Powell, Blackwell wrote, “I was disappointed with the clear implication in your Meet The Press interveiw [sic] that those of us, in the GOP who defend life, protect traditional marriage and advance religious liberty are intolerent [sic]. The Democratic [National] Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina… came out against marriage. They say they only want to add to the number of happily married couples by allowing men to marry men and women to marry women. But we know that wherever these counterfeit marriages have been recognized, true marriage declines … Just as counterfeit money drives out true money, same sex marriage drives out true marriage. … President Obama has refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act and pledges to repeal it. He has openly joined the Marriage Enders. They're not changing marriage. They are ending it. If two men can marry, why not three? If gays and lesbians can marry, what about bi-sexual persons and persons who have sought to change their sex? Why can't they have one spouse of either sex? After slavery, after Jim Crow, after the KKK, it is fair to say that among the worst things visited upon black Americans have been the targeting of our families by abortionists and the effort to end marriage. That is why we are in a crisis. This is what happens when a major party rejects God.” Blackwell was referring to Powell’s January 13, 2024 interview on “Meet the Press,” in which he stated that the Republican party is suffering from a “dark vein of intolerance” and that some in the party seem to “look down on minorities.” Blackwell was also referring to the platform at the 2012 Democratic National Convention (DNC) which originally did not include the word “God.” On September 5, 2012, Los Angeles Mayor and Chairman of the DNC Antonio Villaraigosa made a motion on the floor of the DNC to revise the platform to include the word “God.” Some delegates and journalists on the convention floor claimed that one could not audibly hear two-thirds of the delegates say ‘Aye.’ Villaraigosa nonetheless declared the amendment had been approved.

In a December 29, 2023 op-ed for Townhall, Blackwell wrote about the Washington Post’s endorsement of Senator John Kerry (D-MA) for Secretary of State, stating, “As to his qualifications for that role, we’re reminded of Frederick the Great’s response when he was urged to make a less than stellar general a field marshal. Reminded the only occasionally victorious general had been in every battle for years, Frederick pointed to his mount: ‘So has my mule. Must I make him a field marshal, too?’ … Perhaps the most curious part of the Post endorsement of Kerry is the notion that defeated presidential candidates have something special to offer as Secretary of State.” Kerry was eventually confirmed by the U.S. Senate in a 94-3 vote.

In a December 21, 2023 interview on a Houston radio station, Blackwell spoke about the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in which twenty first-grade students and six adults were shot and killed. He said, “We need to take a very comprehensive approach, not only to making sure that we keep dangerous people from acquiring firearms in a manner that doesn’t include disarming law-abiding people from their ability to defend themselves, we need to take an even broader look at the coarsening of our culture. We have people in the name of the First Amendment in Hollywood that basically refuses to rethink its relationship to violence. We need to take a look at what the whole coarsening of the culture, from treating abortion as a form of birth control to the rapid breakup of our families as things that attribute to the atrocities that we have seen occur all too frequently … We need to deal with a coarsening of our culture, everything from getting illegal weapons out of the hands of criminals to making sure that fewer and fewer of our children are born out of wedlock and into broken families where they suffer more and more from the emotional and mental disruptions in their lives that lead to these sort of mass murders.”

On October 12, 2012, the Tea Party Victory Fund, a PAC headed by Blackwell, released a political TV ad in which Blackwell asks, “Have Barack Obama's policies empowered or enslaved Americans?" The ad features an unidentified African-American woman at an Obama rally. She says, “He gave us a phone. Keep Obama in president.” When asked how she received the phone, the woman replied, “You sign up if you are in food stamps, you are in Social Security, you've got low income. Keep Obama in president. He gave us a phone." In a fundraising email, Blackwell wrote, “This commercial is a microcosm of the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans want to create an environment where free people make their own choices and pursue their dreams. President Obama and the Democrats want to create a dependency on government that ensures that Americans rely on Washington from cradle to grave … What this lady said is so offensive because it's so blatant–she finally comes out and says what we all know that the Democrats really think.” Free phones are given to eligible individuals as part of a Federal Communications Commission program called Lifeline that provides low-cost or free phone service so they are “able to connect to jobs, family, and 911 services.”

In an October 8, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell wrote, “The Obama Mandate will force us to violate our consciences. President Obama famously said he doesn't know when human life begins, but he's willing to force us to collaborate in the destruction of innocent human lives … President Obama doesn't care what you think, so long as you join him in helping to destroy the unborn on demand. And help him by paying for it … We are putting at risk America's unique contribution to the world: religious freedom.” Blackwell was referring to a January 2012 Obama Administration announcement that the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” requires employers to provide health insurance that covers contraception for women free of charge. The rule does not apply to church organizations themselves, but instead to affiliated nonprofit corporations, like hospitals, that do not rely primarily on members of the faith as employees. Additionally, the Act did not in any way alter existing, strict federal restrictions on the funding of abortion.

In a September 21, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell wrote, “The Democratic Party has officially committed itself to ending traditional marriage. For what else can happen to marriage when two persons of the same sex can marry and the rest of us are forced to recognize these counterfeits as true? If two, why not three? There is no compelling reason why not … Historian Michael Knox Beran found this nugget in Mr. Obama's second autobiography, The Audacity of Hope: ‘[I] came to appreciate how the earth rotated around the sun and the seasons came and went without any particular exertions on my part.’ What becoming modesty: earth, sun, seasons. Wait! Did he say the earth rotates around the sun? Yes, he did. Where is our ready-to-pounce press corps on this one? I don't know how they taught in fifth grade science in Jakarta, but here in America I learned that the earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun. This is no small point … President Obama has similarly mixed up the social science on family. His administration has given us ‘Julia.’ She is the Every Woman fictional figure who spends her entire life looking to government for assistance, from Head Start through Social Security. The only man in Julia's life is Barack Obama. Social science unambiguously reports that children thrive with mothers and fathers who are married and who worship regularly. President Obama's administration is not about that at all.” A Department of Health and Human Services report stated that children in nuclear families were “generally healthier, more likely to have access to health care, and less likely to have definite or severe emotional or behavioral difficulties than children living in nonnuclear families.” The study defines “nuclear family” as one that “consists of one or more children living with two parents who are married to one another and are each biological or adoptive parents to all children in the family.”

In a September 19, 2023 interview with WND Radio, Blackwell spoke about the August 15, 2023 shooting at the Family Research Council (FRC) headquarters in Washington, D.C. According to the criminal complaint, shooter Floyd Lee Corkins II entered the building and encountered the building manager, Leo Johnson. Corkins "stated words to the effect of, 'I don't like your politics,'" a witness told FBI agents. Corkins then pulled a firearm from his backpack and shot Johnson in the arm. Johnson, though injured, wrestled the firearm away from Corkins and subdued him. Blackwell is the Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment at the FRC. In the interview, Blackwell was asked if he knew of any connection between the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the shooter, Floyd Corkins. Blackwell replied, “Well [Corkins] mentioned that he was not attacking Leo [Johnson] personally but he was attacking us because we were a hate group. And the Southern Poverty Law Center has mislabeled the FRC a hate group because of our stance on traditional marriage and our strong defense of the pro-life ethic in this country … We are asking [the SPLC] to cease and desist. Look, religious liberty is the most profound of our human rights. Without religious freedom people exist only as political or economic entities not as free human beings. Religious liberty, in our view, is the first of all human rights for it implies the dignity of the human conscious. So, one’s faith is one’s most profound level of personhood. And so we think not only FRC but all those who believe in American exceptionalism, because we understand that our rights come from God not from the state, should rally behind this call for the Southern Poverty Law Center to cease and desist for mislabeling people as being haters because they stand for biblical truth … Look, President Obama…is determined to transform our family-centered society into a government-centered society … But I think the transformation [President Obama] is most wedded to is that he wants to transform our national philosophy founded upon the primacy of the individual and the supremacy of God to one founded upon the primacy of the collective good and the supremacy of central government. That’s why every day of his presidency he has done whatever it takes to undermine the Constitution and to empower a strong central or federal government which, by definition, has to be predicated on the weakening and destruction of the family and chasing God and faith out of the public square or, at minimum, silencing the church.” The SPLC stated in a September 13, 2023 press release that it does not list FRC as a hate group because of its opposition to gay marriage or its religious beliefs, but, “instead, we list the FRC because it engages in baseless, incendiary name-calling and spreads demonizing lies about the LGBT community. The FRC portrays gay people as sick, evil, perverted, incestuous and a danger to the nation. It insists that gay people are ‘fundamentally incapable’ of providing good homes for children–a myth that has been rejected by all relevant scientific authorities. One of its key leaders has actually said that homosexual behavior should be criminalized. Perhaps the FRC’s most dangerous lie is its claim that pedophilia is a ‘homosexual problem.’"

In a September 13, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell wrote, “In the dreary years of Depression and drift leading up to World War II, there was always a difference of perception between Britain and France about the Hitler threat. France wanted to strike Hitler when he marched into the Rhineland in 1936. This was a direct violation of the Treaty of Versailles [which ended World War I and imposed sanctions on Germany] and France felt its very life was threatened by a re-militarized Rhineland on her border. The French premier was invited to London by Prime Minister Baldwin—for talks. Four years later, France fell under the Nazi boot. Britain always had the advantage of distance from Germany. Britain had a 22-mile anti-tank trench called the English Channel. France naturally resented Britain's talking, talking, talking while Hitler moved. This is useful history as we view the situation in Israel today. The Iranian mullahs are motivated by the same anti-Jewish hatred that poisoned Hitler. They are developing a nuclear weapon, while claiming only to want nuclear energy for ‘peaceful purposes’ … [Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton has responded to the latest increase of Mideast tensions with soothing bromides … [President Barack] Obama administration's Iran policy has been all hope and no change. The U.S. has bunker buster bombs that reportedly could destroy Iran's nuclear facilities as they take them deep underground. But would a re-elected Peace Prize winner ever use those bunker busters? Or, would he rely, as he is being daily urged to rely, on deterrence … When we permit [President of Iran, Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad…to visit New York and spew anti-Semitic hatred from the podium of the UN General Assembly, we may think we are showing admirable patience and forbearance; we may think we are demonstrating our liberal values to these dictatorial regimes. But they view this as a sign of our weakness. They are not deterred by weak-willed acquiescence. Hitler was genuinely surprised when Britain and France declared war on him in 1939 following his invasion of Poland. He had met Prime Minister Chamberlain and Premier Daladier at Munich and had taken their measure. He thought they would never carry out their threats. Nothing in the conduct of this administration's policy toward Iran has given the mullahs the slightest indication that President Obama and Sec. Clinton will actually use overwhelming force to stop their nuclear arms race.”

In a September 5, 2023 op-ed for the Daily Caller, Blackwell wrote, “The [Democratic] party was clearly embarrassed because its platform [at the Democratic National Convention] failed to mention God and overlooked the party’s historic support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel … So now, the Democratic platform has been changed. Are we satisfied? Does anyone think that a party that has to be arm-wrestled into acknowledging God is sincere? What we saw on the convention floor in Charlotte was the real Democratic Party. It was hostile to religion.” The platform at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) originally did not include the words “God” or “Jerusalem.” On September 5, Los Angeles Mayor and Chairman of the DNC Antonio Villaraigosa made a motion on the floor of the DNC to revise the platform to include the word “God” and affirm Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Such action requires a two-thirds vote by convention delegates. Some delegates and journalists on the convention floor claimed that one could not audibly hear two-thirds of the delegates say “aye.” Villaraigosa nonetheless declared the amendment had been approved. Any delegate who objected to the process could have made a formal challenge within ten minutes of the vote. No formal challenge was made.

In an August 30, 2023 interview with MRCTV, a division of the Media Research Center, Blackwell stated, “President Obama and now the Democratic Party has embraced a national philosophy founded upon the primacy of the collective good and the supremacy of the national government as opposed to our national philosophy held by most Americans founded upon the primacy of the individual and the centrality and the supremacy of God.” The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution explicitly prohibited the government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.”

In an August 28, 2023 interview with The Hill, Blackwell made references to controversial remarks made by U.S. Representative Todd Akin (R-MO). On August 19, 2012, Akin commented on the issue of pregnancy induced by rape, stating, “It seems to be, first of all, from what I understand from doctors, it’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.” Later, Akin publicly stated that Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan had personally asked him to end his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus also announced that even if Akin, who was trailing Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill in two recent polls, managed to pull even with her, "We're not going to send him a penny." Commenting on this imbroglio, Blackwell stated, "I think it was a mistake not to get the leaders in Missouri lined up before [GOP national leadership] went up and looked overly heavy-handed in the way they were pushing [Akin] … I've encouraged people at the Senatorial Committee to wait about five days and do a poll and see if things have stabilized. If things have, they might want to readjust. Senatorial committees can do anything. It is not as if some of the damage they've done can be papered over but they can reverse themselves on it."

In an August 27, 2023 interview with Fox News Radio, Blackwell spoke about Voter ID laws. He stated, “Over the past 40 years, most of case law in elections have been focused on the franchise, making it easier for folks to cast their ballots. In the last four to six years, there’s been a focus on the other voting right and that is the right to be protected against a fraudulent vote cancelling out your legal vote … I do a lot of work with Judicial Watch, and Judicial Watch’s studies show that of the 1.3 million voter registrations gathered by Project Vote and ACORN, over 400,000 of those were fraudulent.” Radio host Bob Davis asked Blackwell why Democrats argue there is no fraud in elections. Blackwell replied, “They try to cast it as a voter suppression effort. Again, the facts will fly in the face of those misdirected concerns … In 2004, Georgia, a Southern state that had a history in terms of slavery and the black codes, etc … They implemented a voter ID law in the state of Georgia, everyone said this was voter suppression, this was geared to suppress the black and Latino vote in particular. Well, in 2008, the Latino vote went up from 18,000 to 19,000 … More importantly, there was an increase in the black vote of 42% … In American culture, in American life, having an ID is nothing that’s burdensome. We have an ID for a driver’s license. If you wanna get a library book, if you wanna receive a medical license … We must understand that what the Democrats and the left, in particular, are doing is using this notion of voter suppression to [drum] up anxiety in their base. They’re trying to convert this legitimate effort to protect the integrity of the ballot box into a way to mobilize their base by mischaracterizing as an attempt to throw us back into Jim Crow era.” Blackwell referred to ACORN, a community activist organization and its affiliate, Project Vote. After the 2008 election, the John McCain (R-AZ) campaign accused the group of perpetrating “massive voter fraud.” Neither ACORN nor its employees have ever been found guilty of—or even charged with—casting fraudulent votes. Several ACORN canvassers have been found guilty of faking registration forms. The evidence shows that the canvassers faked the forms to get paid for work they didn’t do, not to stuff ballot boxes. A report by the Congressional Research Service, the nonpartisan public policy research arm of the U.S. Congress, stated that there were no instances of individuals who were allegedly registered to vote improperly by ACORN or its employees and who were reported "attempting to vote at the polls." Blackwell also referred to the effect of a voter ID law on voting in Georgia in the 2008 election. In the 2008 election, more than 50,000 residents were purged from the Georgia voter rolls because of a computer mismatch in their personal identification information. Furthermore, voter ID laws in Texas, North Carolina, and Florida have been challenged in court by the Department of Justice over allegations that they disenfranchise minorities. In July of 2012, the DOJ began investigating Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law to determine whether it discriminates against minorities.

In an August 24, 2023 interview on "Washington Watch Weekly", Blackwell stated, “President [Barack] Obama and his party want to transform our market economy into a government-controlled economy but most importantly, they are dead set on making sure that they transform our national philosophy founded upon the primacy of the individual and the supremacy of God to one founded on the primacy of the collective good and the supremacy of the central government. Our document, the GOP document, is a direct contrast; it provides the American people with a choice, not an echo. That is so important because there are two paths that we can go down: we can reinforce our fundamental belief that when we are God-centered, free men and free women and free markets can accomplish much and overcome most hurdles thrown in our way or do we want to go down the path of being a government-controlled economy, destroying families, replacing it with bureaucrat decision makers that would run afoul of what the founders of this nation envisioned 237 years ago … In our 237th year as being an exceptional nation we are at risk of losing it all. We just can’t afford to have four more years of a President that one, doesn’t understand the nature of our exceptionalism, and two, has a worldview and a set of guiding principles that are in direct contradiction with what has made us an exceptional nation. I’ve always enjoyed the push and pull of the whole process, I think it’s now incumbent upon us to make sure that this is not a document that is put on the shelf and our candidates across the country can just let collect dust and ignore. There is a fault line from the Pacific to the Atlantic and one side are those who believe in big government and who believe that the family and God can be replaced by a supreme state government, and that’s a problem.” The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution explicitly prohibited the government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.”

In an August 24, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell wrote, “Determined to do [sic] follow what is ‘inevitable,’ very liberal delegates [at the Democratic National Convention] will embrace platform proposals that will spell the end of marriage. Do they fully realize what they are doing? If your only requirement for a marriage is that people love each other, have a committed relationship to each other, and that they give their consent, then you cannot bar twins from marrying. Once you've permitted identical twins to marry, how can you bar twin brother and sister from marrying? They love each other. They have a committed relationship. None of us has had such a biological bond since before birth with our own spouses. Vice President Biden voted for the Defense of Marriage Act as a U.S. Senator. Now, of course, he says that he is not influenced by his many years as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Instead, he takes his guidance on marriage from Hollywood, specifically from the comedy series, Will and Grace. If Hollywood producers are to set the standard for constitutional law in our country, then marriage will be ended, to be sure. For Hollywood has given us another series, Big Love. It's an HBO production about polygamy. It's pretty favorable toward polygamy, they tell me … Is this really where Democrats want to go? Do their very progressive delegates think the voters at the grassroots will approve their lurch to the progressive extremes?” Blackwell continued, stating, “Minorities give strong support to true marriage. In North Carolina, black and Hispanic voters provided the winning margin for marriage … Marriage is not a wedge issue, it's a bridge issue. It's the way Republicans can embrace minorities and immigrants.”

In an August 24, 2023 op-ed for World Magazine, Blackwell wrote, “Happily, the Republican Platform Committee this week sidestepped the issue of civil unions. Committee members reaffirmed the party's historic support for true marriage. That's a good thing because, from the government's perspective, all our marriages are civil unions. And government has a duty to protect the civil institution of marriage. What some call a civil union-as a softer way to grant same-sex couples all the rights of marriage without the name of marriage-is merely a slow-motion surrender on the critical issue of marriage. Governments cannot sanctify marriage, but governments can and should protect the civil institution of marriage. True marriage … We have seen many examples of the ways in which defenders of marriage will lose their civil rights if marriage itself is abolished. If 61 percent of North Carolina voters last May had voted to end true marriage in that state instead of affirming it, we could have been sure that the very next semester schoolchildren in the Tar Heel State would have been proselytized in the early grades for the new definition of marriage. This is what happened in Massachusetts. When parents of public schoolchildren object, they will be the ones singled out for threats, ridicule, and possibly even government sanctions … Those who want to end marriage as we know it often cite the famed U.S. Supreme Court case of Loving v. Virginia (1967). In that case, Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote for a unanimous court when he struck down a state law that barred men and women from different races from legally marrying. We agree with that opinion. We, too, believe that marriage is a fundamental civil right of Americans. And we also agree with Earl Warren's view that true marriage is necessary for the survival of society. Chief Justice Warren did not have to say true marriage-between one man and one woman. It was understood. It must still be so understood. The civil rights of all Americans must be defended … Keeping marriage alive requires hard work. And it needs government support. What we are saying is that true marriage must survive for America to survive. We are saying preserve Americans' civil right of marriage if we want America to climb back from the abyss of economic decline and social decay.” On the 40th anniversary of Loving v. Virginia, Mildred Loving, one of the plaintiffs in the case, stated, “I believe all Americans, no matter their sex, no matter their sexual orientation, should have that same freedom to marry … I am proud that Richard’s and my name is on a court case that can help reinforce the love, the commitment, the fairness and the family that so many people, black or white, young or old, gay or straight, seek in life. I support the freedom to marry for all. That’s what Loving, and loving, are all about.”

In an August 21, 2023 op-ed for Huffington Post, Blackwell wrote, “This election now turns on whether a critical mass of American voters have arrived at the undeniable conclusion that if we do not fundamentally transform the three major entitlements for younger Americans then it will not be there for them at all (or even for those who will soon rely upon them), and that if we do not balance the federal budget it will cause an economic catastrophe … [If] President Obama wins a second term, and claims it as a mandate not to curb spending or entitlements … by November 2016 voters should have no doubt what must be done, and realize that liberals offer only blame and denial, while conservatives offer solutions.” To balance the budget, as he has promised, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would have to cut $9.6 trillion from non-defense discretionary spending. Romney would also increase defense spending to $7.9 trillion between 2013 and 2022. Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s budget plan would cut $5.2 trillion from entitlements and non-defense discretionary spending while increasing defend spending to $5.7 trillion between 2013 and 2022.

In a July 23, 2023 op-ed for the Daily Caller, Blackwell wrote about President Barack Obama’s “’covert zeal’ for abortion.” He stated, “Abraham Lincoln faced a similar problem in 1854 when he spoke of the ‘covert zeal’ of President Franklin Pierce and Sen. Stephen A. Douglas for the spread of slavery. These leading Democrats never said they were in favor of slavery. They simply viewed the right of whites to choose slavery for blacks as a ‘sacred principle of self-government’ … President Obama doesn’t talk about abortion much … President Obama has been the most pro-abortion president in history … From his first public office, he has been an advocate for abortion-on-demand. He led the fight in the Illinois State Senate to deny protection for newborn children who survive abortion attempts. These children are U.S. citizens under the Fourteenth Amendment. And just as too many states denied ‘equal protection of the laws’ to black Americans under a century of unjust Jim Crow laws, Barack Obama denied protection of Illinois laws to newborns in the Land of Lincoln because they had been targeted for abortion.” Then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama voted against the state’s “Born Alive Infant Protection Act” in 2001, 2002, and 2004, because in his words, “Whenever we define a previable fetus as a person that is protected by the equal protection clause or the other elements in the Constitution, what we're really saying is, in fact, that they are persons that are entitled to the kinds of protections that would be provided to a… nine-month-old…child that was delivered to term. That determination then, essentially, if it was accepted by a court, would forbid abortions to take place.” Blackwell wrote, “From his first day in office until now, President Obama has quietly but vigorously pushed the abortion agenda. He records promotional videos for Planned Parenthood. This group kills 340,000 of the more than1,200,000 unborn children killed each year by abortion. Under Obamacare, they will be able to kill millions more.” Blackwell was referring to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which did not in any way alter existing, strict federal restrictions on the funding of abortion.

In a July 2012 article for Loop 21 on the pros and cons of “Stand Your Ground” laws, Blackwell was asked why he thought the Commission on Civil Rights was investigating them for racial bias. “Stand Your Ground” laws generated national controversy when unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin was killed by concealed handgun permit holder George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida on February 26, 2012. The National Rifle Association helped to author the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida and promoted it aggressively there and in many other states. Blackwell stated, “Michael Yaki is a member of the commission. Mr. Yaki is an anti-Second Amendment lawyer, who has been pushing for the investigation ... If anything, [the law] benefits racial minorities more.” In June 2012, the Tampa Bay Times identified nearly 200 “Stand Your Ground” cases in Florida and determined that 73 percent of those who killed a black person faced no punishment, compared to 59 percent of those who killed a white person. When asked why he thought “Stand Your Ground” was being challenged, Blackwell responded, “I have no idea why anyone would challenge this point of view, unless they foolishly think we can grow a government big enough to protect all of us, all of the time.” He replied to a question about the cons of the law, stating, “There are none.”

On June 25, 2012, Herman Cain, former 2012 Republican presidential candidate, released an advertisement in which he and Ken Blackwell defended a Florida’s Voter ID law. Blackwell asked, “Why is [U.S. Attorney General] Eric Holder demanding that Florida stop removing illegal voters from their rolls/a>?” Blackwell was making reference to a Department of Justice lawsuit which challenged the Florida law because of allegations that it disenfranchises minorities. Blackwell further boasted, “As Secretary of State of Ohio, I was responsible for the integrity of the vote.” In 2004, while serving as the Secretary of State of Ohio and co-chair of the “Committee to Re-Elect George W. Bush,” Blackwell was the defendant in 16 lawsuits that alleged he disenfranchised Ohio voters.

In a June 15, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell wrote “Recognizing same-sex couplings as marriages will mean the end of marriage. That's because saying yes to two men or two women marrying opens the door to polygamy … With same-sex couplings and polygamous arrangements recognized, where would that leave marriage? Ended, that's where. When everyone can marry, no one can marry. There is no marriage left. Advocates for same-sex couplings have never agreed to bar polygamous groups being granted marriage rights. After all, if ‘marriage equality’ is the real goal, then three or four marital partners are even more equal than two.” Blackwell continued, stating, “Much media talk about how young people support same-sex couplings does not translate into votes. There is a silenced minority here. Young people are constantly told it's not cool to be against same-sex demands. With Americans waiting longer to get married, it should not surprise us that the youth cohort is the least supportive of true marriage. They're not married yet.” He urged, “Defenders of true marriage need to be equally bold in speaking with younger audiences. Candidates need to tell the young the truth: that if they support marriage rights for same-sex couplings, they will be voting to end marriage … The young, according to all polls, are disproportionately pro-life … We need to share with the young this hopeful message: Marriage is the best protector for unborn children that we have. Four out of five unborn children who are killed in abortion are the children of single parents. If you really care about unborn children, protect the institution that best protects them.”

In a May 29, 2023 speech at the American Religious Freedom Program Conference, Blackwell called a January 2012 Obama administration announcement about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act “one of the most unprecedented and ominous assaults on religious freedom.” The administration was declaring that employers would be required to provide health insurance which covers contraception for women free of charge. Blackwell warned, “Late in the 19th Century,Germany’s Chancellor Bismarck waged an assault against Catholics. The Prime Minister intended to close down Catholic schools and hospitals, convents and monasteries throughout the country. We’re not there yet; but we must be vigilant … There’s a scene in a famous movie I recommend watching over again. In A Man for All Seasons, Sir Thomas More is facing execution for standing by his conscience in a time of agitation. More tells his prosecutors: ‘I do none harm, I say none harm, I think none harm. And if this be not enough to keep a man alive, in good faith I long not to live.’ Thank God, we have not gotten to that point. But our task is to make sure we never get to that point. We cannot allow these salami tactics—this divide-and-conquer strategy—to succeed. If the [Department of Health and Human Services] can that we subsidize abortion-causing drugs now, what is to stop them from mandating our support for surgical abortions next year?”

In a May 9, 2023 op-ed for World Community, Blackwell accused President Barack Obama of being a “full-blown advocate of abolishing marriage.” He referred to efforts at the state to level to ban same-sex marriage as evidence that “Americans overwhelmingly do not agree that marriage should be ended.” According to Blackwell, that would be the result if same-sex couples were allowed to marry. “Three men marrying?” Blackwell wrote. “Two men and a woman? If everyone can marry, then no one can marry, thus ending marriage as we know it.”

In an April 26, 2023 op-ed for The Daily Caller, Blackwell wrote about “the secularization of Martin Luther King Jr,” stating, “So, since Rev. King and religion are inseparable, why are some people so quick to hide Dr. King’s religiosity? We would expect this type of careful ideological manipulation of history in the tyrannical states of the former Soviet Union or North Korea, but how does this happen in America? Sadly, I believe this is another example of how the secular left is winning the culture war. By driving religion out of the public square and re-writing the history books, they are erasing the invaluable role religion has played in our country’s history.” He continued, “By eliminating religion, the secular left is using the force of law to build its own type of warped, unholy church which is highly dogmatic and mandates participation under the threat of force … With the Obama administration’s openly hostile approach to religion, we have a government forcing members of religious institutions to participate in acts that violate their consciences, such as providing contraception and abortion services. All churches in Obama’s America are subservient to the whims of government bureaucrats, who are exercising power far outside the limits of our Constitution.” Blackwell was referring to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which requires employers to provide health insurance which covers contraception for women free of charge. The Act did not in any way alter existing, strict federal restrictions on the funding of abortion.

In a February 26, 2023 web appearance on The Daily Caller, Blackwell said of Democratic President Barack Obama, “What you see is a president that ignores the Constitution, an administration that ignores the Constitution. And he wants to build a federal court system in his own philosophy and in his own image, and thereby give him, and his administration, unbridled power.” Blackwell was then asked why some polls were indicating that African-American support was down for President Obama. He responded, “I remember being in graduate school and I read a work of a psychiatrist in the late 1800s and he was talking about the Antebellum south and slavery. And he said, ‘What people don’t understand is that you have a slave, and you have to worry about that slave running and bolting towards freedom. So your guarding and you put him in chains. And what you have is not a slave, you have a captive.’ He said, ‘When you can take off the chains and you can do away with the guards and that captive will not walk and walk outside of the area of prescription of slavery, you then have converted that captive to a slave.’ And he said, ‘There is a fear of freedom, that slaves, unlike captives, wont take the risk of bolting because all of us, slave and master alike, like homeostasis or equilibrium.’ And so one of the things that I’ve started to notice is that more and more young black people are willing to take the risk of being free, the risk of being not dependent on the government, and that is something, that’s a force that the pill of dependency, you know, cannot overtake by the Obama administration.”

In a February 22, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell wrote, “The term ‘Southern Strategy’ was invented by liberals in 1968 to attack their partisan opponents in the Republican Party, then led by Richard Nixon.” In fact, it was Republican President Richard Nixon’s political strategist, Kevin Phillips, who popularized the practice. The “Southern Strategy” involved exploiting white racism against African-Americans to drum up Republican votes, and was first used by Nixon during the 1968 presidential campaign. Blackwell added, “We who defend true [heterosexual] marriage are equally committed to civil rights. We strongly believe that marriage is a civil right—and that overturning true marriage will cause grave harm to all Americans, not the least to the poor and to minorities.”

In a February 7, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post where Blackwell urged Israel to immediately launch a military attack against Iran, he also claimed that the administration of President Barack Obama “is outraged by the sight of too many Jews in Jerusalem.”

In a February 2, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell lamented that complaints by civil rights organizations led retired General Jerry Boykin to withdraw from speaking at the West Point military academy’s annual prayer breakfast. Blackwell wrote, “The Obama administration's hostility toward religion—and especially Christians—continues even to the detriment of our men and women in uniform.” Boykin is an anti-Muslim hardliner who has described the War on Terror as a “Christian battle against Satan” (a statement that was repudiated by President George W. Bush). He has also called Islam “a totalitarian way of life” and has argued that the First Amendment, which protects the free practice of religion, does not apply to Islam. A statement by alleged that Boykin’s presence at the prayer breakfast would “put our troops in danger.” Blackwell called Boykin “an ideal choice” to speak at a prayer event held at a military academy. He went on to write, “This sad episode is yet another example of the Obama administration's ongoing hostility to people of faith,” despite the fact that the Obama administration played no role in the controversy.

In a December 9, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell called the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act—a piece of legislation that allowed the residents of those states to determine whether slavery would be allowed inside their borders—“the original ‘pro-choice’ legislation.” He also added, “A year before his acceptance speech at Denver. Mr. Obama went before Planned Barrenhood and shackled himself to their sterile ideology of abortion-on-demand.”

In a December 8, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell wrote, “Mr. Obama and his administration keep Planned Barrenhood in business—shoveling billions to their lethal efforts. Because of them, six in ten pregnancies in Harlem end in abortion. There is no hope in that dread change.” In reality, only three percent of services provided by Planned Parenthood are related to abortion, with 90% of services aimed at preventing unwanted pregnancy

Due to ongoing tensions between the United Kingdom and Argentina over the Falklands Islands, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated in March 2010 that the United States will “facilitate them talking to each other.” “We’re not interested and have no real role in determining what they decide between the two of them, but we want them talking and we want them trying to resolve the outstanding issues between them,” she added. In response to Clinton’s statement, Blackwell authored a November 11, 2023 op-ed for the Huffington Post in which he stated, “By raising the subject of ‘talks’ about the Falklands, Mrs. Clinton is threatening a renewed war. We know Bill Clinton has lamented he did not have a war to assure his presidential greatness. Is Hillary hoping to be called upon to negotiate the Falklands matter so she, too, can cop a Nobel Prize? If she wins one for this, let's make it tin.” Blackwell also compared the Argentine military dictatorship that ordered the invasion of the Falklands to the “Occupy Wall Street” protests addressing income inequality in the United States by writing, “Think ‘Occupy Buenos Aires.’

In a November 4, 2023 op-ed for World Magazine, Blackwell claimed that the “Respect Marriage Act,” which would repeal the “Defense of Marriage Act,” would “abolish marriage.” He also said of the bill, “While calling for ‘respect’ in the Orwellian sense, it would offer true marriage the same ‘respect’ President Obama showed to the body of Osama bin Laden—a hasty burial at sea after summarily being put to death.” Blackwell also claimed that legalizing gay marriage would lead to polygamy.

In a November 4, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell made a number of unverified claims about President Barack Obama’s policy towards Iran and claimed that the President “even sent Persian New Year greetings to the Iranian people and their dictatorial rulers.” In fact, President Obama sent a greeting only to the people of Iran. In that greeting, he compared the political situation in Iran to populist uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia and stated, “Just as the people of the region have insisted that they have a choice in how they are governed, so do the governments of the region have a choice in their response. So far, the Iranian government has responded by demonstrating that it cares far more about preserving its own power than respecting the rights of the Iranian people.”

On October 27, 2011, Blackwell appeared on MSNBC host Chris Matthew’s Hardball show to express support for a Mississippi ballot initiative that would confer “personhood” at conception, a designation that would outlaw all abortion. In defense of the measure, Blackwell said, “I am not a doctor and I am not a lawyer, but I am one who believes in the human dignity of the human life no different than the Pope, no different then—God bless him—Jerry Falwell.” Falwell was a controversial televangelist who once noted, “As a Christian who has a theological perspective, I do not feel that rape and incest are moral grounds for abortion. I do not think that two wrongs make a right.”

On October 26, 2011, Blackwell endorsed Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry for president in the 2012 elections.

In an October 20, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell claimed that the United States government’s support of the ouster of Egyptian dictator Honsi Mubarak meant that, “American taxpayers [are] aiding the slaughter of Egypt's Christians.” He went on to call President Obama “the most anti-Israel president in our history and also, de facto, the most anti-Christian.” Blackwell’s claim was based on a tragic October 2011 event where Coptic Christian protesters threw molotov cocktails and fired weapons at the Egyptian military, which retaliated with deadly force. In the wake of the violence, Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf addressed the nation, saying, “I call on Egyptian people—Muslims and Christians, women and children, young men and elders—to hold their unity.” Blackwell also claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood—an organization that was a key component of the nonviolent uprising against Mubarak—“is known to use terror against its opponents.”

In an October 20, 2023 op-ed published by the Family Research Council, Blackwell addressed allegations of racial bias in SAT questions by writing, “Some fringe activists who push the test-optional approach denigrate the exams, claiming they are biased against minority groups, a false assertion that has been debunked thoroughly and is not accepted by mainstream educators and psychologists.” In contrast, a 2010 study published in the Harvard Educational Review found, “The confirmation of unfair test results throws into question the validity of the test and, consequently, all decisions based on its results. All admissions decisions based exclusively or predominantly on SAT performance—and therefore access to higher education institutions and subsequent job placement and professional success—appear to be biased against the African American minority group and could be exposed to legal challenge.” The study confirmed earlier research that the SAT favors whites over African Americans who share a similar educational background and skill set.

In an October 1, 2023 op-ed for Townhall, Blackwell claimed that imposing a federal mandate that requires health care plans to cover contraceptives upon Franciscan University of Steubenville would destroy the institution. He added, “Chai Feldblum [an official in the Obama administration] is a tenured professor at Georgetown University Law School. This is the oldest Catholic university in the country. Ironically, Feldblum, is also a homosexual legal activist … The Obama administration is also the most anti-Catholic administration in American history. Never before have tens of millions of Catholic Americans been forced to subsidize the killing of unborn children with their taxes—as they are under ObamaCare. But now they are also forcing Catholic institutions to take part in the destruction of innocent human lives and the maiming of others by paying for abortifacients and sterilizations.”

On September 22, 2023 it was announced that Blackwell, along with former Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, would serve as the two vice presidents for the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA). Commenting on his selection, Blackwell said, “The NFRA is the flagship of constitutionalist conservatism within the Republican Party. It is intent on making sure the federal government has limited powers and the states have an independent sovereign place in our system of government. If we, the people, are to arrest the Obama march to collectivism, social democracy and an imperial presidency, we must swell the ranks of the NFRA and maintain its status as a principled defender of liberty.” One month later, the NFRA endorsed former Republican Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum for president in the 2012 election.

In an op-ed for the Patriot Post published on September 15, 2011, Blackwell called Palestine “Terroristan” and challenged science that supports the conclusion that climate change is a man-made phenomenon. Blackwell praised a Danish scientist who found a connection between solar activity and the earth’s temperature, adding, “It's worth noting that the Danes stood up to China on human rights, even when the Communists in Beijing threatened to crush Denmark ‘like a little bird.’ The Danes published those cartoons of you know who [Muhammad] that set off riots throughout the world by followers of the religion of peace.”

In a September 8, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell claimed that Congressman John Lewis (D-GA)—who spoke at the 1963 March on Washington where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech—intended to incite violence within the crowd with his original planned speech. In the actual speech Lewis delivered that day, he called for the crowd to nonviolently support the civil rights movement by “march[ing] with the spirit of love and with the spirit of dignity that we have shown here today.” Blackwell’s editorial portrayed a nonviolent, pro-union rally on Labor Day 2011 as “an incitement to riot.”

In a September 1, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell commented on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the foreign policy of President Barack Obama by writing, “She had to smile a forced smile and pretend there was nothing amiss. That's not a role that comes naturally to a miss like Hillary. Correction: A Ms.

In 2011, Blackwell appeared “Online with Terry Jeffrey.” Of President Barack Obama, he said, “I think the President is one who believes in collectivism. I think his preferred path is European-style socialism.” He also said, “The foundation [of the United States government] started with Moses receiving the Decalogue.” Blackwell added, “Tell me, in all of human history, tell me of any authoritarian government or regime, totalitarian government or regime, big welfare state government or regime, that hasn’t run God and faith out of the public square and hasn’t destroyed the family. When you destroy the family and when you and silence the church you create a void that is filled by the authority and totalitarianism of Big Government.” Speaking on his opposition to gay marriage, Blackwell said, “It goes back to one, not only our moral and biblical foundation of this country, it goes back to common sense economics and sociology. What we know, whether it was Patrick Daniel Moynihan or modern day economists like Walter Williams, the fact of the matter is that when you have strong families and you have role models of men and women in that marriage for young children [then] young children do better educationally, they do better economically, as does the family.” When asked whether it is wrong for married same-sex couples to have children, Blackwell said, “I think so. Do I think that having children experience the well-being and love of an adult community is better than having kids abandoned? Yeah. But I don’t think that should be mistaken for what is, one, the preferred, and two, the Biblically-sanctioned family. [Pope John Paul II] understood that equating any other coupling [other than man and woman] was wrong, and counterproductive, and ultimately destructive of a culture and a society. Even the Ancient Greeks, where they celebrated homosexuality, were not so stupid as to attack the bedrock of culture: the union between one man and one woman in holy matrimony.”

Blackwell authored an August 19, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, criticizing President Barack Obama’s role in the death of Osama bin Laden. He wrote that what was missing from the raid (ordered by President Obama) was “presidential leadership.” Blackwell further opined that, “The real reason why President Obama has hurriedly put the bin Laden raid behind him is the same reason why George McGovern could not point to his wonderful combat record, or even let others point to it: The Democratic Party houses a large and influential pacifist element.”

Blackwell believes that the United Nations’ Universal Periodic Review process, which produces reports assessing human rights conditions in all member countries, is being used by European countries to diminish United States sovereignty in the Western Hemisphere by imposing human rights conditions on Latin American countries. In an August 6, 20011 op-ed for the Daily Caller, Blackwell said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “has done nothing to uphold the Monroe Doctrine and nothing to defend our Latin American allies from this new form of European imperialism … Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are on the side of the European imperialists.”

On August 2, 2011, Blackwell commented on the resolution of the debt ceiling crisis, writing, “The only thing being terrorized by tea partiers is the tyranny of the status quo.”

On July 12, 2023 Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted requested $332,000 in taxpayer money to pay for attorney’s fees for plaintiffs who sued then-Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell over his conduct during the 2004 presidential elections. The plaintiffs, who alleged that Blackwell violated the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, settled the lawsuit with the state in 2009.

In a July 1, 2023 op-ed for The Daily Caller entitled, “Blacks Don’t Need Same-Sex Marriage,” Blackwell wrote, “The first same-sex unions anywhere on earth appeared less than a decade ago … The ideal remains. Two parents—one man and one woman—raising their children in a loving and supportive marriage gives children the best chance to become happy and successful.”

In a June 12, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell claimed—without any evidence—that “San Francisco gay activists” were behind a local ballot initiative to ban infant circumcision.

In April 2011, Blackwell expressed support for a piece of Ohio legislation that would have banned abortion—for any reason—as early as 18 days after conception. Ohio Right to Life, the state’s leading anti-abortion group, opposed the bill in the face of criticism that the legislation was clearly unconstitutional under Roe v. Wade.

In a March 23, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell, upset that a book about the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan focused too little on Reagan’s policies as president, wrote, “Just imagine if Hinckley had so grievously wounded Jimmy Carter. Can anyone believe that that would have made 18% mortgage rates go away, forget ‘America held hostage’ in Iran, chill out while lining up for gasoline, or learn to enjoy the era of limits and malaise?” The book in question, “Rawhide Down,” was critically acclaimed and well received by reviewers with diverse viewpoints, including Bill O’Reilly and Bob Woodward.

Blackwell tweeted “I am disappointed with ACU's decision to team up with GOProud” and re-tweeted “homosexuality is not conservative” in response to news that the American Conservative Union (ACU) would allow the GOProud organization to participate in the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

In a January 19, 2024 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell claimed that the U.N. Population Fund “aids and abets China's government as it brutally enforces its one-child policy.” Claims that the Population Fund encourages women to have abortions have been thoroughly debunked.

In a January 11, 2024 op-ed for the Patriot Post entitled “The Constitution Did Not Condone Slavery,” Blackwell claimed, “There was no mention of slavery in the Constitution. The framers were unwilling to admit in the federal charter there could be property in men.” To the contrary, the Constitution contained the three-fifths compromise that counted slaves as three-fifths of a person for representation and tax purposes. Additionally, Article 1, Section 9 and Article 5 allowed the continued importation of slaves and prohibited the Congress from banning slavery until twenty years after ratification of the Constitution. Finally, Article 4, Section 2 prohibited citizens from providing assistance to escaped slaves (before being superseded by the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery).

After actor Liam Neeson said that the Aslan lion character from the “Chronicles of Narnia” series could serve as an allegory for both Jesus Christ and other religious figures, Blackwell wrote a December 21, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post entitled “A Fatwa on Liam Neeson?” In it, he suggested: “Liam Neeson is certainly not stupid. He is, unfortunately, a dhimmicrat. A dhimmicrat is one who uses his social, cultural, or political position to smooth the path of sharia, the law they have in Saudi Arabia … Liam Neeson's fawning attempts may prove dangerous. He did, after all, publicly compare Mohammed to an animal. No matter that it's an allegory. It can still be taken up by Muslim rioters as ‘blasphemy.’

In a December 17, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell urged the Senate to not ratify the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia, because “President Obama has never disavowed his socialist convictions. Even the Washington Post refers to him as a socialist. Isn't it time we had a full airing of all of this before we ratify a treaty with the rulers of the Kremlin?”

In an op-ed for the Patriot Post entitled “Obama’s Mosque at Ground Zero” published on August 20, 2010, Blackwell wrote, “Only their [Muslim] beliefs are respected by President Obama … To allow a mosque within spitting distance of Ground Zero is to allow a triumphal arch for our jihadist enemies. It will be a recruiting poster for jihadists worldwide…Do we want sharia law here? That’s the law they have in Saudi Arabia. [Community center proponent] Imam Rauf is all out for sharia. If he succeeds in his life quest, Americans will lose every liberty—starting with our religious liberty.” Rauf actually has said the following about the center: “There's going to be a dedicated prayer space for Muslim, which we do need. And we want to have prayer space for Christians and for Jews. As I said, we have to build on our common platform.” Additionally, Rauf indicated the project will disclose all donors and reject any money offered by organizations that advocate violence.

In a July 28, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell claimed that the Obama administration promotes abortion in Third
World countries because the administration “wants fewer of them.”

Commenting on his belief that the United States promotes abortion in Kenya in an April 16, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post,
Blackwell flirted with “Birther” rhetoric by writing, “The Obama administration doesn't want to raise any questions about why it's pushing for fewer birth certificates in Kenya.”

In a March 24, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell called President Barack Obama, “The Abortion President.”

In a March 9, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell suggested that remarks by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could incite a second Falklands War. Blackwell was incensed that Secretary Clinton referred to the Falkland Islands by their Spanish name. “But
now, we face another possible crisis over the Falklands. And all because of Hillary Clinton’s clumsy attempt at “even-handedness”—which is in fact ham-handedness
,” wrote Blackwell. “Think we’re having trouble with Latin Americans now? Try to imagine U.S. Naval vessels called in at the last minute to block an Argentine invasion of the Falklands.”

In a February 26, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell claimed “If it is passed, ObamaCare will greatly increase abortions in this country by making them free.” In reality, in conjunction with the health care reform bill, President Obama issued an Executive Order preserving the restriction on the use of federal government funds to pay for abortions.

In a February 23, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell claimed that homosexuals “created” the AIDs epidemic and worried “Do the American people want to bring this health crisis into the ranks of our volunteer military?” Regarding the potential repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, Blackwell wondered, “What would the gay quota be? Would it be the widely discredited 10% figure that gay activists like Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings always cite? Or would it be the more realistic ‘less than 3% figure?’”

In a January 19, 2024 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell suggested that TWA Flight 800, which crashed in 1996 killing all 230 persons aboard, was downed by a terrorist attack. A FBI investigation revealed no evidence of terrorist involvement.

In a January 7, 2024 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell wrote, “In the 1960s, many developing nation’s had nearly wiped out malaria, but it came back after DDT was banned. It did not matter that DDT was harmless to humans—and actually saved lives—the Left attacked it, ultimately causing 50 million preventable deaths.” Medical research has linked human exposure to DDT to diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and reproductive problems, including miscarriages, developmental disabilities, and premature births. DDT is also a “probable human carcinogen,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Family Research Council (FRC), where Blackwell works as a Senior Fellow, has made a number of controversial statements about homosexuality, leading it to be designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Comparing the Department of Justice’s decision to prosecute 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court to the role of then-Attorney General Janet Reno during the Waco siege, Blackwell wrote a December 5, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, stating, “Attorney General Janet Reno thought she might have to prove her toughness by transferring dozens of women and children from a Waco cult headquarters to eternity. Really bad idea.” Blackwell also wrote, “Eric Holder’s decision to try the terrorists in Manhattan may not be simply the worst decision of this administration, it bids fair to stand with Dred Scott and Roe v. Wade as being among the three worst decisions in American history.”

Blackwell compared the presidency of Jimmy Carter to the slave trade in a November 25, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, writing, “More Africans lost their freedom during Jimmy Carter’s four years than at any other time in history.”

In a November 20, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post, Blackwell claimed “more than 90 percent” of Democrats “never go to church.”

Blackwell called President Barack Obama “the world’s Number One enabler of China’s forced abortion policy” in a November 14, 2023 op-ed for the Patriot Post.

In a October 30, 2023 opinion piece, Blackwell attacked the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex and national origin, by writing, “Would you rather not have a receptionist or customer service representative of your company who has tattooed his or her face with fierce Maori markings? You could be forced by the EEOC [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] to make that hire.” Blackwell also worried about the EEOC’s effect on “employers who would prefer not to hire or promote employees who dress as members of the opposite sex.

Expressing his belief that homosexuality is a choice at the 2009 Republican National Convention, Blackwell said, “I've never had to make the choice because I've never had the urge to be other than a heterosexual, but if in fact I had the urge to be something else, I could have in fact suppressed that urge.” Blackwell further stated that the only two sexual orientations are “male” and “female.”

In a May 27, 2023 op-ed for Townhall, Blackwell wrote about the decision of the Philadelphia City Council to increase the Boy Scouts of America’s lease of a city owned building from $1 per year to $200,000 per year because of their discriminatory policy barring homosexual members. Blackwell stated, “Ever since 1910, Scouting has taught that part of being a committed Scout is a traditional understanding of sexuality. Though Scouting respects adherents of various faiths, it has always had a Bible-based morality as the foundation of its values. The Boy Scouts of America believes expressed homosexuality is inconsistent with its credo. They believe their ‘duty to God’ and promise to be ‘reverent’ requires fidelity to that traditional faith. As a result, the Scouts do not allow openly homosexual individuals in their adult leadership ranks. But the Philadelphia City Council has bought into a radical homosexual agenda lock, stock, and barrel. Not only does the Council provide full recognition of special homosexual rights, they also will obviously attack any organization that does not adopt its newfound agenda. The Council is utterly intolerant of any person or organization that does not embrace its new ‘tolerance,’ and is seeking to drive the Scouts from the city. One consequence of democracy is if elected leaders, in a city, state, or nation, choose to embody a radical agenda and attack traditional values, they can usually get away with it. There is nothing to stop government from enacting wrong policy.” Philadelphia officials explained that city law does not permit government subsidies of groups that discriminate.

While serving as Ohio Secretary of State, a state audit revealed that Blackwell illegally paid out over $80,000 in bonuses to staff in December 2006 just before the switch from a Republican to a Democratic administration.

During the 2006 Ohio gubernatorial election, Blackwell was accused by his Democratic opponent, Ted Strickland, of using innuendo to imply that Strickland had a homosexual relationship with a former aide. During a debate, Blackwell also made the shocking accusation that Strickland was associated with the pro-pedophile North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). Strickland defeated Blackwell by a large margin.

Blackwell compared homosexuality to arson and kleptomania in 2006, describing homosexuality as “a transgression against God’s law.”

In 2006, Blackwell said that he favors legislation that would outlaw abortion in the case of rape, incest, and even to save the life of the mother.

On two separate occasions, Blackwell was blamed for the release of the social security numbers of millions of Ohio residents. In 2006, while serving as Ohio’s Secretary of State, Blackwell’s office sent CDs to 20 political parties that contained records of 7.7 million registered voters in Ohio. This followed an earlier incident in which a lawsuit was filed against Blackwell for publishing the social security numbers of thousands of Ohio residents on state websites.

In 2006, Blackwell co-wrote a book with Jerome Corsi, who is well known for his role in the “Swift Boat” campaign against Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and the “Birther” accusations against President Barack Obama. Blackwell and Corsi’s book called for eliminating all federal welfare benefits.

While overseeing the 2004 presidential election in Ohio, Blackwell was accused by the Democratic Party and others of implementing policies that disenfranchised minority and young voters. Numerous lawsuits were filed against Blackwell, who was at the time an Honorary Co-Chair of President George W. Bush’s Ohio campaign. One lawsuit filed by the Ohio Democratic Party alleged that Blackwell’s policies violated the Help America Vote Act, passed in the wake of the 2000 presidential election fiasco.

In October 2004, prior to the presidential elections, Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell sent a letter to conservatives to encourage them to vote on a gay marriage ballot issue. Democrats contended that it was inappropriate for the person in charge of overseeing the election to rally voters to vote a specific cause. Marion County Prosecuting Attorney Jim Slagle compared Blackwell’s conduct to “allowing the manager of the New York Yankees to also serve as the chief umpire in the World Series.”

Blackwell owned shares of Diebold, a voting machine manufacturer, while he was responsible for overseeing the 2004 presidential election in Ohio as Secretary of State. While Secretary of State, Blackwell also directed Ohio to purchase Diebold voting machines. Walden O’Dell, chief executive of Diebold and a fundraiser for George W. Bush, famously sent a letter to Ohio Republicans stating that he was “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president [George W. Bush in 2004].”

Blackwell received the John M. Ashbrook Award at the CPAC convention in 2004. The award is named after one of the founders of the ACU who served in the U.S. House of Representatives for 21 years as a Republican from Ohio.

Blackwell called himself “the lead spokesman” for a 2004 ballot measure that sought to ban gay marriage in Ohio.

In 1980, Blackwell wrestled a soda-drinking bear named Victor as part of a charity event during his tenure as mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio. The bear broke Blackwell’s finger. By 2006, Bear wrestling had been banned in 20 states. The practice is accused of being cruel because of the harsh physical and psychological training the bear receives.

Matt Blunt (Board Member)

In 2003, Gregg Hartley stepped down as Chief of Staff for then-U.S. Representative Roy Blunt (R-MO) and began working as a lobbyist for Cassidy & Associates, where he lobbies his former boss and other Republican legislators. In 2006, Cassidy & Associates was hired by the Missouri Association of Realtors to lobby then-Missouri Governor Matt Blunt to oppose a veto recommendation of the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission for a piece of realty legislation. The Department of Justice’s antitrust division and Federal Trade Commission warned that the legislation in question would raise costs for individuals buying homes. Blunt did not follow the recommendation and signed the bill—which benefitted realtors—into law. Cassidy & Associates and their clients then made thousands of dollars in political donations to Matt Blunt. Matt Blunt joined Cassidy & Associates as a senior consultant in February 2009, less than one month after his last day as governor of Missouri.

In September 2007, controversy arose when the Blunt administration refused to release emails between Blunt’s chief of staff and anti-abortion groups. The emails, obtained from an outside source, indicated that the Blunt administration was encouraging anti-abortion groups to make political attacks against Blunt’s political opponents. Scott Eckersley, an attorney in the Blunt administration, was fired and claimed it was because he pointed out that the failure to release the emails could violate Missouri’s Sunshine law. Missouri later settled Eckersley’s wrongful termination and defamation lawsuit for $500,000. The Blunt administration falsely told media that Eckersley visited a “group sex Internet site” while on the job.

In August 2007, then-Governor Blunt issued a directive compelling members of state law enforcement to verify the immigration status of anyone they arrested. Immigration statuses were even checked for minor traffic violations. Jorge Riopedre, secretary of the St. Louis-area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, called the plan, “an open door to racial profiling.” Blunt claimed that the Missouri State Highway Patrol would only check the status of individuals incarcerated by the police, but in at least one instance patrol officers checked the immigration status of a number of workers on a construction project on the basis of a tip from an unidentified local legislator. A representative for the construction company said that he was “puzzled” by the investigation because the site was routinely inspected by federal officials and the project itself did not receive state money.

John Bolton (Chairman of International Affairs Subcommittee)

On April 13, 2012, in a speech at the NRA Convention in St. Louis, Bolton stated, “You’ll remember, Jimmy Carter told us that we were suffering—we the American people—were suffering from a malaise. It turned out the only malaise we were suffering from was Jimmy Carter. And Ronald Reagan took care of that. I think we’re gonna take care of another malaise this November.” Bolton then compared President Barack Obama’s foreign policy to that of Ronald Reagan, stating, “Ronald Reagan was proud to be an American. How ‘bout that in a president for a change? We’ve got instead today, we’ve got our first post-American president in Barack Obama. He’s above all that patriotism stuff. He doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism. He says he does, but he doesn’t … Ronald Reagan believed deeply in American sovereignty. In his administration, U.S. foreign policy was not made at the United Nations. That’s not the approach of President Obama or today’s left in America. They’re constantly talking about giving up our sovereignty ... They do it almost expressly to undercut our Constitution … You know as well as I do, that once Obama is reelected, if that happens, and never has to face the voters again, it’s gonna be Katie-bar-the-door on his efforts to undermine our sovereignty and key constitutional freedoms.” Finally, Bolton expressed concerns about U.S. missile defense, stating, “The problem with Obama is that he sees American strength as provocative. When in fact it’s the exact opposite. It’s American weakness that’s provocative. And we have an American president who specializes in it.”

In September 2011, National Rifle Association President David Keene announced the creation of an International Affairs Subcommittee under the NRA’s Legislative Policy Committee and appointed Bolton as chairman. Explaining why he picked Bolton to lead the committee, Keene said, “He may not be in the State Department anymore, but he’s as dedicated to preserving the Second Amendment as any NRA member and will be advising us on strategy as we confront our opponents in this newly dangerous forum.” The forum Keene was referring to is the United Nations. Keene has theorized that a small arms treaty being considered by the UN is designed to “destroy private gun ownership” in the United States. Bolton himself has suggested that the Obama administration is seeking to “use an international agreement as an excuse to get domestically what they couldn’t otherwise.”

During a speech at the 2011 annual National Rifle Association convention, Bolton said that President Barack Obama has “disdain for the American people.” He also said that the President is “using [the drug war] in Mexico, and the use of drugs in our own country, not to combat the illicit narcotic, but to use it as a foundation to argue for stricter gun controls at the federal level.”

In January 2011, Bolton called for the People's Mujahedin of Iran (MEK) to be removed from the Department of State’s list of Foreign Terror Organizations at a conference hosted by MEK in Brussels, Belgium. According to the Department of State, “During the 1970s the MEK staged terrorist attacks inside Iran and killed several US military personnel and civilians working on defense projects in Tehran. Supported the takeover in 1979 of the US Embassy in Tehran. In April 1992 conducted attacks on Iranian embassies in 13 different countries, demonstrating the group's ability to mount large-scale operations overseas.” MEK has also been accused of committing atrocities against Iraqi and Kurdish civilians while the group was allied with Saddam Hussein, and some Iranians refer to the organization’s leader, Masoud Rajavi, as “the Pol Pot of Iran.” When MEK attempted to ally itself with the populist 2009 Green Movement to remove Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from office, Green Movement leadership rejected their overture, writing, “Countless first-rate analysts, scholars and human rights organizations—including Human Rights Watch—have determined that the MEK is an undemocratic, cultlike organization whose modus operandi vitiates its claim to be a vehicle for democratic change.” The Department of Justice has argued that challenging an organization’s designation as a terrorist group amounts to criminal material support of terrorism under the Supreme Court decision Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project.

When asked what he would have done differently as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, Bolton said, “We don't know if, logistically, it would have been possible to do anything differently at the time.” Then-Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) called Bolton’s answer, “amazingly passive.”

During 2005 confirmation hearings regarding Bolton’s nomination for United States Ambassador to the United Nations by President George W. Bush, Members of Congress alleged that Bolton had distorted intelligence for political purposes a number of times while serving as Undersecretary of State from 2001-2005. In once instance, Bolton was accused of exaggerating Cuba’s weapons capability while trying to terminate the position of an intelligence officer who corrected Bolton’s misstatements. Government officials told TIME that Bolton frequently pressured the CIA to produce reports confirming his own views. One CIA official stated, “Whenever his staff sent testimony, speeches over for clearance, often it was full of stuff which was not based on anything we could find.” This type of behavior led then-Senator George Voinovich (R-OH) to call Bolton “the poster child of what someone in the diplomatic corps should not be.” Fifty-nine former American diplomats (who served in both Republican and Democratic administrations) sent a letter to U.S. Senators opposing Bolton’s nomination. Senate Democrats filibustered the nomination and Bolton ended up receiving a recess appointment to the position by President Bush.

A line in President George W. Bush’s 2002 State of the Union address that made the case for war against Iraq pointed to a supposed attempt by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to acquire nuclear material from Nigeria. This now-discredited intelligence was promoted by Bolton in his position as Undersecretary of State. Days before Bush’s speech, the Department of State branded the intelligence (which had also been rejected by the CIA) as “dubious.” While Saddam Hussein’s alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction was a key justification for the War in Iraq, no such weapons were ever found.

In 1988, then-Congresswoman Pat Schroeder (D-CO) said, “Mr. Bolton's approach to maternity leave is: get pregnant, get interrogated, get fired,” after an incident in which Bolton denied a subordinate at the Department of Justice extended doctor-recommended leave after a difficult pregnancy. Bolton also threatened the woman with dismissal and legal action.

Lynne Finney, a former legal adviser to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), alleged that in 1982 or 1983, fellow USAID employee Bolton screamed that she was fired after she refused to lobby to loosen restrictions on the sale of baby formula in Third World countries. Finney refused, citing studies that demonstrated that formula was killing babies in Africa because it was often mixed with unclean water. Bolton reportedly told Finney “that Nestlé [a maker of formula] was an important company and that [Bolton] was giving [Finney] a direct order from President [Ronald] Reagan.” Finney discovered that Bolton did not have the authority to fire her, but blamed him for her reassignment to a basement office.

Rep. Dan Boren (Board Member)

On October 13, 1011, Boren voted in favor of H.R. 2250, “The EPA Regulatory Relief Act of 2011.” The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warned that the bill, which proposes to loosen regulations on mercury levels in incinerators, will lead to 20,000 premature deaths due to pollution if enacted.

On October 13, 2011, Boren voted in favor of H.R. 358. The bill—labeled by pro-choice groups as the “Let Women Die Act of 2011”—proposes to effectively prohibit private insurance plans from covering abortion. It would also allow hospitals to deny treatment to women seeking abortions—even in circumstances where an abortion would be necessary to save the life of the mother. U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) slammed the bill, stating, “When the Republicans vote for this bill today, they will be voting to say that women can die on the floor of health care providers ... It's just appalling. I can't even describe to you the logic of what they are doing today.”

In September 2011, Boren voted in favor of H.R. 2401, a bill that sought to strip the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of its ability to regulate air quality in the United States. The Obama Administration threatened to veto the bill, stating that H.R. 2401 would block the implementation of regulations that “would avoid tens of thousands of premature deaths, prevent tens of thousands of heart attacks and thousands of hospital visits for respiratory and cardiovascular disease, and alleviate hundreds of thousands of childhood asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses.”

In 2011, Boren was a co-sponsor of the controversial No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act in the House of Representatives. Prior to the bill’s introduction, it was already illegal for federal funds to be used for abortion except for in cases of rape and incest where the life of the mother is in danger. The legislation was widely criticized because it sought to further restrict federal funding to cases involving “forcible” rape.

According to, Boren has accepted $836,664 in contributions from polluters during his congressional career and has voted for legislation that could put as many as 187,250 lives at risk. No other legislator is considered by to put more lives at risk through his/her votes on environmental bills than Boren.

Boren voted against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2009 and was one of only three Democrats to vote to repeal the legislation in 2011. Commenting on the bill, Boren said, “They can break my arms. They can do whatever they want to. They'll never get my vote—ever. They'll have to walk across my dead body if they want my vote on this issue.”

On September 25, 2005, Boren voted in favor of a House bill to amend the Endangered Species Act of 1973. The legislation sought to prevent the federal government from designating “critical habitat” areas for endangered species. A spokesperson for the Natural Resources Defense Council said of the legislation, “It would be scandalous to pass this bill into law. This legislation would do nothing to protect wildlife and, in fact, would lead to more extinctions. Of the many damaging provisions in this bill, one of the worst would repeal rules that protect endangered species from pesticides like DDT, which nearly killed off the bald eagle years ago. The bill also would fleece U.S. taxpayers by paying wealthy developers to comply with endangered species protections. Under a loose compensation scheme, land developers would be able to name their price for lost profits. In America we don't pay people not to pollute.”

In 2006, Boren appeared on the League of Conservation Voter’s annual “Dirty Dozen” list. The list targeted Boren for voting “against the environment on every key vote.”

Bob Brown (Board Member)

In 2011, Brown supported the campaign of far-right gun lobbyist and Firearms Coalition of Colorado president Steve Schreiner for the National Rifle Association Board of Directors. Schreiner was not endorsed by the NRA’s Nominating Committee. “NRA will not endorse him 'cause they think he's 'too much of a zealot’" Brown told gun rights activist/blogger David Codrea. "My response is that we could use a few more zealots on the BOD [board of directors].”

In 2003, Soldier of Fortune published a two-part article applauding the activities of “Ranch Rescue,” a Texas vigilante border patrol organization. Ranch Rescue leader Jack Foote has referred to Mexicans as “dog turds.” Two members of Ranch Rescue were later arrested for assaulting two individuals they suspected of being illegal immigrants during a vigilante raid.

Soldier of Fortune distributed copies of a newsletter called The Resister during the 1990s. The Resister was published by Steven Barry, then a member of the Army’s Special Forces and leader of the unsanctioned Special Forces Underground organization. The newsletter initially drew inspiration from the controversial siege at Ruby Ridge. The content of the newsletter evidenced a “white Christian militia mentality,” according to Michael Reynolds from the Southern Poverty Law Center, containing racist and anti-Semitic content while also exploring “New World Order” conspiracy theories. When Timothy McVeigh was arrested for the Oklahoma City Bombing, in his possession was a Soldier of Fortune-distributed copy of The Resister.

In September 1996, the U.S. Army initiated an investigation into Steven Barry, who was a member of both the Army’s Special Forces and the unsanctioned Special Forces Underground organization. Concerned that Barry was leaking sensitive information, the Army provided him with false intelligence. That intelligence later appeared in a Soldier of Fortune article written by national affairs editor James Pate. Pate has publicly downplayed his association to Barry in spite of clear evidence to the contrary.

During a 10-year span covering the early 1980s to the early 1990s, “more than a half-dozen” contract murders were linked to Soldier of Fortune:

In 1986, Brown wrote in a Soldier of Fortune op-ed, “For the last decade, I’ve hunted terrorists with the Rhodesian African rifles and fired up a Russian fort in Afghanistan with the mujahideen.” The Rhodesian African rifles were a regiment that fought under the rule of white supremacist Ian Smith in Rhodesia from 1965 to 1979. The Rhodesian Army fought rebel forces that opposed Smith's white minority rule and apartheid policies. The conclusion of the war led to universal suffrage and the eventual creation of Zimbabwe as a country. The mujahideen that Brown fought with opposed the Soviet Union during their war in Afghanistan, which lasted from 1978 to 1989. The mujahideen received significant financial backing from deceased Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, who used his family fortune to establish training camps and pay for foreign fighters to travel to Afghanistan.

A Chicago Tribune reporter doing a story on Brown’s involvement in the civil war in El Salvador in March 1984 witnessed Brown become the victim of an accidental shooting when one of Brown’s friends pulled the trigger of a gun he thought was unloaded. The friend shot himself through the hand and the bullet struck Brown in the calf. “You stupid son a bitch, you shot me,” Brown said. “And now I can’t go to El Salvador.”

In September 1984, Brown claimed to have sent over 100 men and $4 million in supplies to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua, who engaged in widespread human rights abuses, including the rape and murder of civilians. Brown justified expending these resources by saying, “Those cretins in Congress won’t do anything about [toppling the ruling, left-wing Sandinista FSLN party in Nicaragua].”

In 1983, Brown accompanied a team of mercenaries to El Salvador. The purpose of the trip was to provide training to the forces of fascist leader Roberto D'Aubuisson. Brown tried to strike a deal with D'Aubuisson where his own mercenaries would replace U.S. Army advisors in El Salvador. The offer was accepted, but never came to fruition. Brown, however, went as far as engaging in combat missions alongside D’Aubuisson’s death squads. These paramilitary units assassinated D’Aubuisson’s political enemies and “talked of the need to kill 200,000 to 300,000 people to restore peace to El Salvador.” Known as “Blowtorch Bob” for his torture techniques, D’Aubuisson’s most high-profile victim was Bishop Óscar Romero, who was assassinated in 1980 after speaking out about human rights abuses in El Salvador.

Brown sold enlistment materials for the Rhodesian National Army through other magazines in order to finance the creation of Soldier of Fortune in 1975. During that time, the Rhodesian National Army fought under the leadership of white supremacist Ian Smith, the Prime Minister of the apartheid regime in Rhodesia from 1964 to 1979. Soldier of Fortune magazine itself prominently featured recruitment material for the Rhodesian National Army during the Rhodesian Bush War, in which Smith's army targeted those who advocated for universal suffrage.

Soldier of Fortune magazine has been used by advertisers to sell Nazi memorabilia.

Pete Brownell (Board Member)

Pete Brownell is the grandson of Brownells founder Bob Brownell and currently serves as the company’s president. Brownells is the world's largest supplier of firearm parts, gunsmithing tools, equipment and accessories. The company is part of the NRA’s corporate giving program and has donated enough money to be included in “The Ring of Freedom,” a designation reserved for NRA’s largest corporate donors. Brownells contributed between $500,000 and $999,999 to the NRA between 2005 and 2010. During his campaign to join the NRA board, Brownell highlighted his company’s close ties with the organization, saying, “Having directors who
intimately understand and work in leadership positions within the firearms industry ensures the NRA's focus is honed on the overall mission of the organization.
” Brownell, however, has claimed that he has no financial interest in the positions of the NRA.

At the 2011 NRA annual meeting, Brownell criticized President Obama’s position on gun rights but was unable to indicate anything that Obama has done to make gun laws more rigorous. He also claimed unnamed members of Congress are attempting to ban firearms.

John Burtt (Board Member)

Harlon Carter (Former NRA Executive Vice President)

On March 3, 1931, in Laredo, Texas, Carter, who was 17, shot and killed 15-year-old Ramón Casiano. After returning home from school that day, Carter was told by his mother that there were three Hispanic youths loitering near their family’s property. Carter left his house, shotgun in tow, to confront the alleged loiterers. After finding Casiano and his two companions, Carter pointed his shotgun at them and ordered them to come with him. Casiano refused and pulled out a knife and asked Carter if he would like to fight. Carter then pointed the shotgun at Casiano’s chest. Casiano pushed the gun aside and asked Carter not to shoot while taking a step back. He was then shot and killed. Carter claimed self-defense, but the presiding judge instructed the jury, “There is no evidence that defendant had any lawful authority to require deceased to go to his house for questioning, and if defendant was trying to make deceased go there for that purpose at the time of the killing, he was acting without authority of law, and the law of self-defense does not apply.” Carter was convicted of murder without malice aforethought (a crime similar to second-degree murder) and sentenced to three years in prison. Subsequently, Carter successfully appealed his conviction with the appeals court, holding that the trial court failed “to submit to the jury appropriate instructions upon the law of self-defense.” When the shooting incident was reported in media in 1981, Carter initially denied that he had killed Casiano before falsely claiming that the shooting took place on his property.

In 1975, Carter was asked if he would “rather allow those convicted violent felons, mentally deranged people, violently addicted to narcotics people to have guns, rather than to have the screening process?” An opponent of the 1968 Gun Control Act—which created categories of prohibited firearms purchasers—Carter responded that arming dangerous individuals was “a price we pay for freedom.”

In 1973, federal agents investigated Carter concerning his former employment with the Immigration and Naturalization Service after 40,000 to 50,000 rounds of government ammunition were reported missing. He was called before a grand jury to testify about the matter, but charges were never filed.

Speaking in opposition to legislation that aimed to ban “Saturday Night Specials” and other inexpensively-produced handguns, Carter stated in a 1972 speech before the NRA’s executive committee: “I can produce actual cases that the cheap handgun that snaps in…[a police] officer's face instead of firing has saved many, many lives, and the question arises: What are we trying to do? Upgrade the quality of handguns in the hands of our criminals?” He then promoted the use of miniature Derringer guns by children, arguing, “There was a little boy... and it was real cold and he had his hands in his overcoat. He had one of these little old derringers, and four bushy guys ambled up in an arrogant manner. He stopped them, and three of them were very nice and decent, and one of them said, ‘What would you do if I told you I had a pistol and I was going to kill you?’ And he says, ‘I would kill you, you son-of-a-bunch.’ These little guns have a very noble and a very important place and we should make our position clear.”

Richard Childress (Board Member)

In June 2011, Childress confronted Kyle Busch, a NASCAR driver for a rival racing team, by placing him in a headlock and punching him several times. NASCAR fined Childress $150,000 and put him on probation through the end of the year. Childress accepted the fine without apologizing to Busch.

During multiple hunting trips in Africa, Childress completed the “The Dangerous Seven,” shooting a lion, leopard, cape buffalo, rhinoceros, elephant, crocodile and hippopotamus as trophies. Childress has also participated in polar bear hunting.

Jeff Cooper (Former Board Member)

In Vol. 13, No. 7 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in July 2005, Cooper wrote, “For those who are thinking of equipping your own private army, the Socom 16 appears to be the best thing now available.” The “Socom 16” is a nickname Cooper gave to an automatic rifle produced by Springfield Armory.

In Vol. 13, No. 7 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in July 2005, Cooper made reference to the war in Iraq, describing it as “this Holy War.” Referring to the religious traditions of Muslims, Cooper said that Americans should “resort to pig−like pollution of these murderers and their survivors” because “tradition has it that the Ay−rab is horrified by anything swine−like.”

In Vol. 12, No. 12 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in November 2004, Cooper wrote about the recent presidential election won by President George W. Bush, stating, “And [close] it was, but not so much as the left−leaning media would have us expect. The important thing is that we did win, and now we have the chance to do something about this evil religious conflict that threatens to engulf the world … We may give thanks as Thanksgiving approaches in the realization that most Americans prefer to face up to a violent challenge rather than to cut and run. Hurray for our side!” Cooper added, “At school long ago I was told of one of the early church fathers, Telemachus by name, who taught that one of the delights of the blessed in heaven would be looking over the ramparts and relishing the torments of the damned below. This struck us as a bit rough for a true Christian, but after our recent election I can see how it might apply to our current domestic scene.” Cooper then turned to the topic of the war in Iraq, stating, “We continue to reflect upon the need to identify our objective in this Holy War. We certainly have the ability to destroy our enemies; but first, of course, we must be able to point out who they are. The fanatics cannot be intimidated, since tactical suicide is in their minds the pathway to paradise. Therefore they must be personally destroyed. The policy was set forth at the notorious Siege of Beziers. 'Omnes moritatem. Deus suos cognoscet.'" Cooper is referring to a quote attributed to the Abbot of Citeaux Arnaud Amalric during the Siege of Béziers: “Kill them all, God will know His own.” Finally, Cooper shared an observation from a Marine, “Consider the following: ‘And I know you don't have much use for female Marines (neither do I, but let's keep that quiet) but there is one out here who is pulling more than her weight and is doing things no one else could do. She is an educated Syrian−born Lance Corporal, an absolutely delightful and fascinating person. Because of her particular abilities, she can go with units on a variety of missions and help calm a situation by speaking to the women and children, which is something no male Marine can do effectively. She has also done yeoman's work as a translator for the interrogators. All of that is even more impressive when you hear what career she walked away from to enlist in the Marine Corps: she was a practicing physician. I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it myself.’”

In Vol. 12, No. 9 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in July 2004, Cooper wrote about an “Arab who signed up for the US military and then proceeded to murder his comrades−in−arms in Iraq.” Cooper was likely referring to a March 2003 incident in which Hasan Karim Akbar, a U.S. soldier and Muslim convert, threw grenades and fired his weapon into tents where his fellow soldiers were sleeping. Cooper wrote, “There are various ways of disposing of a sociopath, but in this case whatever action is taken should be both quick and exemplary. In situations like this it might be nice to have a king in charge.”

In Vol. 12, No. 2 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in February 2004, Cooper discussed technological advancements in China and stated, “The Chinese communists seem determined to join the human race.”He also added, “The fact is that some people are better than other people, on any point worth discussing, from shining shoes to making money. Equality is not only impossible, but also undesirable.” Cooper then turned to the topic of vigilantism and Muslims in the United States military, writing, “’If I were ‘king’ I would give serious thought to the institution of exemplary punishment. This goblin who murdered the little girl in Florida should be disposed of publically in some horrifying manner. This would not bring back the child, but it just might give pause to certain kinds of social degenerates. As for capital punishment, it has not been announced what we have done or will do to that Arab soldier who joined the American Army and then took it upon himself to murder his comrades in arms. Is it possible for a devout Moslem to take oath to serve in a non−Moslem army? As I understand it, his first duty must be to Allah, as revealed in some version of the Koran, but not to the United States.” He then addressed the culture of native Africans, writing, “It appears that life insurance is an unpromising enterprise in Bantu Africa. When a friend of ours suggested to his employee that he might take out a policy to provide for his dependents upon his demise, the man pointed out that as soon as such an act had become known he would be poisoned at his next meal. This is called cultural diversification.”

In Vol. 12, No. 1 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in January 2004, Cooper wrote, “If the year 2003 showed us the flowering of the Holy War of Islam upon the West, it also established the United States of America as the world's sole super power, and thus charged us with the responsibility of setting forth on the 21st century with the capacity of altering the world for the better. The Moslems will do their best to frustrate this, and for that we must prepare, but it is a struggle well worth fighting. Christianity is not just one among several equivalent religious faiths, but rather the champion and exemplar of the western way of life. The Moslems would prefer to see us all dead, as far as can be made out from their rather obscure language. So be it. Let us buckle on the sword and prove worthy of the challenge. God's will be done!” He also wrote, “This unisex thing can be pretty silly. At the winter meeting we learned of a case in which a girl insisted upon qualifying for the wrestling team. When a match came up, her prospective male opponent quite properly refused to compete. We may assume that any girl who chose to compete in interscholastic wrestling would not be much of a choice damsel, but this sort of thing may come up again, from time to time, as the feminists flaunt their foolish flag.” Turning to the meaning of the Second Amendment, Cooper stated, “You can only push people around if they submit to being pushed, and this is impossible if they are personally armed. Thus the Second Amendment of the US Constitution has nothing to do with hunting. It has rather to do with the security of a free state against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

In Vol. 11, No. 11 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in September 2003, Cooper wrote, “Some of our pundits choose to make a political virtue of diversity. The point is not necessarily well taken. The goal of good government is the optimum balance of liberty and order. Social diversity does not pull in that direction. Liberty is what we seek over the centuries, but if we grant it to too diverse a population, order disappears … We have unsegregated schools in which the children segregate themselves by choice. Our military establishment does surprisingly well in this regard, but of course, the military is and must be a tightly disciplined organization. It seems to me that diversity, rather than being a goal to be sought, should be an obstacle to be circumvented.” He also wrote, “Walter Nowotny was a distinguished fighter pilot of World War II, killed in action just before its close. Born and raised in Vienna, Major Nowotny's remains were buried at Vienna's Central Cemetery. Now it appears that there is a movement afoot to disinter Nowotny's remains and toss them on the municipal ash heap—because he fought for the wrong side … I do not think that we can castigate Nowotny for fighting for the Germans when we recall that David was, according to Scripture, a thoroughgoing scoundrel. You do not have to be a nice guy to be a hero—it is not even much of a help—but you cannot dishonor a hero by spurning his mortal remains.” Nowotny was a Nazi pilot credited with 258 aerial victories.

In Vol. 11, No. 10 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in September 2003, Cooper wrote, “Tolerance means that you don't really give a damn.” He also shared this anecdote: “Reports from the front indicate that the Arabs cut down all their power lines in order to steal the copper, and then complain bitterly that power is out.”

In Vol. 11, No. 9 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in August 2003, Cooper wrote, “So what are we going to do with this ragheaded US trooper who took it upon himself to murder his brothers−at−arms? The act of killing the man who fights alongside you is so atrocious as to merit special attention. If our Constitution did not forbid ‘cruel and unusual punishment,’ we would resurrect the exemplary British act of ‘hanging in irons,’ in which the subject is hoisted aloft in a snug−fitting network of iron straps and permitted to perish of thirst or exposure, whatever comes first.” Turning to the topic of slavery, Cooper wrote, “This foolish talk about reparations for slavery would be funny if it were not evidence of disastrous historical ignorance. Slavery is a natural course of human events from as far back as we have any record. If you are not going to kill all the losers on the spot, you put them to work. Somebody has got to chop the wood and draw the water, and that is generally what losers do. If we suggest that somebody today should pay somebody else for something that other people did in times long past, we might suggest that the Romans pay the Algerians, the Aztec pay the Maya, the Arabs pay the Berbers, the English pay the Irish, the Norwegians pay the Russians, the Russians pay the Cossacks, the Mohawks pay the Pequots, and so on and on and on. American Negro chattel slavery, which was just one form of the ‘peculiar institution,’ was abolished a century and a half ago, in case Al Sharpton has not heard. It would not be surprising to learn that some of Al Sharpton's ancestors did a bit of buying and selling on their own.” Then addressing the topic of race relations, Cooper added, “It may be that there is such a thing as racial memory, and it is supported by the undeniable observation that the goblins will get you if you don't watch out.”

In Vol. 11, No. 1 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in February 2003, Cooper wrote, “’Political correctness is the oppression of the majority by the minority.’ Who said that?

In Vol. 10, No. 11 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in October 2002, Cooper wrote, “The Moslem objective seems to be simply to destroy the infidel. I cannot believe that any Moslem feels that by killing Christians or Jews or agnostics at random he will win any sort of tangible objective … the ragheads still insist that we infidels are the accursed of God, and they seek to flaunt this without any prospect for amelioration. We see these people complaining when they are ‘profiled’ while making every effort to make such profiling obvious. If a raghead does not wish to be identified as a raghead, there would seem to be no reason for him to speak like a raghead, act like a raghead, and dress like a raghead. The best way for him to avoid being identified as a raghead would be to stay back where he came from.” Turning to public schools, Cooper added, “The attempt by the education establishment to castrate American youth has produced some very peculiar attitudes. One is an announced ‘hatred of violence.’ It seems to me that people who hate violence as an abstraction are living in the wrong country. This nation we live in, still the last best hope of Earth, was born in violence, and if there is any such thing as a typical American man, he is certainly a violent man.” Addressing Islam again, Cooper wrote, “By examination we may conclude that a good Moslem earns one point for killing another Moslem of a different sect, two points for killing a European Christian, three points for killing an American, and four points for killing a Jew. I may have this wrong, but then I cannot speak Arabic.” He then took up the topic of political correctness writing, “This political correctness foolishness is so silly that it is hard to take seriously, but there it is. It is even miscalled, for it is neither political nor correct. It is social censorship, the rule of the polypragmatoi (read ‘busybodies’). Mr. Jefferson is quoted around the inside of his monument at Washington as standing foursquare and forever against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. As he declaimed, and as I hope we all agree, the State may justifiably control our actions—but never our thoughts. Sorry, Mr. Jefferson, but all men are not created equal. (‘All ya gotta do is look.’)” Turning to the topic of slavery, Cooper wrote, “This foolishness about reparations for slavery has got to take some sort of prize for inanity. Human slavery has been with us since the beginning of time. It is the natural course of social order. Without it we would probably still be living in the Bronze Age, and such trivia as mathematics, philosophy, religion, and art would never have been invented. As Aristotle pointed out, most people have slave minds, and prefer to be told what to do and where to line up for chow.”

In Vol. 10, No. 10 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in September 2002, Cooper wrote, “Note that riflery is not an exclusively masculine province. The ladies can shoot right along with the gentlemen, if they wish to. Driving, on the other hand, does seem to be a man's job.” He went on to mock the accidental shooting of a tourist, writing, “We hear from Namibia that a German tourist's holiday down there came to an end when he was mistaken for a baboon and shot by a local farmer. If this poor fellow looked enough like a baboon to be mistaken for one, he may be better off dead.” Turning to the topic of slavery Cooper added, “This talk about reparations for slavery is so silly that one could expect it to fade of its own embarrassment, but people keep after it. In the first place, it is unreasonable to ask anyone to make reparations for something he did not do, nor cause others to do. In the second place, if you study this subject you will realize that slavery may be considered a natural condition of civilized man. As our favorite columnist, Thomas Sowell, has pointed out, there is hardly anybody on earth whose ancestors have not enslaved or been enslaved at sometime in the past. It is a lot more sensible, as well as more humane, to put the losers to work than to kill them. I have been amused by the tale of Richard Burton, the famed explorer of Arabia, who was a crusader against slavery but went to considerable trouble to acquire the necessary slaves of his own when setting forth for Mecca. As even Al Sharpton should note, the Negro slaves who were brought to America by the colonists had one and all been enslaved by their black brothers in Africa. Perhaps these activists should put in to Nigeria or the Congo for their reparations.” He continued on the topic of race, writing, “Perhaps you will not believe it, but I recently picked up from a British publication that some movie producer is now contemplating making a movie about the man who crossed the Alps with the elephants—casting Denzel Washington as the man! So much for public education!” Cooper was upset because Denzel Washington is African-American, and added, “If we can cast Denzel Washington as Hannibal, I think we might try to cast Brad Pitt as Booker T. Washington.”

In Vol. 10, No. 3 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in March 2002, Cooper wrote, “Well, they finally got Jonas Savimbi. There was possibly the greatest unsung hero of the Cold War. Savimbi fought the Communists to a standstill in Angola for decades, with no help from us. He was not ‘African−American’ (unsatisfactory term). He was, on the contrary, a first−string African, and he will go down historically with [Zulu chieftain] Chaka as one of the great heros [sic] of his people. I never had the honor of meeting him, but I got pretty close on two occasions, and I regret the loss.” The United States Department of Homeland Security characterized Savimbi’s UNITA political group—from 1998 until the killing of Savimbi in 2002 by Angolan government forces—as a terrorist organization. During this time period, Human Rights Watch described UNITA as “a rebel group led by Jonas Savimbi, [that] killed, abducted, and terrorized civilians with impunity.” The United States Institute of Peace wrote, “Savimbi is indeed responsible for a litany of crimes against humanity.” The conflict between UNITA and the Angolan government resulted in the country having one of the highest concentrations of landmines in the world, with some experts estimating that up to six million mines remain in the ground. Cooper also wrote, “Those of you of the old school will remember that we threw the Moors out of Spain in 1492. Trouble is that we did not throw them far enough. In searching through the records for ragheads of consequence, I discover Haroun−al−Rashid and Saladin, and then my sources begin to dry up. Our current crop of Extollers of The Faithful would have us believe that what we may refer to as the Arab Culture was way ahead of the West up until something mysterious happened along about 1450 or so. These people had shown us such things as numerology, algebra, cotton fabric, and coffee, but suddenly something went wrong. Maybe they lost their push and civilization left them behind. The cultural structure of Islam must have a strong appeal, otherwise it would not be proselytizing throughout the world as it is. How is it that the West copes and the East does not? Allah has fallen short somewhere along the line.” He then complained about patients at the Mayo Clinic, writing, “A friend of ours who is troubled with a nagging form of recurrent carcinoma makes a practice of visiting a Mayo Clinic regularly to keep ahead of the game. He reports that over the last couple of years the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has been so completely patronized by Arabs that treatment therein begins to resemble some sort of cult practice. The waiting rooms are solidly populated with people wearing bed sheets. Treatment at the Mayos is not cheap, but this does not trouble the rag heads.” Cooper continued, “Our enemy in the Holy War turns out to be simultaneously deadly and silly. They can kill us, of course, dead, but it is hard to take anyone seriously who announces continuously five times a day that God is Great. Is it that ‘milady doth protest too much’?

In Vol. 10, No. 1 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in January 2002, Cooper wrote, “The devout Moslem demands that other people share his faith or die. That is not a foolish fancy—it is right there in the book [Koran]. The devout Moslem does not necessarily hate the Infidel, he simply cannot accept his existence, and there you have the Holy War. It may be that OBL's [Osama bin Laden] days are briefly numbered, but whether he lives or dies, Islam remains the core of the Holy War. I cannot handle the Arabic language, and therefore it is not possible for me to interpret the Koran. The fact remains that we do have a Holy War on our hands, and how we pursue it remains to be seen.” He also added, “We American shooters who constitute the foundation of liberty, are philosophically correct, but we are not strong enough to aid the enemy by fighting amongst ourselves. Please do not throw rocks at people on your own side of the barricade. Despite our temporary victory at the polls, there are still plenty of people who voted the wrong way—and will continue to do so. [New York Democratic Senator and gun violence prevention advocate Chuck] Schumer, I understand, is still alive and well.” Turning back to the subject of Islam, Cooper wrote, “Several correspondents have informed us that according to the Koran, Moslems are forbidden to fight any but defensive wars. Since I do not read Arabic, I cannot be sure about this, but it seems that the Arabs had to defend themselves furiously all the way from Mecca (in Arabia) to Tours (in France), going backwards all the time. Those Christians must have been pretty clever in order to get around behind the ragheads, who then defended themselves in reverse for several thousand miles and several hundred years.” Cooper continued, “Our two favorite columnists are Thomas Sowell and Florence King. Miss King just threw us a real beauty in National Review. She asserts that her mother (an unreconstructed Southern Lady) disputed this ‘sensitivity’ about busting the ragheads during Ramadan, as follows: ‘That's the best time to get 'em—when they've got their faces in the rug and their asses in the air.’

In Vol. 9, No. 12 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in November 2001, Cooper wrote, “We are informed from South Africa that the crime situation there continues to deteriorate. This is not something you will hear in what is normally called ‘the Western media,’ since it indicates what happens when you give the country back to the Indians. We knew South Africa reasonably well back in the old days, which we think of as the good old days, despite current political rectitude.” The “good old days” that Cooper referred to are the days before the end of the white supremacist apartheid state in South Africa. Political reforms in 1994 mandated majority rule.

In Vol. 9, No. 11 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in October 2001, Cooper commented on 9/11 architect Osama bin Laden, writing, “This fellow, whom we shall refer to henceforth as OBL, is said to stand 6’ 5” and could properly be referred to as a ‘trophy rag−head.’ Any Arab this long should certainly go in the record book.” He also wrote, “It has been suggested that you can really upset a Moslem if you undertake to sew up his dead body in a skin of a pig. If we are going to play this game, we should explore all possibilities.” Cooper turned to the topic of slavery to state, “This talk about ‘reparations’ for slavery is pretty quaint when you think about it, unless you are disconnected from history. Slavery has always been a normal aspect of civilization. Since the beginning of recorded history, and probably before, human beings have enslaved one another and nobody thought much about that until quite recent times. What do you do with the losers? You can either kill them on the spot or put them to work. Without the institution of slavery, civilization would never have been achieved, for no one could ever have done anything intellectual if he had to spend all his time hewing and digging and fighting … Those who speak of ‘reparations’ for slavery betray a state of mind which might have been universal if it had not been for slavery. I find it odd that nobody has brought that up in these dim−witted discussions we hear about.” Turning back to the topic of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Cooper called Islam, “an extremist cult rooted in the Middle Ages.”

In Vol. 8, No. 13 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in December 2000, Cooper published the following excerpt of a song written by his daughter Lindy: “The sun shines bright/On the old Kentucky home/'Tis summer/And all the African−Americans are homosexual.” In Vol. 9, No. 3 of the Commentaries, Cooper stated that his daughter was updating the pre-Civil War song “My Old Kentucky Home,” which opens with the lines, “The sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home/Tis summer/the darkies are gay.” The song’s status as the official song of Kentucky has been called into question for the song’s use of racially disparaging terms for African Americans. “Clearly we had to restructure this because we cannot longer use the term ‘darky,’ and ‘gay’ has been rerouted,” explained Cooper.

In Vol. 8, No. 8 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in August 2000, Cooper wrote, “Perhaps you know of the book ‘Unintended Consequences,’ by John Ross, which narrates the fictional account of violent resistance to the infringement of the right of the people to keep and bear arms in the United States. Turns out now that the BATF [Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms] is doing its best to suppress the book, since those people care no more about the First Amendment than they do about the Second. We hear mutterings from several sources about the possibility of a serious backlash against these obnoxious people in their unconscionable behavior.” The plot of “Unintended Consequences” revolves around a man who systemically kills federal law enforcement agents as revenge for the implementation of the 1994 assault weapons ban and other gun control laws. The book concludes with the president of the United States vowing to repeal gun control measures. Oklahoma City Bombing perpetrator Timothy McVeigh called the book his “New Testament” and stated that if he would have read it before plotting his attack, he might have gone on a sniper rampage.

In Vol. 8, No. 9 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in August 2000, Cooper wrote, “It is okay to cut your wife's throat as long as you are rich, famous—and black.”

In Vo. 8, No. 6 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in June 2000, Cooper wrote, “It is sad to note that the political unrest in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) has practically ruined tourism/hunting in that country. I find this odd. On several occasions I have gone hunting in a war zone, and found the experience exhilarating.” Zimbabwe has not been called Rhodesia since before 1980 when the country was subjected to the white supremacist rule of Ian Smith.

In Vol. 8, No. 3 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in March 2000, Cooper wrote, “It appears that this baseball player [Atlanta Braves reliever John] Rocker has stated publically that he dislikes having to ride public transportation in company with scruffies. On this he has been sent to Coventry, where presumably they regularly wash his mouth out with soap. Does anybody really like to ride with scruffies? Social censorship − miscalled ‘political correctness’ − is reaching new lows all the time.” Cooper was reacting to the following comment that Rocker made when asked during an interview if he would like to play baseball in New York: “I would retire first. It's the most hectic, nerve-racking city. Imagine having to take the [Number] 7 train to the ballpark, looking like you're [riding through] Beirut next to some kid with purple hair next to some queer with AIDS right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It's depressing. The biggest thing I don't like about New York are the foreigners. I'm not a very big fan of foreigners. You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Indians and Russians and Spanish people and everything up there. How the hell did they get in this country?” Cooper also wrote, “They had a big raffle [election] recently in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). To everyone's intense surprise, Comrade [Robert] Mugabe was the winner of the grand prize. For all our putative rejection of ‘racism,’ it is sometimes hard to take these popinjays seriously.” Zimbabwe has not been called Rhodesia since before 1980 when white supremacist apartheid supporter Ian Smith ruled the country.

In Vol. 7, No. 5 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in April 1999, Cooper blamed students at Columbine High School for not stopping a mass shooting at the school committed by two students on April 20th of that year. He wrote, “I suppose I should begin this issue by wringing my hands over the disaster at Littleton, Colorado. Certainly that was a dreadful episode, but I can see no relevant connection between the murderous rampage of a couple of psychopathic adolescents and the activities of the National Rifle Association. If anyone on campus had had the presence of mind and the ability, he might have stopped that atrocity before it got started: at the very least, he could have limited it to one or two casualties. But as we know, no weapons are allowed on campus, so the place is ostentatiously defenseless. I once saw a door−poster which announced, ‘There are no guns in this house. Feel free.’ Thus it is with schools. We do not announce these things, but the creeps know that a school is easy pickens. That is probably an important factor in the recent epidemic of school shootings.” The Columbine shooters obtained their firearms through private unregulated sales at a Denver gun show where no background checks were required. The National Rifle Association has long opposed legislation to require background checks on private firearm sales. He went on to write, “As Cousin Bongo continues to wander around the vast Pacific, he runs across more evidence of the general aspect of the war in the Pacific. For example, recently on the Gilbert Islands, the remains were discovered of 22 whites − probably British − who were simply shot out−of−hand when the Nips took the place. There was no fighting, this was just murder, but that is the way that war was. The ‘post modern’ generation does not seem to understand that.” Finally, Cooper shared a story from a friend who pulled a handgun on four African-American men because he saw them wearing “ski masks” on Halloween, writing, “It is delightful to contemplate a circumstance in which the right man was there at the right time. We do not read of such situations often because they are simply not newsworthy. There is nothing to wring our hands about.” Cooper’s friend concluded his story thusly: “Perhaps they did nothing else criminal that night, or perhaps they did. I will never know. But I'm sure that before they decide to approach another old, broken−down, potential victim, they may remember what the muzzle of my 45 looked like as it was pointed at their heads.”

In Vol. 6, No. 6 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in June 1998, Cooper blamed “blacks” for all of the crime in South Africa, writing, “The criminal violence is pretty nasty, but it tends to take place in categories. Street crime in the big towns is mainly a car−against−car, black−against−black proposition, and it can be avoided it one stays out of the wrong places and does not move around in congested areas after dark. On the other hand, raids on isolated rural dwellings are mainly black−on−white, and they are difficult to combat in a culture which has been used to staying in Condition White [a relaxed mindset] at all times. As you know, it is possible to be legally armed in South Africa and to fight back, unlike the situation in Britain where it is considered politically incorrect to resist violence. In most of the cases which have come to my attention, the farm house raids could be defeated by people who are prepared to fight back. It is, however, a truth that most people find it difficult to remain in a properly guarded mindset all the livelong day. The result of this is that most of the wonders of South Africa can be visited by the tourist or hunter without risk, provided, as always and everywhere, that the individual is armed, awake and aware.” He also wrote, “We were saddened to discover that South African Airlines, which we used to think was second only to SwissAir, has come down several clicks in service and comfort following the revolution [that ended the white supremacist apartheid in South Africa]. A form of affirmative action seems to have equipped the cabins with too many people who are simply not up to the task. The job of airline stewardess (‘flight attendant’) demands an eminent degree of intelligence and sophistication. It is not a task for just anyone, and people who have spent a lot of time flying commercially over the past decades have discovered that times have a way of changing.”

In Vol. 6, No. 5 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in May 1998, Cooper wrote, “In view of all the excitement about that sad business in Jonesboro, we should note that fatalities from firearms mishaps are at an all time low today. More people die each year from medical misadventures than from accidental shooting.” The “business in Jonesboro” was not a firearm accident. On March 24, 2023 13-year-old Mitchell Johnson and 11-year-old Andrew Golden perpetrated a mass shooting at their middle school that left four of their female classmates and a teacher dead; 10 more were wounded. Cooper also added, “Have you noticed that women who spout off about things they do not understand usually hyphenate their last names? In my opinion, a hyphenated last name is evidence of violation of Rule 5, which is ‘Thou shalt not take thyself too seriously.’

In Vol. 6, No. 4 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in April 1998, Cooper wrote, “It appears that since the Nips were unable to defeat us in the field, they are going to try to do so at the conference table. We may lose this one, as long as we maintain the current sleaze camp in Washington. It's just another reason why we must change the administration.” He also added, “Did you see where some Nip punk recently attempted to attack a police officer in order to hijack the officer's service pistol? Upon his arrest he claimed that he just wanted to know what it was like to shoot a firearm. Now what on earth should we make of a social organization in which that sort of thing turns up!” Turning to the role of women in society, Cooper wrote, “Family member Pat Rogers tells us of a case in New York wherein a police officer correctly, justifiably, and expertly laid out a goblin on the street with his shotgun. The action had been building up for a few minutes, and there were several other police officers in the vicinity. Three of them were copchicks, who had to be taken off the line to recover their composure after having witnessed so ghastly an event. One of these girls obtained a medical discharge, and is now on a pension from the taxpayers because of what she saw in the line of duty for which she volunteered.” He went on to write, “A recent report from Africa informs us that a Bantu hunter of our acquaintance was recently set upon after dark by an armed robber. Our friend cut him down neatly and went on about his business. Naturally, I am not going to furnish any details about the nationality or locality of our friend. In cases like this, the less the authorities know, the better. Years ago in our Balsas expedition we were forcefully informed by our permit issuing authorities in Mexico City that if we had occasion to knock off a bandit, we were by no means to report the matter. Just get the body out of sight in the bushes and get on with your business.”

In Vol. 5, No. 13 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in December 1997, Cooper favorably quoted a National Review article that stated, “It is not ignorance, but an accurate perception of reality, that lies at the root of much of what is now called ‘white racism.’”

In Vol. 5, No. 11 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in October 1997, Cooper expressed surprise that a woman could be an officer in the Marines, writing, “While in Washington I ran into a rather presentable woman of young middle age wearing the Marine Corps casual uniform. On her collar appeared three stars. As with Scarlet O'Hara, I do not want to think about that today. I will think about that tomorrow.”

In Vol. 5, No. 1 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in January 1997, Cooper wrote, “We ran across an amusing anecdote from Vietnam which suggests that there are two sides to most questions. It appears that this marine sergeant became involved in a short−range daylight firefight in which his people were supported by two M48 tanks mounting 90 millimeter guns. As things developed the sergeant noticed a gook a short way off armed with a bazooka (RPG), which was aimed precisely at one of the supporting tanks and well within rocket range. The sergeant assumed a classic offhand firing position, right elbow high, left elbow under the piece, and with his weapon placed properly in the semi−automatic mode, he squeezed off his single round. At precisely that moment, the other tank, having noticed the same gook, touched off one round of 90 millimeter main battery ammunition, but there was so much going on at the time that the sergeant was not aware of the tank round. The gook was totally scrambled, and our marine looked wonderingly down at his little poodle shooter in amazement. ‘Jeez!’ he said.” Cooper also added, “I suppose all sports fans are aware of the case in which some Texas stripper claimed that she was ‘raped at gunpoint’ by a member of the Dallas football team. What a quaint notion! The technical procedures involved in rape at gunpoint would seem exotic, to say the least. How does one do that? As it turns out the whole thing was a hoax, which is not unusual in the circles involved, but it is curious that nobody in the press thought to ask any questions about that.”

In Vol. 4, No. 16 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in December 1996, Cooper wrote, “Objection to that sneaky piece that was slipped through at the last congressional session, depriving anyone convicted of ‘spouse abuse’ from forever owning a firearm, is rising to a crescendo. Certainly no one defends wife beating under any circumstances, but permanent recision [sic] of civil rights is not the answer. I have always held that the proper punishment for the wife beater is the public whipping post, but certainly not permanent deprivation of basic civil rights.” He also wrote, “Clearly propaganda is more potent than truth. Take this matter of Guernica, for example. Pablo Picasso, one of the more significant propagandists of the left, made a very successful point in claiming that the town of Guernica had been flattened from the air by the German Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil War−this being an atrocity since the town had no strategic value. This point was accepted by the world press, and is now considered a fact, even for inclusion in encyclopedias. For those who have access to the official records it is clear that the Condor Legion had been grounded for two weeks prior to the occupation of the city by the Nationalist forces. Moreover, the German light bombers did not have the technical capacity for ‘carpet bombing,’ as later practiced by the Allies in Europe. Most conclusive, however, was the fact that there were no bomb craters in the streets. The buildings were pretty well demolished, but this was done from inside them. It is obviously impossible to flatten a town from the air without hitting any of the streets, but now, to the amazement of the well−informed, the German government is proposing to pay an indemnity to Spain for an atrocity never committed. Such goings on!” In reality, Guernica was bombed on April 26, 2023 by the Nazi Germany Luftwaffe and the Italian Fascist Aviazione Legionaria. The bombing is considered one of the first instances of military planes being used to target civilians. The idea that Guernica was a hoax has been propagated by supporters of right wing Spanish dictator Francisco Franco in order to cast blame upon leftist anarchists, rather than the Nazi and fascist forces, for the atrocity. Turning to a racial discrimination lawsuit brought against oil giant Texaco, Cooper wrote, “In continuing observation of what might be called the ‘hoax effect,’ Texaco has caved in to Jesse Jackson, even after both parties have discovered that the tapes responsible for the racial uproar were fake. Jesse Jackson, himself, has claimed he does not want to be bothered by the facts.” In actuality, tapes did exist of Texaco executives using racially disparaging language and plotting to destroy evidence related to the lawsuit. Texaco settled the lawsuit for $176 million.

In Vol. 4, No. 11 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in September 1996, Cooper wrote, “For those who are proud of their lifetime shooting record, we learn of an old geezer, aged 96, who at the end of his life in the Transvaal boasted that he had taken 341 elephants, 187 lions, 40 kaffirs and two Englishmen. It will take some doing to top that.” “Kaffir” is a racial slur for individuals of African descent that was used in apartheid-era South Africa. The slur is analogous to the use of the N-word in the United States, and its use in South Africa is criminal.

In Vol. 4, No. 8 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in July 1996, Cooper wrote, “Family member Barrett Tillman tells us that he recently caught a segment on the tube portraying girl soldiers undergoing bayonet training. We had been told that obscenity on television was growing out of control, but we did not realize that it had gone this far.” He also wrote, “Just last week up in Denver we were treated to an example of the handgun training procedures now apparently in widespread use amongst the feds. I was holding rifle school on a range back−to−back with the contingent of agents from the Health and Human Services division. Their training procedure was strictly in accordance with regulations handed down from on high, and the officer in charge was a copchick in the range tower manning a bullhorn. Naturally she could not do much supervising up in that perch, but she had the training manual in front of her and she proceeded with great precision.” Cooper went on to blame feminists for the suicide of Chief of Naval Operations Mike Boorda, writing, “The naval establishment−most specially the naval air arm−constitutes the republic's first line of defense, and when it is pilloried by feminist activists such as [Democratic Congresswoman] Pat Schroeder and its traditions are thrown aside in the face of ‘sensitivity’, it had become impossible for Boorda to look himself in the mirror. Turning our mighty fleet carriers into floating brothels, and the erosion of the iron discipline necessary to fighting efficiency are rapidly wrecking, if they have not already wrecked, America's status as a world power. Mike Boorda apparently could not face the prospect of presiding over this calamity−by the direction of the sleazemaster in the White House.” In his suicide note, Boorda cited a controversy about whether he was entitled to wear a medal for valor in combat as the reason. Cooper also added, “On the subject of concealed carry, it occurs to us that the occupation most in need of this asset is that of trained nurse. A nurse goes on and off duty at all hours. Most nurses are young, trim, reasonably attractive females.”

In Vol. 3, No. 10 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in August 1995, Cooper wrote, “I do not think I mentioned the name of the BATgirl [federal law enforcement agent] who stomped the kitten to death in the course of the [Harry] Lamplugh raid. Her name is Donna Slusser. That is one to remember along with [FBI agent] Lon Horiuchi. We are treated to inquiries and investigations, but it seems very difficult to ask a straight question of a perpetrator. ‘Mr. Horiuchi, why did you shoot Vicki Weaver in the face? Ms. Slusser, why did you stomp on that kitten?’ ‘Self defense’ will not do.” The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms denied that the raid on Lamplugh’s home involved violence. Assistant Special Agent Robert Graham stated, “We are not picking on Mr. Lamplugh. I can't even tell you how many [media] shows he puts on. It really makes my blood boil to hear some nut and liar say that stuff.” Commenting on the animal stomping allegation, Graham said of Donna Slusser, “She's an animal-rights activist who has pets of her own. She won't even eat meat.” He went on to call Lamplugh “a chauvinist” for singling out the only female agent involved in the raid. The ATF conducted the raid with a valid search warrant based on suspicion that Lamplugh, who was a convicted felon, was in illegal possession of firearms because of his involvement in hosting numerous gun shows. Sixty firearms were recovered during the raid, and Lamplugh and his wife were later convicted on tax evasion charges. Lamplugh’s dubious account of the raid on his home was the impetus for a National Rifle Association fundraising letter that described federal law enforcement officers as “jack-booted thugs.”

In Vol. 3, No. 7 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in May 1995, Cooper commented on the trial of former NFL running back O.J. Simpson—who was accused of murdering his ex-wife—by writing, “We should perhaps remember that when the peasantry become enraged they burn down cities, whereas no matter how exasperated the bourgeoisie may feel, they do not take to the streets.”

In Vol. 3, No. 6 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in April 1995, he wrote, “In view of this queasy multi−culturalism with which we are continually affronted, it occurs to us that Western Europeans gave the world to the human race and there is nothing harder to forgive than a favor.” Cooper also commented on then Attorney General Janet Reno, writing, “As you have doubtless heard, there is a bill now banging around in the House authorizing Butch Reno to recruit, train, arm and equip a federal force of 2,500 ninja, presumably to make war upon American citizens. It is up to your representatives in Congress to find out why this country needs a special force of civilian storm troopers in order to make war upon its own people.” He then shared a story that suggested that black children who beg for money should be threatened with a gun: “Herewith an interesting tactical ploy for our times. Late night shopper comes out of supermarket to be confronted by a hostile crowd of pickaninnies asking for money. The shopper greets hostiles in friendly fashion and raises a question, ‘Any of you brothers seen my speedloader?’ ‘Speedloader?’ ‘Yah, something like this,’ and he brings out his Detective Special, fishes around in his pockets and says, ‘A speedloader is something you use to load this piece. It's round and made of black rubber. I swear I dropped it around here someplace. Anybody see it?’ We have often noticed that one can frequently disconcert a goblin by asking him a question he is not prepared for. This would seem to be a good one.” “Pickaninny” is a racial slur for a black child. Cooper also added, “For those who wring their hands over the status of the poor, long−suffering Japanese, two questions should be posed about World War II in the Pacific. ‘Who started it?’ [and] ‘Who won?’ Whenever the Nips get uppity I reflect that those two questions should be engraved in bronze in prominent places throughout the now defunct Empire of the Rising Sun.”

In Vol. 2, No. 16 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in December 1994, he wrote, “I have been criticized by referring to our federal masked men as ‘ninja,’ when in the view of the critic the traditional role of the ninja in Japan was to fight against oppression and tyranny. Let us note that almost no one ever resorts to force and violence unless he is convinced that his cause is right, but without going into that let us reflect upon the fact that a man who covers his face shows reason to be ashamed of what he is doing. A man who takes it upon himself to shed blood while concealing his identity is a revolting perversion of the warrior ethic. It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view.” He also wrote, “For the FBI to investigate [FBI sniper Lon] Horiuchi is somewhat like Hitler's investigating [Nazi SS leader Heinrich] Himmler. But no matter what [former Attorney General Janet] Reno and [former FBI director Louis] Freeh and [former FBI agent Richard] Rogers and Horiuchi may say, that case is not closed. Whether Horiuchi committed a procedural error at Ruby Ridge is not important. What he committed was a mortal sin, and that sin will find him out. The only appropriate demise for this man now would seem to be the traditional route of sepukku [suicide], with which he should be familiar. If he needs a proper knife I have one, which I will provide to him upon request.” Horiuchi received death threats from anti-government extremists after his role in a shooting during the Ruby Ridge standoff. While attempting to shoot armed extremist Kevin Harris, Horiuchi instead killed an unarmed woman, Randy Weaver’s wife Vicki.

In Vol. 2, No. 15 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in December 1994, Cooper wrote, “Recently in the waiting room of an office in Prescott we heard a customer, looking at us, remark, ‘The man has a pistol.’ My response was, ‘Yea, we just won the election!’ I do not know if the customer got the point, but I did enjoy the exchange.” In January 1995, the Republican Party took control of the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time since 1954. Cooper also called Nathan Bedford Forrest, the first “Grand Wizard” of the Ku Klux Klan, “an amazing man.”

In Vol. 2, No. 14 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in November 1994, Cooper shared a poem celebrating a 1994 incident where a man fired 29 rounds from an assault rifle at the White House. The poem, in part, read, “The White House, it was shot up/It was only tit for tat/Shame on the fellow with the SKS/He shot like a Democrat.” Cooper also listed several “humorous” made-up statistics, including, “71% of feminist agitators tend to be ugly.”

In Vol. 2, No. 8 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in July 1994, Cooper wrote, “An informal poll conducted in the area of Harare (ex−Salisbury, Rhodesia) indicates that the great majority want Ian Smith back in place of Robert Mugaby. If Mugaby finds out about this, Mr. Smith's head rests very lightly on his shoulders.” Ian Smith was the white supremacist leader of Rhodesia who enforced white minority rule of the nation until 1980. Robert Mugabe became president when the country declared independence from the British and became Zimbabwe. Cooper also described a business deal gone sour involving the sale of Gunsite, his firearms training facility, as “the great lynch party of April Fool 1993.” Turning to the topic of the Vietnam War, Cooper described Vietnamese as “slant−eyed little fiends.” He then added that, “If Nicole Simpson had studied at Gunsite she would now be a wealthy widow.” Simpson was murdered in 1994 and her ex-husband former NFL star O.J. Simpson was eventually acquitted after being charged in connection with her death. Cooper then recommended that his readers purchase “Racism, Guilt and Self−Deceit" by M. Gedahlia Braun, stating “His work, which is very carefully researched and irreproachably objective, is not politically correct, which may be its strongest recommendation.” In the book’s forward, Braun writes, “It was obvious to [black Africans] that whites were ‘cleverer’ and they made no bones about it. It is whites who feel guilty about this and blame themselves for black failure. Shrewd blacks use this ‘guilt’ to blackmail, browbeat and bamboozle whites. This sham anger is a principal weapon of psychological warfare. It is used by women against men, blacks against whites, homosexuals against straights and islam [sic] against the West—though always with the help of the (alleged) wrong-doers … Blacks are deficient in abstract thinking and this leads to moral blindness … Blacks’ difficulty in thinking of the future explains, e.g., their high rate of criminality and HIV.”

In Vol. 2, No. 5 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in May 1994, Cooper wrote, “We see that the Bahutu [Hutu] and the Watutsi [Tutsi] have resumed their age−old hostilities. Truly they enjoy this sort of thing, and what they may lack in aptitude they make up in enthusiasm. This, of course, is one of the rewards of independence. The Belgian administration did not put up with it.” Later, he added, “How long do you suppose it will take Jesse Jackson to discover that the horror in Rwanda was caused by the French abandonment of their colonial policies and leaving these people to their own devices?” Cooper was referring to the genocide in Rwanda where up to 1,000,000 Tutsis were massacred by Hutus. He also wrote, “Let us all gather round to meet the New Woman of The Nineties. Her name is Tonya Rodham Bobbitt.” Cooper was referencing Tonya Harding (who was implicated in a violent attack on a rival figure skater), then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Lorena Bobbitt (who was famous for an incident where she severed her husband’s penis).

In Vol. 2, No. 3 of Jeff Cooper’s Comenntaries published in March 1994, Cooper wrote, “Major Robert Hines, of the DC Park Police, maintains that [Deputy Whitehouse Counsel for President Bill Clinton] Vincent Foster, who was found dead in the park, was in possession of a ‘38−caliber 1911 Colt army revolver.’ Now there is a collector's item for you!” He also added, “The newspaper accounts coming out of the Waco trials are quite unbelievable at this distance. It would appear that the attorneys for the FBI are talking about some other occurrence entirely. They are quoted as telling the jury that ‘These people (the Branch Davidians) wanted to destroy your country!’ Somehow I never got that impression. What I would like to find out, however, is what sort of wounds caused the death of the three BATmen [ATF agents] who entered the upper story first. Those men were buried before anyone got a good answer to that question, and evidently it was not raised at the trial. It matters, however, if the BATmen shot each other, as seems likely. That might well be verified by the nature of their wounds.” Cooper also quoted Howard McCord’s novel “The Coming Civil War in America,” stating, “What Clinton and his kind want to develop is a population which sees itself as a victim of violent crime, economic injustice, racial and sexual prejudice, and helpless to correct these wrongs without government assistance. People who see themselves as victims look to rescuers, look to those who will help, for a victim is one who is demonstrably incapable of doing things for himself. He wouldn't be a victim otherwise. And under no circumstances must a victim take action on his own to remedy the evil he suffers from. Never. He should call the government to help.” Cooper also wrote that “a woman who cannot cook, like a man who cannot shoot, is in important ways incomplete.” Finally, Cooper went on to share a quote: “Under the administration of [white supremacist Cecil] Rhodes there were the fewest laws, the widest freedom, the least crime, and the truest justice I have ever seen in any part of the world.” Rhodes, a British colonialist responsible for the founding of Rhodesia, said of the British people, “I contend that we are the first race in the world, and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race.”

In Vol. 2, No. 2 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in January 1994, Cooper wrote, “Now that the media are doing their best to cover up the Waco atrocity, they have been able to downrate the news with the forensic pornography surrounding the Bobbitt case [where a woman severed her husband’s penis]. In response to this, Dan Dennehy, the renowned knife maker who has long been one of the stalwarts of Orange Gunsite, will now offer a special instrument to be known as the ‘Dan Dennehy Dick Docker,’ featuring a serrated edge and a pink plastic hilt. He will have it on special order for uppity feminists as soon as it is available.” He also stated, “The Republic is in very bad shape−probably the worst since 1776−but it does us all well to remember that the principles of the Founding Fathers stand as sound and irrefutable today as yesterday. We must bear in mind that ‘they’ cannot disarm us. They do not have the legal power, of course, but neither do they have the physical power. An army may be defeated by another army, but the people of a nation cannot be, as long as they are aware of their principles and maintain their determination to observe them. We hope, of course, that ‘they’ never presume to try, because ‘they’ simply cannot do it. What the American people need is the viscera to tell ‘them’ No! God grant that we still have the courage!” Cooper also indicated that one of the awards he gave to his students while a firearm instructor was a Scharfschützenabzeichen, a badge awarded to Nazi soldiers who had great sniper proficiency.

In Vol. 1, No. 9 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in October 1993, Cooper wrote, “This ‘family values’ concept seems to be burgeoning amongst the counterculture. Just recently in Phoenix a professional burglar went about his business accompanied by his wife and children. (Was he perhaps thinking of the statement, ‘The family that preys together, stays together’?) In any case, when he was shot dead by one of his victims in broad daylight, his wife, who was driving the getaway car, and his children, who were interested observers, were much upset. One observer opined in the newspaper that you should not shoot people for stealing stuff. It gives one to wonder. Obviously, the constituted minions of the law are doing little about people who steal stuff. Perhaps it is indeed time for ‘the militia’ to take over. Remember that according to the Founding Fathers the militia is constituted of all the people, except for a few public servants.” He added, “Back in the Dark Ages, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation occupied a place of glory in the eyes of the young. The FBI under John Edgar Hoover was an organization to be held up as a goal for young men of sufficient ‘patriotism, valor, fidelity, and abilities.’ Now then, see what has happened! In addition to its various other transgressions, such as the Randy Weaver disaster in Idaho, the FBI has now come out for the disarmament of the American people, and has issued an official press release totally exonerating the Bureau for any sort of transgression in the Waco atrocity. I do not suppose there is anyone who has not seen the Linda Thompson tape of the action of the Federal ninja at Waco. The attempt to clear the Feds of any sort of misdemeanor in that episode completely destroys the credibility of the Bureau. Lo how the mighty are fallen!” Cooper also shared the following story: “It seems that a felon armed with a 357 revolver robbed a bank. As he left the bank, he was accosted by a policeman whom he murdered with one shot. Great excitement ensued, with the felon taking hostages and racing madly around from one store to another. When the forces of law and order had been mobilized and surrounded the goblin, a policeman volunteered to trade himself to the goblin for two hostages. This offer was accepted, at which time the felon fired at the policeman and seriously wounded him. The forces of law and order opened up with everything they had, which was mostly AUG and Glock fire. Shortly, the goblin killed himself with one round. He had fired three times and achieved three hits. The police, according to their official report, fired 1,261 rounds without drawing blood. At one time, we used to refer to an event of this sort as a ‘Chinese Fire Drill.’ Later we came to call if ‘Father's Day in Harlem.’ After the interment of the Ayatollah Khomeini, we began to call it ‘An Iranian Funeral.’ Now, I guess we can call it ‘A Viennese Bank Robbery.’ As I have often stated, if someone wants to shoot at me, I sure hope he does it on full−auto.”

In Vol. 1, No. 8 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in September 1993, Cooper blamed victims of rape for not successfully fighting off their attackers by writing, “We read in the Washington Times of some character in the vicinity of Washington, DC, who has raped three different women, always wearing black and armed with, of all things, a cross bow. Now how does one go about his sexual jollies when he is armed with a cross bow? Apparently the instinct to fight back has been all but bred out of the American people. Either that or the law of the survival of the fittest has been repealed.” He also wrote, “It would appear that the media are desperately attempting to sweep Waco [standoff] under the rug. Let us hope this takes more sweeping than they can handle. The success or failure of the National Health Plan or of NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] are trivial considerations compared to the menace of the federal ninja making war upon American citizens on no stronger grounds than suspicion of bad behavior. We are thankful for the policies of [fellow NRA board member] Colonel Bob Brown, publisher of Soldier of Fortune, who is determined not to let the matter drop. We simply must do something about these fat men with face masks and MP5s who shoot down unarmed citizens. Personally, I would not think that the American people would stand for this, but then I am a member of an older generation which took the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution with more than a grain of salt … It has been suggested that the reason that our federal ninja wear face covering on raids is that they are not American citizens. The suggestion is that UN troops of other nationalities are being employed on these nefarious affairs so as not to be liable for prosecution in the United States. Now this may be a farfetched idea, but when the feds will not level with us we must be free to draw our own conclusions.”

In Vol. 1, No. 5 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in August 1993, Cooper recommended his readers view the film “Waco: The Big Lie.” The film promotes several conspiracy theories related to the 1993 standoff between the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and a sect of anti-government Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, including a false claim that agents of the United States government, rather than Branch Davidians, were responsible for the shooting deaths of four ATF agents. Cooper wrote, “This is the unexpurgated record of the atrocity at Waco, and while it does not have all the answers, it certainly poses all the questions … But the big one, of course, is why the United States government, in its majesty, saw fit to declare war upon a group of citizens guilty of no offense. The only defense that the feds have suggested up to now is that the whole thing is a hoax. When you look at the tape, see if you think that it is.” The Waco standoff began in February 1993 after ATF agents attempting to serve a valid search warrant on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas were met with gunfire, and ended 50 days later in another violent incident. Commenting on the dismissal of FBI Director William Sessions for financial improprieties, Cooper wrote, “Now we need the [head] of [Attorney General Janet] Reno … Note that [NRA Board Member] Senator Larry Craig of Idaho is hard at work on that one.” Additionally, Cooper related an anecdote from a friend about a police officer shooting a criminal suspect and added, “See how lucky Rodney King was to escape with his life?

In Vol. 1, No. 3 of Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries published in July 1993, Cooper wrote, “Nonetheless, it is the month in which we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, in which it was set forth unmistakably for posterity that human rights are not granted by man but rather by God, and that when any government or institution threatens those rights it is the duty of the people to abolish it. That is an idea especially pungent at this stage of America's political devolution.” He also added, “It was interesting to observe the Attorney General [Janet Reno] coming forth to ‘accept full responsibility’ for the atrocity at Waco. One wonders what that means. When one accepts responsibility, one accepts appropriate punishment for one's transgression. The Japanese have a long tradition of the proper means of accepting responsibility. It is conducted by means of a short, sharp knife. I have such a piece in my armory and I would be glad to part with it in a good cause, such as appropriate use by the Attorney General.” Continuing to discuss standoffs at Ruby Ridge and Waco between anti-government extremists and federal law enforcement, Cooper wrote, “How long are the American people going to put up with this sort of thing? It is popular, at this time, to compare the behavior of our uncontrolled federal agents to that of the Nazis in the Third Reich. It may be that this is a valid comparison, but the Nazis are long ago and far away, whereas the ninja in the US are right now in full−cry and apparently without fear of any sort of control. They move mainly at night. They conceal their faces. They use overwhelming firepower and they make almost no effort to identify their targets. They are scarier than the Nazis − who at least never concealed their faces.”

Chris Cox (Executive Director)

In a March 18, 2023 op-ed for The Hill, Cox wrote, “A mandate for truly ‘universal’ background checks would put the federal government squarely in the middle of every sale, loan or gift of a firearm between private individuals. In other words, it would criminalize all private firearms transfers, even between family members or friends who have known each other all of their lives.” In fact, Senator Chuck Schumer’s Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013, which Cox made reference to, exempts "bona fide gifts between spouses, between parents and their children, between siblings, or between grandparents and their grandchildren" from the background check requirement. The legislation also includes exemption from the background check requirement for temporary transfers for hunting and other sporting purposes.

In a January 25, 2023 press release from the NRA-ILA, Cox wrote about an article in The Hill that reported the NRA was working on a bill with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) to implement universal background checks on all firearms purchases. The release stated, “NRA does NOT support universal background checks and is not working with Manchin to implement this type of legislation. NRA opposes, and will continue to oppose, universal background checks.” Several polls conducted in January 2013 in the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary indicated overwhelming public support for universal background checks. A public opinion poll published by the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health found that 89% of Americans and 74% of NRA members supported requiring a background check for all gun sales. A poll conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 85% of Americans and gun owners favored making private gun sales subject to background checks. A CBS/New York Times poll found that 92% of Americans and 85% of respondents living in a household with an NRA member supported universal background checks. At one time, even the NRA supported expanding background checks. In May 1999, following the mass shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre told Congress that the NRA supported background checks on all firearms purchases at gun shows. A 1999 NRA ad in USA Today read, “We believe it's reasonable to provide for instant background checks at gun shows, just like gun stores and pawn shops.”

In a November 15, 2023 op-ed for the Daily Caller, Cox wrote about the November 6 presidential election, stating, “As long as dedicated patriots continue to band together and fight as though freedom itself is on the line—because it is—we will defend the Second Amendment in [President Barack] Obama’s second term and save it for generations to come. For gun owners, the next four years won’t just be the fight of our lives, it will be a fight for the future of our nation. We’re ready to lead the charge.”

In a September 7, 2023 op-ed for the Daily Caller, Cox wrote, “So far this year, 369 people have been murdered in Chicago … [President Barack] Obama’s 2012 party platform makes it clear that if he wins re-election, he will work to bring the same, dangerous anti-gun policies that are destroying Chicago to cities and towns nationwide. For that reason, November’s election presents a clear choice between our Second Amendment freedoms and fundamental right to self-defense…and the murder and mayhem that Barack Obama helped bring to Chicago, but now wants us all to ignore.” The Democratic National Committee’s party platform states, “We recognize that the individual right to bear arms is an important part of the American tradition, and we will preserve Americans' Second Amendment right to own and use firearms. We believe that the right to own firearms is subject to reasonable regulation. We understand the terrible consequences of gun violence; it serves as a reminder that life is fragile, and our time here is limited and precious. We believe in an honest, open national conversation about firearms. We can focus on effective enforcement of existing laws, especially strengthening our background check system, and we can work together to enact commonsense improvements—like reinstating the assault weapons ban and closing the gun show loophole—so that guns do not fall into the hands of those irresponsible, law-breaking few." Most of the crime guns recovered in Chicago are originally bought in Illinois. According to a 2008 to 2012 study by the University of Chicago Crime Lab, 45% of Illinois’ crime guns come from one county within the state, Cook County. Chuck’s Gun Store, in Cook County, supplies approximately 20% of the crime guns in Illinois. Roseanna Ander, executive director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab, said that the data “suggests a key strategy in keep guns off the street is for law enforcement agencies to target the local gun stores most likely to sell firearms to straw purchasers.”

On July 12, 2012, Cox wrote a letter to U.S. Senators in opposition to the DISCLOSE Act of 2012, a bill that would require disclosure of the corporations and high-dollar individual donors paying for “independent expenditure” political ads. In the letter, Cox stated that the Act’s “provisions require organizations to turn membership and donor lists over to the government” and would violate the right of citizens “to speak and associate privately and anonymously.” Cox threatened, “Due to the importance of the fundamental speech and associational rights of the National Rifle Association’s four million members, and considering the blatant attack on those rights that S. 3369 represents, we strongly oppose the DISCLOSE Act and will consider votes on this legislation in future candidate evaluations.” In fact, groups such as the NRA would not be required to disclose their entire membership or donor list, only the names of those donors whose aggregate donation during the reporting cycle was $10,000 or more. Organizations like the NRA could keep the names of some of their high dollar donors private under the legislation by setting up a separate bank account for independent political spending. Groups would only have to disclose the names of their high dollar donors whose money funded such independent expenditures. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion in the controversial Citizens United decision endorsed this sort of disclosure as “the less-restrictive alternative to more comprehensive speech regulations.”

In a July 2, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Cox wrote, “Today begins the most important 26-day period for our Second Amendment freedoms in recent history. That’s because today, representatives from many of the world’s socialist, tyrannical and dictatorial regimes will gather at United Nations headquarters in New York for a month-long meeting, in which they’ll put the finishing touches on an international Arms Trade Treaty that could seriously restrict your freedom to own, purchase and carry a firearm.” Cox was referring to a U.N. Small Arms Treaty which would set only international standards for the import/export of conventional weapons—leaving it to individual countries to “regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership.” Cox added, “You might think that something so obviously menacing to one of our enumerated fundamental rights would receive a strong rebuke from our top government leaders. But you’d be wrong. This is President Barack Obama’s vision for America, and we’re expected to just go along with it. In fact, a group of anti-gun members of the U.S. House of Representatives, led by U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), went so far as to circulate a letter last week to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, in which they ‘strongly urge the United States to take a leadership role in pushing for a strong, verifiable Arms Trade Treaty’ … Since when did it become fashionable for sitting members of Congress to lobby international thugs, tyrants and dictators against our own U.S. Constitution?”

In a June 28, 2012, interview with NRA News, Cox spoke about a vote in the House of Representatives to hold U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in criminal contempt for refusing to comply with a Congressional subpoena for documents related to the “Fast and Furious” gun trafficking investigation on the southwest border. Cox stated, “The truth is, we’ve talked a lot about our dislike of Eric Holder. There’s no surprise that we think there’s something there … We believe, and have every reason to believe, that this was all part of their agenda to undermine the Second Amendment … I can assure you that Eric Holder’s contempt for the Second Amendment is the only thing that probably is stronger than Congress’ contempt for Eric Holder … We called for Eric Holder’s resignation over a year ago … But the best way to deal with Eric Holder, the best way to deal with these problems, is to defeat this president in November and to get some new people in there that have a little bit of common sense, a little bit of law enforcement background, that is legitimate, and that won’t be used to pursue a political agenda.” A report released by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General on September 19, 2023 found that there is no evidence that “Fast and Furious” was part of a broader conspiracy to advance new gun regulations. The report also found that there is no evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder was aware of the tactics used in the investigation until after it was concluded in 2011.

In the May 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, Cox wrote, “If you’re like me…you’re disgusted by what has come out of the White House in the last three years. It’s not just [President Barack] Obama’s false claim of supporting the Second Amendment, whether to win election in 2008…or to dupe voters in electoral battleground states today. It’s also the repetitive, arrogant disregard for legal and traditional limits on presidential power.” Cox concluded, stating, “Together our ballots will help decide whether…election day 2012 goes down in history as the day we reaffirmed our belief that America is different, and ended the failed Obama experiment once and for all.”

On April 14, 2012, in a speech at the NRA Convention in St. Louis, Cox stated, “Friends, I know why President [Barack] Obama pays so little attention to the law. He thinks he’s above the law … He seems to think he’s the king of all three branches. How’s that for arrogance, folks?” Later, Cox referred to a discussion President Obama had with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, in which he told Medvedev he would have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious foreign policy issues, such as missile defense, following the November 2012 elections. Cox quipped, “In other words, ‘cut me some slack Dmitry. Once I con these annoying voters into reelecting me in November, I can do whatever I want.’” Cox then warned the audience, “The stakes of this year’s election couldn’t be higher … Freedom is what’s at stake and it’s what we’ll lose if we fail. Let us cling to our firearms…with every fiber of our being.”

On April 30, 2011, in a speech at the NRA Convention in Pittsburgh, Cox “revisit[ed] some words from [his] political dictionary.” The first of those words was “jack-ass,” which Cox attributed to HBO talk show host Bill Maher, stating, “We will never stop fighting for the Second Amendment or the Constitution which also protects his First Amendment right to be a complete jack-ass.” The second was “hypocrite,” which Cox attributed to filmmaker Spike Lee, who had criticized the NRA for their violent rhetoric following the attempted assassination of Gabby Giffords in Tuscon, Arizona. Cox noted that in May 1999 Lee stated that [Former NRA President] Charlton Heston should be shot. “It was Charlton Heston who opened up Hollywood so African Americans like you could become millionaires,” Cox said. “Instead of running your mouth, why don’t you just do the right thing and say, ‘Thank you Mr. Heston.'”

Turning to the topic of the United Nations, Cox warned, “At the United Nations, freedom-hating governments are working to eliminate firearms ownership around the world and here at home. You’ve seen it on our southern border. Narco-terrorist violence is being exploited. Corrupt government officials and gun ban groups are using Mexico’s problems as an excuse to ban guns. And if that’s not bad enough, Mexico just announced they want to sue American gun companies. Their drugs and violence are flowing across the border into our country, but they’re suin’ us? If anything, we should be suin’ them.” Cox was referring to a U.N. Small Arms Treaty which would set only international standards for the export of conventional weapons—leaving domestic laws regulating the possession of firearms untouched.

Cox went on: “But it’s not just attacks from abroad. Here at home, they’re worming their way into our children’s classrooms. Teaching that guns are evil, hunting is cruel, and the freedoms and traditions we cherish the most are wrong or outdated or to blame for all the world’s problems. You all know who’s funding it. Billionaire puppeteers like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and globalist banker George Soros. We all know they’re not goin’ away and neither’s their money. Folks, there’s a lot goin’ on, there’s a lot at stake, and we don’t have much time. So, I’ll say it without apology. We need your help. We need more members and we need more resources. Here’s why: President [Barack] Obama’s already launched his reelection effort. He kicked it off to get a lead on raisin’ money. They’re sayin’ he could be the first presidential candidate in history to spend more than a billion dollars … What do you lose if Barack Obama wins? Well, you tell me. What if he appoints just one more anti-gun justice to the U.S. Supreme Court and we go from one-vote victories to one-vote defeats for generations to come? What’s that cost? My friends, praying for the health of five Supreme Court justices is not a strategy you want to stake your freedom on. Because, once it’s lost, freedom can be almost impossible to reclaim.”

In the February 2011 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, Cox accused “anti-gun groups” of a “secretive…assault on the Second Amendment through [administrative agencies],” stating, “anti-gun forces will use any means at their disposal, no matter how undemocratic, to undermine the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.” Cox made reference to Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ “Blueprint for Federal Action,” a document which calls for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to promulgate or clarify certain regulations, including a regulation to require firearm manufacturers, distributors and dealers to report thefts of their products as soon as they are made aware of them; a regulation requiring gun manufacturers to put a second, hidden, serial number on every newly manufactured gun, and; a regulation requiring domestic manufacturers to use a standardized system for numbering firearms. Legislation that creates an administrative agency often authorizes the agency to promulgate rules through notice-and-comment rulemaking. The agency may also interpret the provisions of the legislation that created it, if the legislation is ambiguous and the agency interpretation is reasonable.

On May 15, 2023 in a speech at the NRA Convention in Charlotte, Cox asked the audience, “Ladies and gentlemen, did you ever have the memory of some event in your life sneak up on you out of nowhere, smack you in the face and make you cringe with regret because you wish you had done something different? Now, I’m not talking about college indiscretions. I’m talking about Election Day 2008 [when President Barack Obama was elected president]. I bet a lot of people look back on that day and wish they could turn back the clock.” He continued, stating, “Every pro-gun leader you elect and anti-gun politician you defeat means fewer bad laws and more good laws. Good laws that make us all safer and prove that we're right, the gun-haters are wrong, and they need to keep their hands off our safety and our freedom ... That’s important, because every time we reduce fees, extend the length of your permit, or expand where you can carry can mean the difference between life and death. Self-defense reform is real health care reform.” He warned, “Look at what these politicians are doing. To pay for things we didn't ask for, can't afford, and don't need...they're scrapping things we can't live without ... When all this hits the fan and the politicians want cheap, easy answers, guess whose guns they're gonna come after? Yours and mine.”

On May 16, 2009, in a speech at the NRA Convention in Phoenix, Cox stated, “The sanctity of the Second Amendment, all of our rights, all of our freedom, is in your hands. Freedom calls you to her defense now more than ever before because she's under attack like never before.” This was because of the appointments/confirmations of Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief-of-Staff, Eric Holder as U.S. Attorney General, and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Cox explained. “We all know what to expect from our opponents,” he said, “They exploit tragedies. But to be honest with you, I never thought they’d pick an international tragedy. And as you've seen— that's exactly what they're doing with Mexico ... It’s been estimated that 100,000 Mexican soldiers have deserted the military in recent years to go work for the cartels. This is Mexico's problem. But the media and anti-gun politicians want us to believe that one more American gun control law or some international agreement will turn these ruthless murderers into boy scouts. You have got to be kiddin' me! We need to find 'em, arrest em', and send em' with the rest of the terrorists to Guantanamo Bay. Oh yeah, I forgot, that would be too ‘cruel.’ We should welcome them with open arms into our neighborhoods.” Cox warned, “Friends, these threats are real. Americans are concerned, and they're buyin' guns. So let’s give credit where credit’s due: In these tough times, the Obama administration deserves credit for the only part of the economy that’s goin’ strong—gun sales.” Finally, Cox told a story that “sums up the sorry state of affairs in [Washington,] D.C.”: “It’s 2006. Melroy Cort [an Iraq War veteran who had both legs amputated] and his wife are driving from their home in Ohio to Maryland. They drive through Washington, D.C. to get there. Melroy has a valid Ohio [concealed handgun] permit and he's carrying his 9mm in the car for protection. While driving through D.C., they get a flat tire, and pull over to fix it. Concerned, he takes his gun from the car and puts it in his jacket. Someone sees it happen and dials 911. Within minutes, the police show up and arrest him ... Now let me tell you a little something about D.C. If neighbors call 911 about some crack deal in progress there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll even send someone. But when a Marine Corporal –confined to a wheelchair because of his service to our country—strays into D.C. with his legally owned firearm they can’t put him in jail fast enough. And that’s our nation’s capital for ya. If you’re a gun owner, they put you in jail. But if you’re Mayor, and get caught smoking crack, they put you on the City Council.” The latter reference was to former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, who went on to serve on the D.C. City Council.

David Coy (Board Member)

In 2012, Coy testified in a suit filed against the National Rifle Association, NRA-certified firearms instructor Thomas Simpson, and others by Terry Gonser, a resident of Oakland Township, Michigan. Simpson shot Gonser in the face during a May 5, 2023 handgun training class. The suit alleges that Simpson, then 75 years old, was shaking so badly that he required an assistant to carry his materials to the class. Simpson and his assistant both failed to check a holstered .38 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun owned by Simpson to see if it was loaded. The weapon fired, sending a bullet ricocheting off a table and into the left side of Gonser's face. Nonetheless, the NRA renewed Simpson’s certification in January 2012. Coy testified under oath that the NRA does not certify instructors to teach the Michigan Concealed Pistol License course specifically. He added in a deposition that he did not know what the NRA does to monitor its instructors or if it requires any annual training of them. According to court documents, the NRA does not require testing of instructors for physical/mental soundness or firearms knowledge and safety. The NRA also neglects to run background checks on instructors to determine if they've been convicted of violent crimes or placed in a psychiatric institution.

Larry Craig (Board Member)

On August 3, 2012, the Associated Press reported that Craig, who is being sued by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) for allegedly misusing more than $200,000 in campaign funds for his legal defense following his 2007 arrest in a bathroom sex sting, seeks to fend off the charges by arguing that the incident was part of his official Senate business. Craig asserts that he was travelling between Idaho and the nation's capital for work and cites a Senate rule which include all charges for meals, lodging, hotel fans, cleaning, pressing of clothing—and bathrooms—as reimbursable per diem expenses. "Not only was the trip itself constitutionally required, but Senate rules sanction reimbursement for any cost relating to a senator's use of a bathroom while on official travel," wrote Craig’s lawyer in documents filed on August 2, 2012.

On June 11, 2012, Craig was sued by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) for allegedly misusing more than $200,000 in campaign funds for his legal defense following his 2007 arrest in a bathroom sex sting. Craig had been accused of soliciting sex in a bathroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The FEC claims that Craig for U.S. Senate, the U.S. senator’s campaign account, paid at least $139,952 to the law firm Sutherland, Asbill and Brennan in Washington, D.C., and $77,032 to Kelly & Jacobson in Minnesota for legal services related to his guilty plea. The FEC stated in their complaint that Craig should be required to repay the misused funds and a fine of up to $6,500.

In 2011, Craig lobbied Congress to remove the gray wolf from protection under the Endangered Species Act. The former U.S. Senator’s client, Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, wanted the gray wolf de-listed because of concern that a recovered wolf population would eat big game animals prized by hunters. Once common in throughout North America, the gray wolf is now extinct in all but a few locations in the United States.

In 2009, New West Strategies, a lobbying firm co-founded by Craig, lobbied the federal government on behalf of two Idaho counties who wanted a federal prison to be constructed within their borders. Representatives of the counties cancelled the $5,000-per-month lobbying contract after Craig’s firm failed to secure funding in the federal budget for the project.

In an August 2007 letter to a constituent who asked about the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy concerning homosexuality, Craig wrote, “It is unacceptable to risk the lives of American soldiers and sailors merely to accommodate the sexual lifestyles of certain individuals.”

In June 2007, Craig, a married man, was arrested in a Minneapolis airport bathroom and charged with lewd conduct after an undercover male police officer accused him of making sexual advances. Craig later pled guilty to disorderly conduct. The Idaho Statesman published a comprehensive investigative report alleging that Craig engaged in sex acts with men for decades. A number of men gave accounts of sexual encounters with Craig.

In a video appearance at a 2007 “Friends of the NRA” dinner, Craig suggested that it was plausible that total firearm confiscation could occur in the United States and said, “When the government is the sole owner of firearms, you and I then become the subjects of a government, or the victims of a government, and not the free citizen that this country has been built on.”

Craig supported a 2006 Idaho state constitution amendment that prohibits gay marriages and civil unions.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Craig was hesitant to provide federal funds to aid the recovery. Preferring instead that the damaged areas of New Orleans be abandoned, he said, “Fraud is in the culture of Iraqis. I believe that is true in the state of Louisiana as well.” Craig suggested that the Lower Ninth Ward be turned “back to what it was, a wetland.”

In 2004, the Human Rights Campaign Congressional Scorecard awarded Craig a score of 0 out of a possible 100 for his positions on gay rights. His low score stemmed from his vote for a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution that would have limited marriage to opposite sex partners and a vote against the “Local Law Enforcement Act,” which provides federal assistance in the prosecution of hate crimes.

In a 1999 appearance on Meet the Press, Craig criticized then-President Bill Clinton for having an extramarital affair, calling Clinton “a nasty, bad, naughty boy”.

Craig voted “Yes” to implement the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy in 1993, which allowed for the dismissal of military service members who were discovered to be gay.

Craig urged his sexual partners to keep quiet by using threats, reportedly telling one man in 1986, “I can buy and sell your ass a thousand times over. You were never here.”

In 1982 a former male Congressional page alleged that Members of Congress had encouraged pages to engage in sexual activity and drug and alcohol use. While no Members of Congress were specifically named, then-Representative Craig issued a preemptive statement denying involvement.

Cam Edwards (NRA News Radio Host)

On the October 18, 2023 broadcast of “Cam & Company,” Edwards spoke to George Kollitides, CEO of Remington Arms. Discussing the 2012 presidential election, Kollitides stated, “I think this will be the most important election of our lifetime. The next president is going to be in an incredibly powerful position to appoint [U.S.] Supreme Court justices. It’s one thing to legislate a gun ban. That can always be overturned by a future president, a future Congress, and Congress can fight it, of course, and hope they don’t get vetoed and overruled. We’ve had the benefit of a strict interpretist Supreme Court which has been conservative and really held up the core traditional values of our country. So, I don’t necessarily just worry about the next four years of an [Barack] Obama presidency, I worry about my kids and my grandkids futures, because if we change face of the Supreme Court, we’re looking at a thirty-plus-year uphill battle.” Edwards replied, “Absolutely right … We are likely to see, over the next four years, whoever is president have the opportunity to put one perhaps as many as three or four justices on the Supreme Court and that will impact our lives for decades to come … We really can’t afford a court that is going to be hostile to gun owners.” Kollitides continued, stating, “Not only will the Second Amendment be under attack if we go to a liberal non-strict-interpretative court, but it’ll be the entire American way of life. When we appoint liberal judges, they take it upon themselves not to interpret the laws but to legislate the laws and there’s a lot of liberal courts doing that. So, the appeal needs to be not just to gun owners, although that’s obviously critically important…but I think many of the things we think about, all of our freedoms will be at risk. You know the liberal courts and the liberal politicians believe they know what’s best for Americans. They’re gonna tell us when we have to get health care. They’re gonna tell us what time we have to get out of bed every day. They’re gonna tell us where we have to go to work. They’re gonna take our money and redistribute it. This is an issue that every American needs to be worried about.” After Kollitides finished speaking, Edwards replied, “Absolutely.”

On the October 2, 2023 broadcast of “Cam & Company,” Edwards spoke about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney signing an Assault Weapons Ban into law in 2004, when he was governor of Massachusetts. Edwards stated, “This was actually a bill that the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) in Massachusetts supported. The quote unquote ‘assault weapons bill,’ or excuse me, the quote unquote ‘assault weapons ban,’ was already law in Massachusetts. It was already permanent in Massachusetts. This bill actually provided some relief to gun owners in the state of Massachusetts. It was portrayed and it has been portrayed in the media as Governor Romney signed a bill to ban quote unquote assault weapons in the state of Massachusetts. But that's not the case. This was a bill, as I said, that was supported by the state gun owners' organization in Massachusetts because it actually undid some of the damage of that original legislation.” In fact, as Governor Romney’s press release announcing the signing of "An Act Furthering Regulating Certain Weapons" stated, “Like the federal assault weapons ban, the state ban, put in place in 1998, was scheduled to expire in September [2004]. The new law ensures these deadly weapons, including AK-47s, UZIs and Mac-10 rifles, are permanently prohibited in Massachusetts no matter what happens on the federal level.” While GOAL supported reforms to Massachusett’s gun licensing scheme contained in the legislation, the group stated in a July 2, 2023 press release, “Although the Governor did make mention of being a ‘sportsman’ and the reforms in the bill that would help other sportsmen, he spun the bill as a ban. ‘Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts,’ Romney said. ‘These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.’ When asked by a reporter if he supported the renewal of the federal ‘assault weapons’ ban and if he had spoken to the senators about it, Governor Romney replied that it was not really his job to lobby on federal legislation, but that he shared Senator [John] Kerry's and Senator [Ted] Kennedy's position on the issue!” Senator Kerry and Senator Kennedy supported renewing the federal assault weapons ban, which expired in September 2004.

On the August 17, 2023 broadcast of “Cam & Company,” Edwards spoke with James Manley, an attorney with the Mountain State Legal Foundation who represented a pro-gun group that brought suit against the University of Colorado for their policy prohibiting guns on campus. After the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the university could not prohibit students from carrying guns on campus, the university announced that gun-carrying students who wished to take advantage of on-campus housing would be required to live in a designated dorm. The University of Colorado cited concerns about “potentially dangerous living situation potentially dangerous living situations” as the rationale for its new policy. Edwards commented on the policy by stating, "Segregated dorms. Yes. How progressive. We are back to segregation now."

On the May 22, 2023 broadcast of “Cam & Company,” Edwards spoke with National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) adjunct fellow Horace Cooper. NCPRR was founded one day after the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) disbanded its Public Safety and Elections Task Force, which was responsible for model voter ID and “Stand Your Ground” legislation. NCPPR promotes the implementation of voter ID laws at the state level in order to “enhance integrity in voting.” On the show, Cooper claimed that voter fraud is “a real problem” and that “felons, illegal immigrants, or just people who are paid to show up...go from one voting site to the next and cast votes in the names of other people.” Edwards agreed with Cooper and displayed a graphic which claimed that newly enacted voter ID legislation in Virginia “will ensure that voters presenting themselves at the polls are who they say they are, and greatly reduce voter fraud.” Cooper expressed NCPPR’s preference for voter ID laws similar to those in Texas and South Carolina, stating that these laws contain “grade A voter ID requirements.” Those laws have been challenged in court by the Department of Justice over allegations that they disenfranchise minorities. Furthermore, research has shown that in-person voter fraud of the kind Cooper warns about is extremely rare in the United States. Finally, in 2010, Cooper, a former Department of Labor official, pled guilty to falsifying a document after he failed to report gifts worth thousands of dollars which he received from convicted Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

On the May 15, 2012, broadcast of “Cam & Company,” Edwards hosted conservative commentator and Pajamas Media contributor Bill Whittle to discuss “the demasculinization of men, the feminization of men, and the wimpification of men.” When Edwards asked Whittle whether the idea of a “strong man” owning a gun and hunting is obsolete, Whittle replied, “The great feminist line that just encapsulates this radical feminist philosophy in a nutshell is, they used to say, uh, you know, ‘women need men like a fish needs a bicycle.’ And there’s a lot of unhappy fish out there, if you haven’t been paying attention … I think in the case of the real out-there feminists, there’s something that really scares them about male strength.” Later in the broadcast, Edwards said, “One of the gun control groups, I think it’s the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, always says, you know, violence is never the answer. Well, Bill, I think that’s an absurd statement to make.” Whittle replied, laughing, “It is always the answer. This is the difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals think that you can avoid violence, that violence can be bred out of the human animal. It’s not possible. What you can do is, is you can take a society where people are fundamentally good and convince them that defending themselves is somehow wrong and that does not mean that the rest of the world becomes civilized. It means that the savages kill all the good people. And this has happened all throughout history.” Finally, Whittle told Edwards, “One thing I am really genuinely disturbed about, you see this all over the place, are these kind of women butt-kickers in movies. Scarlett Johansson who is, you know, she's probably five foot four and maybe she weighs 110 pounds soaking wet taking down these 250 pound guys with karate chops and stuff … It's like bad things are going to happen if people think this is going to happen in the real world. Because number one, girls are going to get themselves badly hurt, and number two, when guys see movies about young girls, and young women doing all these physical moves in these wild kind of defense things, it takes away that fundamental inhibition that has been drilled into boys my age, and your age too, and that is you never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever hit a girl. Ever ever ever. When young boys go to movies and see girls doing all this butt-kicking and taking down all these guys, number one, girls think they are going to get away with that, there is not going to be an outcome where a 100 pound girl physically punches a 210 pound guy with a happy outcome for the girl. That's why you have guns.” Edwards replied, “Absolutely. Absolutely right.”

R. Lee Ermey (Board Member)

In the March 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, Ermey was interviewed by NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox. Ermey told him, “Some things I’ve said have ended up on Keith Olbermann’s show and I consider that a badge of honor. When he gets upset about something, it makes me happy. When it comes to politics and religion, you can’t please everyone. The people on the wrong side of the fence need to do a little more research.” When asked about his role in the NRA’s “Trigger the Vote” campaign, Ermey stated, “We need to take this country back and do it right now. I fought for this country, and now I’m watching these protesters and politicians destroy this country, so I have to consider them my enemies–just politically of course.”

Ermey is a spokesman for Glock Firearms.

Ermey discussed plans to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in a March 2010 interview with Marine Corps Times, saying, “Now all of a sudden, this illustrious leader of America decided he wants to put openly gay people in the military. But where are they going to live and take showers, and which bathrooms are they going to use? I liken it to putting me in the woman Marine barracks. I would have a great time, but I don’t think they would like it very much. If I’m taking a shower in an open shower bay, the last thing I want is some guy looking at me having sexual fantasies.” Asked in the same interview if he would ever run for elected office, he responded, “No. This old man has too many skeletons in the closet. I frequented a few too many whorehouses, tattoo parlors and places of ill repute in my time. Boy, could they have a ball with me, digging up bones.”

During a February 2012 appearance on the FOX News show “Hannity,” Ermey claimed, “[The] Second Amendment is the most important amendment in the Constitution. C’mon, I went down to New Orleans after the hurricane a couple of years ago after Katrina. People had food when they left their houses but they didn’t have the a means with which to protect that food and as soon as they got down to the football arena, that stadium down there, the bullies and the gangs took their doggone food and water away from them, and in some cases molested their children. You know every night when I go to bed I go to the safe, I take a 357 magnum out of my safe and put it on my night stand … We must protect our Second Amendment rights. I see it being nibbled away all the time, and one morning were going to wake up and were not gonna have Second Amendment rights. It’s gonna be gone, and it will be too late then.” Ermey’s claims echo a conspiracy theory promoted by the National Rifle Association arguing that there was widespread gun confiscation in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The NRA hired private investigators to search for individuals who had a gun confiscated in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, but only found 75 people (of New Orleans’ pre-storm population of 450,000) willing to make that claim.

Manny Fernandez (Board Member)

Commenting on the gun control debate, Fernandez said, “The only reason [the U.S. Government hasn’t] been able to defeat us, it's not a matter of money, it's a matter of people. Because we have what they don't have. We have the people, and in the end, we have the guns.”

In 1983, Fernandez was convicted of criminal possession of a machine gun.

Sandy Froman (Board Member)

In the March 2007 edition of America’s 1st Freedom, stating, Froman wrote, “The U.N. forces believe that now is the time to advance their agenda to use international law and treaties to outlaw private firearm ownership in the United States.” She was referring to a United Nations treaty dealing with small arms trafficking. The treaty’s actual goal is to reduce the illicit international trade in small arms—it does not address the issue of private firearms ownership. In any case, foreign treaties require approval by two-thirds of the members of the U.S. Senate in order to be ratified.

Prior to the November 2006 Congressional elections, Froman urged NRA members to vote for Republican candidates in a column in America’s 1st Freedom, writing, “Disaster is looming on Nov. 7, and I need your help to save our freedom. I’m not exaggerating. We are at the edge of a dangerous political precipice. If we stumble, we will fall back to a pre-1994 [Democratic] anti-Second Amendment Congress. If we fail to act, out of apathy or because we want someone else to do our job, we betray not only ourselves but our children and grandchildren. We betray our country and Founding Fathers. Every gain we’ve made for the Second Amendment could be reversed unless we win this critical election.” Froman also added, “We are at war. Our freedom is at stake. The Second Amendment is America’s original homeland security and you, my fellow NRA members, are at the heart of our national defense. But Pelosi and her fellow extremists, who are hoping to take control, oppose our national security efforts and oppose your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.” Democrats did gain control of the House during the 2006 elections, and were the majority party until the Republicans retook the House in 2010.

In the August 2006 edition of America’s 1st Freedom, Froman claimed, “The United Nations is engaged in a global gun ban-scheme. It is well-organized and well funded by eccentric anti-gun billionaires. The goal of this movement is to get every nation to sign a treaty banning the private ownership of firearms worldwide and giving U.N. troops authority to enforce the treaty.” She was referring to a United Nations treaty dealing with small arms trafficking. The treaty’s actual goal is to reduce the illicit international trade in small arms—it does not address the issue of private firearms ownership. In any case, foreign treaties require approval by two-thirds of the members of the U.S. Senate in order to be ratified.

In a 2006 interview with her alma mater’s alumni magazine, Stanford Magazine, Froman said, “Everyone is safer when criminals don’t know who is armed. I’m this five-foot-two middle-aged lady, but they don’t know I’ll shoot their guts out.”

In the August 2005 edition of Americas 1st Freedom, Froman commented on NRA programs by stating, “I have never been a ‘women’s’ program person. I was never a women’s ‘libber.’ I don’t believe that women are second class citizens or that they need any special breaks.”

In a column in the August 2005 edition of America’s 1st Freedom, From an wrote, “Activist judges in some courtrooms have been ignoring—or in some cases rewriting—the Constitution as they push a radical agenda on the American people. The political left, unable to pass its extremist agenda at the ballot box and losing elections across the board, has turned to the courtroom to undermine our constitutional order, Bill of Rights and basic American institutions.”

In her “President’s Column” in the July 2005 issue of American Rifleman, Froman wrote, “President Bush may nominate as many as three new justices and, if they are like [Antonin] Scalia and [Clarence] Thomas, they will create a Supreme Court that would be the ultimate guardian of your Second Amendment rights.”

Jim Gilmore (Board Member)

In separate documents filed for his 2008 presidential and Virginia Senate campaigns, Gilmore failed to disclose that he sat on the board of Windmill International. At the time, Windmill International was facing allegations that the company’s president attempted to secure fraudulent government contracts in Iraq. The President of Windmill International, Douglas Combs, made tens of thousands of dollars in political donations to Gilmore during his political career.

The Free Congress Foundation (FCF), a think tank that promotes the far-right’s viewpoint in the “Culture War,” has courted a great deal of controversy. Gilmore effectively succeeded FCF President & CEO Paul Weyrich in 2009. On replacing Weyrich, Gilmore said, “Paul Weyrich blazed the trail for many conservative themes and I want to continue that leadership.” The “themes” advocated by FCF have included the following:

Marion Hammer (Board Member)

In a January 27, 2023 op-ed in the Gainesville Sun, Hammer wrote, “The [President Barack] Obama administration's gun ban agenda and universal background check system are unconstitutional regulatory schemes to gut the Second Amendment. These proposals amount to universal gun registration and gun owner licensing … That's why NRA members and the nation's 100 million firearms owners will stand in solidarity and fight these misguided and diabolical proposals that have nothing whatsoever to do with curbing criminal violence but everything to do with stripping us of our guaranteed civil rights and our freedom.” In fact, President Obama’s universal background check proposal involves no registration of firearms, and merely expands the current system of background checks already required of federally licensed firearms dealers. Furthermore, under existing law, the federal government is required to destroy completed background check records after 24 hours.

In a January 7, 2024 interview with the Florida Current, Hammer was asked, “Do you think that ‘the people’ can remain ‘sovereign’ if a democratically elected government imposes strict regulations on gun ownerships?” Hammer replied, “No. Second Amendment rights are the means with which the people retain sovereignty. Give up your power to remain free and you are no longer free. Just because a government was ‘democratically’ elected does not mean it is a righteous government or that the electorate got the government they thought they were electing.”

In a January 2013 broadcast of NRA News, Hammer spoke about Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) proposal to ban assault weapons, stating, “Well, you know, banning people and things because of the way they look went out a long time ago. But here they are again. The color of a gun. The way it looks. It's just bad politics."

In a December 28, 2023 op-ed for the Tallahassee Democrat, Hammer responded to an op-ed by Martin Dyckman, a retired associate editor of the newspaper formerly known as the St. Petersburg Times, in which he wrote that the NRA must reclaim its moderate voices. Hammer wrote, “The NRA never has been, and never will be, ‘moderate’ in its defense of the Second Amendment and freedom in America … When our constitutional rights came under threat from those like Dyckman who would disarm America, we took up the mission of protecting the Second Amendment, which is at the very heart of freedom and safety for the law-abiding … Instead of blaming poor parenting for producing gang-bangers, they blame guns.”

On October 16, 2012, Hammer spoke at a meeting of a Florida task force investigating the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Hammer told the task force, “We believe the law is doing what the legislature intended. It is protecting the rights of people who defend themselves against attackers and intruders. The NRA supported this law. We are proud to have been a part of the process. We are proud to say we worked with legislators from both sides of the aisle to protect self-defense rights. And although there may be other bodies of law that do not go far enough to protect the innocent and the righteous, we don't see any basic need to change the premise of this law.” Hammer previously acknowledged in an interview with Media Matters that the NRA helped draft the law. “Stand Your Ground” laws began to generate national controversy following the murder of unarmed, African-American teenager Trayvon Martin by concealed handgun permit holder George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida on February 26, 2012.

In July 2012, Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee sent Hammer a three-page letter in response to a survey she had sent to sheriff candidates around the state of Florida on behalf of the NRA and the United Sportsmen of Florida. One question asked, “Would you support legislation to restrict or ban the lawful manufacture, sale, transfer, ownership or possession of firearms?” Gee responded with examples of how courts have restricted the Second Amendment; including a prohibition on felons possessing firearms. Gee stated, “Since I am legally and morally bound to follow the law as defined by the Supreme Court of the United States, I freely accept their decision.” The survey also stated, “Businesses have been using off-duty law enforcement officers—in their official uniforms—as private security and have been SEARCHING private vehicles that are parked in business parking lots." Gee objected to the question, stating that it implies that when an officer asks for permission to search a vehicle, that officer is being "inherently coercive." He wrote, “Courts allow these consent searches.” The Florida Sheriff's Association drafted its own response to Hammer's questionnaire, writing, “The Sheriffs in our state have long defended a citizen's right to keep and bear arms as outlined in the Second Amendment of the Constitution. However, the Sheriffs also have a duty to oppose legislation that would reduce public safety and place citizens and law enforcement officers at greater risk. It is unfortunate that some would view this common sense approach as being anti-Second Amendment, as this is far from our position as our history has shown."

In June 2012, Hammer sent a survey on behalf of the NRA and the United Sportsmen of Florida to sheriffs candidates around the state of Florida. One question about Florida’s first-in-the-nation “Stand Your Ground” law asked, “Do you agree that no victim of crime should be required to surrender his life, health, safety, personal dignity, autonomy, or property to a criminal, nor should a victim be required to retreat in the face of attack from any place he or she has a right to be?” There were two possible answers: “Yes, I believe the ‘Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground’ is appropriate and victims have a right to fight back without a duty to retreat,” or “No, I oppose the ‘Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground’ and believe victims should surrender to criminals or retreat to avoid fighting back.” Another question asked whether candidates support a law that would allow someone with a concealed weapons permit to openly display a gun. Those in favor could answer, “Yes, I support open carry…as a means to stop harassment by those anti-gun law enforcement officers [who question or arrest individuals who openly carry guns in public].”

Several other survey questions addressed the NRA’s goal of prohibiting sheriffs from lobbying for gun safety legislation. One question asked, “Do you believe it is appropriate for a sheriff to lobby or use deputies and/or their deputies to lobby against the Second Amendment rights of the law-abiding citizens they are sworn to serve?” Another question asked, “Do you believe it is appropriate for a sheriff or any of his deputies or employees to lobby on issues against the constitutional rights of law-abiding firearms owners , in the name of the Sheriff, Sheriffs department or any Organization or Association in any official law enforcement capacity?” The two possible answers were: “No, I would not allow it. Our duty is to respect and serve our community and uphold the law and the Constitution,” or “Yes, I would allow it if it makes things more convenient for law enforcement.” Commenting on the issue, Hammer stated, “We don’t believe it’s appropriate for any law enforcement agency to be lobbying against the Second Amendment rights guaranteed by the constitution of the citizens they were elected to protect and represent.”

The cover sheet attached to the four-page survey warned in bold letters, “No endorsement or support will be provided to a candidate who fails to return the questionnaire.” Hammer said about the survey, “Voters have a right and a responsibility to know who they are voting for. I’m not apologetic if that offends the Florida Sheriffs Association and anti-gun sheriffs.” Florida Sheriffs Association Executive Director Steve Casey responded that sheriffs are neither “pro-gun” nor “anti-gun.” “They’re pro public safety,” he said.

In June 2012, Hammer sent a survey on behalf of the NRA and the United Sportsmen of Florida to sheriffs candidates around the state of Florida. One question about Florida’s first-in-the-nation “Stand Your Ground” law asked, “Do you agree that no victim of crime should be required to surrender his life, health, safety, personal dignity, autonomy, or property to a criminal, nor should a victim be required to retreat in the face of attack from any place he or she has a right to be?” There were two possible answers: “Yes, I believe the ‘Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground’ is appropriate and victims have a right to fight back without a duty to retreat,” or “No, I oppose the ‘Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground’ and believe victims should surrender to criminals or retreat to avoid fighting back.” Another question asked whether candidates support a law that would allow someone with a concealed weapons permit to openly display a gun. Those in favor could answer, “Yes, I support open carry…as a means to stop harassment by those anti-gun law enforcement officers [who question or arrest individuals who openly carry guns in public].”

Several other survey questions addressed the NRA’s goal of prohibiting sheriffs from lobbying for gun safety legislation. One question asked, “Do you believe it is appropriate for a sheriff to lobby or use deputies and/or their deputies to lobby against the Second Amendment rights of the law-abiding citizens they are sworn to serve?” Another question asked, “Do you believe it is appropriate for a sheriff or any of his deputies or employees to lobby on issues against the constitutional rights of law-abiding firearms owners , in the name of the Sheriff, Sheriffs department or any Organization or Association in any official law enforcement capacity?” The two possible answers were: “No, I would not allow it. Our duty is to respect and serve our community and uphold the law and the Constitution,” or “Yes, I would allow it if it makes things more convenient for law enforcement.” Commenting on the issue, Hammer stated, “We don’t believe it’s appropriate for any law enforcement agency to be lobbying against the Second Amendment rights guaranteed by the constitution of the citizens they were elected to protect and represent.”

The cover sheet attached to the four-page survey warned in bold letters, “No endorsement or support will be provided to a candidate who fails to return the questionnaire.” Hammer said about the survey, “Voters have a right and a responsibility to know who they are voting for. I’m not apologetic if that offends the Florida Sheriffs Association and anti-gun sheriffs.” Florida Sheriffs Association Executive Director Steve Casey responded that sheriffs are neither “pro-gun” nor “anti-gun.” “They’re pro public safety,” he said. Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson stated that the NRA “doesn't want the sheriffs to be in Tallahassee to work on any kind of legislation, which we have taken for try and work for good laws for the state of Florida such as narcotics laws, pill laws, traffic safety.” Johnson, a longtime NRA member, added that it is “sad to see [the NRA] take such a hard line on it.”

A Bloomberg News article from May 11, 2023 provided several interesting anecdotes about Hammer, including:

On March 20, 2012, Hammer responded to the controversial shooting of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin by concealed handgun permit holder George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida. The shooter, who was not arrested, claimed that he acted in self-defense under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Hammer, the NRA lobbyist who championed the law in the Florida state legislature, stated, “So for law enforcement to rush to judgment just because they are being stampeded by emotionalism would be a violation of law. This law is not about one incident. It's about protecting the right of law-abiding people to protect themselves when they are attacked. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the law. And if the [Republican] governor [Rick Scott] wants to waste time looking at it he can knock himself out.” Since its enactment in 2005, the “Stand Your Ground Law” has been tied to a number of shootings that involved the questionable use of deadly force.

In January 2012, Hammer renewed her opposition to an effort by the South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association to ban the carrying of firearms in hospitals and nursing homes, claiming that it "panders to the anti-gun political agenda of South Florida organizations." According to Hammer, doctors, nurses and other medical staff have a "constitutional right" to carry loaded guns in these places.

During the 2011 legislative session, Hammer lobbied for a bill to force Florida’s cities and counties to repeal local rules regulating firearms that are stricter than state law. The legislation instituted fines for local officials who fail to comply, and gave gun owners a right to sue for damages if they believe their rights have been violated.

Municipal leaders stood in strong opposition to the bill. “This probably passed because of someone from the NRA, someone who doesn’t care about urban conditions,” said Aaron Campbell, vice mayor of Miami Gardens. “It’s sad that a piece of legislation can pass like this.” Elaine H. Black of the Liberty City Trust stated, “I’m concerned about some deranged person who doesn’t like what our government is doing coming in and shooting someone. If I can go now into the Miami Riverside Center, the main operating office of Miami, or any municipal building—and there’s always someone who’s walking into that door who’s not happy with government. Maybe you put a lien on my property, and I think that’s not right—I can walk in with a gun and shoot you.” The Florida League of Cities was concerned that the bill changed a longstanding common law practice of shielding elected and appointed officials from civil lawsuits relating to their job function.

Hammer dismissed these concerns, saying, “You’re not going to have every Tom, Dick and Harry carrying a firearm on their person up and down the streets and into buildings because it’s a felony [unless the person has a license to carry a concealed weapon].” When asked why it why it was OK for municipal leaders to beef up local laws on a host of other issues, such as where sex offenders can live, Hammer replied, “Sex offenders are not protected by the Constitution.” She added, “The right to keep and bear arms has Constitutional protection and ocal governments have been violating the Constitutional rights with no punishment.”

Hammer described elected officials who wish to regulate guns on the local level as “gun hating-Liberals.” “The legislature...made it clear in [1987] legislation that no future ordinances regulating firearms and ammunition could be adopted," she said. "And through that 24 years, there have been a number of counties that have arrogantly done it anyhow because there were no penalties in that bill.”

The legislation was signed into law by Republican Governor Rick Scott and went into effect on October 1, 2011.

During the 2011 legislative session in Florida, Hammer lobbied for a bill to prevent Florida doctors from asking their patients if they own a gun and counseling them about firearms safety. Hammer claimed that such questions violate the privacy of gun owners and “offend common decency.” "They are entering that information into medical records on laptop computers which greatly concerns parents because anything you put in a medical record they fear can be accessed by insurance companies or the government and used against ‘em," she explained. "Doctors should not ask you how much money you have in your checking account, whether or not you own diamond cufflinks or your wife owns a diamond necklace. They should not be asking whether or not you own guns."

Hammer said that gun-owning parents in Florida had complained to her for many years about pediatricians’ inquiries about firearms; but could only produce one specific example of this occurring.

She also drew broader theories about doctors' motives: “This is a campaign that started eight to ten years ago by the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics and they decided to join the gun ban crowd," Hammer said. "They give pediatricians advice to give to parents and that’s not to buy a gun and if they own guns to get rid of ‘em. So when they start giving that advice to pediatricians and your very Liberal, anti-gun pediatricians start taking that advice, then we have problems ... We don’t want to pay to sit there and be lectured by a pediatrician or a GP telling us that guns are bad and giving erroneous statistics like they have on their website that if you have a gun in the home it’s 43 times more likely to be used on you than not. I mean, this is nonsense ... It’s about carrying out a gun ban campaign and it has to stop.” Hammer decried: "It's about politics. Pure, raw, anti-gun politics being imposed on patients when they are most vulnerable, when they are sick or hurt and need help."

The Florida Medical Association strongly opposed the bill, telling their members: “This legislation criminalizes doctors who ask their patients about gun ownership to ascertain accurate and complete patient history as well as advise patients on gun safety ... This is an inappropriate intrusion of government into the bond that exists between doctors and their patients ... Legal measures are already in place to ensure that the information patients share with physicians will be kept confidential.”

The bill, which originally fined doctors $5 million for asking patients about gun ownership, was amended to create a tiered fine system for violators. An offending doctor would be charged $10,000 for the first offense, at least $25,000 for the second offense, and a minimum of $100,000 for the third offense.

After the legislation was passed by the Florida state legislature, the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics and other groups sent Republican Governor Rick Scott a letter asking him to veto it. Hammer accused them of an intimidation campaign, saying, “They sent a letter that was a blatant threat. They attempted to intimidate and coerce the governor by telling him that they would sue him and other state officials if the bill became law. Now, that tells you the type of people you’re dealing with. To threaten a governor in that manner is just uncalled for.” In June 2011, Governor Scott signed the legislation into law.

On September 14, 2011, a federal judge granted a preliminary injunction on the law. U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke reasoned that the law "chilled" free speech and wrote in her decision: "The law curtails practitioners' ability to inquire about whether patients own firearms and burdens their ability to deliver a firearm safety message to patients ... Information regarding firearm ownership is not sacrosanct. Federal and state statues heavily regulate firearm ownership, possession and sale and require firearm owners to provide personal information in certain circumstances."

During the 2011 legislative session in Florida, the Florida Sheriff’s Association opposed a bill that sought to allow people to openly carry firearms in public without storing them in safety holsters. Seminole Sheriff Don Eslinger, speaking on behalf of the association, testified that the legislation was a bad idea in a tourist state, and pointed out that visible weapons are ripe targets for thieves—especially if a gun isn't properly secured. "Many officers are killed with their own guns," Eslinger noted. "And keep in mind, these are skilled practitioners."

Hammer, who was the primary lobbyist for the bill, explained that an Open Carry law was needed because, “Silly as it may sound, if a license holder is carrying a concealed firearm and the wind blows open a jacket or a shirt exposing the firearm, the person can be charged with a crime for violating the Open Carry law ... This is Florida. It gets really hot here in the summer. A lot of times folks might go into a restaurant or into, you know, a meeting and they have on a suit with a coat and it’s hot and they want to take off their jacket, if they’re carrying in a shoulder holster or in a pants holster they can’t take a jacket off and expose the firearm because then they would be violating the Open Carry law." She was unable to provide any specific examples of permit holders being arrested for such violations.

Speaking about opponents of the bill, Hammer said, "Open Carry was one of those things that we lost here in Florida when we passed concealed carry because the gun haters said that carrying openly would scare people so we ended up with Open Carry being banned in Florida 24 years ago ... claim that everybody’s going to strap a holster on and a gun on their hip and walk up and down Main Street. Well, that’s nonsense, that’s nothing more than emotional hysterics designed to try to kill a bill.”

When she was asked about the Florida sheriffs who lobbied against Open Carry, Hammer accused them of "bullying" legislators and said, "a lot of 'em are [anti-gun radicals]." "In my 34 years, I’ve not seen anything this egregious," Hammer added.

Republican Governor Rick Scott eventually signed a watered-down version of the bill into law on June 17, 2011.

In an interview with the South Florida Sun Sentinel on April 24, 2011, Hammer discussed the 1968 Gun Control Act, a federal law which (for the first time) established a class of prohibited gun purchasers (i.e., convicted felons, substance abusers, those under restraining orders, those adjudicated mentally ill, etc.), a licensing system for gun dealers, and safeguards intended to reduce interstate gun trafficking. "In 1968 my way of life changed because the 68 Gun Control Act imposed restrictions on law-abiding people who had done absolutely nothing," Hammer said. "The Congress stampeded into taking that action because of the heinous acts of criminals, assassinations. And so for the acts of a handful of people an entire nation has suffered ever since. I got angry that I was being punished and I hadn’t done anything wrong."

Hammer was the primary lobbyist for a bill introduced in the Florida state legislature in January 2011 that sought to force the state’s colleges and universities to allow guns on campus. Under SB 234, anyone with a concealed handgun permit recognized by Florida would have been able to carry a loaded gun onto a college campus—including into classrooms and dormitories.

The bill was introduced just days after Florida State University sophomore Ashley Cowie, 20, was accidentally shot and killed at a fraternity party by fellow student Ryan Wilhelm, who discharged his semiautomatic AK-74 assault rifle while showing it off. Wilhelm had a blood alcohol level of approximately .10 at the time of the shooting and had also been smoking marijuana.

Commenting about the shooting, Hammer emphasized it happened off-campus in a fraternity house where guns are banned. “With shootings on campus, they are essentially a gun-free zone and in a gun-free zone the good guys don’t have a chance,” she said.

When asked why SB 234 was necessary, Hammer replied, “There’s a lot of safety by allowing guns on campus. That’s how a lot of us protect ourselves because law enforcement can’t be there when we need them. Law enforcement is not stopping rapes on campus, and not stopping a lot of crimes ... "Nothing about a university or college campus should take away an individual's right of self-defense."”

In response to those who questioned the wisdom of arming young people in an academic environment often characterized by stress and heated debate, Hammer made the following argument: “In order to qualify for a license, a person has to be 21 years of age or older. We’re not talking about teenage freshmen or underclassmen, so folks shouldn’t let anybody put that false image in your head However, we need to remember that this country asks 18 year olds to go to war and die for this country but we don’t let ‘em carry firearms until they’re 21 years of age or older and the reality is when we do let ‘em carry, we currently are denying that right if they decide to go to college and get a better education and make a better life for themselves.”

The police chiefs of Florida’s states universities came out in unanimous opposition to SB 234. The Florida Police Chiefs Association also opposed SB 234.

SB 234 was amended to remove the guns on campus provision on March 9, 2023 after Dr. Robert Cowie—the father of slain student Ashley Cowie and a registered Republican—testified against the bill in front of the Senate Florida Criminal Justice Committee. “Allowing guns in an atmosphere of college parties puts everyone involved at increased and undue risk,” he told committee members. "I challenge anyone present today in this room who is a parent—or for that matter any voter in this state that is a parent—to come forward to meet me eye to eye and comfort me with the thought that our campuses will be better and safer places if the possession of firearms is permitted by anyone other than a law enforcement officer ... If you wish to see further evidence of what a weapon on campuses can do, I invite you to attend my daughter's memorial service. " After the bill was amended, Dr. Cowie commented, “If my making a statement would possibly prevent another family from going through what we did, I knew I'd make the effort. I think Ashley would be proud of me."

In a radio interview with NRA News on January 11, 2011, Hammer expressed outrage that Florida residents would be denied the ability to bring guns into cemeteries to mourn their lost loved ones. “The case that outraged legislators and us involved a cemetery that last summer decided to ban guns on cemetery property," Hammer stated. "And there was a father who had already buried his son who had been killed in a car crash in that cemetery. And that father always carries his gun in his truck and frequently he would visit his son’s grave on his way home or going to and from.”

A 2010 IRS Form 990 filed by Hammer’s United Sportsmen of Florida (USF) organization revealed that the organization loaned Hammer over $50,000 to assist her in purchasing a home (to be repaid at 2% interest). This loan is in addition to the $110,000 in compensation Hammer, the only paid employee of USF, received that year.

While lobbying for legislation that sought to ban adoption agencies from asking would-be parents questions about firearms ownership, Hammer claimed that any request about gun ownership from an agency connected with government was tantamount to establishing a private gun registry. “Gun registration is illegal in Florida,” said Hammer. “An adoption agency has no right to subvert the privacy rights of gun owners.'' Hammer never specified exactly how gun owners’ rights would be subverted either by questions about gun ownership or registration.

While lobbying for an NRA-drafted bill that sought to prevent Florida’s private businesses from prohibiting employees from keeping guns locked in their cars in company parking lots, Hammer commented, "The Constitution begins, 'We the people,' not ‘we the Chamber,’ not ‘we the Retail Federation,’ not ‘we the Disney.’ It's 'we the people.'" David Daniel, the chief lobbyist for the Florida Chamber of Commerce—which strongly opposed the legislation—dismissed the bill as a “big government solution looking for a problem.”

The legislation was eventually signed into law by then-Republican Governor Charlie Crist and became effective July 1, 2008.

During the 2007 legislative session, a bill was introduced in the Florida state legislature to prevent private businesses from prohibiting employees from keeping guns locked in their cars in company parking lots. While lobbying for the bill, Hammer commented to the Associated Press: “[Private businesses] ought to be tickled to death for getting immunity from things that are happening in their parking lots. This bill codifies longstanding public policy and constitutional guarantees. It could not be simpler.” She did not provide an explanation, however, of where in the Second Amendment a right to take guns to one’s workplace is granted. Hammer also added, Big corporations want property rights for themselves but not for their customers or employees. “This bill is about people. And people are more important than a chunk of asphalt in a parking lot.”

Mark Wilson, the vice president of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, had a different take on the legislation, saying, “This is the biggest assault on private property rights and the employer-employee relationship that this Legislature has ever heard ... Some of our members are dumbfounded that you can be smart enough to be in the legislature and still consider this bill seriously.”

In April 2007, a survey was released by Tel Opinion Research. The survey indicated that “80% of Floridians [thought] businesses and homeowners should decide what things are brought onto their property” and “56%...said business owners should be able to expressly bar their workers from having guns in the vehicles.”

In response to an independent investigation that revealed Florida had issued concealed handgun permits to more than 1,400 people who plead guilty or no contest to felonies; 216 people with outstanding warrants, including for murder; 28 people with active domestic violence restraining orders against them; and 6 registered sex offenders, Hammer said, “We do not participate in legislation that gratuitously takes away the rights of people, because when you begin taking away the rights of people that you don’t like, that’s the slippery slope." She then explained, “When people plead guilty or no contest in these cases frequently, very frequently, these are people who have not committed any crime, but their lawyer advises them to take a plea bargain.” Hammer lobbied successfully against the efforts of three major police organizations—the Florida Sheriff’s Association, the Florida Fraternal Order of Police, and the Florida Police Chiefs Association—to tighten the eligibility rules for permit holders and prevent dangerous people from legally carrying guns in public.

During the 2006 legislative session in Florida, Hammer lobbied for a bill that sought to create a public records exemption for concealed handgun permits and rejected permit applications—thereby barring Florida residents from knowing which individuals in their communities had obtained permits, and preventing them from independently auditing the permitting process to ensure public safety. When the legislation was signed into law by then-Florida Governor Jeb Bush in June 2006, Barbara Petersen, the president of the Florida First Amendment Foundation, commented, “I think this exemption makes a mockery of the constitutional right of access. The stated purpose of this bill is protect sensitive information. What is sensitive about your name? These are a privileged class of people who are allowed to carry a concealed weapon. They have to jump through some hoops. [But] we have absolutely no opportunity for oversight.” [Source: Palm Beach Post, “Bush Signs Gun-Related Bills into Law,” June 8, 2023]

On May 8, 2006, Hammer accused business leaders of deceiving her and lying to Florida state legislators. She was upset that a bill that she had lobbied for— which sought to prevent companies from prohibiting employees from keeping guns locked in their cars in company parking lots—had died on the last day of the legislative session. "They can interpret this any way they want to,” said Hammer. “I'm interpreting it as another opportunity to work this issue because it's not over until I say it's over. We intend to work until we pass legislation that protects the existing right of law-abiding gun owners in Florida to keep a lawful product in their car whether they go to buy groceries, visit an amusement center, stop at a doctor's office or anywhere else that people commonly go."

Florida Chamber of Commerce spokeswoman Jennifer Krell Davis commented that, “It was clear to most people this was bad policy, and you can’t take a basic property right away from thousands of Floridians without a fight.”

Hammer was the primary lobbyist behind a “Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground” bill that aimed to eliminate Florida’s common law duty to use every reasonable means available to retreat from a conflict prior to using deadly force, which the state's Supreme Court had legitimized by explaining, “Human life is precious, and deadly combat should be avoided if at all possible when imminent danger to oneself can be avoided.” The bill, SB 436, stated that any individual who is in a place where he/she has a legal right to be, and who is “not engaged in an unlawful activity...has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force, if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.” Individuals using lethal force in this manner were to be granted immunity from both criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits. Critics labeled SB 436 “Shoot First” legislation.

Hammer explained her reason for pushing the bill as follows: “Through time, in this country, what I like to call bleeding heart criminal coddlers want you to give a criminal an even break, so that when you're attacked, you're supposed to turn around and run, rather than standing your ground and protecting yourself and your family and your property. [I] started thinking then that the day will come when we will have to do some serious thinking about changing this … Taking away the rights of law-abiding people and putting them in jeopardy of being prosecuted and then sued by criminals who were injured when they were committing crimes against victims is wrong.”

She also claimed that during hurricane seasons in Florida, “In a lot of these devastated areas, law enforcement would tell communities, ‘You're on your own, we can't get to you.’ So, we needed to be sure that when people protected themselves, their families and their property, that they weren't gonna be prosecuted by some criminal coddling prosecutor.” Responding to criticism that the "Stand Your Ground" law could be invoked by the perpetrators of violent crime to avoid criminal prosecution, Hammer stated, "We saw a parade of hypotheticals by those who opposed this... What's important is the message it sends, and that's, 'don't attack me.'"

Furthermore, Hammer was unable to produce even a single example of a law-abiding gun owner being prosecuted for using a firearm for legitimate self-defense in the home prior to 2005.

Among those who opposed the “Stand Your Ground” bill were the National District Attorneys Association, the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, and police chiefs from cities including Miami and St. Petersburg. Palm Beach State Attorney Barry Krischer commented, “I dislike the law because it encourages people to stand their ground…when they could just as easily walk away. To me, that’s not a civilized society.” Paul Logli, president of the National District Attorneys Association, pointed out that the law “give[s] citizens more rights to use deadly force than we give police officers, and with less review.”

Regarding these concerns posed by critics of the legislation, Hammer said, “It’s nothing but emotional hysterics … Those who like to ban guns attempted to say that this law would allow street gangs because they were legally in the street.”

The Castle Doctrine bill was signed into law on April 26, 2023 by Republican Governor Jeb Bush.

Jeannie Suk, a professor at Harvard Law School, published an analysis of Florida’s Castle Doctrine law and has described it in the following terms: “There is an important change in this law. Even the traditional castle doctrine, which was very protective of people in their homes, and allowed them to shoot in their home without retreating, it still meant that you had to be reasonably afraid of death or serious bodily harm. This was a very important requirement. You don't just let people kill in self-defense and say, oh, you were afraid of being attacked. You actually have to show that your fear was reasonable. And now…you don't have to do that because you don't have to prove that in court. But more importantly, even before the trial stage, what happens is that police officers and prosecutors, it affects their decisions about whether to bring cases, whether to make arrests or to bring a prosecution. I think it's a very big deal.” Duval County State Attorney Harry Shorstein has cited “a lesser sensitivity to gun violence and death” after the law was passed.

The New York Times and others have identified numerous cases of questionable (and unnecessary) homicides where shooters invoked the Castle Doctrine defense. A 2011 analysis by the South Florida Sun Sentinel found that “several…accused murderers have successfully used [Florida’s] 2005 ‘Stand Your Ground’ law to prove they were the real victims.” Bradford Cohen, the president of the Broward County chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, has described the law as “one more tool we can use.”

In 1996, Hammer told the New York Times that the solution to ending the gun control debate in the United States was to “get rid of all Liberals.”

In 1988, Hammer distributed a newsletter to members of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida—an NRA affiliate organization—accusing state legislators who favored closing loopholes in a concealed carry law of supporting “a modern-day Gestapo movement.” One of the loopholes the legislation sought to correct allowed violent individuals to possess firearms pending a criminal judgment. Republican State Senator John Grant called for Hammer’s resignation and said, “I think Marion Hammer has lost any effectiveness that she might have or any credibility she might have with legislators on both sides of the issue.” Republican State Senator Malcolm Beard added, “I never have been for gun control. But this letter from a lobbyist is filled with half-truths.” The Republican Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Criminal Committee, Bob Johnson, said Hammer possessed, “the lowest standard of integrity I have ever seen for a lobbyist in Tallahassee.”

Maria Heil (Board Member)

On September 29, 2012, Heil spoke at the 27th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando, Florida on a panel entitled “The Most Dangerous Election of Our Lifetime.” Heil spoke about the November 2012 presidential election, stating, “I contend that this is the most dangerous election of our lifetime … Let’s talk about judges. I’ve got a thing to say about them: they’re getting old. The Supreme Court and the Circuit Court of Appeals … During the next presidential term, three of the Supremes will turn eighty. We’ve had Second Amendment victories on the Supreme Court by one vote. One vote. Can you imagine what [President Barack] Obama will do if he’s unchained, if he gets a second term? Appoint radicals to the Supreme Court. Can you imagine two more of [Justice Sonia] Sotomayor and ]Justice Elena] Kagen? Or possibly three more? What else is he gonna do, do you think? Executive Order the Small Arms Treaty … He’s gonna try to push having guns as a health issue. He’ll ban them through Obamacare. I have no doubt about it … What I would like to happen is, when we all wake up on November 7th, assuming we can actually go to sleep that Tuesday night, I want to hear that Americans have overwhelmingly chosen the pro-Second Amendment candidate, the one that’s always been proud to be an American. And I also want to hear that the American people have spoken loudly and clearly and have said, ‘Mr. Obama, you’re fired.’” Heil was referring to a U.N. Small Arms Treaty which would set only international standards for the import/export of conventional weapons—leaving it to individual countries to “regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership.”

On June 8, 2012, Heil spoke at a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) event in Chicago on a panel entitled “Defending Self-Defense: The Liberal’s Shadow War on the Second Amendment.” According to Heil, there isn’t just a “shadow war” on the Second Amendment. “There’s a shadow war on SUVs, too. ‘The SUV went off the road and killed people,’ not the truck,” she mocked. Heil added, “I’d…like to thank the American Conservative Union for holding CPAC Chicago here in Chicago in Obama’s state of residence. I know a lot of you who are Illinoisans cringe at that, but you know what? That’s OK, because Illinois is the birthplace of Ronald Reagan.” Heil also spoke about her roots in Illinois, stating, “I hope that it really makes some people in Oak Park cringe that one of their home-born people is on the NRA Board of Directors … And also with [Northern Illinois University], they’ve turned anti-gun, of course, because of the tragedy there. But I graduated from NIU. I hope that makes some of those people cringe as well.” The tragedy Heil was referring to was a 2008 mass shooting at the school in which a mentally ill student (who was a legal gun purchaser) shot and killed five students, wounding 21 others, before killing himself. Heil also told the following story: “When I was a kid in Oak Park, that’s actually when they started their anti-gun nonsense because I vividly remember as a kid the Sinclair station on, is it Austin, and the Eisenhower … My dad used to get the gas tank filled up there and I vividly remember one of the workers there, after some of this anti-gun stuff started, having a gun on his hip while he was pumping the gas. That stuck with me. I wasn’t pro- or anti- as a kid, I didn’t know anything, but that’s a vivid memory. That’s one thing that that gentleman did that stuck with me and now I’m a member of the NRA board of directors. You never know what kind of impact just a little bit is going to have.” Referring to the 2000 “so-called” Million Mom March on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., which was attended by approximately 750,000 people, Heil said, “Who would be against a bunch of moms wanting to protect their children? You know, that’s what they portray it. Well, they wanted to take away guns is their ultimate goal. And, you know, to counter that you would think of that young mother…just after New Year’s, she was a new widow and young baby. She had to use a gun to protect herself and she did everything she could to not do that, but in the end she had to use a gun to protect herself. The Million Moms would have disarmed her. They would have disarmed her.” In fact, there is nothing in the reform proposals advocated by the Million Mom March that would prevent law-abiding mothers from owning firearms. Heil also identified the following movies as “anti-gun”: “The Lorax,” “Lethal Weapon 3,” and “Lethal Weapon 4.” Finally, Heil warned, “You know and we know if the Second Amendment goes, the rest of everything else that we hold dear is going to go as well.”

In a July 1, 2001, during a speech at a United Nations protest in New York City, Heil stated, “Waiting periods for guns are killing women … A woman has to depend upon herself for protection. The police cannot be there; her father, her brother, her boyfriend, or husband all cannot always be there to protect her. Are we willing to trade the right every women should have to self-defense in exchange for so-called governmental security? Are you willing to subject your wives, daughters, mothers, and aunts, to the mercy of rapists? Because that's what it boils down to.”

At a seminar held by the NRA’s “Women on Target” program in May 2000, Heil stated “I choose to own a gun because I am a good mother.”

Charlton Heston (Former President)

In the 2002 documentary “Bowling for Columbine,” when Heston was asked by filmmaker Michael Moore why the United States has such a high rate of gun violence compared to other developed nations, Heston responded, “Well, we have probably a more mixed ethnicity than other countries.”

During a 1999 appearance at Harvard Law School, Heston delivered a speech entitled, “Winning The Culture War.” In his remarks, he referenced a controversial speech he delivered at the Free Congress Foundation in 1997, stating, “I’ve to come to understand that a cultural war is raging across our land … I marched for civil rights with Dr. King in 1963, long before Hollywood found it acceptable, I may say. But when I told an audience last year that ‘white pride’ is just as valid as ‘black pride’ or ‘red pride’ or anyone else’s pride they called me a racist. I’ve worked with brilliantly talented homosexuals all my life, throughout my whole career. But when I told an audience that gay rights should extend no further than your rights or my rights, I was called a homophobe. I served in World War II against the Axis powers, but during the speech when I drew an analogy between singling out the innocent Jews and singling out innocent gun owners, I was called an anti-Semite.” Heston also complained, “At Antioch College in Ohio, young men seeking intimacy with a co-ed must get verbal permission that each step of the process, from kissing, to petting, to finally at last copulation—all clearly spelled out in a printed college directive. In New Jersey, despite the death of several patients nationwide who had been infected by dentists who had concealed their own AIDs, the state commissioner announced that health providers, who are HIV positive, need-not tell their patients that they are infected. At William and Mary, students tried to change the name of the school team, ‘The Tribe,’ because it was supposedly insulting to local Indians, only to learn that authentic Virginia chiefs really liked the name ‘The Tribe.’ In San Francisco, city fathers passed an ordinance protecting the rights of transvestites to cross-dress on the job and for transsexuals to have separate toilet facilities while undergoing sex change surgery. In New York City, kids who didn’t speak a word of Spanish have been placed in bilingual classes to learn their three hours in Spanish, solely because their own names sound Hispanic. At the University of Pennsylvania, in a state where thousands died at Gettysburg opposing slavery, the president of that college officially set up segregated dormitory space for black students. Yeah I know that’s out of bounds now. Dr. King said ‘Negros’, Jim Baldwin and most of us on the march said ‘black,’ but it’s a no-no now. For me hyphenated identities are awkward, particularly Native American. I am a Native American for God’s sake.” Heston went on to compare the struggles of white conservative America to those who participated in the Civil Rights Movement, stating, “You must be willing to be humiliated, to endure the modern-day equivalent of the police dogs at Montgomery and the water cannons at Selma. You must be willing to experience discomfort.” He concluded by saying, “If Dr. King were here, I think he would agree.”

During a December 7, 2023 speech before the Free Congress Foundation, a controversial think tank that promotes the far-right’s viewpoint in “The Culture War,” Heston compared the perceived plight of white conservative Americans to “European Jews … The Nazis forced them to wear six-pointed yellow stars sewn on their chests as identity badges. It worked. So what color star will they pin on our coats? How will the self-styled elite tag us? There may not be a Gestapo officer on every street corner yet, but the influence on our culture is just as pervasive.” He went on to say, “Heaven help the God-fearing, law-abiding, Caucasian, middle class, Protestant, or even worse Evangelical Christian, Midwest, or Southern, or even worse rural, apparently straight, or even worse admittedly heterosexual, gun-owning or even worse NRA-card-carrying, average working stiff, or even worse male working stiff, because not only don't you count, you're a downright obstacle to social progress … The Constitution was handed down to guide us by a bunch of those wise old dead white guys who invented this country. Now, some flinch when I say that. Why? It's true...they were white guys. So were most of the guys who died in Lincoln's name opposing slavery in the 1860s. So why should I be ashamed of white guys? Why is ‘Hispanic pride’ or ‘black pride’ a good thing, while ‘white pride’ conjures up shaved heads and white hoods? Why was the Million Man March on Washington celebrated in the media as progress, while the Promise Keepers March on Washington was greeted with suspicion and ridicule? I'll tell you why: cultural warfare.” Heston also declared, “I find my blood pressure rising when Clinton's cultural shock troops participate in homosexual-rights fund-raisers but boycott gun rights fund-raisers...and then claim it's time to place homosexual men in tents with Boy Scouts, and suggest that sperm donor babies born into lesbian relationships are somehow better served and more loved … Mainstream America is depending on you counting on you to draw your sword and fight for them. These people have precious little time or resources to battle misguided Cinderella attitudes, the fringe propaganda of the homosexual coalition, the feminists who preach that it's a divine duty for women to hate men, [and] blacks who raise a militant fist with one hand while they seek preference with the other.” Heston’s speech is still featured on the website of white supremacist David Duke, who lauds the remarks by stating, “A few years ago I was astounded to read these courageous remarks by Charlton Heston. I am thankful to hear a man with such high esteem say essentially the same things for which I have been reviled by the liberal media. His words should be reproduced and put into the hands of every American.” Julian Bond, then-Board Chairman of the NAACP, reacted to the speech by saying, “Charlton Heston's civil rights credentials are seriously sullied by his bigoted and homophobic remarks and his attacks on racial minorities. The endorsement by white supremacist David Duke further threatens to erode the considerable respect many Americans felt toward Heston for his years-ago commitment to human rights.”

Graham Hill (Board Member)

Graham is part of the “revolving door” culture in Washington. Prior to founding Ice Miller Strategies, LLC to lobby on transportation issues, Graham worked for Representative Charles Pickering, Jr. (R - MS) and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. One prominent Ice Miller client is Vulcan Materials, which paid Ice Miller $350,000 between 2007 and 2011 to lobby on transportation issues.

One of Graham’s principal Ice Miller clients is General Atomic, which paid Ice Miller $510,000 in lobbying fees between 2007 and 2011. General Atomics has courted controversy for the large amount of money it spends underwriting trips for members of Congress and their families.

Roy Innis (Board Member)

On October 31, 2011, the Washington Post reported that Prosperity USA, a private charity run by two top aides to 2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, gave $100,000 to Innis’ Congress of Racial Equality Organization (CORE) shortly before Cain spoke at CORE’s annual “Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Celebration” dinner. Speaking about Cain at the event, Innis said, “In this case we are even more pleased to bring the Tea Party people to our dinner as they have exemplified the spirit of Dr. King and are living the legacy that he helped establish in American politics.” Prosperity USA is facing scrutiny for a $37,372 donation to the Cain campaign that may have violated campaign finance laws (under federal law, non-profit charities are not allowed to donate to political campaigns).

On October 25, 2011, Innis described 2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain as “an idea that was trying to be expressed for a long time by black America but was stifled by the left-wing establishment.”

In August 2011, Reverend Eric Rapaglia apologized to the public for hiring white supremacist Frank Borzellieri as the principal at a
Bronx Catholic school. Rapaglia said, "Neither myself, nor any of the members of the search committee knew of Mr. Borzelleri’s political writings at the time of his hiring. In addition, it is my understanding that Mr. Borzelleri had the support of many minorities including Roy Innis, the national chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), a black civil rights organization." Borzellieri—who believes that African Americans and Latinos are genetically inferior to whites—claimed that Innis has said, “I am proud to call Frank Borzellieri my friend.”

On January 25, 2011, Innis rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange “to highlight the 25th anniversary of the observance of the Martin Luther King holiday.” Innis was joined by FOX Business News Anchor Charles Payne.

Then-American Conservative Union Chairman David Keene presented Innis with the John M. Ashbrook Award at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference and said, “There is no living American I admire more than Roy Innis.” The award is named after one of the founders of the ACU who served in the U.S. House of Representatives for 21 years as a Republican from Ohio. In his remarks, Innis warned of “a growing tyranny in our country” and said the candidates for the 2008 presidential election were “some of the most dangerous people to ever run for the presidency of the United States.” Speaking on the influence of CPAC, Innis said, “We have developed some skills. We are able to influence the Republican Party, and nudge it, and push it in certain directions. Let us teach those skills to our young brothers in the Tea Party.”

On March 18, 2008, Innis spoke at a press conference held by the Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity prior to testifying before the Wisconsin state legislature on climate change. Innis said, “The economic crisis we are in now, can be solved with just letting people know the facts. Let them know that the right thing to do is not what they have been doing, which is going along with the environmentalist radicals … Ordinary people are good people, they want to do the right thing. Unfortunately we have sat idly by and have allowed them to think the right thing is to follow the radical environmentalists … It is crazy that we have environmental policies that prevent us from using some of the best resources we have. We have, on a per capita basis, more coal than anyone else in the world. We have a lot of gas. And we have a lot of petroleum too—up in ANWR [Artic National Wildlife Refuge] and the coastal areas. We are a rich country, rich in resources, rich in energy, potential energy, and we have laws that prevent us from maximizing it.” Americans for Prosperity is a corporate-backed “astroturf” organization that promotes Republican and corporate interests. President Obama has criticized the group by saying, “Right now all around this country there are groups with harmless-sounding names like Americans for Prosperity, who are running millions of dollars of ads against Democratic candidates all across the country. And they don't have to say who exactly the Americans for Prosperity are. You don't know if it’s a foreign-controlled corporation. You don't know if it’s a big oil company, or a big bank.”

In 2007, Duane Chapman (aka Dog the Bounty Hunter) courted controversy after a racist voicemail he left on his son’s answering machine became public. Referring to son Tucker’s girlfriend, Dog said, “It's not because she's black, it's because we use the word nigger sometimes here. I'm not gonna take a chance ever in life of losing everything I've worked for for 30 years because some fucking nigger heard us say nigger and turned us in to the Enquirer magazine. Our career is over! I'm not taking that chance at all! Never in life! Never! Never! If Lyssa [Dog's daughter] was dating a nigger, we would all say 'fuck you!' And you know that.” Innis first called for Dog’s show to be taken off the air, but then told the New York Sun, “Like many that heard the comments made by Duane 'the Dog' Chapman without the proper context, I was offended and outraged. After meeting with him and his wife, Beth, and hearing his side of the story, we realized that the controversy had unjustly spiraled out of control without context.” Chapman later attended CORE’s 2008 Martin Luther King Dinner and presented Innis with a portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Chapman has called Innis a “good friend”

In 2006 Innis—whose CORE organization has taken money from original DDT manufacturer Monsanto—said, “We are fighting the same battle, for the liberation of black people. In the past that meant taking on old racists and colonialists—now it means challenging environmentalists too.” Innis also claimed that European Union restrictions on the use of DDT are “killing black babies.” Medical research has linked human exposure to DDT to diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and reproductive problems, including miscarriages, developmental disabilities, and premature births. DDT is also a “probable human carcinogen,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A former CORE fundraiser said that the organization raised money under Innis’ direction in 2002 under the pretense of “welfare reform” and used it to support conservative causes. The fundraiser called this development scheme a “racial hustle.”

A CORE dinner to celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday on January 17, 2024 featured far right wing Austrian politician Jörg Haider as an honored guest. Before his death in 2008, Haider was criticized for frequent remarks in defense of the Nazi party and Wafen SS.

Innis called conservative radio host Bob Grant personally to invite him to attend a 1998 dinner honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Grant is infamous for his racist statements, which include the following remark: “They're not satisfied with every third street being M.L. King Boulevard, you know, named after that scumbag Marty." Grant has said he and Innis “have been good friends for many years.”

In a 1989 appearance with Rev. Al Sharpton on “The Morton Downey, Jr. Show,” Innis became enraged and physically assaulted Sharpton.

1n 1988, Innis defended sports commentator Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder, who was fired from a number of jobs after claiming that African Americans were better athletes because of slave breeding. "Jimmy the Greek spoke the truth," Innis said.

In 1986, Innis was forced to pay $56,000 in back taxes as well as $28,000 in civil fraud penalties after the IRS discovered that he had used unreported income from CORE for personal expenses including travel, rent, jewelry and entertainment.

Innis offered to fund the legal defense of the then-fugitive “Death Wish” gunman, a white man who shot four black teenagers who tried to rob him of $5 on a subway train on December 22, 1984. The gunman was later to be revealed to be Bernard Goetz, who Innis called, “the avenger for all of us.” Innis also called for a "volunteer peace officer" force of armed civilians to roam the streets of New York City. “After enough criminals get blasted, they will conclude that crime does not pay, he said. "Some black man ought to have done what [Goetz] did long before. I wish it had been me.

In 1984 Innis testified as a character witness for political activist Lyndon LaRouche in his slander lawsuit against the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), defending LaRouche against charges of racism and anti-Semitism.

Innis utilized the CORE infrastructure to falsely accuse a man of being responsible for the “Atlanta Child Murders” in April 1981. Innis threatened his supporters would “make the collar” if the police did not detain the man, who was later dismissed as a possible suspect. An editorial published in The Bulletin, an Oregon newspaper, accused Innis of using his claim to have broken the serial killer case as a ploy to “solidify himself as the head of CORE” during a “serious leadership fight and membership fight.”

In 1981, CORE paid $35,000 to settle allegations of illegal fundraising techniques.

In 1976, Innis recruited a 600-man “peace brigade” to support the forces of Jonas Savimbi’s apartheid-backed UNITA rebel organization in Angola. U.S. intelligence sources indicated that Innis’ men—most of whom were combat veterans—were actually mercenaries recruited to fight in the Angolan civil war. The brigade was to work under the mandate of the Organization of African Unity, which was led by Ugandan dictator and UNITA supporter Idi Amin. Human Rights Watch described UNITA as “a rebel group led by Jonas Savimbi, [that] killed, abducted, and terrorized civilians with impunity.” The United States Institute of Peace wrote that “Savimbi is indeed responsible for a litany of crimes against humanity.” UNITA employed child soldiers throughout the Angolan Civil War, which lasted from 1975 to 2002.

Innis was a "supporter" of Idi Amin, the Ugandan dictator accused by human rights groups of being responsible for the deaths of up to 500,000 people. Innis awarded Amin a lifetime CORE membership and claimed, “Ugandans are happy under General Amin’s rule of Africa for black Africans.” “He has the ability to make decisions, unlike other leaders who theorize but do not execute,” Innis said of Amin. He was also supportive of Amin’s decision to expel 50,000 Asians from Uganda. Asked how he could support Amin, a known admirer of Adolf Hitler, Innis said, “We have no records to prove if Hitler was a friend or an enemy of black people.” In return, Amin awarded Innis Ugandan citizenship in 1973.

In 1971, on the topic of integration, Innis said, “In America today, there are two kinds of black people—the field hand blacks and the house niggers. We of CORE, the nationalists—are the field hand blacks. The integrationists are house niggers.”

In 1970, Innis embraced the doctrine of “Separate But Equal,” proposing to divide integrated school districts into pairs of schools districts; one which would be predominantly white, the other predominantly black.

Joaquin Jackson (Board Member)

Jackson once conducted an interview with Texas Monthly where he suggested that civilian assault rifles be limited to a five-round capacity. After receiving angry criticism from gun rights activists, Jackson backpedalled and claimed that he was referring to fully automatic rifles (i.e., machine guns) as opposed to the semiautomatic assault rifles available on the civilian market in the U.S.

david Keene (Board Member)

David Keene (Board Member)

On February 20, 2013, Keene spoke at Harvard University about gun violence prevention legislation which had been proposed in the wake of a mass shooting on December 14, 2023 at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 20 first-graders and six adults were killed. When asked what kinds of weapons he thought should be illegal, Keene responded, “fully automatic weapons.” The NRA has not always supported tough regulations on fully automatic weapons. In 1986, an amendment banning the manufacture of new fully automatic machine guns for civilian sale was added to the NRA-drafted “Firearm Owner’s Protection Act” (more commonly known as “McClure-Volkmer,” for its Senate and House sponsors, Jim McClure and Howard Volkmer). Wayne LaPierre, then the head of the NRA's lobbying arm, the Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), announced, "Repealing the machine gun ban amendment tacked on to the McClure-Volkmer bill will be a high priority." James Jay Baker, then the NRA Governmental Affairs Director, promised that legislation had been drafted to repeal the amendment and was "expected to be introduced this session." Keene also joked that he’s stopped saying the NRA’s approval rating is higher than that of Congress since, “We could be serial rapists and have a higher favorable rating than Congress.”

In a February 2, 2023 interview with the Daily Caller, Keene stated, “You know, when you go back in our history…the initial wave of [gun violence prevention laws] was instituted after the Civil War to deny blacks the ability to defend themselves.” According to a Pew Research Center Poll, conducted in December 2012, an overwhelming majority of African Americans, 68%, said it was more important to control gun ownership than to protect the right to own guns

In a January 14, 2024 interview with Lou Dobbs on Fox News, Keene spoke about President Barack Obama’s upcoming recommendations on gun violence prevention, scheduled to be revealed at a press conference on January 16, 2013. Keene stated, “What Newton gave [the Obama administration] was an excuse to do what they’ve wanted to do for some time, which is to launch a full-breadth attack on the Second Amendment and that’s what they’re doing regardless of what the President claims.” Keene was referring to a mass shooting on December 14, 2023 at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 20 first-graders and six adults were killed.

In a December 23, 2023 interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Keene spoke with host Bob Schieffer about the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut in which 20 first-grade students and six adults were shot and killed. He stated, “The question on everybody's minds that we were trying to address is what do you do to prevent this from happening in the future? You know, it was interesting, Bob, because…that week I was in Israel. And they had a spate of school shootings in the 70s and on, and then they decided that they needed to have security at their schools. They started out with volunteers. They eventually institutionalized it and now they have armed security at the schools, and they've stopped the problem.” In fact, Yigal Palmor, spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, said following the Newtown tragedy that the situation in Israel was “fundamentally different.” He added, “We didn’t have a series of school shootings, and they had nothing to do with the issue at hand in the United States. We had to deal with terrorism. What removed the danger was not the armed guards but an overall anti-terror policy and anti-terror operations which brought street terrorism down to nearly zero over a number of years.” Reuven Berko, a retired Israeli Army colonel and senior police officer explained that, in recent years, restrictions on gun ownership have been tightened, stating, “Israeli citizens are not allowed to carry guns unless they are serving in the army or working in security-related jobs that require them to use a weapon.” Keene also spoke about background checks for firearms purchases, stating, “We have for, since the late 1960s, have been urging that those people who were adjudicated to be mentally ill be included in the national database. When you buy a gun, Bob, you go to the store and there's an instant check. Twenty-three states have not put any of that data in there, in many cases … When you go to buy a gun, you have to fill out a whole form. You're checked with the FBI and others through the instant check system. And then what the law is, that after a period of time, they can't maintain that [in] a federal gun registry. But they check you when you purchase that firearm, and they should.” In fact, current federal law requires criminal background checks only for guns sold through licensed firearm dealers. These sales account for just 60% of all gun sales in the United States. A loophole in the law allows individuals not “engaged in the business” of selling firearms to sell guns without a license—and without conducting background checks.

On October 4, 2012, in a speech at a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) event in Colorado, Keene spoke about the 2012 presidential election, stating, “This is indeed an important election, a crucial election. We’ve said at the NRA that it may well be the most important election of our lifetime … There are…many reasons this President [Barack Obama] needs to be retired. There are many reasons why it’s so important that we elect conservatives to the Congress and the Senate this year … There’s the willingness of this administration, in unprecedented ways, to flout the laws and, indeed, the constitution of this country … If this president is reelected, he will have the opportunity to appoint one, two, maybe three justices of the United States Supreme Court. What will happen to the [District of Columbia v.] Heller decision, which ratifies the constitutional right of Americans as individuals to keep and bear, arms if he does that? It will vanish. What will happen to that decision and other decisions guaranteeing our rights, not just on Second Amendment grounds, but think recently of the attacks on the First Amendment by this administration? … Much of what our forbears fought for, much of what we inherited, many of the values that we share will vanish … Let’s face it, this is not about guns. It’s about freedom. The Second Amendment is crucial to the nature of this society … Americans know that it’s not just about guns, it’s about values. It’s about an America that the elites today wish was passé … It’s up to us to defend those values and defend those rights … We’ve got a strong ticket [in Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romeny and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan] … We’ve got believers in our values.” Keene offered no examples of ways in which President Obama has restricted First Amendment free speech. Keene also referred to the Supreme Court’s 2008 decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, which held for the first time in U.S. history that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to firearm ownership for self defense in the home; striking down D.C.’s handgun ban.

In an October 4, 2023 interview with NRA News, Keene spoke about the administration of President Barack Obama, stating, “This is an administration that on many fronts and over many issues has committed many sins. Perhaps the worst, in a general sense, is their willingness to flaunt the law and the Constitution. You see it in little ways and in big ways. This is an administration where, if you don’t agree with them, if you don’t like President [Obama]’s position, then your rights are suspect anyway. They’re now doing it on the First Amendment, for Lord’s sake. They view the First Amendment and the Second Amendment in [the] very same way. These aren’t rights. These are privileges granted by government that can be restricted or taken away by government. So, now in the area of free speech, maybe you should only be free to say things that the Obama Administration agrees with or that our enemies agree with or that don’t offend anyone … This is perhaps the most institutionally dangerous tenancy that we’ve seen on the part of the administration—its willingness to flaunt the Constitution, ignore the law and then govern unilaterally through executive order and harassment of people they don’t like without any reference to what they should be doing in their proper role within a federal structure … This election is the most important of our lifetime because if this man is given four more years in the White House, he will do frontally what he’s been trying to do behind the scenes. Without the fear of having to face an electorate again, Barack Obama will come after the Second Amendment in many ways. There will be, if he’s reelected, a small arms treaty signed at the United Nations. He will have the opportunity to appoint one, two, three justices of the Supreme Court. Lord knows how many lower court judges. Combined, they can either restrict the [District of Columbia v.]Heller and McDonald [v. Chicago] decisions in such a way that they become meaningless or they can outright reverse them at the Supreme Court level. If that happens … America’s gun rights are at risk … If they have their way, those rights which you think are not only sacrosanct and which are sacrosanct, but which you think you’ll never lose could indeed be lost.” Keene offered no examples of ways in which President Obama is restricting freedom of speech. Keene also referred to a U.N. Small Arms Treaty which would set only international standards for the import/export of conventional weapons—leaving it to individual countries to “regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership.” Furthermore, such a treaty would require approval by two thirds of the U.S. Senate. Finally, Keene referred to the Heller and McDonald decisions. The Supreme Court, in District of Columbia v. Heller, held for the first time in U.S. history that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to firearm ownership for self defense in the home; striking down D.C.’s handgun ban. In McDonald v. Chicago, the Court held that the Second Amendment, as interpreted in Heller, applied to the states through the Due Process Clause.

In an October 4, 2023 interview with Newsmax TV, Keene stated, “The greatest accomplishment of the believers of the Second Amendment today over a decade ago or more is that guns are cool. That wasn’t the case before … We came to a sort of consensus in this country that Americans do have the right to keep and bear arms that good people should not be denied access to firearms, that the shooting sports are important and that bad people, we should try to prevent them from getting guns. ... The problem is you can’t prevent evil and you can’t prevent insanity, and that’s a difficulty that a modern society has to contend with in a whole lot of different areas. But there is a consensus. There is no need to have a debate.”

On October 3, 2012, Keene made a stop in Great Falls, Montana to endorse Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill. Keene also stated, "If [President Barack Obama]’s reelected, the next time the UN considers a Small Arms Treaty, he will sign it.” The President’s goal is clear, he added: “To restrict and contract the number of people who engage in shooting sports that own firearms looking forward to the day when none of us have that right.” Keene was referring to a U.N. Small Arms Treaty which would set only international standards for the import/export of conventional weapons—leaving it to individual countries to “regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership.” Furthermore, such a treaty would require approval by two thirds of the U.S. Senate.

In the September 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, Keene wrote, “Governor Mitt Romney is the Republican Party’s presidential nominee and the one man capable of denying President Barack Obama another four years in the White House … Gun owners in Massachusetts fared well under Romney … During his speech at NRA’s 2012 Annual Meetings, Romney, an NRA Life Member, championed the U.S. Constitution. Romney commended the NRA for calling for the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder, who continued to be defiant before Congress’ demand for answers in the so-called ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal … The choice is clear: if President Obama wins a second term in November, he will go after America’s gun owners, our freedoms and the values we cherish.” Keene was referring to the discontinued “Fast and Furious” gun trafficking investigation on the southwest border and Attorney General Eric Holder’s failure to comply with a congressional subpoena for documents related to the operation. A report released by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General on September 19, 2023 found that there is no evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder was aware of the tactics used in the investigation until after it was concluded in 2011.

In an August 29, 2023 interview with the Washington Examiner, Keene stated, “[The NRA] sees [President Barack Obama] as the most anti-gun president in modern times … We're fearful of a second Obama administration. That's why for the last year we've been saying that the prime political goal of the National Rifle Association, this year, is to replace Barack Obama in the White House.” Keene admitted that “[Obama] has not accomplished very much in terms of his anti-gun agenda,” but chalked that up to Republican opposition in Congress. In the wake of mass shootings in Arizona, Colorado, Wisconsin and New York in 2011-2012, President Obama did not call for new gun violence prevention legislation. White House spokesman Jay Carney stated in an August 7, 2023 press briefing, “The President believes we have a violence challenge in this country, a violence problem that we need to address and come at from a variety of fronts, because it is not a problem that is just related to gun laws.”

In an August 27, 2023 interview with NRA News, Keene stated, “Don’t hesitate for a moment to realize that if [President Barack Obama] gets a second term, if he appoints people to the [U.S.] Supreme Court and to the lower courts, and if he has a chance by regulation and executive order or an opportunity to go back to the U.N. to get the gun treaty…he’ll do all these things and we’ll suffer." When asked what he thought of Vice President Joe Biden’s plan to attend the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, Keene replied, “Maybe nobody else will have him … This guy is a joke … I think [the convention] is very important because of what’s at stake. The fact is, that this is probably the most important election of our lifetime. It’s certainly true for believers in the Second Amendment and that makes this convention incredibly important because of the stakes.” Keene was referring to a U.N. Small Arms Treaty which would set only international standards for the import/export of conventional weapons—leaving it to individual countries to “regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership.”

In the August 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, Keene wrote, “The hostility of most leftists in regard to the very notion that their fellow citizens might have a right to own firearms or to engage in the shooting sports is difficult for many of us to understand, until we realize it’s not just about guns. It’s about freedom and traditional American values … What they really object to goes far beyond firearm our ownership of firearms. They believe the traditional American individualist values that drove the nation’s founders to limit the power of government and protect our right to defend ourselves must give way to a new set of values that cedes governance to the state. In a very real sense, their hostility to firearms and the Second Amendment isn’t about guns or violence or crime; it’s about values. They see those who adhere to the values of the founders as a continuing threat to the new world they dream of creating.”

On June 8, 2012, Keene spoke at a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) event in Chicago on a panel entitled “President Obama’s Fast and Furious Disregard for the Rule of Law.” Keene stated, “The Obama administration has played loose with the rule of law since this president’s first day in office. Sadly, he and his principal advisors seem to me to come from a generation that sincerely believes that the ends in almost all circumstances justify the means. Thus they enforce laws that further their goals, they ignore those that do not. They interpret the laws and the Constitution itself in light of what they want them to say rather than either the intent of Congress or the words of the Founders. And when anyone, including the Supreme Court itself, disagrees, they go on the attack.” He added, “It goes far beyond gun questions. Consider their current assault on the various states’ attempts to protect the integrity of the democratic process itself. I think we’ll have some discussion of what’s going on in Florida right now where the Justice Department, without any basis that most experts can see, are trying to stop the state of Florida from purging non-citizens and the dead and others from their voting rolls prior to the next election on the ground that it’s unfair, I guess, to the dead and the non-eligible voters.” One week prior to Keene’s remarks, 67 Florida election supervisors stated they were going to stop removing names from county rolls because the state's data is flawed—and because the U.S. Department of Justice says the process violates federal voting laws.

Keene also criticized the administration's support for the "DISCLOSE Act," observing, "Consider the president's personal disdain for the democratic process. While spending more than any of his predecessors on fundraising and bragging that he's going to have a billion dollars in the upcoming campaign to bury his opponents, he publicly attacks his opponents because they spend money to get their message out to the public." The DISCLOSE Act would ban U.S. corporations controlled by foreign governments from influencing election outcomes through the use of campaign contributions; prevent Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) recipients from making political contributions; give shareholders, organization members, and the general public access to information regarding corporate and interest group campaign expenditures; and create transparency mechanisms for organizations with more than 500,000 members to publicly identify themselves in their political ads. The NRA has publicly opposed the “DISCLOSE Act.”

At a second panel, entitled “Defending Self-Defense: The Liberal’s Shadow War on the Second Amendment.” Keene stated, “In 1968, the Johnson administration forced through what was known as the ‘Gun Control Act of 1968,’ a bill that Senator Edward Kennedy said was a good first step toward eliminating firearms in the United States. Richard Nixon’s attorney general, two years later, proposed a plan that would have eliminated the private ownership of handguns by 1983.” The Gun Control Act of 1968 was, in fact, the product of a compromise between the bill’s sponsors—including Senator Thomas Dodd—and the NRA, who supported the final version of the legislation. The Gun Control Act created a list of individuals prohibited from purchasing weapons; including, felons, drug abusers, and individuals adjudicated mentally defective. The law did not ban any firearms. In addition, Elliot Richardson, Nixon’s attorney general, never publicly proposed a plan to eliminate private handgun ownership. Keene added, “When it was decided that this new challenge faced us, the old board decided they wanted to move the organization to the Midwest and make it into a conservation group because they thought that politics was tacky… By 2000, the NRA’s influence was such that Bill Clinton would say that gun owners cost Al Gore the electoral vote of five states and the presidency of the United States and in a overt sense, at least, most Liberal politicians decided it was time to take guns off the table and do what Barack Obama is trying to do, which is to say, as he promised Sarah Brady, to proceed to deliver on his anti-gun promises, but to do so under the radar if possible because the electorate is not exactly friendly.”

Keene also spoke about the 2012 Wisconsin recall election of Governor Scott Walker, stating, “The NRA spent a lot of effort in Wisconsin targeting of different groups, but particularly targeting union members who are gun owners and hunters and in the recall election earlier this week I believe that Scott Walker in facing a recall generated by union bosses received more labor votes than he had when he ran for election in the first instance.”

Finally, Keene told the following story, “I was elected to the presidency of the National Rifle Association at our annual meeting in Pittsburgh a couple of years ago, and there was in attendance a member of the Supreme Court in the state of Pennsylvania who asked if I could stop in Harrisburg on my way home because he wanted to show me the Supreme Court chambers… He said the court would be in session, but I should stop and they would take me to the justices’ lounge and then they’d call a recess so they could take me on this tour. And I went there and they did indeed did call a recess and the justices came out and then the justice who’d invited me said, ‘Gentlemen, disrobe.’ And they opened their robes and five of them were carrying firearms, which is different from Illinois. And I said I understand that contempt of this court is a very serious offense.”

In a May 16, 2023 interview with NRA News, Keene discussed his May 15, 2023 editorial in the Washington Times in which he accused the administration of President Barack Obama of “calling out, investigating and doing their level best to demonize major Romney contributors.” Keene told hosts Cameron Gray and John Popp, “The Kennedys realized that, even then, as mean as they could be, that you couldn’t as president, or speaking for the president, pick out individual citizens and attack them because you had more power to demonize and destroy a life than almost anybody in the country. And it’s clear that that’s what the Obama campaign is trying to do.” Keene further accused the Obama Administration of “trying to stifle dissent, trying to shut up those who disagree with it, and then to bully people.” Keene accused the mainstream media of being complicit, stating that it was “unforgivable [for the media to have] taken this case and gone after the contributor [Iowa businessman Frank Vandersloot] … Politico may be able to smear you, and they’ve smeared almost everyone we know at one point or another. They have not a high regard for the truth.”

Keene defended the practice of blocking access to the identity of political donors, saying, “It was decided that in the name of campaign reform that while you couldn’t limit people’s speech by denying them the right to speak, that perhaps disclosure was the lesser of all evils, that everybody should know who was paying for the speech and all of that and that was sort of generally considered the lesser of evils by all parties involved. But what’s happened is that this disclosure has been taken by people as a way of taking the lists and then trying to intimidate the people who get involved by demonizing them and preventing other people from getting involved.” Keene also defended “voter security” legislation, comparing it to President Obama publicizing the names of PAC donors. He observed, “If [voter security] is a violation of anybody’s civil rights, what is the president of the United States and his campaign doing about the civil rights of those people who don’t support him? He would use anything in his power to deprive those folks of their right to have a voice in the most important democratic process that goes on in this country.”

During the course of the interview, Keene also claimed that President Barack Obama “went after the Catholic Church,” a reference to a January 2012 Obama Administration announcement that the health care reform law requires employers to provide health insurance which covers contraception for women free of charge. President Obama subsequently rejected an exemption for religiously affiliated private employers. Keene portrayed the Obama administration as out of touch with average Americans, saying, “He and his buddies, all of whom sort of come from the same place if you will, they don’t hold jobs, they never held jobs in the private sector, they’ve been in colleges or think tanks. They sit around and talk with each other and none of ‘em disagree with anything.”

Finally, Keene spoke fondly of former U.S. Senator Jesse Helms, who opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the creation of the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday. Keene bragged to NRA News, “Jesse had a been a friend of mine since before he was elected to public office.”

In a May 15, 2023 editorial for the Washington Times, Keene accused President Barack Obama of having a plan to “crucify” political opponents. He made specific reference to an Obama campaign blog that sought to foster transparency about donors to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s political action committee (PAC). “By calling out, investigating and doing their level best to demonize major Romney contributors, [President Obama and his “managers”] clearly are hoping to make others pause before opening their checkbooks to the former Massachusetts governor,” Keene wrote. “These threats are aimed… at the hundreds and perhaps thousands of potential Romney contributors who will slink away lest they, too, become targets of the Obama attack machine.” The previous evening, Idaho businessman and Romney finance co-chair Frank Vandersloot, who was listed on the blog, had made an additional donation of $100,000 to Romney’s PAC on the “Bill O’Reilly Show.” “I think the only response is to make another donation,” Vandersloot noted.

In the April 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, Keene wrote about the 2012 presidential election, saying, “Everything we believe in is at risk this year.” He accused “[President Barack Obama] and his minions” of “operating under the radar right now,” warning, “If we don’t make every vote count this year, we are going to find ourselves targets of a government dedicated to stripping us of our rights. The future is in our hands and will be determined by what we do.”

In the March 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, Keene accused New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg of being a “gun-hating politician…willing to ignore the law, the Supreme Court and due process to harass those…who believe in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms or who engage in shooting sports.” Keene also complained that “an anti-gun jurisdiction ruled by someone like New York’s Michael Bloomberg can have a legal firearm owner transiting his fiefdom arrested.”

In the January 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, Keene accused President Barack Obama of “working overtime to gut the Second Amendment,” stating, “This is a president who has signaled to the international anti-gun community that the United Nations should go ahead with its plan to develop a treaty that could severely restrict or eliminate our Second Amendment rights.” He warned, “We are facing the most crucial election of our lifetimes in terms of the Second Amendment … The bottom line is that our rights are truly in danger. We cannot rely exclusively on the courts or even Congress to protect them. We are the final line of defense of the Second Amendment. We all have to be prepared to fight as never before.”

During the February 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Keene awarded Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s Republican Attorney General, the “Defender of Freedom Award” on behalf of the American Conservative Union and the National Rifle Association. In his remarks, Keene described Cuccinelli as “a man who has never turned his back on his values, has never turned his back on his beliefs, and has never refused to stand up when principle demanded that he do so.” Cuccinelli thanked the NRA for the award, and remarked, “James Monroe voted against the U.S. Constitution because he didn’t think it was cautious enough with respect to federal power. Seems like he had a crystal ball, one might think. But that’s the role of states when the federal government oversteps its boundaries. And the worst example of course is the health care bill [The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act]…signed by the president on March 23, 2010. And about 34 minutes later, give or take, we filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia … We filed suit in the Eastern District of Virginia … Seventeen blocks to the east, 235 years to the day…Patrick Henry gave his ‘Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death’ speech … And that seemed very appropriate, given that that legislation represents one of the greatest legislative invasions of liberty in the lifetime of anyone in this room.” Turning to the topic of the environment, Cuccinelli said, “We sued the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency]—which I have taken to calling the Employment Prevention Agency, because they are so good at that—for their greenhouse gas endangerment finding ... And when the EPA said that the CO2 that you are exhaling right now, let’s all annoy [EPA Administrator] Lisa Jackson together [exhales loudly], ‘Hi, Lisa.’ When they passed that regulation in violation of the law they brought on enormous consequences … The only science behind that regulation is political science ... They relied on a U.N. associated scientist; we now know them as the ‘Climate-gate’ scientist.” He also added, “You all are familiar with the National Labor Relations Board’s assault on South Carolina and Boeing. Make no mistake about it, that is an assault on the right to work…the right to hold a job without being coerced into joining a union … We have never seen such an across the board assault on the rule of law by any administration in the lifetime of anyone in this room. It has never happened.”

During the February 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Keene was asked by a female veteran of Afghanistan why the National Rifle Association had lobbied for an amendment to the Department of Defense appropriations bill that prevents commanders from talking to suicidal service members about firearms they have in the home. Keene stated that service members "have to deal with their problems, not with the group of tools that they have ... If you have depression and depression creates a suicidal situation if you don't have a gun, you'll use something else. And there are a million ways to commit suicide." Keene's statement about methods of suicide is erroneous. According to research conducted at the Harvard Injury Control Research Center, "A suicide attempt with a firearm rarely affords a second chance. Attempts involving drugs or cutting, which account for more than 90% of all suicidal acts, prove fatal far less often." In 2010, 175 military service members committed suicide used a firearm, which represented 62% of the total number of suicides.

In the October 2011 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, Keene suggested that Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agents purposefully armed criminals during their botched “Fast and Furious” operation. “What [gun dealers] perhaps didn’t fully appreciate is that the [ATF] agents wanted [guns] in the wrong hands and were hoping they would later show up at crime scenes in Mexico to perhaps prove that many of the firearms used there were coming from this country,” Keene wrote.

In September 2011, Diana Hubbard Carr—David Keene’s ex-wife—was convicted of mail fraud and sentenced to a year in prison for her role in embezzling over $300,000 from the American Conservative Union (ACU). Keene chaired ACU during the period that the embezzlement occurred, before resigning in May 2011.

In a September 2011 column for America’s 1st Freedom, Keene suggested that, “Gun control advocates from this country have joined literally hundreds of like-minded Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOS) to work with international anti-gun delegates to develop a treaty that could destroy private gun ownership in this country.” He also warned that “friends of the Second Amendment must be prepared to defend our rights against international as well as domestic enemies.”

In a February 28, 2023 op-ed for The Hill, Keene compared Wisconsin public school teachers who opposed anti-union legislation to University of Wisconsin-Madison students who spent their “waking hours doing drugs, demonstrating, occupying campus buildings and dreaming of revolution” during the 1960s. Commenting on Wisconsin legislation that would largely eliminate collective bargaining rights for state employees, Keene wrote, “[Republican Governor Scott] Walker is doing exactly what he said during his campaign would have to be done to save the Badger State from bankruptcy … That doesn’t make Walker an extremist, but a governor whose state books won’t balance because those who preceded him ignored those warnings and ultimately governed as if the ’60s would never end.”

Keene presented Roy Innis, the controversial director of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), with the John M. Ashbrook Award at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference and said, “There is no living American I admire more than Roy Innis.” The award is named after one of the founders of the ACU who served in the U.S. House of Representatives for 21 years as a Republican from Ohio. In his remarks, Innis warned of “a growing tyranny in our country” and said the candidates for the 2008 presidential election were “some of the most dangerous people to ever run for the presidency of the United States.” Speaking on the influence of CPAC, Innis said, “We have developed some skills. We are able to influence the Republican Party, and nudge it, and push it in certain directions. Let us teach those skills to our young brothers in the Tea Party.”

In an August 3, 2023 op-ed for The Hill, Keene expressed his opposition to federal legislation to ban fetish videos that depicted women crushing small animals. He wrote, “I suspect that the problem, its solution and the language that eventually became part of the federal criminal code were brought to the congressman’s attention by one of the so-called animal rights organizations with a far grander agenda than saving the mice or spiders or whatever other small animals had been crushed by whoever stars in such bizarre videos.”

In June 2009, when FedEx and rival UPS were embroiled in a legislative dispute, ACU sent a letter to FedEx offering to go to bat for the company at the price of $1.39 per grassroots activist contacted ($2 to $3 million for the entire project). One of the services offered to FedEx was op-ed pieces written by Keene. In the letter to FedEx, ACU expressed support for FedEx’s attempt to kill a piece of legislation that would have allowed nearly 100,000 FedEx workers to unionize. After FedEx declined ACU’s offer, the organization switched sides and supported UPS’s position in the dispute. In a letter in support of UPS signed by Keene, he called FedEx’s allegations against UPS “a disinformation campaign...that should be stopped.” The letter was also signed by fellow NRA Board Member Grover Norquist. The reversal in ACU’s position was widely seen as representative of the “pay- to-play” nature of Washington politics.

In a June 1, 2023 op-ed for The Hill entitled “Injustice Against Whites,” Keene claimed that during the 2008 presidential election “three” New Black Panther Party “thugs, dressed in paramilitary garb, were caught on camera wielding nightsticks to intimidate white voters who they suspected might not be prepared to vote for their candidate.” In fact, the video referenced by Keene showed only two members of the New Black Panther Party, and they were not interacting with any voters. One of the men was holding a nightstick and was later removed by police. Police received no complaints from voters at the site.

In a May 5, 2023 op-ed for The Hill, Keene wrote, “President Obama and his advisers are determined to turn control of Chrysler Corp. over to the United Auto Workers in spite of the fact that concessions to the union are largely responsible for the automaker’s inability to make a profit.”

Keene tried to free up speaking time for Dutch politician Geert Wilders at CPAC in February 2009. Wilders has openly talked about his hatred of Islam, said that a contemporary Muhammad would “be hunted down as a terrorist,” and called the Muslim prophet “the devil.” Wilders also believes that the Koran should be banned in the Netherlands. Contemporaneous with the CPAC controversy, Wilders was barred from entering the United Kingdom because of his inflammatory comments about Islam. Anders Behring Breivik, the perpetrator of a July 2011 terrorist attack in Norway that left 77 dead, cited Wilders as an inspiration in his manifesto.

On February 29, 2008, Keene registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act as a lobbyist for the government of Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Between 2006 and 2007, the Bayelsa government paid Carmen Group—the lobbying firm that employed Keene—over $900,000. The contract stipulated that lobbyists from Carmen were to “gain support for Bayelsa and the Niger Delta from the U.S. government.” The primary focus of Nigeria’s economy is the trade of oil, which account’s for 90% of the country’s exports. A February 2007 report by National Geographic stated, “Oil fouls everything in southern Nigeria [the Niger Delta]. It spills from the pipelines, poisoning soil and water. It stains the hands of politicians and generals, who siphon off its profits … The cruelest twist is that half a century of oil extraction in the delta has failed to make the lives of the people better. Instead, they are poorer still, and hopeless … Where does all the oil money go? That question is asked in every village, town, and city in the Niger Delta. The blame spreads, moving from the oil companies to a bigger, more elusive, target: the Nigerian government … On paper, a mechanism does exist for distributing oil revenues somewhat fairly. The federal government retains roughly half and gives out the rest each month, on a sliding scale, to the 36 state governments. The core oil producers—Rivers, Delta, Bayelsa, and Akwa Ibom—receive the most.” The Nigerian government’s conduct towards oil profits has also been called, “the institutionalized looting of national wealth.” According to the Nigerian government, over 7,000 oil spills occurred in the region between 1970 and 2000 (although some analysts believe the true figure is ten times higher) resulting in an estimated spillage of 1.5 million tons of oil (50 times more than the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster). Williams Mkpa, an Ibeno, Nigeria community leader lamented, “Oil companies do not value our life; they want us to all die. In the past two years, we have experienced 10 oil spills and fishermen can no longer sustain their families. It is not tolerable.” In a high profile incident in the 1990s, the Nigerian government executed a number of anti-oil activists that had protested against Shell’s incursion into their homeland, after convicting the men of murder in a sham trial.

Keene authored a November 20, 2023 op-ed for The Hill entitled “Iraq is Dems Tar-Baby.” The phrase “tar baby” is considered by some to have a negative racial connotation and its use by Mitt Romney in July 2006 received widespread media scrutiny.

In a September 18, 2023 op-ed for The Hill, Keene wrote that in response to controversial statements about Islam made by Pope Benedict, “Islamic spokesmen reacted quickly, asserting that theirs is a religion of peace, condemning the Pope and blaming him as their followers began a new round of torching Christian churches around the world and killing those who attend them.” Keene could not “fathom why a religion’s leaders claim to be peaceful while so often encouraging or at least condoning violence against all who dare to disagree with them. I know there are moderate Muslims out there, but I must say that they are difficult to find when Muslim extremists take to the airwaves or streets.”

Documents filed in compliance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act on January 17, 2024 indicate that Keene managed a lobbying contract between the government of Algeria and the consulting firm, Carmen Group, where he was employed. Keene was tasked with projecting “an up-to-date image of Algeria, her government and her role in regional and world affairs,” while promoting “Congressional, non-governmental organizational, public and media support for Algeria’s legitimate interests and policy goals.” The lobbying contract also required Keene to facilitate “official and unofficial visits to Algeria for elected officials.” The government of Algeria paid Carmen Group $25,000 per month plus additional expenses for each month of lobbying work. In December 2010, Keene wrote a column for The Hill taking the side of the Algerian-based Polisario Front in that group’s conflict with the government of Morocco. In response, a column written by Robert M. Holley, executive director of the Moroccan American Center for Policy, stated, “The Dec. 7 commentary, ‘Our friends in the desert’ by David Keene, distorts the history and current realities of the Western Sahara conflict. It is also important to know that, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, Mr. Keene and his consulting firm received tens of thousands of dollars in lobbying fees from Algeria, the Polisario Front’s ideological and financial supporter—a fact Mr. Keene fails to disclose. Mr. Keene seriously misrepresents the position of the United Nations on the Western Sahara conflict … As well, Mr. Keene egregiously mischaracterizes the position of the U.S. government in the Western Sahara conflict. The Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations, and bipartisan majorities of the U.S. House and Senate, support a resolution of the conflict based on autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty. Furthermore, the author’s description of life in the Polisario-run refugee camps in Algeria is the writer’s fantasy. In the tightly controlled camps—where the refugees are denied the most basic freedoms—there is only one permitted political party, the Polisario Front. Its appointed ‘president’ for more than three decades hails from a dubious class of Cold War leaders including their continuing ally, Fidel Castro. Mr. Keene’s distortions dishonor the lives of the 11 Moroccan police officers savagely killed by violent, pro-Polisario militants who infiltrated what began as a peaceful social protest over economic issues near Laayoune [Algeria].” The Polisario refuge camps are not the only place that human rights violations are alleged against Algeria. According to a 2008 report by the U.S. Department of State, Algeria’s human rights problems include “failure to account for persons who disappeared in detention during the 1990s, reports of abuse and torture, official impunity, abuse of pretrial detention, poor prison conditions, limited judicial independence, and restrictions on freedom of speech, press, and assembly. There were also increased limitations on religious freedom and problems with security-based restrictions on movement, corruption and lack of government transparency, discrimination and violence against women, and restrictions on workers' rights.”

In May 2005, Keene spoke at an ACU dinner celebrating and defending then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who was embroiled in a number of ethics scandals (DeLay has since been convicted of money laundering). NRA Board Member Cleta Mitchell served as M.C. for the event. Attendees at the event included DeLay himself, then-House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R – MO), then-RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, NRA Board Members Grover Norquist and Governor Jim Gilmore (R – VA), and approximately 30 members of Congress. The NRA purchased a table at the dinner for $2,000. In an interview with NPR a day after the event, Keene announced that “conservatives will protect their own” and called ethics investigations against DeLay “an attack on the conservative agenda” and “each and every” one of the 800 attendees of the dinner.

In a March 14, 2023 op-ed for The Hill, Keene claimed that former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan “facilitated a genocidal uprising in Rwanda.” Annan, who was the director of U.N. Peacekeeping Operations during the Rwanda genocide, has said, “I believed at that time that I was doing my best. But I realized after the genocide that there was more that I could and should have done to sound the alarm and rally support.”

Keene’s son, David Michael Keene, was charged with attempted first degree murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison for firing a gun at another vehicle during a 2002 road rage incident. At the time of the incident, Keene was working with his father at ACU as an online communications director. Between the ages of 8 and 13, David Michael Keene was institutionalized seven times for “severe emotional problems,” including “a continuing problem with impulse control.”

Tom King (Board Member)

In a December 25, 2023 interview on the Hofstra University radio station, King spoke about why Americans need firearms. He stated, “Put simply, people are worried about protecting themselves … You know, in [Newtown,] Connecticut, this insane massacre, the police did just a magnificent job of responding to this. The response time was four minutes. But in four minutes, a crazy individual killed 26 people. That in itself is the reason that a lot of people are buying firearms to protect themselves and why the Second Amendment is so important.” When asked if semi-automatic assault weapons should be limited to law enforcement, King said, “No … A semi-automatic weapon is not any more dangerous than any other rifle … The fact is, without anyone in the schools to stop these perpetrators, you could go in there with a single shot firearm and you could kill just as many people. It’s a fact that if somebody has decided they’re going out to do it, they’re going to do it. Just like when somebody decides that they’re going to commit suicide. Ask the psychiatrists, ask the psychologists, you usually cannot stop someone from committing suicide if they really wanna do it. And that is exactly the mind set of these people that are going in and committing these atrocities … Unfortunately, you can’t stop that unless there is a coordination between the medical profession and the [National Instant Criminal Background Check System] people…and the individual states. That’s the only way to stop it.” According to the Harvard Injury Control Research Center, suicidal acts with firearms are fatal in 85% of cases, while those with poison or overdose are fatal in only 2% of cases. Attempts by cutting are fatal in only 1% of cases.

On September 9, 2011, King posted the following status update to his Facebook Wall: “How to find out if yor [sic] spouse or your dog loves more. Lock them both in the car trunk for one hour and, when you open it, see which one is glad to see you.” When asked how that worked for him, King responded, “The dog is still happy to see me.”

King suggested that President Barack Obama should be indicted on murder charges as a result of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ botched “Fast and Furious” operation that allowed guns to “walk” into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. In a July 7, 2023 blog for the Albany Times-Union, King wrote: “Ladies and Gentlemen if you or I were involved in a crime that resulted in the death of a police officer we would be indicted for Murder I; maybe that is the course we should demand be taken for Attorney General Holder and anyone else involved in this illegal conspiracy including President Obama if he had prior knowledge of the operation. There can be no excuses; this was a deliberate lie to the American people to cover up a conspiracy (sic) intended to take away or severely limit our Second Amendment Rights but instead it resulted in the death of a Border Patrol Agent. The criminals must be punished…All of them!” “Fast and Furious” resulted in the resignations of ATF Acting Director Ken Melson and U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke but, to date, no evidence has been produced to indicate that either President Obama or Attorney General Holder knew about the operation before CBS News broke the story in February 2011.

On July 7, 2011, King posted a photo on his Facebook Wall that reads, “Now just why in the HELL do I have to press ‘1’ for English.” King then commented below the photo, “A question that should be asked more often!

King posted an image of a bumper sticker on Facebook on July 7, 2023 that reads, “White Straight Republican Male. How else can I piss you off today?

In an April 19, 2023 editorial for the Albany Times-Union, King expressed fears about “Muslim extremist literature and the occasional lost Koran” that are found on the U.S.-Mexico border—despite a total lack of evidence indicating that such material is actually being recovered. King then complained, “The Obama administration continues to ignore or down play the border threat while continuing his stealth campaign to take our firearms.”

King posted an image of President Barack Obama on Facebook on November 2, 2023 that includes the text, “SUCKA! Drank the kool-aid didn’t ya!” Below the image, King wrote, “No further comment is needed.”

A random but important thought for the day” posted by King on his Facebook Wall on October 29, 2023 was an image that reads, “If You Can’t Read This [Arabic writing] Thank A Soldier.”

A random but important thought for the day” posted by King on his Facebook Wall on October 29, 2023 was an image that reads, “If You Can’t Read This [Arabic writing] Thank A Soldier.”

On October 21, 2010, King posted a photo on his Facebook Wall reminding viewers to “Take out the trash” on Election Day 2010. Below the image he commented, “Just a friendly reminder.”

On September 3, 2023 King posted a photo to his Facebook Wall that depicts President Barack Obama saying, “The term ‘illegal aliens’ will no longer be allowed. Henceforth they will be referred to as ‘Undocumented Democrats’.” Below the photo, King commented, “For my friends in Arizona.” He was likely referring to the Obama administration’s legal challenge to a controversial immigration bill, SB 1070, that was signed into law in Arizona in April 2010.

In February 2010, King wrote an editorial for the Albany Times-Union in which he announced his opposition a bill in the New York State legislature that sought to prohibit the carrying of firearms in public by individuals who are intoxicated. King said the legislation was “about the persecution of the legal and lawful gun owners of New York state and [the New York state government’s] attempts to control [them].”

Speculating about the upcoming November 2010 elections in December of 2009, King wrote, “Much like December 7, 2023 and September 11, 2023 Election Day November 2, 2023 may live in infamy but for very different reasons. Why? Because Election Day 2010 may be the day the United States of America dies. Currently the Country is on life support provided by concerned groups like the NRA, the Heritage Society, the American Conservative Union, Tea Party Groups and statewide Rifle & Pistol Associations like the NYSRPA.” King then explained that, “Our losses on Election Day 2008 were largely the result of George W. Bush being unjustly vilified in the media, his party and the electorate.” Finally, King added, “The holding action is about to come to an end we must put differences aside and unite as the patriots of the revolution did over 200 years ago. We must fight with the same conviction and energy to insure victory … Election Day 2010 is our bridge at Concord and it must be the vote that is heard around the world ... If we fail the end is near.”

King criticized the lifestyle and ancestry of “downstate” New Yorkers (people from New York City) in a February 7, 2023 blog for the Albany Times-Union, writing, “We are not Downstate sheeple that need to be protected from violence, the weather or ourselves. We are descended from strong stock that came to this country to escape oppression. We choose to live here because of the weather rather than in spite of it. The cold, the mountains, the lakes and the ocean provide opportunities to hunt, fish, shoot and enjoy the activities that have become part of our culture maybe even a part of our DNA. This proclivity for the blood sports is a part of our nature that the downstate sheeple are unable and unwilling to understand.”

In a July 25, 2023 blog for the Albany Times-Union, King defended the actions of Gabriel Razzanno, who lost his pistol permit after a confrontation with U.S. Representative Caroyln McCarthy (D-NY). According to the Congresswoman’s staff, Razzanno—a member of the hardline anti-immigrant Minuteman organization—called McCarthy’s New York office over 100 times and made six visits culminating in an incident at the office where he was “rude, frightening, and threatening to the staff members.” Police confiscated 15 handguns and nine long guns from the home of Razzanno (who police described as “mentally unstable”). While at Razzanno’s home, police were troubled by a rope tied into a noose hanging in the back window of his minivan, accompanied by a bumper sticker stating, “Vote for Rope.” Police also took note of a David Duke book in the home entitled “Jewish Supremicism.” Commenting on the revocation of Razzanno’s pistol license, King wrote, “Congresswomen McCarthy should resign, the police chief should be prosecuted for a civil rights or RiCo [the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] violation, the entire Nassau County Board should apologize and the residents of Nassau County should hang their heads in shame for not immediately coming to the aid of Mr. Razzano.”

In a September 24, 2023 blog for the Albany Times-Union entitled "Loosely Organized Young Men and Women," King wrote, "Have you noticed the increase in this activity lately. Must be a lot of competitive neighborhood groups competing for the lucrative corners to sell Kool Aid. Ask the kids better yet ask the residents of those neighborhoods; they will tell you what is really happening. That will not happen it is easier to blame the gun rather than the real cause of violence in Albany. Any news on the Common Council’s picks for the Gang oops… I meant Gun Violence Task Force?"

In a September 20, 2023 blog for the Albany Times-Union, King wrote, “Much to my surprise I found out that our own New York City is a sanctuary city. That’s right, the same city that will not let you or I carry our legally licensed firearms is ignoring federal law and refusing to disclose or ask immigration status on those arrested. What is wrong with the leaders of New York City? [New York City] Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly should be arrested, tried, found guilty and sent to jail.”

George Kollitides (Nominating Committee Member)

On the October 18, 2023 broadcast of “Cam & Company,” Cam Edwards spoke to George Kollitides, CEO of Remington Arms. Discussing the upcoming 2012 presidential election, Kollitides stated, “I think this will be the most important election of our lifetime. The next president is going to be in an incredibly powerful position to appoint {U.S.] Supreme Court justices. It’s one thing to legislate a gun ban. That can always be overturned by a future president, a future Congress, and Congress can fight it, of course, and hope they don’t get vetoed and overruled. We’ve had the benefit of a strict interpretist Supreme Court which has been conservative and really held up the core traditional values of our country. So, I don’t necessarily just worry about the next four years of an Obama presidency, I worry about my kids’ and my grandkids’ futures, because if we change face of the Supreme Court, we’re looking at a 30-plus-year uphill battle … Not only will the Second Amendment be under attack if we go to a liberal non-strict-interpretative court, but it’ll be the entire American way of life. When we appoint liberal judges, they take it upon themselves not to interpret the laws but to legislate the laws and there’s a lot of liberal courts doing that. So, the appeal needs to be not just to gun owners, although that’s obviously critically important…but I think many of the things we think about, all of our freedoms will be at risk. You know the liberal courts and the liberal politicians believe they know what’s best for Americans. They’re gonna tell us when we have to get health care. They’re gonna tell us what time we have to get out of bed every day. They’re gonna tell us where we have to go to work. They’re gonna take our money and redistribute it. This is an issue that every American needs to be worried about.”

Herbert Lanford (Board Member)

Lanford once falsely claimed that, “domestic murders out of passion…are often committed with household items such as axes” while opposing a South Carolina bill that would have placed a waiting period on handgun purchases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 69% of all murders in the United States in 2007 were committed with firearms. Only 11% were committed with cutting or piercing weapons.

Wayne LaPierre (Executive Vice President and CEO)

In a February 23, 2023 speech at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City, LaPierre spoke about universal background checks, stating, “It’s aimed at registering your guns. And when another tragic opportunity presents itself, that registry will be used to confiscate your guns … Picture this: your name, your address on a map giving directions to your home that could include a list of all the specific firearms you own. That’s a pretty handy list if you’re a seasoned criminal or a drug dealer or a gang member, isn’t it? How safe do you think that government list would be?" In fact, throughout U.S. history, federal and state laws have required registration of certain firearms, and such measures have never led to any confiscation of firearms from those in compliance with the law. Additionally, existing federal law prohibits the creation of a national gun registry and none of the proposed gun violence prevention legislation referred to by LaPierre sought to change that.

On January 22, 2013, in a speech at the Weatherby Foundation International Hunting and Conservation Awards in Reno, Nevada, LaPierre stated, “[President Barack] Obama wants to turn the idea of absolutism into a dirty word. Just another word for extremism. He wants you, all of you, and Americans throughout all of this country, to accept the idea of principles as he sees fit. It’s a way of redefining words so that common sense is turned upside down and that nobody knows the difference.” LaPierre was referring to President Obama’s second inaugural address, in which he stated, “We cannot mistake absolutism for principle, or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name-calling as reasoned debate.” LaPierre also addressed President Obama’s January 2013 proposals to reduce gun violence, stating, “He wants to put every private, personal firearms transaction right under the thumb of the federal government. He wants to keep all of those names in a massive federal registry. There’s only two reasons for a federal list on gun owners: to either tax ‘em or take ‘em. That’s the only reasons. And anyone who says that’s excessive, President Obama says that’s an absolutist.” In fact, the Obama administration had never proposed the creation of a universal list of gun owners.

In an October 17, 2023 interview with NRA News, LaPierre stated, "We’ll go to our graves mourning the freedoms we’ve lost in this country if we don’t step up between now and election time and make the difference in this election and make sure President [Barack] Obama’s defeated on election day."

On October 5, 2012, LaPierre announced the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund’s endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Fishersville, Virginia. LaPierre stated, “The dream is to save America and our freedom … You’re sure not free if you can’t defend yourself and everyone knows that. And I also know something else about ya. You’re not gonna surrender submit, succumb, or be marginalized. You’re ready to make a difference for freedom in this country. And we have to do that, because we’re standin’ on the edge of a [President Barack] Obama cliff with our freedom. If President Obama gets reelected, he’s gonna have one to three Supreme Court appointments and I guarantee you this, if that happens, one to three more [Justice Sonia] Sotomayors and [Justice Elena] Kagans and we can kiss our constitutional right to own a firearm in the United States goodbye, along with a lot of the rest of our freedoms. And we can’t let that happen … Does anybody trust an Obama Administration in the second term to be anywhere near negotiating with a club of governments called the United Nations on our freedom? Their gun plan is: Turn over your firearms and your protection to the government. The government will protect ya… That U.N. plan is about global agencies monitoring, surveillance, supervision, lists, all institutionalized within the bureaucracy of the United Nations … I guarantee this, if your glass breaks at 2:00 a.m. at night somewhere from some criminal, you all know that those baby blue helmets of the U.N. aren’t gonna be there to protect ya and neither is President Obama or [U.S. Attorney General] Eric Holder. What will protect ya is our freedom that we have here in the United States under the Second Amendment to the Constitution. And there’s not a government or authority on the planet that can match that if you’re ever in that situation.” LaPierre was referring to a U.N. Small Arms Treaty that would set only international standards for the import/export of conventional weapons—leaving it to individual countries to “regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership.” Finally, LaPierre added, “We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg on what’s in store if President Obama is reelected … It’s the most dangerous election of our lifetime … All of our freedoms, all of our rights, all of our way of life, all of the Second Amendment is on the line.”

In the October 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, LaPierre wrote, “Of all the threats to American liberty posed by the [President Barack] Obama administration, the most dangerous is the corruption of the U.S. Department of Justice where high-level misfeasance, malfeasance, and nonfeasance have become the norm. The U.S. Department of Justice is supposed to be a neutral guardian of the rule of law and protector of our national order. It is supposed to uphold the United States Constitution. Instead, under President Barack Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, it has become the national enforcer of Chicago-style thuggery on the national scene … Under operation ‘Fast and Furious,’ Holder’s Justice Department has abetted federal felony gun-law violations and international gun running—resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican nationals and the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in Arizona.” LaPierre was referring to the discontinued “Fast and Furious” gun trafficking investigation on the southwest border. A report released by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General on September 19, 2023 found that there is no evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder was aware of the tactics used in “Fast and Furious” until after it was concluded in 2011. LaPierre then turned to the topic of Voter ID legislation, stating, “But no clearer example exists of the deep corruption at Justice than its efforts to vacate state laws preventing election fraud … The Obama/Holder Justice Department is running a vote fraud protection racket by jamming the courts with lawsuits opposing state mandates that provide a simple solution to election cheating–Voter ID … Now connect the dots to another key assault on our freedom. Aligned with the Department of Homeland Security, Obama’s top federal law enforcement leaders are refusing to enforce immigration laws to stem the tide of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, potential illegal voters.” Voter ID laws in Texas, North Carolina, and Florida have been challenged in court by the Department of Justice over allegations that they disenfranchise minorities. In July of 2012, the DOJ began investigating Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law to determine whether it discriminates against minorities. Furthermore, research has shown that in-person voter fraud of the kind LaPierre warns about is extremely rare in the United States.

In the August 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, LaPierre wrote, “For months I’ve warned you of the grave consequences our freedoms will face if [President Barack] Obama, his administration and its Capitol Hill enablers are reelected on Nov. 6 [2012] … Now Obama’s allies on Capitol Hill want to deny the right to political free speech to you, me and groups like the NRA completely and forever–even if they have to amend the U.S. Constitution.” LaPierre was referring to the “People’s Rights Amendment” introduced by Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) in response to the controversial Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. In Citizens United, the Court ruled that the First Amendment prohibits the government from restricting independent political expenditures by corporations and unions. Rep. McGovern’s amendment to the U.S. Constitution would clarify the meaning of ‘people,’ ‘person’ or ‘citizen,’ defining them not as “corporations, limited liability companies, or other corporate entities established by the laws of any State, the United States, or any foreign state,” but as individual human beings. The amendment would also subject corporate entities to “such regulation as the people, through their elected State and Federal representatives, deem reasonable and are otherwise consistent with the powers of Congress and the States under this Constitution.”

In an NRA fundraising letter dated July 23, 2012, LaPierre wrote the following about the 2012 presidential election: “The night of November 6, 2012, you and I will lose more on the election battlefield than our nation has lost in any battle, anytime, anywhere. Or, we will win our greatest victory as NRA members and freedom-loving Americans … The future of your Second Amendment rights will be at stake. And nothing less than the future of our country and our freedom will be at stake.” Lapierre stated that Obama’s re-election would result in the “confiscation of our firearms” and potentially a “ban on semi-automatic weapons.” The letter was sent to NRA supporters just three days after a mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado. In that shooting, severely mentally ill gunman James Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58 others in a span of two minutes. Holmes wore full body armor during the attack and was armed with three semiautomatic firearms. LaPierre made no mention whatsoever of the shooting in his letter.

In a July 5, 2023 interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News, LaPierre spoke about a proposed U.N. Small Arms Treaty, stating, “The fact is the U.N. doesn’t protect people. It doesn’t save the innocent. You could stack to the ceiling the bodies of the innocent a thousand times over that the U.N has failed to protect. The dead people don’t get to vote on this U.N treaty. And Americans don’t want to be added to that pile of dead people that have been left defenseless by the U.N. policies … The U.N. gun control plan is the most extreme imaginable. It says people in the United States turn over your personal protection and your firearms to the government and the government will protect you.” In fact, the U.N. Small Arms Treaty would set only international standards for the import/export of conventional weapons—leaving it to individual countries to “regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership.” When pressed on this by Kelly, LaPierre responded by saying, “Right now it would affect every handgun, rifle, and shotgun American citizens own … It sets up global agencies, data centers, tracking, monitoring, surveillance, supervision, it institutionalizes the whole U.N. gun plan within the bureaucracy of the United Nations with a permanent funding mechanism. And included in this gun plan is implementation legislation that they are going to press for the United States to adopt.” Treaties must be ratified by a two-thirds vote of the U.S. Senate.

In the July 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, LaPierre wrote, “We have been enormously successful in restoring Second Amendment freedom to honest Americans. But those hard-earned victories are vulnerable so long as Barack Obama is president. Despite his claims to the contrary, the threats we face today are as real and dangerous as any we’ve face before … Americans have had enough of this administration’s elitist contempt for our freedoms and our way of life … We can’t wait. If we sit back and count on a victory in 2016, we will face four long years under an emboldened anti-gun president. With no more elections to worry about, Obama will finally be free to launch an open assault on the Second Amendment. Now is the time to stop that from happening. It’s up to each of us to ask ourselves one simple question every day from now until November: am I doing everything I can to win this election?”

On June 29, 2012, in a speech at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado, LaPierre stated, “If you don’t remember anything else I say tonight, mark this down: this is the most dangerous election in our lifetimes ... It’s a fight for our country, it's a fight for our values, it's a fight for the freedoms we believe in, all of our Second Amendment liberty, all of the rights we’ve worked so hard to defend, all of what we know is good, and what we know is right about America. All of it could be lost if [President] Barack Obama is reelected ... The fight is on. Everything we believe in’s at stake and at risk ... Never has American freedom been more disregarded, denigrated, diminished, and often destroyed ... Almost every way you look at it, almost every aspect of American freedom is in some state of decline. Just think about it. Our right to speak out, our right to assemble, our right to practice our religion, our right to seek the kind of health care we want for our families, the economic freedom to earn and spend and save, to own our own homes, to buy the kind of food we want to feed our children, to raise and discipline our kids, even the simple right to fly the American flag. The increasing collapse of American freedom is becoming staggering. Because, by almost every measure, we are less free today than we were a short decade ago. President Obama? He won’t tell you that ... Never has honest leadership been so lacking as in the Barack Obama White House.” LaPierre also spoke about the discontinued “Fast and Furious” gun trafficking investigation on the southwest border and President Obama’s decision to invoke executive privilege over documents subpoenaed by Congress, stating, “I guarantee you that there’s somethin’ that stinks to high heaven in those papers in order for this administration to be willin’ to walk into this briar patch. Executive privilege really is the last gasp of a cover-up ... [Barack Obama] chose the Richard Nixon option to cover it up until after the coming election. No one died as a result of Watergate, yet several members of Nixon’s cabinet and staff went to prison ... Just like Nixon, this president has put his administration in the same state of vulnerability, at the edge of a federal penitentiary.” A report released by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General on September 19, 2023 found that there is no evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder was aware of the tactics used in “Fast and Furious” until after it was concluded in 2011.

In a June 28, 2023 interview with NRA News, LaPierre spoke about the “Fast and Furious” gun trafficking investigation on the southwest border and a vote in the House of Representatives to hold U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in criminal contempt for failure to comply with a congressional subpoena for documents related to the operation. NRA News co-host Ginny Simone asked LaPierre to respond to D.C. Delegate to the House of Representatives Eleanor Holmes Norton’s assertion that the vote was partisan and motivated by NRA lobbying of legislators. LaPierre replied, “Well, that’s all a bunch of garbage to tell you the truth … I mean, all the enablers in the media that are trying to justify what went on here and refuse to ask any of the Watergate questions: who knew, when they knew, how high it goes … Watergate was a third-rate burglary. No one was killed.” A report released by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General on September 19, 2023 found that there is no evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder was aware of the tactics used in the investigation until after it was concluded in 2011.

In a June 12, 2023 interview with Fox News, LaPierre stated, “You know, I don’t know the facts in this whole Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case, and I’ve learned to hold my tongue until I do.” LaPierre was referencing the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by concealed carry permit holder George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida on February 26, 2012—an event which generated national controversy. LaPierre also spoke about Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which the NRA helped to author and promoted aggressively in the state legislature: “But what I do know the facts on, and that’s the Florida law. And there’s a shocking ignorance of the law, what it says in Florida. Or it’s being done for political purposes to seek political advantage. All that law says in Florida is, if you’re in your home, and your glass breaks in the middle of the night, there is a presumption that that person is there to cause you imminent fear of death or bodily harm. If you’re in your car and someone assaults you and tries to pull you out there’s a presumption that that person is there to cause you imminent fear of death or bodily harm. If you are on the street in Florida it is a completely different section of the law. It’s [Florida statute section] 776.012 as opposed to 776.013. And if you’re on the street in Florida, what the law says is if someone assaults you or you’re attacked, you can meet force with force. The law even says ‘not deadly’ in parentheses.” In fact, “Stand Your Ground” expressly allows an individual on the street to meet force with deadly force. The law states, “A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force, if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.” LaPierre continued, “But, gosh there’s been so much distortion as to what this law says, with ‘shoot first’ and everything else completely misinforming the American public … I think a lot of it is by some these politicians who want to impose a duty to retreat on the American public, where if your glass breaks in the middle of the night and there’s some criminal coming into your house, they want to impose a duty to retreat on the crime victim with a long complicated checklist rather than do what’s natural at the most terrifying moment of that person’s life when they’re in a state of overwhelming reactive panic which is to protect your life and your family from those who would destroy it. And they want to impose that duty to retreat all over the country and it’s mainly politicians and newspapers…that really don’t want the American public protecting themselves… so they’re willing to distort this to assert their political agenda.” When asked if the request of Sybrina Fulton [Trayvon Martin’s mother] for state lawmakers to amend or review “Stand Your Ground” laws was reasonable, LaPierre responded, “You know it’s a tragedy, and our heart goes out to the family, but have you ever been threatened? I mean you talk to crime victims in the country, and I’m not talking about this case, but you talk to crime victims; it’s the most terrifying moment of their life. They really are in a state of overwhelming reactive panic, instinctively they’ll do anything at that point to save themselves. They’ve done nothing wrong, they’re going about their business and yet someone is trying to destroy their whole life. And the whole idea that you’re gonna twist this Florida case into some national movement to try to impose a duty to retreat on the American public at their most terrifying moment of their life rather than let them protect themself and save themself. And then open the crime victim up to civil lawsuits by a criminal that will bankrupt them is crazy. This duty to retreat may sound fine at an Ivy League cocktail party, it doesn’t work very well in the real world.”

In the June 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, LaPierre warned, “American freedom as we know it is in jeopardy.” He wrote, “There is no greater freedom than the ability to own a firearm to protect yourself, your family, your community and your country. That freedom is the heart and soul of our nation. And that soul is at stake in this election … If [President Barack] Obama wins this year, he will wage an all-out assault on America’s heart and soul. This isn’t just the most important election of our lifetimes–it’s the most important election for our children’s, grandchildren’s and great-grandchildren’s lifetimes.”

In the May 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, LaPierre wrote, “All our freedoms are on the line [in the 2012 presidential election].” He accused President Barack Obama of being connected to a political “web of Chicago thug[s],” and having spun a “web of lies…about [his] phony, claimed support of the Second Amendment.”

On April 14, 2012, in his keynote speech at the NRA Convention in St. Louis, LaPierre stated, “we live in the most dangerous of times.” “We will never surrender our guns,” LaPierre declared. “The Second Amendment has never been more relevant as it is today. When all is said and done, we may have nothing left but our gun rights, but that’s the one right that gives us a fighting chance to reclaim freedoms lost.” LaPierre made almost no mention of the national controversy surrounding the killing of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin by concealed handgun permit holder George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida on February 26, 2012. The NRA was one of the authors of the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida that significantly liberalized the use of lethal force in public. LaPierre spoke of the tragedy only to accuse the media of “sensational[izing]” it, claiming they “manufacture controversy for ratings.”

In his opening remarks at the 2012 NRA Convention in St. Louis on April 13, 2012, LaPierre warned, “If President Obama gets a second term, America as we know it will be on its way to being lost forever.”

In the March 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, LaPierre warned that if the NRA fails to end the “Barack Obama regime…the Right to Keep and Bear Arms could well perish in a Supreme Court heartbeat.” He added that an “Obama majority” on the Supreme Court would “rule that only the government has a right to guns, not individuals like you.” “We have time to stop the Obama juggernaut and to make history together,” LaPierre stated, “but we must start now—not only to save our guns but to save our heritage. The future of freedom in America depends on it.”

In the February 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, LaPierre declared that the 2012 presidential election “could prove [to be] the most disastrous in the history of the country,” because President Barack Obama is “leading our country straight to…tyranny.” “It’s all or nothing,” LaPierre warned. “Either we defeat Barack Obama and retain all the benefits of our pro-gun victories over the last 30 years…or we lose this election and we lose it all.”

On February 10, 2012, during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), LaPierre warned listeners that “This is the most dangerous election in our lifetime … Our soul is at stake in this election. The campaign is a fight for our country, our values and the freedom we believe in.” LaPierre then detailed a “massive” conspiracy by the administration of President Barack Obama to “deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the Second Amendment.” LaPierre then boasted, “We’ll spend and do whatever it takes to tell the truth the media ignores.”

In the January 2012 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, LaPierre declared, “The emerging autocracy of President Barack Obama presents the gravest danger to our individual liberty in our lifetimes … The Second Amendment and our national character as we know it are at stake in the coming elections.” He accused the Obama Administration of being “engaged in a conspiracy of public deception intended to…excise the Second Amendment” from the Constitution. “The nation cannot survive another four years of Obama’s arrogant one-man rule,” LaPierre wrote.

During a January 2012 radio interview with Glenn Beck, LaPierre agreed with Beck’s assertion that when it comes to raising money in politics, “You have to go out and drum up the money, the unions just take it. They just have it. They just take it out of everybody's paycheck.” LaPierre went on to claim, “We raise it all through 5, 10, 15, 20 dollar contributions that Americans are willing to preserve freedom. And they're willing to support it. But, you know, that's what NRA is about. I mean, I always say we're about our membership and we're about giving voice to our membership.” In fact, the National Rifle Association does not raise all of its money from small donors. A report by the Violence Policy Center indicates that since 2005, the NRA has received between $19.8 million and $52.6 million in contributions from corporate interests. After Beck raised the specter of the reelection of Barack Obama leading to private gun confiscation in the United States, LaPierre responded, “We can’t let it get to this point. Every Second Amendment supporter needs to make sure that President Obama does not get a second term to destroy the Second Amendment.”

During a November 11, 2023 appearance on NRA News, LaPierre disputed that large numbers of crime guns recovered in Mexico originate from the United States, stating, “The Obama people, like Hillary Clinton and President Obama and Eric Holder, because they want to pass more phony gun laws in the United States and reinstate that so-called assault weapons ban—which was a lie and a failure from the start—they are also mouthing those types of dishonest figures … The freedoms of the United States are sure not to blame for the problems in Mexico.” Between 2006 and 2011, 64,000 of the 94,000 guns received at crime scenes in Mexico were traced to the United States.

Under LaPierre’s leadership, the National Rifle Association has frequently promoted gun confiscation conspiracy theories surrounding the administration of President Barack Obama and/or a treaty being considered by the United Nations to curb illegal, international sales of small arms. In a November 3, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, LaPierre wrote, “The Obama administration … hatched a political conspiracy to deceive Americans and hide its true agenda to dismantle the Second Amendment and our freedom. By delaying its anti-gun legislative agenda, it’s tried to dupe gun owners into believing our fundamental freedom is safe. The political calculation of the White House is clear: Deceive the voters and get re-elected at all costs and then, with no more elections to worry about, get busy dismantling the Second Amendment and destroying American freedom forever … Mr. Obama…is responsible for his administration’s efforts to support a United Nations treaty that could severely restrict or effectively ban civilian ownership of firearms worldwide.” In fact, since assuming office, President Obama has not advocated for any gun control measures, instead signing legislation to allow firearms in national parks and on Amtrak trains. Furthermore, the UN has no power to alter American gun laws. Any UN treaty that called for changes in U.S. gun laws would have to be ratified by a 2/3 vote of the U.S. Senate.

In October 2011, LaPierre told Newsmax.TV, “Our job is to protect the Second Amendment and that means that every gun owner, every Second Amendment supporter needs to do everything they can to make sure that President Obama does not get a second term so that he can destroy the Second Amendment. And that's what's going to happen if he gets a second term. And I want to leave no doubt about that. This is the most dangerous election in our lifetime for the Second Amendment freedom that American citizens have. A second term by President Obama will break the back of that freedom in this country.”

Under LaPierre’s leadership, the National Rifle Association has frequently promoted a gun confiscation conspiracy theory concerning the administration of President Barack Obama. On September 23, 2011, LaPierre addressed the Florida Conservative Political Action Conference and told those in attendance, “The fight for 2012 is a fight for our country, our values, and our freedom. And if NRA has anything to say about it, President Barack Obama won’t get a second term … Our freedom is at risk in this election like never before … The president will offer the Second Amendment lip service and hit the campaign trail saying he’s actually been good for the Second Amendment, but it’s a big, fat, stinkin’ lie, just like all the other lies that have come out of this corrupt administration. It’s all part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the Second Amendment in our country … Before the president was even sworn into office, they met and they hatched a conspiracy of public deception to try to guarantee his re-election in 2012 … We see the president’s strategy crystal clear: Get re-elected and with no more elections to worry about, get busy dismantling and destroy our firearms freedom. Erase the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights and exorcise it from the U.S. Constitution. That’s their agenda … President Obama and his cohorts, yeah they’re going to deny their conspiracy to fool gun owners. Some of the Liberal media, they’re probably already blogging about it. But we don’t care, because as far as we’re concerned, the lying, conniving Obama crowd can kiss our Constitution.” In fact, since assuming office, President Obama has not advocated for any gun control measures, instead signing legislation to allow firearms in national parks and on Amtrak trains.

On January 21, 2010, the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action issued a press release about the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission , in which the Court ruled that the First Amendment prohibits the government from restricting independent political expenditures by corporations and unions. In the release, LaPierre stated, “This ruling is a victory for anyone who believes that the First Amendment applies to each and every one of us. The majesty of free speech is that any American can roll out of bed and speak as freely as The New York Times, NBC or politicians. This is a defeat for arrogant elitists who wanted to carve out free speech as a privilege for themselves and deny it to the rest of us; and for those who believed that speech had a dollar value and should be treated and regulated like currency, and not a freedom. Today’s decision reaffirms that the Bill of Rights was written for every American and it will amplify the voice of average citizens who want their voices heard.”

In a 2009 speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, LaPierre told attendees, “As you know, two days ago, Attorney General Eric Holder announced a massive new gun ban based on a new foreign threat. And it hit me almost like it was déjà vu, so I asked my folks to go track this down. Listen to this. As billionaires buy the laws and lawmakers they want, as bureaucrats conduct personal crusades, as zealots indoctrinate our kids, as criminal gangs infest our neighborhoods, as the UN applies global gun ban pressure, and as anti-gun forces control the House and Senate, if an anti-gun president occupies the White House, then the perfect storm is upon us. Its arrival would be hastened by a terrorist threat, an event experts say is inevitable. Then the final disarmament of law-abiding Americans will take place beneath the shroud of anti-terrorism legislation … Our Founding Fathers understood that the guys with the guns make the rules … and its no different today. That’s why we own guns. We’re not giving them up. The Constitution says it. We believe it. And that settles it.” LaPierre then suggested that a United Nations small arms treaty could lead to private gun confiscation in the United States, stating, “We all know Hillary Clinton’s anti gun record. Or do we? Because we better. Because right now the United Nations global gun ban needs American to cooperate with them. And the timing is perfect.”

At the 2007 National Rifle Association annual meeting, LaPierre told the audience, “So no matter what the animal rights terrorists throw at us, no matter what crime wave illegal immigrant gangs cause, no matter what deals are cut in the back rooms of the United Nations, no matter who is slamming gavels at the Supreme Court, no matter who is sitting in the White House, and no matter who wins what election or chairs what committee, if they are enemies of what’s in that exhibit hall over there, if they threaten what that great hall preserves [guns], if they dare assault the one freedom that secures all freedoms, this National Rifle Association, millions and millions of members strong, you will rise and stand and we, together, will fight them all.”

In 2005, LaPierre called for the boycott of ConocoPhillips after the company filed a lawsuit to defend its ban on the possession of firearms at an Oklahoma refinery. He then made the following statement: “ConocoPhillips went to federal court to attack your freedom. Now freedom is going to fire back … Idabel, Oklahoma, is a new Concord Bridge. Our forefathers didn’t run from the Redcoats in 1775 and we’re not going to run from the corporations in 2005.”

In a November 23, 2023 fundraising newsletter, LaPierre wrote, “You and I are now making history in the final, decisive battle for the future of our precious Second Amendment freedoms.... Al Gore intends to force every American gun owner to carry a national ID card. He didn't exactly say tattoo a number on your forearm, but you get the idea.”

In a 1995 National Rifle Association fundraising letter, LaPierre called federal law enforcement agents “jack-booted thugs” and suggested that “in Clinton's administration, if you have a badge, you have the government's go-ahead to harass, intimidate, even murder law-abiding citizens” and that “not to long ago, it was unthinkable for federal agents wearing Nazi bucket helmets and black storm trooper uniforms to attack law-abiding citizens.” President George H.W. Bush resigned his NRA membership in protest of the letter.

wayne LaPierre (Executive Vice President and CEO)

In a December 23, 2023 interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” LaPierre spoke about the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut in which 20 first-grade students and six adults were killed. Host David Gregory asked, “Not conceding that guns play a role [in these tragedies], that’s a meaningful contribution?” LaPierre replied, “Look, I know there’s a media machine in this country that wants to blame guns every time something happens. I know there’s an anti-Second Amendment industry in this town. I know there are political leaders that for 20 years always try to say it’s cause Americans own guns.” Gregory noted that some news outlets called LaPierre “crazy” after his response to Newtown. LaPierre replied, “If it’s crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy … That is the one thing, the one thing that we can do immediately that will immediately make our children safe … Israel had a whole lot of school shootings until they did one thing. They said, ‘We’re gonna stop it’ and they put armed security in every school and they have not had a problem since.” In fact, Yigal Palmor, spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, said the situation in Israel was “fundamentally different.” Palmor stated, “We didn’t have a series of school shootings, and they had nothing to do with the issue at hand in the United States. We had to deal with terrorism. What removed the danger was not the armed guards but an overall anti-terror policy and anti-terror operations which brought street terrorism down to nearly zero over a number of years.” Reuven Berko, a retired Israeli Army colonel and senior police officer explained that, in recent years, restrictions on gun ownership have been tightened, stating, “Israeli citizens are not allowed to carry guns unless they are serving in the army or working in security-related jobs that require them to use a weapon.”

When asked by Gregory about universal background checks for firearms purchasers, LaPierre replied, “We have backed the National Instant Check System. We have backed putting anyone adjudicated mentally incompetent into the system. Now, I know where you’re going with this. They’ve come up with this whole ‘Gun Show Loophole.’ There’s not a Gun Show Loophole … What the anti-Second Amendment movement wants to do is put every gun sale in the country under the thumb of the federal government.” Current federal law requires criminal background checks only for guns sold through licensed firearm dealers. Those sales account for just 60% of all gun sales in the United States. A loophole in the law allows individuals not “engaged in the business” of selling firearms to sell guns without a license—and without processing any paperwork. Gregory asked LaPierre if he would consider any kind of reform in this area, stating, “The standard is, if it's possible—your words—if it's possible that lives could be spared, shouldn't we try that? That's your standard, isn't it?” LaPierre replied, “I tell you, my standard is this. You can't legislate morality. Legislation works on the sane. Legislation works on the law abiding."

Karl Malone (Board Member)

After two Washington Wizards players were involved in a locker room altercation involving guns, Malone wrote a January 7, 2024 op-ed for Sports Illustrated that contradicted several longstanding NRA positions. “You can't tell me one good thing that can happen with a gun in an arena, but I can tell you a thousand bad things. If I'm a player on that team, of course, I'm saying to those guys, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ Even if, as [Wizards’ shooting guard Gilbert] Arenas insists, he brought the guns to the arena because he wanted them away from his children at home, I wouldn't have bought that excuse. Buy a safe. Put them in there. End of story,” wrote Malone. He added, “I like Arenas, but his initial reaction to this, in which he downplayed the seriousness of having guns in the locker room, was all wrong. It's wrong to make light of a firearm. That's when mistakes are made … I'll be the first to tell you I don't go anywhere in my vehicle without my weapon, but at no point has it ever occurred to me to take it inside anywhere, let alone an arena.” Regarding the use of firearms for self-protection, Malone stated, “ If I were a gun dealer and somebody walked in and said, ‘I want this for protection,’ I don't know if I would sell it to that person, because that person's only thinking about another confrontation. The people who get threatened or cut off in their car and think about their guns are the people who don't need a gun … The big picture is that guns won't protect you. If someone really wanted to get you, they would. If you still feel you need that protection, get yourself a bodyguard who knows the rules and knows the laws. How about you do all of that before you even consider having a gun? For you to say you need a gun for your protection? My goodness gracious, how are you living that you need that? I don't know where all these guys grew up, or who wants to do something to them, but be honest about why you want it. If you need a gun for that, that's for all the wrong reasons and something bad will come from it. If I seem a little fired up, I am. It's a privilege to own a firearm and I take offense when people don't handle their business the right way.” While Malone referred to gun ownership as a “privilege,” the NRA describes the private ownership of firearms as a “fundamental, God-given right.” Regarding the use of firearms for self-protection, the NRA has said, “The right to [self-defense] using deadly force would be illusory if one was not entitled to keep functional firearms.”

In 2008, ESPN reported that when Malone was a sophomore at Louisiana Tech he impregnated a 13-year-old girl. Their son, who is now a professional athlete, has said, “I treat it as if my mother went to the sperm bank. I don't hate him for [not being in my life]. It made me a better person.”

In 2007, John Amaechi, the first openly gay NBA player, called Karl Malone a “xenophobe.” Amaechi played for two seasons with Malone on the Utah Jazz.

In 2004, LA Lakers player Kobe Bryant accused Malone of making passes at his wife. “What he said is what he said. I believe in my heart that it wasn't a misunderstanding. My wife wasn't going to stand for it. She felt uncomfortable being around him to the point that she felt she had to call his wife and tell her,” said Bryant. According to Malone’s agent, Bryant’s wife asked Malone, “Hey, cowboy, what are you hunting?” and Malone replied, “I'm hunting for little Mexican girls.” Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, is of Mexican descent.

In 2003, Malone donated $4,000 to the presidential campaign of Republican George Bush and $2,000 to Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). The next year he donated $4,000 to the Republican National Committee.

John Milius (Board Member)

In a March 2009 interview with CNN, Milus commented on drug traffickers in Mexico by stating, “We need to go down there, kill them all, flatten the place with bulldozers so when you wake up in the morning, there's nothing there. I do believe if you have a military, you use it.”

Buz Mills (Board Member)

In 2002, a Florida Court of Appeals held that Mills defrauded a business partner out of millions of dollars. The business partner was awarded $4.7 million in damages, although the parties later settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. Mills sent his business partner on numerous vacations while he secretly negotiated a lucrative buy-out of their cell phone tower company. Mills’ partner was then fraudulently induced to sell his minority share for a price that did not reflect the true value of the business. An opinion concurring with the Court of Appeals holding ruled that “Mills managed to keep an additional $9 million of profit out of [the business partner’s] pocket.”

Cleta Mitchell (Board Member)

On August 25, 2012, in an interview with NPR, Mitchell spoke about Voter ID laws, which require individuals to present certain types of photo identification at the polls. Voter ID laws have been passed in Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Mitchell stated, "I am not trying to keep anyone out of the polling place. ... We want to make it easy to vote, but hard to cheat. I just don't know why that's controversial … If people are choosing to exercise their right to vote, there's some responsibility that accompanies that. Do we not think that something as precious as the right to vote is worth going to a little bit of trouble to obtain?" Voter ID laws in South Carolina and Florida have been challenged in court by the Department of Justice over allegations that they disenfranchise minorities. Furthermore, research has shown that in-person voter fraud of the kind Cooper warns about is extremely rare in the United States.

On November 2, 2011, the Minnesota Independent reported that Mitchell would serve as the primary lobbyist for National Organization for Marriage’s campaign to ban gay marriage in Minnesota through a ballot initiative. In response to Mitchell’s lobbying activities, Human Rights Campaign dropped the law firm that employs Mitchell (Foley & Lardner) from a perfect score to one of the lowest on the organization’s Corporate Equality Index.

Mitchell led opposition to a decision by the American Conservative Union (ACU) to allow GOProud, a gay conservative group, to participate in the 2011 CPAC conference. GOProud Board Chairman Chris Barron called Mitchell a “nasty bigot” in response to her efforts to shut out his organization.

Mitchell served as an “attack attorney” for many Tea Party Congressional candidates during the 2010 elections, including Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell and Joe Miller. She has suggested that the Democratic Party’s “tricks” include widespread engagement in voter fraud. Mitchell famously wrote a fundraising letter on behalf of Angle where she accused Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of attempting to steal the election. Mitchell also accused the Democratic party of stealing the 2002 South Dakota senate election, where Senator Tim Johnson was victorious over Senator John Thune. Both Angle and Miller have been involved in high-profile controversies surrounding guns and the Second Amendment.

In 2009, Mitchell spearheaded an initiative to overturn the legalization of gay marriage in the District of Columbia.

Mitchell served as the attorney for the American Issues Project, a group that ran a television ad falsely accusing President Barack Obama of having a close personal relationship with former-Weather Underground member Bill Ayers in the months prior to the 2008 presidential election. Because AIP’s tax-exempt status makes it illegal for the organization to have a mission that is primarily political, the legality of the ad was questioned by elections experts. Laura MacCleery, Deputy Director of the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice, called the ad a “clear abuse of federal election law.” Fox News declined to air the spot.

In 2006, Mitchell appeared on MSNBC to defend a number of Republicans embroiled in ethical scandals. Of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Mitchell said, “Those allegations, the indictment against Tom DeLay, were completely politically motivated.” She then bet public relations strategist Cliff Schecter dinner that DeLay would not go to jail. In January 2011, DeLay was sentenced to three years in prison for money laundering.

In May 2005, Mitchell served as the Master of Ceremonies at an ACU event honoring U.S. Representative Tom Delay (R-TX), who was embroiled in ethics investigations (and has since been convicted of money laundering). After telling those in attendance that she and other conservatives “love” DeLay, Mitchell claimed he was under investigation only because he is “effective.” She also declared, “The tribute is a statement to him: You're not alone. We'll stand by you. And it's to say to people in this town: If you pick a fight with him, you've got us to contend with.

Grover Norquist (Board Member)

In a July 21, 2023 interview with the Hill, Norquist addressed calls by President Barack Obama to restore tax rates for the top 1% of American earners to the levels they were at prior to the administration of President George W. Bush. Norquist stated, “Last time Republicans won the House [in the 2010 elections] and [were] a little strengthened in the Senate and Obama folded completely. We’re going to be stronger this time than after last time; our hostages are the 20 Democrats up in ’14. We’ll send them either piece by piece or one at a time over to the White House to negotiate.”

In a June 15, 2023 speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual summit, Norquist stated, “The left is not made up of friends and allies; the left is made up of competing parasites … Our job is to stop feeding them so that they turn on the guy next to them and start chewing on their ankles so that when we meet them in two and four years in the next election, there are fewer of them and they’re shorter.”

In a June 13, 2023 interview on C-SPAN, Norquist responded to former Florida governor Jeb Bush’s comment at a June 1, 2023 House Budget Committee hearing that that he hadn't signed Norquist’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” because he wasn't one to “outsource your principles and convictions to people.” Norquist’s pledge calls for elected officials to "oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rate for individuals and business; and to oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing the tax rate.” Norquist responded to Bush’s comments by saying, “When Jeb Bush comes in from out of town like some yokel off the bus and gets hurled into the middle of this and starts quoting Democratic senators who are lying, it puts him in an awkward position.” Norquist also addressed Bush’s June 11, 2023 comment that former President Ronald Reagan and his father, former President George H. W. Bush, would have a “ time” finding a place in the current Republican Party. Norquist stated, “That's the meme, the story line, the narrative that Obama is trying to drive … Today, the modern Republican Party is the party that Reagan created.”

In a February 28, 2023 interview with the Daily Show’s Samantha Bee, Norquist claimed to have come up with the idea for the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge" (in which elected officials promise to "oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rate for individuals and business; and to oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates”) at age 12. He stated, “Some things are simple. At 12, basically the thought was this, if one of the party’s would brand itself as the party that wouldn’t raise taxes, that that I thought would be a way for the Republican Party to succeed … The goal is to make it easier for people, they know what they’re going to get … If you want to know who you’re voting for, it’s helpful if there’s some sort of brand identification … One party wants to raise your taxes, one won’t. It makes it easier for you to choose.”

During a February 2012 speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Norquist told the crowd, “Three years ago, a new crew came into Washington: [President Barack] Obama, [Senator Majority Leader Harry] Reid, [Former House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi. And they had a different vision. Their vision of the road to serfdom … Their plan was to turn us irrevocably into something between France and Greece and, on a bad day, Chicago … The left is not made up of friends and allies. It is made up by competing parasites.” He also stated, “All we have to do is replace Obama. ... We are not auditioning for ‘fearless leader.’ We don't need a president to tell us in what direction to go. We know what direction to go. We want the [U.S. Representative Paul] Ryan budget. ... We just need a president to sign this stuff. We don't need someone to think it up or design it. The leadership now for the modern conservative movement for the next 20 years will be coming out of the House and the Senate. Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become president of the United States. This is a change for Republicans: The House and Senate doing the work with the president signing bills. His job is to be captain of the team, to sign the legislation that has already been prepared." Ryan’s budget plan, “The Path to Prosperity,” would add $3.127 trillion to the deficit during the decade spanning 2013 to 2022, according to a table on page 88 of the plan. In its March 2012 projections, the Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan agency, estimated that if “current laws generally remain unchanged,” the federal government would incur deficits totaling $2.887 trillion from 2013 to 2022 under Ryan’s budget plan.

In a May 19, 2023 interview with The Hill, Norquist commented on legislation designed to penalize Americans who renounce their citizenship in order to evade taxes, comparing it to a departure tax the Nazis imposed on Jews seeking to flee Germany before World War II. Norquist stated, “I think [the legislation’s sponsor, Democratic Senator Chuck] Schumer can probably find the legislation to do this. It existed in Germany in the 1930s and Rhodesia in the ’70s and in South Africa as well. He probably just plagiarized it and translated it from the original German.” Senator Schumer is Jewish. Norquist remarked that the communist East German government after World War II implemented a similar plan as well, stating, “The East Germans had the position that if you wanted to leave the country you had to pay them back for all the wonderful Communist education they gave you K through 12. Schumer’s effort has a really distinguished history.”

In a May 8, 2023 speech before the Economic Club of Annapolis, Norquist called President Barack Obama a “European-style socialist” and a Democratic-controlled government the “road to serfdom.”

During a February 2012 appearance on The Daily Show Norquist stated that there was no scenario under which he would advocate for any tax increase. Norquist went on to claim that he came up with the idea for his “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” —which calls on lawmakers to swear to never vote for any legislation that would raises taxes—in 1968 when he was 12 years old, stating, “At 12, basically the thought was this: If one of the parties would brand itself as the party that wouldn’t raise taxes, that I thought would be a way for the Republican party to succeed.”

In a January 26, 2023 interview with National Journal, Norquist was asked about the prospect of President Barack Obama winning a second term. Referring to tax cuts passed under the presidential administration of George W. Bush, which disproportionately benefit the wealthy, Norquist said, “Obama can sit there and let all the tax [cuts] lapse, and then the Republicans will have enough votes in the Senate in 2014 to impeach.”

In a November 9, 2023 article in Rolling Stone, David Stockman, President Ronald Reagan’s budget director from 1981 to 1985, described Norquist as a “fiscal terrorist” for his role in the debt ceiling crisis of 2011. Norquist was able to veto any resolution to the crisis that raised the marginal tax rate because nearly every Republican member of Congress was a signatory to his Americans for Tax Reform organization’s pledge to never raise taxes. Former Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY), co-chair of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, also criticized Norquist, calling him “a good guy with a very bad idea" who “should be examined into.” Simpson went on to ask, “Where does he get his money? ... Who is he slave to? ... How does he terrify people?” Paul O’Neill, who served as Treasury Secretary in the administration of Republican George W. Bush, also commented on the debt ceiling debacle, stating, “Congress was willing to cause severe economic damage to the entire population simply because they were slaves to an idiot's idea of how the world works.”

In November 2011, Norquist told Rolling Stone “It’s a different Republican Party now. The modern Republican Party” would no sooner recognize a politician who advocated for tax increases than the “Democratic Party would recognize [segregation proponent] George Wallace.”

Reacting to President Barack Obama’s call for the wealthiest Americans to “pay their fair share” of taxes, Norquist compared Obama’s economic policies to former Soviet Union dictator Joseph Stalin by tweeting, “ Obamas [sic] ‘new’ strategy to divide America: Get the Kulaks.” The Kulaks, a group of relatively affluent peasants who owned land, were the “class enemy” of the poorer peasants under Stalin’s totalitarian regime. Beginning in 1930, Stalin called for the elimination of Kulaks, endorsing methods including execution and deportation to unpopulated areas of Siberia. MSNBC host Chris Matthews called Norquist’s tweet, “Another far right attempt to frame the president as some type of foreigner who doesn’t really know America.”

On August 17, 2011, Norquist commented on the “Super Congress”—a joint Congressional committee tasked with reducing U.S. debt—in the New York Times, saying, “The Republicans are serious budget reformers; the lady from Washington [Democrat Senator Patty Murray] doesn’t do budgets.” All six Republican panel members of the joint committee are signatories to Norquist’s no-tax pledge (when the panel membership was announced, Norquist Tweeted, “Your wallet is safe”). Pro-choice organization Emily's List released a statement criticizing Norquist's comments, which stated: “Not content dictating the legislative actions of the Republicans he controls, Norquist is now lobbing sexist insults at the Democrats who dare to stand up to his ideological extremism. Senator Murray is second in line for the leadership on the Senate Budget Committee and a co-chair of the Debt Super Committee. Also, she raised a family. So if Norquist thinks the ‘lady from Washington’ doesn’t know how to budget, he’s even more out of touch with America than we thought (and we thought he was pretty out of touch). Ever met an American mom, Grover? Women do, in fact, ‘do budgets.’”

In 2011, Norquist lobbied the U.S. State Department to approve the Keystone XL project, an extension to the controversial Keystone Pipeline that brings oil from Canada into the United States. The Natural Resources Defense Council has said the Keystone XL extension would “lock the United States into a dependence on hard-to-extract oil and generate a massive expansion of the destructive tar sands oil operations in Canada. In addition to the damage that would be caused by the increased tar sands extraction, the pipeline threatens to pollute freshwater supplies in America’s agricultural heartland and increase emissions in already-polluted communities of the Gulf Coast.”

In 2011, Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform organization lobbied on a number of issues before Congress. Among the many conservative bills supported by Norquist’s organization were:

In a 2011 article in Rolling Stone, Norquist was quoted as saying that he is “not focused on the [federal government] deficit. The metric that matters is keeping spending down.”

Norquist’s Alliance for Worker Freedom (AWF) project opposed the Employee Free Choice Act of 2009, a federal bill that would have increased workers’ collective bargaining power and given employees greater freedom to unionize. The bill was supported by every prominent labor organization. Teamster Magazine described AWF as a corporation-backed “astroturf” group during the debate over the legislation.

Commenting on the fiscal crisis of 2008 that occurred at the end of the presidency of George W. Bush, former Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee said, “The wreckage was left by Dick Cheney, Grover Norquist and the gang. This was their doing.”

In 2008, Norquist described then-Senator Barack Obama as “John Kerry with a tan.”

In 2007 and 2008, the Alliance for Worker Freedom (AWF), a special project of Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform
organization, awarded U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) the "Guardian of Worker Freedom" award for “voting in favor of workers [sic] rights and freedoms.” As of 2008, Rep. Bachmann's lifetime voting rating with the AFL-CIO was 8% out of 100%.

When disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff was convicted of mail fraud and conspiracy in 2006, it was revealed in an investigative report released by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee that Norquist used his tax-exempt Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) organization to help Abramoff funnel money from his clients to conservative causes (ATR kept a small cut of the funds). The Senate Finance Committee reported that, in doing so, ATR “appear[ed] to have perpetrated a fraud on other taxpayers” by “profit-seeking and private benefit behavior inconsistent with their tax-exempt status. And by virtue of the tax benefits, other taxpayers implicitly subsidized this behavior.” Additionally, clients of Abramoff were also directed to give Norquist’s organization money. In an e-mail to colleagues, Abramoff wrote, “I spoke this evening with Grover. He said that, if [the Choctaw Indian tribe] want the taxpayer movement, including him, involved on this issue and anything else which will come up over the course of the year or so, they need to become a major player with ATR. He recommended that they make a $50,000 contribution to ATR.” According to Mark Salter, a top aide to Senator John McCain (R-AZ), “By his own admission, Grover couldn’t be any closer to Abramoff if they moved to Massachusetts and got married.”

In 2006, the Associated Press reported that Norquist—who visited the White House 97 times between 2001 and 2006—helped arrange meetings for clients of corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff with officials in the administration of George W. Bush. At the same time, Norquist was soliciting donations from these clients for his group Americans for Tax Reform. When the Bush administration tried to seal records of visitors to the White House, Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Karen Finney said, “By trying to extend a special privilege typically reserved for U.S. government employees to protect their Abramoff cronies like Grover Norquist…the Bush administration showed just how willing they are to manipulate the law to hide the truth and protect their political interests.”

Prior to the downfall of corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Norquist promoted the Northern Mariana Islands as a positive example of free enterprise. A 1998 Department of Interior report, however, documented widespread human rights abuses associated with a booming sweatshop industry on the islands (clothing made on the islands carries a “Made in USA” label). The report found that women and children immigrant workers were subjected to forced abortions, sex slavery, and substandard pay and working conditions. The Mariana Islands were one of Abramoff’s biggest clients, paying him over $9 million during the course of their relationship. Abramoff charged his client thousands of dollars for “discussions” with Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform staffers.

Between 1991 and 2004, Norquist donated over $15,000 to Republican political candidates and conservative PACs . He did not donate any money to Democrats during this time.

In 2003, Norquist was quoted in the Denver Post as saying, "Bipartisanship is another name for date rape."

In a February 2001 article for The American Spectator, Norquist wrote, “[President George W.] Bush now has the incentive to level the playing field by stripping the Democrats of their ill-gotten gains. To do that he'll have to shake the Democrats' five pillars.” Norquist identified these five pillars as; “labor unions,” “taxpayer funded lobbies,” “greedy trial lawyers,” Big City political machines,” and “voter fraud.” Labor unions, Norquist explained, use money from government contracts and give “political kickbacks to Democrats.” He also complained that “funding earmarked to promote hunting and outdoor sports has been redirected to animal rights groups.” Trial lawyers need to be targeted, Norquist explained, because “in some states trial lawyers give more to Democrats than union leaders do.” Norquist proposed tort reform, which would deprive trial lawyers of “billions of dollars from American consumers,” as a solution. Norquist asserted that mayors and precinct workers who handle federal funds to help the poor comprise a Democratic machine to “deliver the votes in Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and St. Louis.” Finally, Norquist stated, “The whole 36-day circus in Florida was designed to give the local politicians in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties a chance to manufacture or find enough Gore votes, or lose or damage enough Bush votes, to overcome Bush's margin. Although the effort failed, it is estimated that 5,000 felons, mostly Democrats, voted illegally in Florida, and we may never know how many illegal aliens voted.” He is referring to the voter recount in Florida during the 2000 presidential election. The results of that recount were controversial and several irregularities are thought to have favored George W. Bush, including, the "butterfly ballot," which produced an unexpectedly large number of votes for third-party candidate Patrick Buchanan, and a purge of over 54,000 citizens from the Florida voting rolls, of whom 54% were African-Americans.

In a September 16, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Norquist praised the casino gambling operations of the Mississippi Choctaw tribe, writing that Choctaw Chief Philip Martin “has shown that the Enterprise Zone model of economic development, with greatly reduced tax and regulatory burdens and local control, can work incredibly well in the most difficult of circumstances.” Between 1995 and 2002, the Mississippi Choctaw tribe donated $1.5 million to Grover Norquist’s anti-tax Americans for Tax Reform organization.

In 1998, Norquist directed his Americans for Tax Reform Organization to pump money into an anti-labor ballot initiative in California
that sought to limit the influence of labor unions under the guise of “paycheck protection.” Norquist’s told supporters of the “paycheck protection” ballot initiative that he could raise $10 million for their cause, but failed to deliver. The AFL-CIO said Norquist was responsible for “producing and disseminating a resource and strategy guide for introducing anti-worker state ballot initiatives and legislation” across the country.

In 1997, Norquist founded Janus-Merritt Strategies, a lobbying firm, along with David Safavian. Safavian was later convicted on felony obstruction of justice charges in relation to the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. The Janus-Merritt clientele included:

Norquist was a vocal supporter of California's Proposition 209 in 1996, a ballot measure that eliminated affirmative action programs. He has called affirmative action “government racism” and urged Republicans to fight affirmative action “without compromise.” In 1997, Norquist helped found the American Civil Rights Institute, an organization dedicated to repealing affirmative action programs nationwide.

In 1995, in the wake of the Republican takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives, Norquist, then- House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (who has since been convicted of money laundering), and Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff founded The K Street Project. The goal of the project was to facilitate the hiring of Republicans at top lobbying firms and then reward the firms by offering access to influential GOP officials. The explicit “pay-to-play” nature of the project is now illegal, however, in 2003 Republican lobbyists held 33 of the 36 top-level lobbying positions in Washington. During the midst of the project, Norquist told journalist Elizabeth Drew, “There should be as many Democrats working on K Street representing corporate America as there are Republicans working in organized labor—and that number is close to zero.” Norquist credited Abramoff—who was later convicted of mail fraud and conspiracy charges in a far-reaching political scandal—with “instigating the whole [K Street] project.”

In 1995, Norquist was hired by communist strongman France-Albert René—who ruled Seychelles from 1977 to 2004—to lobby before Congress. Asked how he could have a communist ruler who had been accused of human rights abuses as a client, Norquist stated that René (who took control of Seychelles in 1977 after a coup against the ruling Seychelles Democratic Party) was “a guy who preferred to not have elections for a number of years,” and said of René’s human rights record, “there were one or two people who people were suspected done in. But it was always fairly murky.” René was accused of employing systematic torture and other human rights abuses against political opponents, and in 1985 opposition leader Gérard Hoarau was assassinated in London. While René denied involvement in the assassination, he admitted to bugging Hoarau’s telephone and to listening in on Hoarau’s last phone call. During the phone call Hoarau changed the time of a doctor’s appointment. He then left his home and was assassinated while standing on his doorstep. British police later identified the murder weapon as the same type of gun used by the Seychelles police.

In 1995, Norquist and Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff worked to obtain a U.S. visa for Mobutu Sese Seko, the dictator of then-Zaire. Mobutu had been banned from the United States for perpetrating human rights abuses against the people of Zaire while embezzling billions of dollars from the country’s budget for his personal use. A 1996 report on human rights in Zaire published by the United Nations stated, “The right to life continues to be at the mercy of military bodies and the police, whose impunity is intact; judges impose the death penalty on a regular basis and the President does not decide on petitions for clemency; pillages, tortures, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, rape of detained women or victims of pillages have not stopped; public demonstrations are punished with disproportionate violence, the State continues to protect these abuses. Neither is there increased freedom of the radio or the television; prison conditions have not changed; there are no plans to establish the judicial equality of women nor to eradicate discrimination.”

According to The Nation magazine, “During the second half of the 1980s, Norquist detoured from his tax work to engage in a series of safaris to far-off battlegrounds in support of anti-Soviet guerrilla armies, visiting war zones from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border to southern Africa. Working alongside Col. Oliver North's freelance support network for the Nicaraguan contras and other Reagan Doctrine-allied insurgencies, Norquist promoted U.S. support for groups like Mozambique's RENAMO and Jonas Savimbi's UNITA in Angola, both of which were backed by South Africa's apartheid regime (Norquist represented UNITA as a registered lobbyist in the early 1990s).” In June 1985, Norquist—with the help of (now convicted) Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff—organized a “conference of worldwide insurgent leaders called the Democracy International.” The conference was located in Angolan territory held by UNITA. Attendees included mujahedeen from Afghanistan.

Norquist made regular visits to UNITA controlled territory during the 1980s. Although now a legitimate political party in Angola, the United States Department of Homeland Security has characterized UNITA from 1998 until the killing of Savimbi in 2002 by Angolan government forces as a terrorist organization. During this time period, Human Rights Watch described UNITA as “a rebel group led by Jonas Savimbi, [that] killed, abducted, and terrorized civilians with impunity.” The United States Institute of Peace wrote, “Savimbi is indeed responsible for a litany of crimes against humanity.” UNITA employed child soldiers throughout the Angolan Civil War, including during the time that Norquist was a registered lobbyist for the organization. Norquist ties to Savimbi were close, and he admitted to ghostwriting a number of op-eds for Savimbi during the 1980s promoting UNITA’s war against Soviet-backed MPLA. He even wore a UNITA issued uniform while visiting Angola, but admitting to taking it off when fighting broke out.

Norquist also supported RENAMO, an insurgent group accused of killing over 1,000,000 civilians in Mozambique. After Norquist visited RENAMO-held territory in 1987, he wrote a report praising RENAMO for calling for free elections and the free practice of religion, while falsely accusing RENAMO’s opponents of anti-Semitism. Norquist even met with President Ronald Reagan and urged him to support RENAMO, but the administration declined to aid RENAMO’s cause because of the group’s human rights record.

In July 1985, Norquist attended a conference hosted by the National Student Federation (NSF) in Johannesburg, South Africa. The NSF supported apartheid in South Africa and was allied with the pro-apartheid South African Defense Force (SADF). The SADF enforced apartheid policies and fought in the Angolan Bush War to preserve discriminatory treatment of Africans.

In 1981, Norquist served as campaign manager for corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s successful campaign to become chairman of the National College Republicans.

Chuck Norris (Celebrity Spokesperson)

In a January 2, 2024 op-ed for Townhall, Norris wrote about the November 2012 presidential election, stating, “Will the next four years of [President Barack] Obama intensify the secular progressive assault against our republic and your freedoms? Without a doubt!” He also gave advice to Republicans, stating, “You don't fight and win unconventional wars with conventional weapons; that's why we lost in November … What Washington wrote to the Continental Army before the Battle of Long Island should be inscribed on every patriot's wall now, given November's defeat: ‘The time is now near at hand which must probably determine, whether Americans are to be, Freemen, or Slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their Houses, and Farms, are to be pillaged and destroyed … We have therefore to resolve to conquer or die.’ As we walk into 2013, Gena and I have been asking again how we can best be used in the fight for God and country and seeking in particular how the God of our Founding Fathers would have us respond to November's political mudslide. We believe we know. And part of it means altering our strategies and approach as Washington did. I'll say this much: If you don't see Navy SEALs on the battlefield, don't assume for a moment that they're absent from the battle. They merely have gone stealth, underground (or underwater!), cloaked and engaged in covert measures and unconventional methods of warfare. Washington's words should be reread at the turn of this new year, especially by anyone who feels that the end is imminent.”

On November 1, 2012, Norris endorsed Judge Roy Moore for chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and released a radio ad with his wife, Gena. In the ad, Norris states, “America is at a tipping point and we must act. We need true patriots to get us out of the mess we're in. I know Judge Moore, and he is a true patriot.” Gena stated, “He has fought the ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union] and liberal judges to preserve our rights and freedoms … He knows our liberty is given by God, not government.” In 2003, Judge Roy Moore was removed from the office of chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing to abide by a federal court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the lobby of a state judicial building.

In an October 31, 2023 op-ed for Newsbusters, Norris wrote, “[President Barack] Obama can spin a fact, and even though it's wrong or untrue, we almost believe it. Then he sends his minions out to spin the same fact, hoping that if we hear it enough times, we finally will believe it. The attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, is a prime example. Even though Obama knew—from the moment of the assault—that it was a terrorist attack, he didn't let the American people know. We recently learned a drone was recording the attack in real time, and our president was watching from the Situation Room. It is clear that he chose to deceive the American people deliberately, saying it was a mob protest and blaming it on a video that nobody had seen.” Norris was referring to an attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya on September 11, 2012, in which Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed. On September 12, 2012, one day after the attack, President Obama spoke about the incident, saying, “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for." Furthermore, in an October 24, 2023 article, CBS reported that an audio feed of the attack—not a video—was being monitored live by Charlene Lamb , the Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Programs in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security at the State Department, not President Obama.

In an October 9, 2023 op-ed for Newsbusters, Norris stated, “On Oct. 7, 1780, American patriots prevailed against loyalists in the Carolinas and won their first Southern battle. The Battle of Kings Mountain is a victory not often highlighted today but was a critical win nonetheless. It shows the importance of patriots everywhere persevering in every battle against adversarial forces—even against those born on American soil. The cable network History documented how a loyalist militia under Maj. Patrick Ferguson, largely made up of South Carolina frontiersmen, was defeated by a patriot militia under Col. William Campbell at the Battle of Kings Mountain in North Carolina near the South Carolina border. Ferguson warned the patriots to lay down their arms or watch the loyalists ‘lay waste’ to their country ‘with fire and sword.’ But 1,000 patriot militiamen…courageously confronted Ferguson's loyalists, who were positioned on the rocky ridge of Kings Mountain. Losing the upper hand to what he called the ‘band of banditti,’ Ferguson tried to intimidate the patriots by sending a wall of loyalists blitzing down the mountain, but they were cut down in a hail of patriot bullets … Feels a lot like how we patriots are often outnumbered in modern cultural and political wars and elections, doesn't it? Surrounded by bands of adversaries born on American soil? Gone are the days when patriots…led attacks against loyalist posts during the Revolutionary War. But present today are many other great patriots, aside from the one in the presidential race—such as Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.; Rep. Allen West, R-Fla.; Rafael Edward ‘Ted’ Cruz, R-Texas; Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo.; Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, ‘Joe the Plumber,’ R-Ohio; and Judge Roy Moore, R-Ala.—who are fighting worthy battles in state election arenas at this very moment … We patriots, Christian and otherwise, must not allow that to happen Nov. 6, 2012! It's time for patriots everywhere to rally together again and take back America. As patriots did in the battle on Kings Mountain, we must take a stand in local and national elections and wage war again for our republic.”

In a September 25, 2023 op-ed for Townhall, Norris wrote, “Sometimes, as the saying goes, the truth really is stranger than fiction. There may have been some wild plotlines on ‘Walker, Texas Ranger,’ but there was nothing that compares to the scandal surrounding ‘Fast and Furious’—the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives operation that resulted in the loss of a distinguished Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry. The congressional investigation into "Fast and Furious" has been going on for more than a year, but it was stonewalled by Attorney General Eric Holder, who instead opened an internal investigation by the Department of Justice's inspector general … ‘Fast and Furious’ involved the ‘walking’ of guns into Mexico—an artful term for gun smuggling that was clearly illegal but nonetheless encouraged … There may be deeper motives for allowing these guns to walk into Mexico that remain unaccounted for. Is it possible that allowing an infusion of firearms to go into Mexico was intended to provoke an explosion of gun violence, thus prompting domestic politicians to call for sweeping new restrictions on our rights? The report is silent on this count … The inspector general's report is a chilling indictment of a collapse in leadership at the highest levels of federal law enforcement. There may be 14 staffers who take the fall, but it's clear that their politically appointed superiors were either asleep at the switch or willing to jeopardize public safety to push an agenda that remains undisclosed. Can anyone possibly need any more reasons to register to vote? The bottom line is that the American people deserve answers that go well beyond the inspector general's report. Congress needs to proceed with a comprehensive investigation, and it must have the unfettered cooperation and access that the Department of Justice thus far has withheld. And Justice is clearly in need of new leadership. Let's give it to them.” The DOJ Inspector General’s report released on September 19, 2012, which Norris refers to—though critical of officials in Washington, D.C. [the report recommended potential sanctions for 14 government employees]—stated that Attorney General Eric Holder had no advance knowledge of the tactics and risks involved in the “Fast and Furious” operation until after it was concluded in 2011.

In a September 16, 2023 op-ed for WND, Norris wrote, “Last time I checked, Americans were responsible for making our own laws. We do not invite foreign nations to have a say in how we govern ourselves within our own borders. Yet if you follow what’s been going on with the United Nations this year, you would know the U.S. came perilously close to having other countries dictate our gun laws. And the fight isn’t over yet. The United Nations has been debating an ‘Arms Trade Treaty’ for nearly a decade now. While the treaty is ostensibly focused on military arms, it has long been clear that the majority of U.N. delegates consider our personal firearms to be crying out for international regulation as well. The focus of the treaty would demand that governments regulate the sale and possession of firearms worldwide–all of them, including yours and mine … This summer, the debate reached a fever pitch during a month-long marathon negotiation session in July. The goal was to disgorge a treaty in time for the Obama administration to sign it before Election Day … The treaty was actually intended as a mechanism to submit our unique Second Amendment guarantees to international inspection–and condemnation … What can we do? We can ensure that we have a president who will not support the treaty, and a U.S. Senate that will not ratify the treaty it. That’s not a one-time commitment. Remember, once a treaty is enacted, it can be picked up at any time by a president and Senate … Throughout my life I’ve been committed to preserving our freedom from threats, both foreign and domestic. This proposed U.N. global gun-control treaty may not be an ‘invasion’ in the classic sense of the word but believe me, over time it represents the potential for encroachment of the greatest kind. Protect your rights by registering to vote today!” In reality, the U.N. Small Arms Treaty would set only international standards for the import/export of conventional weapons—leaving it to individual countries to “regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership.”

In a September 9, 2023 op-ed for World Net Daily, Norris wrote, “Fewer than 60 days remain before Election Day. I don’t need to tell you how important this election is to the future of our country. The stakes are high, and that’s why I proudly serve as honorary chairman of Trigger the Vote, the NRA’s nonpartisan campaign to register voters who support the Second Amendment. As a proud gun owner and defender of our Constitution, I am working within the system to make sure my voice is heard in Washington … There’s a storm brewing on the horizon. Those who want to restrict our freedom have not surrendered. In truth, they are counting on this election to make their move. They are playing the long game, looking down the road to a day when one or more vacancies on the Supreme Court could upset the current balance. The Heller and McDonald decisions were decided by razor-thin, 5-4 majorities in the Supreme Court. Those who want to overturn these decisions are betting on at least one of the five Supreme Court justices to retire or otherwise leave service during the next four years. Some pundits have suggested that the number of Supreme Court vacancies filled by the next president could be as many as three … Our freedoms hang in the balance by the thin gossamer thread of a single vote. If that vote turns, the victories we worked so hard to solidify could be reversed … We need to make sure we have a president whose nominees for any court – including the Supreme Court–will support the original meaning of our Constitution.” The Supreme Court, in District of Columbia v. Heller, held for the first time in U.S. history that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to firearm ownership for self defense in the home; striking down D.C.’s handgun ban. In McDonald v. Chicago, the Court held that the Second Amendment, as interpreted in Heller, applied to the states through the Due Process Clause.

On September 1, 2012, Norris published a video to his YouTube channel in which he and his wife, Gena, issued a “dire warning” for America. He stated, “We are here to talk about a growing concern we all share. If we look to history, our great country and freedom are under attack. We’re at a tipping point and quite possibly our country as we know it may be lost forever if we don’t change the course our country is headed.” Gena stated, “With our country at a crossroads, Chuck and I have asked ourselves what we can be doing to support this great country we are blessed to live in and how we can encourage our like minded brothers and sisters to unite and let their voices be heard. It is estimated that in the 2008 election, 30 million evangelical Christians stayed home on voting day and [President Barack] Obama won the election by 10 million votes.” Norris continued, “We know you love your freedom as much as Gena and I do, and it is because of that that we can no longer sit quietly or stand on the side lines and watch our country go the way of socialism or something much worse … As Edmund Burke said, ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men and women do nothing.’ Our great President Ronald Reagan said, ‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream, it must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Gena stated, “President Reagan went on to say that ‘You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this last best hope for man on earth or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.” Norris continued, stating, “Please stand with us. Let’s unite for God and country and may God continue to bless the United States of America.” The quote mentioned by Norris, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” is often attributed to Edmund Burke (who is often cited as the philosophical founder of modern Conservatism), but there is no evidence to indicate he ever said it.

In an August 19, 2023 op-ed for World Net Daily, Norris wrote, “Though America’s founders and framers of our Constitution built a framework that encouraged the freedom of religion, they trusted in God, the Creator, or Providence, to help, protect and provide for our new nation and the lives of its citizens. From our founding documents to their congressional deliberations and legislation, they advocated the role of religion and God in all they did, including intermingling their own Christian faith in their political convictions and choices. Our founders believed our republic was intended only for a moral and religious people, and that leaders of this nation should stand and fight for the same … When New York churches can no longer meet in public school settings, a federal court orders a Rhode Island public school to remove a prayer banner that has been posted for over five decades (and it complies), the federal government mandates Catholic institutions to cover abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives and sterilization (at no cost to the patient), the U.S. Air Force removes ‘God’ from the motto of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, the National Park Service omits the words ‘Laus Deo’ (Latin, 'Praise be to God') from a Washington Monument capstone replica, atheists continue to contest 'under God' in our Pledge of Allegiance, town councils can’t pray to start their meetings, evangelical pillars like Franklin Graham are subdued by gotcha-gangs in the mainstream media and cultural icons like football superstar Tim Tebow can’t even bow in silent prayer without criticism, etc., you can be assured that religious liberty (and Christianity, in particular) is under assault by secular progressives across America. And leading the national charge is none other than our own president, Barack Obama.” The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution explicitly prohibited the government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.”

In a July 31, 2023 op-ed for Townhall, Norris compared President Barack Obama’s statements in a July 17 speech in Roanoke, Virginia to ones by Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. Norris wrote, “President Barack Obama's recent business-related comments in Virginia (‘If you've got a business—you didn't build that; somebody else made that happen’) sounded more communistic than capitalistic … To Obama, government is your business partner; government is your savior; government is your hero; government is the economic caped crusader who swoops down like the Dark Knight to save your soul, sales and pocketbook … [His statements] represent, at the very least, his preferred philosophy for a European type of socialism.” President Obama stated in his Roanoke speech, “There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me—because they want to give something back. They know they didn’t – look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something–there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there. If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that.”

In a June 24, 2023 op-ed for World Net Daily, Norris accused President Barack Obama of conspiring with Boy Scouts of America (BSA) national board member James Turley to overturn the BSA policy that bans gay scouts and leaders, citing Turley’s “close affiliations with the pro-gay Obama administration.” Turley was nominated to President Barack Obama’s Export Council in 2010, was granted a seat on an investment advisory panel which met in October 2011, and attended a state dinner hosted by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House in March 2012. Norris wrote, “Is it a coincidence, too, that on March 3, 2009, Obama became the honorary president of the BSA–a position proudly and publicly held and highlighted by all presidents since President William Howard Taft in 1910, but that Obama’s induction was held behind closed doors in the Oval Office with seven or so Boy Scouts present and absolutely nothing noted in the White House daily briefing or any other official communication?” He continued, asking, “Is it a coincidence that as the honorary BSA president and a ‘constitutional lawyer’ that Obama hasn’t had one minute in his schedule over the past years to defend or say anything about the series of lawsuits that have been levied against the BSA because of its First Amendment rights to stand against atheists, agnostics and homosexuals? It is a coincidence that Obama will stand up repeatedly for the children of illegal immigrants (and grant them amnesty and the taxpayers’ monies) but that he will not once stand up for children in the BSA and the organization’s rights and freedoms to hold their own core values and beliefs?” Finally, Norris wrote, “Hasn’t America reached a new low in its history when the president of the United States (and the honorary president of the BSA!) distances himself and his administration from the Boy Scouts of America and yet invites groups like the Secular Student Alliance to participate in its faith and college missions?”

In a March 13, 2023 op-ed for, Norris wrote, “President Barack Obama’s energy plan involves radically increasing gas prices to the European rate of about $10 a gallon.” In fact, neither the President of the United States, nor the Department of Energy, sets the price of gas.

In a May 13, 2023 op-ed for, Norris criticized a proposal by the Obama Administration to prevent “children younger than 16 from doing ‘agricultural work with animals and in pesticide handling, timber operations, manure pits and storage bins’ while also forbidding them from using ‘power-driven equipment’ and working in the ‘cultivation, harvesting and curing of tobacco.’” Norris asked, “What’s next? The feds’ crackdown making it illegal for kids to wash dishes, because a knife might cut them? No grinding up food, because the garbage disposer might malfunction and start suddenly while their hand is in it? No more cooking or ironing, because their hands might get burned? No more housecleaning, because the Environmental Protection Agency has designated the mixture of certain cleaning chemicals as hazardous to touch or breathe in? Let’s get real, folks! How far do the feds have to mingle in our manure before we say enough is enough? How far do we have to slide down the slippery slope of socialism before the descent becomes irreversible, before we say, ‘Welcome to Greece’?” Norris further accused President Barack Obama of proposing the measure to continue “implementation of Agenda 21, a United Nations program launched in 1992 for the nebulous purpose of reaching global ‘sustainable development’ but which actually promotes a European socialist system that will undermine and chip away our freedoms, liberties and rights.”

During a November 2009 appearance on Fox News, when Norris was asked by host Sean Hannity about running for political office, he responded, “I’d be sitting here with my opponent debating, and then he would start attacking my character. And I’d jump over there and choke him unconscious.” When Hannity told Norris, “You have more control than that,” Norris responded, “I don’t. I don’t. I don’t. That’s the problem, I have a thin skin. And it was really tough in the film world. And believe me, in the political world I’d be killing half the people.” He concluded that the only way to get anything done in Washington would be to “choke out all the Democrats.”

In a November 9, 2023 op-ed for WorldNetDaily, Norris addressed president-elect Barack Obama, writing, “Quite frankly, that is why I’m surprised that a man like you, who professes to fight for minorities, would not recognize the clear value of a human life in the womb.”

In November 2008, Norris appeared with his wife Gena in a television advertisement in support of the California ballot initiative Proposition 8, which sought to ban gay marriage in the state. In the ad, Norris stated, “God created the first couple a man and a woman – there’s no reason to be ashamed of that fact.”

In a September 28, 2023 op-ed for WorldNetDaily, Norris wrote. “If there is any minority in the coastal states that is being discriminated against and actively suppressed, it is conservatives, and worst of all are religious conservatives – and everyone knows it … In a so-called age of tolerance, it amazes me just how intolerant some are of those who stand for traditional values. For example, if I stand against California’s memorializing of the Harvey Milk Day or stand for their constitutional amendment of Proposition 8 to safeguard heterosexual purity in marriage, ... I’m considered by many as intolerant and a bigot.” Harvey Milk Day celebrates the memory of gay activist and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Harvey Milk who was assassinated in 1978 by a political rival. Norris also named actor Mel Gibson as someone who has “stood for conservative values.” Gibson has been a controversial figure since a recording of an anti-Semitic rant during his 2006 DUI arrest appeared in the media.

In an August 10, 2023 op-ed for WorldNetDaily about the extra-marital affair of Democratic politician John Edwards, Norris wrote, “I myself have experienced it, as I wrote about in the chapter ‘A sin that became a blessing’ in my autobiography, ‘Against All Odds,’ in which I discuss an adulterous one-night stand in the early ’60s that resulted in my wonderful daughter, Dina.” In “Against All Odds,” Norris described several dates he and his friend went on with two sisters, despite the fact that Norris was married at the time. According to Norris, “One night Johanna and I went to a drive-in movie alone, and we engaged in sexual intercourse, right there in the car.” Norris went on to harshly criticize Edwards for his affair, writing, “Enduring public humiliation is not the only price a political leader should pay for improprieties; I think they should be disciplined, suspended, if not disposed from areas of future public service. The consequence of corruption should also be increased restrictions, if not a banning from certain areas of public service. If one cannot properly handle their private affairs, can we truly expect them to handle political ones?” In another column published in February 2007, Norris encouraged Newt Gingrich—who participated in multiple extra-marital affairs—to run for president “because despite personal past shortcomings, I believe Newt is a Republican as they used to be and, even more, meets the criteria established by men of old.”

Norris implored California’s then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to support off-shore oil drilling in a June 23, 2023 op-ed for WorldNetDaily by writing, “Arnold, my hope is that you are not being muscled by environmental thugs, when the majority of Americans are needing and crying out for your representation, too. We must be willing to lay aside our partisan politics and do what’s best for Americans. Now is not the time to cater to the coral-reef crowd, especially when drilling is much more environmentally safe than it was in 1981 when the ban to drill was enacted.” Less than two years later, an offshore drilling disaster took the lives of 11 workers and caused up to 4.9 million barrels of oil to spill into the Gulf of Mexico.

Shortly before the 2008 presidential election, Norris appeared in an ad for the National Rifle Association and stated, “I’m Chuck Norris, a black belt patriot. If some thug breaks into my home I can use my roundhouse kick, but I prefer he look down the barrel of my gun.”

In an October 8, 2023 op-ed for WorldNetDaily entitled “Is the American Military ‘The Christian Taliban’?” Norris wrote “The fact is, our country is more obsessed with highlighting Christian fundamentalist abuses than we are the plots and ploys of Muslim extremists who are attacking our troops.”

In a September 10, 2023 op-ed for WorldNetDaily, Norris provided his readers with a link to, a website devoted to propagating conspiracy theories about the September 11, 2023 terrorist attacks. claims that the United States government was involved in, or aware of, the terrorist plot that left nearly 3,000 dead. Norris went on to draw a link between the Barbary Wars, an 18th and 19th century conflict between the United States Navy and the Barbary States of North Africa, and modern Islamic extremism, writing, “Before America was a new nation, Muslim extremists hated the West. When America was born, she was aligned with the Western (“Christian”) countries and therefore became an enemy of them as well. What we witness today in our relations with extremists is essentially no different than back then, except the stakes are much higher and more costly.”

In an August 27, 2023 op-ed for WorldNetDaily, Norris wrote, “As illegal immigrants continue crime sprees from New Jersey to Oregon, and our government fails to produce a suitable resolution to the immigrant crisis, now more than ever is the time to beat the doors of change and save the shores of Americana.” He went on to offer a number of solutions to the immigration issue in the United States, suggesting, “We need to immediately quit subsidizing the costs for illegal immigrants’ residency in America. How long will we allow them to siphon millions upon millions from honest, taxpaying Americans by supporting their health care, welfare, education and criminal expenses? … If arrested, law enforcement needs to check the immigrant status of criminals. If they’re illegal, deport them. Far cheaper is their deportation than the lifelong leeching from genuine taxpaying citizens … To preserve our heritage, distinction and encourage one common language, we must make English the official (though obviously not the exclusive) language of the U.S.” Norris’s assertion that taxpayers subsidize illegal immigration is disputed. According to The Daily Beast, “The consensus among most economists is that immigration, both legal and illegal, provides a small net boost to the economy. Immigrants provide cheap labor, lower the prices of everything from produce to new homes, and leave consumers with a little more money in their pockets. They also replenish—and help fund benefits for—an aging American labor force that will retire in huge numbers over the next few decades. Also, an increase in the number of American workers is needed to prevent the U.S. from having too few working-age adults to pay for retiree benefits in a few decades, as many European nations currently do.”

In a July 23, 2023 op-ed for WorldNetDaily entitled, “Don’t Send Your Kids to College–Before You Read This,” Norris claimed that institutes of higher learning in the United States train “students to disdain America, freely experiment sexually, forcefully defend issues like abortion and homosexuality, as well as become cultural advocates for political correctness, relativism, globalization, green agendas and tolerance for all.” He then wrote that parents should encourage their children to “attend a private, conservative or Christian college or university.”

In a May 14, 2023 op-ed for WorldNetDaily, Norris wrote, “Though the U.S. Constitution outlaws religious discrimination, these [atheist] organizations and individuals would love nothing more than to help society look with distain upon Christianity and, ultimately, make its components illegal. In fact, right now, they are coalescing and rallying at least 5 million of their troops to mount counter offensives to Christianity. For that reason I believe theistic patriots need to be wise to atheists’ overt and covert schemes, exposing their agenda and fighting to lay waste to their plans.” Norris also bemoaned that “Congress passed what might become one of the most religiously restrictive pieces of legislation in history: H.R. 1592, ‘The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act.’ With Senate approval, this bill will expand the law against such hate crimes, allowing federal funds and other resources to assist local law enforcement to deter and punish acts of violence committed against an individual because of the victim’s race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. While the bill purports to target crimes of brutality, not speech, it could very easily end up (even inadvertently) restricting First Amendment rights of Christians to speak freely against such anti-biblical practices as homosexuality and transvestitism … Once enforced, what would stop a clergy from being accused as an accessory to a hate crime, after he preached to his church on Sunday about the woes of same-sex marriage and discovered on Monday one of his congregants got in a fight with a homosexual co-worker as a result of a moral altercation? The fact is, if the hate-crime bill passes, pastors could easily become pulpit partners in crime.”

In an April 9, 2023 op-ed for WorldNetDaily entitled, “Bringing the Bible Back into Public Schools,” Norris claimed, “The Scripture was the bedrock and blueprint of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, academic arenas and heritage until the last quarter of a century.” He then endorsed the controversial National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools (NCBCPS). The constitutionality of the NCBCPS curriculum is highly suspect, and the program has been withdrawn from a number of school districts after legal challenge. According to a report by the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund, “the NCBCPS curriculum was plagued by shoddy research, plagiarism and a bias that favored one religious perspective Protestant fundamentalism over all others.”

In a March 26, 2023 op-ed for WorldNetDaily, Norris complained that English settlers were being portrayed in a negative light compared to Native Americans at the Jamestown Settlement Museum. He went on to write, “British culture is not the only thing disappearing at Jamestown–so is Christianity.” Norris then addressed a resolution passed by the Virginia General Assembly expressing “profound regret” for the state’s role in slavery, stating, “I find the timing of these confessions particularly intriguing, especially being offered in our overly sensitive, appeasing culture during the 400th anniversary year of Jamestown.” Norris then downplayed the hardships experienced by Africans living in the Jamestown settlement and concluded, “While I would never condone slavery (of the Africans) or the slaughter of innocent lives (of the Indians) by these early colonists, I believe softening the gala of the 400th anniversary from ‘a celebration’ to ‘a commemoration’ is an unnecessary extreme. The Jamestown Settlement has unfortunately catered to the world community at the cost of compromising history, truth and culture. At the same time they are inadvertently fertilizing prejudicial grounds against England, Christianity and these early settlers. By reducing British contributions, eliminating the colony’s Christian mission, offering a ‘timely’ apology for its racial bigotry and adding a dash of environmental education (thrown in for good measure), the organizers of the 400th anniversary of Jamestown have certainly created a recipe for Pocahontas’ perfect politically correct party. Congratulations, America! You’ve been sold out again.”

In a February 5, 2023 op-ed for WorldNetDaily, Norris urged his readers to support only Christian candidates for political office, and claimed that Thomas Jefferson “could never have imagined a democracy in which its congressmen were sworn into government upon a Quran.” Members of Congress raise their right hand to take the oath of office and do not place their hand on any religious book. Some Members choose to hold a religious text during the process and, in 2007, Democrat Keith Ellison held a copy of the Koran once owned by Thomas Jefferson.

oliver North (Board Member)

In a March 4, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, North wrote, “The U.S. House of Representatives has joined the race for D.C. dunce. On Feb. 28, the House passed the Senate’s version of the Obama administration’s expanded Violence Against Women Act. Left-leaning pundits proclaim that the new law will somehow provide additional protections for American-Indian women, homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people and immigrants. In short, you are covered by this ‘new protection’ as long as you can prove you are not a heterosexual white male … While we’re passing new laws to protect women, we’re putting them into U.S. military ground combat units. Perhaps fear of prosecution will prevent enemy combatants from raping our female soldiers and Marines on the battlefield.” North also spoke about Secretary of State John Kerry, stating, “Mr. Kerry also is showing his independence from the White House. When Nobel laureate Barack Obama travels overseas, he prefers to bow to foreign potentates and apologize for America. Instead of apologizing in foreign capitals, Mr. Kerry prefers to insult us … The German kids also laughed and applauded Mr. Kerry for saying, ‘In America, you have a right to be stupid.’ He should know. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump: ‘Stupid is as stupid does.’” President Obama has bowed to several foreign dignitaries during the course of his presidency, including the Saudi King, the Emperor of Japan, and the Queen of England, as a customary gesture of respect upon greeting them.

In a January 11, 2024 op-ed for Townhall, North wrote about Vice President Joe Biden’s announcement two days earlier that President Barack Obama would consider the use of executive orders/action as a means to combat gun violence. North stated, “Those words –‘executive orders, executive action’—used in conjunction with constitutionally protected rights and liberties, ought to alarm us all.” During his first term in office, President Obama issued fewer executive orders than any president since Grover Cleveland. North continued, writing, “Hard evidence of public support for new restrictions on firearms ownership by law-abiding citizens is hard to find.” In fact, numerous national polls found overwhelming public support for new firearms regulations in the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012, in which 20 children and 6 adults were killed. One public opinion poll conducted by the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health in January 2013 found that 89% of all Americans and 74% of NRA members supported requiring a background check on all gun sales. It also found that 77% of Americans support banning the sale of semi-automatic weapons and 76% support banning the sale of large-capacity ammunition magazines holding more than 10 bullets.

Oliver North (Board Member)

On the December 18, 2023 broadcast of the Glenn Beck Radio Program, North spoke to Joe Pags about President Barack Obama’s administration, stating “We’re in deep trouble in America … The background of all of this is a condition of governance today which is bereft of moral leadership. It is absent of any vision for America other than leading from behind and acquiescing to a global perspective that somehow the United Nations is gonna solve our problems if we simply surrender our sovereignty, our independence and our ability to defend ourselves.” North was referring to a U.N. Small Arms Treaty that would set only international standards for the import/export of conventional weapons—leaving it to individual countries to “regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership.” Pags asked North, “How is it that we’ve gotten to that point in this country that the government thinks we work for them and not the other way around?” North replied, “This, I think, relates a lot to what just transpired up in Connecticut and what we’ve now seen with these killings. Over the course of the last fifty years, basically two and a half generations, this country has walked away from its founding principles. We’ve said, we’re not gonna allow prayer in schools. Role models that I grew up with, to give you an example my dad was a soldier. Two wars, Korea and World War II. Every one of my male teachers was either a veteran of World War II, or Korea, or both. These were people I looked up to … Where are those guys and people today? Are parents taking the kids to Sunday school or church? Are they taking them and showing them the positive, adult, male role models in life?” North was referring to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in which 20 first-grade students and six adults were shot and killed. Pags asked North, “I think we’ve got too many single parent households. I don’t know how we got here. Is government to blame for that at all, or have we as a society rolled over and said, ‘Forget it. We don’t have to worry about the old value system’? North replied, “Well, I think to an extent both are true. First of all, the idea of no-fault divorce became very, very attractive back in the 60s. The idea that we’re not gonna allow prayer or God to be mentioned in schools. We’ve all talked about the War on Christmas the last couple of years but, it’s not just Christmas. It’s the entire Judeo-Christian framework of our country.”

In a November 1, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, North wrote, “When Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston and Roger Sherman sat down to draft the Declaration of Independence, they began with a ‘Bill of Particulars’ against King George III. They accused the monarch of ‘repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.’ Now, 236 years later, ‘We the People’ are about to decide whom we should hire as our chief executive and commander in chief. It’s an appropriate time to review the grievances of our Founding Fathers—and examine the offenses committed by our present head of state”:

  • “HE has redefined Marriage and enacted Rules and Regulations abridging the religious Liberties and Freedom of Conscience protected by the First Amendment of our Constitution by requiring church-affiliated Institutions to provide Insurance Coverage for Contraception and Abortions under Obamacare.” Though President Barack Obama has stated publicly that he supports same-sex marriage, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which defines marriage as that between a man and a woman, remains law. Furthermore, while the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does require religiously affiliated institutions to provide insurance coverage for contraception, it did not in any way alter existing, strict federal restrictions on the funding of abortion.
  • “HE has bowed to foreign Potentates, begged our Adversaries for Space and Time until after the Election, and apologized for the Blood and Treasure expended by brave Americans in offering Others the Hope of Freedom.” President Obama has bowed to several foreign dignitaries during the course of his presidency, including the Saudi King, the Emperor of Japan, and the Queen of England, as a customary gesture of respect upon greeting them. North’s “Space and Time” reference is in regards to a discussion President Obama had with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, in which he told Medvedev he would have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious foreign policy issues, such as missile defense, following the November 2012 elections. North was also likely referring to speeches President Barack Obama gave in 2009. “Blood and Treasure” might reference a speech in Strasbourg, France on April 3, 2009, in which President Obama stated, “America Has Shown Arrogance.” Additionally, in President Obama’s address to the Summit of the Americas opening ceremony in the Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago on April 17, 2009, he stated, “While the United States has done much to promote peace and prosperity in the hemisphere, we have at times been disengaged, and at times we sought to dictate our terms. But I pledge to you that we seek an equal partnership.”
  • “HE declared an act of Terrorism at Fort Hood, Texas, to be workplace Violence… [and] failed to dispatch military Force to save Americans in Harm’s way in Benghazi.” North was referring to a mass shooting at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009. In that shooting, Nidal Hassan, an Army psychiatrist killed 12 people and wounded 30 others. The Department of Defense classified the shooting as “workplace violence.” He was also referring to an attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya on September 11, 2012. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the attack. Congressional hearings revealed that the State Department was aware of, and rejected, several requests for increased security in Benghazi; however, Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the U.S. House Oversight Subcommittee on National Security stated on October 9, 2023 that House Republicans had consciously voted to reduce the funds allocated to the State Department for embassy security since winning the majority in 2010. When asked if he had voted to reduce funding for embassy security, Chaffetz stated, “Absolutely. Look we have to make priorities and choices in this country. We have…15,000 contractors in Iraq. We have more than 6,000 contractors, a private army there, for President Obama, in Baghdad. And we’re talking about can we get two dozen or so people into Libya to help protect our forces. When you’re in tough economic times, you have to make difficult choices. You have to prioritize things.”

In a September 27, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, North wrote to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney some of the things U.S. Armed Services members would like to hear from him at the first presidential debate, stating, “I proffer a few lines you may want to use in the upcoming debates. Full disclosure here: These aren't my ideas. This is what the brightest and bravest of this generation now in uniform hope to hear from our next president:”

  • “If you make me your commander in chief, I will bow to God Almighty—but never to a foreign potentate.” North was likely referring to President Barack Obama bowing to several foreign dignitaries during the course of his presidency, including the Saudi King, the Emperor of Japan, and the Queen of England.
  • “I never will apologize for the blood and treasure our country has sacrificed in offering others the hope of freedom.” North was likely referring to speeches President Barack Obama gave in 2009. For example, in a speech in Strasbourg, France, April 3, 2009, President Obama stated, “America has shown arrogance.” In President Obama’s address to the Summit of the Americas opening ceremony in the Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago on April 17, 2009, he stated, “While the United States has done much to promote peace and prosperity in the hemisphere, we have at times been disengaged, and at times we sought to dictate our terms. But I pledge to you that we seek an equal partnership.”
  • “I never will call an act of terrorism ‘workplace violence.’” North was referring to a mass shooting at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009. In that shooting, Nidal Hassan, an Army psychiatrist killed 12 people and wounded 30 others. The Defense Department classified the shooting as “workplace violence.”
  • “I never will announce an arbitrary deadline for withdrawing from battle and give advantage to our adversaries.” North was referring to President Barack Obama’s June 22, 2011, announcement that he would withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by 2014 as Afghan security forces replace them.
  • “I won't beg the Russians –or anyone else—for more ‘space,’ saying I can be more ‘flexible’ after an election.” North was referring to a discussion President Obama had with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, in which he told Medvedev he would have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious foreign policy issues, such as missile defense, following the November 2012 elections.
  • “Though I am committed to reducing the size and cost of the federal government, I will insist that Congress provide funds necessary to deter aggression, keep America's military No. 1 in the world and keep faith with all who have served and who now look—often in vain—for a good job.” North was likely referring to President Obama’s plan to cut $487 billion in planned military spending by 2022. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called the cuts acceptable and because of budget restraints, inevitable.

In an August 14, 2023 interview with Newsmax, North stated that the killing of American soldiers by our Afghan allies “is the bitter harvest of [President] Barack Obama’s decision to announce withdrawal.” In North’s words, “Even though it was announced over a year ago, what you’re seeing is the rush to the exits. The need to increase the number of recruits for the Afghan National Security Forces, meaning the Army and the police, their intelligence services, has gone up dramatically. The ability to screen them as they’re coming in and vet out those who might be terrorists is almost gone. So the end result is the terrorists now know if they’re going to kill an infidel, you’ve only got a short window in which to get it done. You’re going to see a whole lot more of this. It’s become the number-one killer of Americans, replacing the IED as the most lethal part of this war, and it’s all because an announcement was made telling everybody, the enemy included, when we were leaving.” When asked if radical Islam was still a threat to American citizens, North replied, “Well you certainly wouldn’t know it by the way this White House and the State Department are acting, but yes, it is. [Some Americans] think the War on Terror is won just because bin Laden is dead and oh, by the way, Barack Obama did it. The fact is radical Islam will continue to be a major threat to American interests and our citizens, and another attack like 9/11 or the embassy attacks back in the 90s under the Clinton administration are entirely likely unless America does more to make sure that radical Islam does not get a toehold in places where they can train for those kinds of activities.” On June 22, 2011, President Obama announced that he would withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by 2014 as Afghan security forces replace them.

In a July 28, 2023 op-ed for Townhall, North wrote, “When Alexander the Great died at the age of 32 in 323 B.C., his once unbeatable army began a 2,900-mile withdrawal from India and headed home to Macedonia. As they retreated, the empire they had created collapsed behind them. To prevent pursuit, Alexander's royal cavalry and infantry dealt viciously with all internal dissent, destroyed cities and burned bridges. The Russians employed a similar scorched-earth tactic against Napoleon in 1812, as did the Red Army when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. It's a maneuver now being employed both domestically and internationally by [President] Barack Obama.” North also addressed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ “Fast and Furious” gun trafficking investigation on the southwest border, stating, “[In Mexico] nearly 50,000 people have been killed in drug-fueled violence since 2006. With narco-terrorism now spreading to neighboring Guatemala and Honduras, the [Obama administration] decided to allow thousands of firearms to flow across the U.S. border to drug cartels in the ill-conceived "Fast and Furious" operation. The result: more dead Mexicans, at least one dead American Border Patrol agent and Attorney General Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress [for failure to comply with a congressional subpoena].” A report released by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General on September 19, 2023 found that there is no evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder was aware of the tactics used in "Fast and Furious" until after it was concluded in 2011.

On June 6, 2012, the Washington Post published an article reporting that Oliver North may have plagiarized a part of his May 18, 2023 Memorial Day op-ed at a Fox News website. In the piece, North claimed that he turned to a “dear friend”—an Army vet and Medal of Honor recipient named Sammy L. Davis—to explain why it is important for veterans to travel to Washington to honor those who died in the Vietnam War. Davis, responded, according to North, by stating, “Comrades gather because they long to be with the men who once acted their best, men who suffered and sacrificed, who were stripped raw, right down to their humanity … I did not pick these men. They were delivered by fate. But I know them in a way I know no other men. I have never given anyone such trust. They were willing to guard something more precious than my life. They would have carried my reputation, the memory of me. It was part of the bargain we all made, the reason we were so willing to die for one another.” These words appear verbatim in “These Good Men: Friendships Forged in War,” a 1990 memoir written by Michael Norman, a Vietnam War veteran. Davis told Norman that North never asked him for the comment, and though Davis emailed Norman’s quote to North, he never intended for North to publish it. After a reporter brought the issue to Fox News’ attention, the op-ed was removed and re-posted without the passage. An appended editor’s note was included that mentioned, without explanation, that the paragraphs had been removed and that North had included them “through no fault of his own.” Later, the column was removed from Fox’s website altogether.

In October 2011, North phoned into America’s Radio News to criticize a decision by the Obama administration to recall all troops from Iraq by the end of 2011. North said, “This administration was committed to doing away with America’s military force, basically, years ago. They are now carrying that out.” He also claimed that the “the people who are most glad of this [withdrawing from Iraq] aren’t going to be Americas soldiers, sailors, airmen, or marines. Its gonna be the Iranians.” When the interviewer began to ask, “You say this administration has failed foreign policies, but they got [Osama] bin Laden, they got [Muammar] Ghaddafi, they’re doing what most Americans want which is getting out of Iraq,” North interrupted, “The unmanned aerial vehicles—which our colleagues in the media mistakenly call ‘drones’—were bought under the budget provided by George W. Bush. They’ve more than quadrupled the numbers of them available. As you’ve noticed, most of the action is now taking place with special operations troops who were recruited and funded by the Bush Administration.” When asked whether President Obama could take any credit for using the drone program “to great effect,” North stated, “[The President] is taking some of the advice provided by the military commanders on the battlefield, using assets that were not available during the Bush Administration. But they had the foresight to go ahead and start building these things, paying for them, and recruiting the people—I’m talking specifically now about the special operators—who could go on the ground and validate that the target was the real thing.” North also called the United States intervention in Libya a failure because of the Obama Administration’s decision to not send American combat troops into Libya.

North appeared on “Hannity” on March 21, 2023 and expressed his belief that it is “beyond” President Barack Obama to serve as Commander and Chief. “[He] has done nothing but apologize for America” since becoming President, North said of Obama.

In a January 7, 2024 op-ed for the Patriot Post, North expressed his belief that “death panels” existed in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 health care reform bill.

North alluded to the potential repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy In a June 2010 opinion piece for Fox News, writing, “The present commander-in-chief has decided to treat the young men and women of our military like lab rats in a radical social-engineering experiment.”

In March 2010, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) accused North of misrepresenting how donations to his Freedom Alliance charity were being used. CREW disputed North’s claim that, “There’s no overhead. There’s no expenses taken out. Every penny that’s donated or that’s raised through things like the Freedom Concerts goes to the scholarship fund.”

On February 4, 2010, North appeared on “Hannity” and said that a repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy would lead to, “NAMBLA [North American Man/Boy Love Association] members, same-sex marriages [in the Armed Forces]. Are chaplains in the U.S. military going to be required to perform those kinds of rituals? Do they get government housing?”

North's Freedom Alliance has donated money to the Team America PAC, an anti-immigration Political Action Committee founded by former Representative Tom Tancredo (R-CO). Team America PAC is perhaps best known not for its political work but for an incident in which intoxicated Executive Director Marcus Epstein attempted to karate chop an African American woman in the head while calling her the N-word. Epstein pled guilty, but retained his position with Team America.

In January 2009, North called former Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC)—who famously and fiercely opposed the creation of a national Martin Luther King Jr. Day—“ a man of rare principle and fortitude in a town full of politicians who stick their fingers in the wind to determine how to vote.”

At a March 1993 Republican fundraising dinner attended by 250 people, North delivered remarks pretending to be a homosexual caller to the White House. North joked that he had tried to call President Bill Clinton, but the switchboard didn’t put him through until he adopted an exaggerated, effeminate lisp. When North was asked to apologize for his remarks by the Fairfax Lesbian and Gay Citizens Association, he responded, “If it angered some subset, that’s their problem.”

North was a central figure in the Iran-Contra Affair. The political scandal, which came to light in November 1986, involved U.S. officials violating an arms embargo to sell weapons to Iran, and then using the residual profits to fund Contra rebels in Nicaragua. North oversaw the transfer of the arms profits to the Contras, who engaged in widespread human rights abuses, including the rape and murder of civilians. They also had links to drug traffickers. In July 1987, North admitted to lying to Congress and shredding important documents related to the Iran-Contra scheme, which he referred to as a “neat idea.” He was later indicted on 16 felony counts before being convicted on three of them in 1989. The conviction was vacated in 1990.

On September 17, 1987, North sought leniency for Honduran General José Bueso Rosa. Rosa tried to ship $40 million worth of cocaine to the United States in order to fund an attempt to assassinate Honduran President Roberto Suazo Córdoba but was caught by the FBI. North was afraid that if he did not help Rosa avoid a long jail sentence, the general would expose the extent of the United State’s support of the Contra rebels.

On May, 5 1985, North wrote to Admiral John Poindexter, “You will recall that over the years Manuel Noriega in Panama and I have developed a fairly good relationship.” At the time North was attempting to strike a deal where the United States would help improve the dictator’s image in exchange for Noriega’s help in defeating the Sandinistas. North’s exchange with Poindexter also revealed that North had met Noriega on a boat on the Potomac River.

Ted Nugent (Board Member)

In March 2013 Nugent spoke on conspiracy theorist Pete Santilli’s online radio show. On his website, Santilli has promoted a conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, in which 20 first-graders and six adults were killed, was a “satanic sacrifice.” Santilli also posted images that suggest the shooting was predicted by a map seen in the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises.” Nugent told Santilli, “I know that if you believe animals have rights, I promise I will kill an extra hundred just for you … You see, I never poisoned my body. My parents taught me that my gift of life is embodied in the sacred temple. So no drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco and no fat chicks. Stuff will kill you, Pete, I'm telling you, it's deadly. But I have been known to chew on a Cuban, that's a cigar. I wouldn't chew on a Cuban, they haven't figured out personal hygiene yet.” Nugent also spoke about President Barack Obama, stating, “The President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama went to the Vietnam Memorial Wall. He did his smoke and mirrors scam. He pretended to show respect and honor, 58,000 American warriors who died fighting communism. And then he hired, appointed and associates with communists.” There is no evidence that President Obama has ever hired a communist. As for Nugent, he admitted evading the draft for the Vietnam War by taking controlled substances and smearing his body with feces before a fitness exam. Nugent continued in the interview, stating, “If you can't see through the dishonesty and the scamming of this president with that scenario fresh in your mind, then that's literally like, I guess that would be like, I don't know, a German in 1938 pretending to respect the Jews and then going home and putting on his brown shirt and forcing his neighbors onto a train to be burned to death. So we really have a rotten, rotten man in the White House who I am convinced hates America, hates individuality.”

In a March 2013 interview with Brett Winterble on Sirius XM radio, Nugent stated, “I took my machine gun in the helicopter—in the Texas hill country—me and my buddy ‘Pigman.' His name is ‘Pigman’; I’m the swine czar. I killed 455 hogs with my machine gun. I did it for Bill Maher and all those other animal rights freaks out there.” Bill Maher is a political commentator, host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and a board member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

In February 2013, Nugent appeared on right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ radio show. Jones has accused the U.S. government of being involved in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Nugent said, “Alex, you're doing God's work … What you're celebrating, and what you are sharing with the radio listeners out there is indisputable, it's irrefutable, and I got to thank you because it's so late in coming that those of us with the balls and the inside view of the criminality of this government right now, the unprecedented abuse of power and corruption and fraud and deceit by the Chicago gangster scammer ACORN-in-Chief [President Barack Obama] is so diabolical that I just wanted to say thank you from the trenches.” Nugent was making reference to ACORN, a community activist organization and its affiliate, Project Vote. After the 2008 election, the John McCain (R-AZ) campaign accused the group of perpetrating “massive voter fraud.” Neither ACORN nor its employees have ever been found guilty of—or even charged with—casting fraudulent votes. Several ACORN canvassers have been found guilty of faking registration forms. The evidence shows that the canvassers faked the forms to get paid for work they didn’t do, not to stuff ballot boxes. A report by the Congressional Research Service, the nonpartisan public policy research arm of the U.S. Congress, stated that there were no instances of individuals who were allegedly registered to vote improperly by ACORN or its employees and who were reported "attempting to vote at the polls."

In a December 31, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent offered Vice President Joe Biden his “services and a lifetime of expertise on guns” as Biden prepared to chair a Presidentially-appointed task force on gun violence prevention in the wake of a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut in which 20 first-grade students and six adults were killed. Nugent wrote, “Clearly, the focus on solving these mass murders must be on the mentally ill. In almost every instance of mass killing, there were ample red flags and warning alarms that either were avoided or were not acted upon by mental health professionals, family members, friends and acquaintances. While I deeply respect an individual’s privacy and civil liberties, the American people need basic awareness of what indicators to look for regarding potentially violent, psychotic people … You will find in your assessment that all of the massacres have occurred in gun-free zones. What gun-free zones create is an environment where good people are unarmed and virtually defenseless against an unstable person intent on committing mass murder. Gun-free zones are modern killing fields. I implore you to recommend that Congress pass a law to ban gun-free zones immediately … I encourage you also to keep this misnamed ‘gun violence’ in perspective. While all deaths are tragic, the vast majority of gun-related murders and violence are committed by gang members who do not use guns that look like—but do not perform like—military assault weapons.” Despite Nugent’s claims, one study found that only one-third of mass shootings (in which four or more innocents are killed) occurring between January 2009 and January 2013 occurred in “gun-free zones.” Additionally, the FBI Uniform Crime Report indicates that only approximately 10% of homicides annually in the United States are related to gang activity.

In a December 18, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent wrote about the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in which 20 first-grade students and six adults were shot and killed. Nugent wrote, “Something is causing young loners to pick up guns and slaughter people … The ugly and dangerous truth is that we live in an embarrassing, politically correct culture that exalts and rejoices in the bizarre; aggressively promotes an ‘anything goes’ value system; and vilifies, condemns and mocks traditional societal values and customs at every opportunity. More laws and more restrictions won’t fix our culture. T he problem we face is much deeper and more insidious. What ails us is a spiritual bankruptcy of cultural values that actually matter … As with most things, the cure to this mess begins and ends with the family. Traditional family values have been under siege for decades by our culture of contempt. In the absence of a solid family, the whole thing slowly unravels and rots.”

In a December 3, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent wrote, “In addition to slaughtering the three sacred entitlement cows that consume a vast majority of the federal budget (and I use the term budget generously), let’s truly spread the pain around and raise taxes on everyone, including the nearly 50 percent of Americans who pay zero federal income taxes. Those Americans need to have some skin in the game, too … Let’s also stop the insanity by suspending the right to vote of any American who is on welfare. Once they get off welfare and are self-sustaining, they get their right to vote restored. No American on welfare should have the right to vote for tax increases on those Americans who are working and paying taxes to support them … We also need to get our voting system straightened out and eliminate voter fraud. We need to ensure that only Americans vote by requiring polling places to validate the identification of each voter.” Research has shown that in-person voter fraud is extremely rare in the United States.

In a November 21, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent wrote, “In yet another never-ending series of terminal ding-dong moves, members of the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union went on strike and drove Hostess out of business, providing one more stinking example of how labor unions can no longer have their cake and it eat it, too … Labor unions are bad for business. With just these four short opening paragraphs, the allergic-to-logic, empty Twinkie heads of anti-capitalism liberals are surely spinning ‘round and ‘round. They will ignorantly shriek that big business is greedy and needs more government regulation, that businesses have all kinds of obligations to their employees, that labor unions are still needed and that liberals know what is best for the economy … Unemployed long enough, even liberals with noggins full of economic balderdash put there by comedians Jon Stewart and Bill Maher, and liberal college instructors who have never owned or managed a business will begin to understand that anti-business, pro-union liberalism doesn’t pay the rent. Ding-dong that.” Hostess, the maker of Twinkies and Ding-Dongs, filed for bankruptcy in January 2012. On November 9, 2012, Hostess employees went on strike after the company imposed a contract cutting worker’s wages by 8 percent and benefits by 27 percent to 32 percent. In mid-November 2012, the company began selling its factories and assets. Hostess also began laying off its 18,500 workers.

In a November 15, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent wrote, “What our nation may not be strong enough to survive is four more years of [President Barack] Obama and his Big Wrecking Crew government liberal jihad, which has wreaked havoc on all of America. Our major cities, run for decades by corrupt Democratic regimes, are broke, rusting wrecks full of unemployed scavengers … The president dares to articulate the Republican talking points while his entrenched political programs, ideologies and policies always have been and always will be designed to create dependence on Fedzilla and transform America into something resembling the toilet-bowl nation of Cuba and every other socialist hell zone known to mankind. Insanity is personified. America is tipping over a financial ledge of which I suspect many of those who voted for the president have no basic understanding or appreciation. All they are interested in is more free candy from Uncle Sugar Daddy … The denial curse of liberalism sure comes in handy when hiding from the truth, thereby accelerating disaster. Dopey is as dopey does. Toke on that, Bill Maher. While I’m just a humble love-song composer and deer slayer, I’m smart enough to know we are not going to borrow and spend our way to prosperity while also increasing the gluttonous obesity tantrum of Fedzilla. Mouth-breathing Obama supporters, and obviously Mr. Obama himself, don’t understand this. They are comfortably dumb about basic economics.”

On November 13, 2012, Nugent tweeted, “Since soulless animal rights fools hate nature I will kill many deer for them.”

In a November 8, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent wrote about the reelection of President Barack Obama, stating, “We have fallen far and fast. Instead of electing a serious-minded, proven professional, America went once again with a guy whose most impressive qualification is that of a questionable ‘Chicago’ community organizer. I don’t mean Chicago in a geographic sense. President John F. Kennedy would have been appalled … We have decayed into a nation of gluttonous, soulless pigs who feast on whatever Fedzilla provides by taking from one group of Americans (the producers) and giving to others (the takers) who haven’t earned it and don’t deserve it … The pigs have come home to wallow in the mud of the Washington swamp, and we have a group of professional political punks—master scam artists—who are all too happy to shovel more slop while advocating that the producers should be punished further by raising their taxes and restricting entrepreneurs with business-wrecking overregulation … I’m not nearly as surprised with the outcome of the presidential election as I’m disheartened and disgusted that my fellow Americans can be this woefully uninformed, easily manipulated and thunderously ignorant. I’ve got a rotting fence post smarter than these mouth breathers. If you voted for [President Barack] Obama, you are thunderously dumb and incredibly naïve … Thanks for nothing, numbskulls.”

In the early hours of the morning following Election Day 2012, Nugent tweeted the following:

  • “Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters hav [sic] a president to destroy America”
  • “So [President Barack] Obama still demands the hardest workers provide for the nonwotkers [sic]. Shared opportunitiesmy ass.”
  • “What subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity booze cellphones birthcontrol abortions & lives.”
  • “Goodluk [sic] America u just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools.”
  • “So 4 SCOTUS idiots dont believe in self defense. Pure evil.” Nugent was referring to Supreme Court Justices Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Justices Breyer and Ginsburg dissented in District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago. In Heller, the Court held for the first time in U.S. history that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to firearm ownership for self defense in the home; thereby striking down D.C.’s handgun ban. In McDonald v. Chicago, the Court held that the Second Amendment, as interpreted in Heller, applied to the states through the Due Process Clause. Justice Sotomayor joined the dissent in McDonald. Justice Kagan has indicated that she also disagrees with the Court’s decisions in Heller and McDonald.
  • “I cry tears of blood for The Last Best Place & the warriors who died for this tragedy.”

In an October 30, 2023 interview with the Washington Times, Nugent spoke about social welfare programs, stating, “We are all heartbroken that the Herculean work ethic that…made America The Last Best Place has dwindled considerably since the big lies of The New Deal and The Great Society succeeded in brainwashing a segment of our country to believe Fedzilla would provide for anyone who decided, for whatever reason, to not be productive.” President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal was responsible for creating the Social Security Administration, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Housing Administration, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society was responsible for the creation of Medicare and Medicaid, and a variety of other anti-poverty programs. These programs drastically reduced the rate of poverty nationally. Nugent also spoke about his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, stating, “It is so very true that my birth city of Detroit was the cleanest, most neighborly, positive-energy, work-ethic epicenter of planet earth when I was born there in 1948, right on through to the 1960s. Enter the liberal death wish of Mayor Coleman Young and a tsunami of negative, anti-productivity policies by liberal Democrats that put a voodoo curse on our beloved Motor City. When you train and reward people to scam, cheat and refuse to be productive, there is only one direction that society can go: straight down the toilet. It is truly a heartbreaker. Some wonderful people are still to be found back home, but they are outnumbered by the pimps, whores and welfare brats that have made bloodsucking a lifestyle. And now we have a president who is doing everything he can to take the whole country down that same path. Truly amazing.”

On October 26, 2012, Nugent tweeted, “The Obama gang turned their soulless slimy backs on Americans in Benghazi. Criminal corruption & abuse of power.” Nugent was referring to an attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya on September 11, 2012. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the attack. Congressional hearings revealed that the State Department was aware of, and rejected, several requests for increased security in Benghazi. In addition, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives reduced funding for embassy security. Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chairman of the U.S. House Oversight Subcommittee on National Security, when asked why Republicans took this step, stated, “Look, we have to make priorities and choices in this country. We have…15,000 contractors in Iraq. We have more than 6,000 contractors, a private army there, for President Obama, in Baghdad. And we’re talking about can we get two dozen or so people into Libya to help protect our forces. When you’re in tough economic times, you have to make difficult choices. You have to prioritize things.”

On October 25, Nugent tweeted, “Weirdos against hunting are against nature herself-pure veison [sic] forever.”

On October 16, 2012, Nugent tweeted, “ [President Barack] Obama is the ultimate Saul Alinsky & Cloward/Piven smoke&mirrors liar from hell. God help America.” Saul Alinsky was a community organizer and writer in the mid-20th century. In 1971, he wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals” which described his theory and methods of organizing. Richard Cloward and Frances Piven were sociologists and political activists. They outlined a political strategy in 1966 that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of "guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty." President Barack Obama has never publicly mentioned Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward or Frances Piven nor, has he supported a guaranteed annual income in place of welfare.

On October 10, 2012, Nugent tweeted, “Yeah thats it-The FtHood massacre was a workplace act of violence Yeah, thats the ticket Goodcall gang Obama lying enemies of America. damnU.” Nugent was referring to a mass shooting at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009. In that shooting, Nidal Hassan, an Army psychiatrist, killed 12 people and wounded 30 others after legally purchasing a handgun and ammunition. The Department of Defense classified the shooting as “workplace violence.”

On October 10, 2012, Nugent tweeted, “How soulless must the [President Barack] Obama gang be to refuse basic security for Americans around the world on 9-11. Criminal complicity to murder treason.” Nugent was referring to an attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya on September 11, 2012. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the attack. Congressional hearings revealed that the State Department was aware of, and rejected, several requests for increased security in Benghazi. In addition, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives reduced funding for embassy security. Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chairman of the U.S. House Oversight Subcommittee on National Security, when asked why Republicans took this step, stated, “Look, we have to make priorities and choices in this country. We have…15,000 contractors in Iraq. We have more than 6,000 contractors, a private army there, for President Obama, in Baghdad. And we’re talking about can we get two dozen or so people into Libya to help protect our forces. When you’re in tough economic times, you have to make difficult choices. You have to prioritize things.”

In an October 8, 2023 radio interview with Rusty Humphries, Nugent stated, “You know why you love my greasy soulful black soul music? You know why you love it so much? Because on all my Gibson guitars, I have illegally imported Indian fretboads. That's one thing I demand from Gibson is that if they are going to make me a guitar they will use illegally imported wood so that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife has a conniption fit every time I play." Nugent was referring to several U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department raids on the guitar maker Gibson for importing endangered wood. Nugent told Humphries that one of his new songs was about how, “The whole word sucks, but America still sucks less and if we don’t get these gangsters out of the White House we’re gonna suck ourselves to death … [Government is] so out of control now, the new normal is offensive, vulgar, obscene, and anti-American at the hands of a community organizer who is intentionally dismantling the greatest quality of life in the history of mankind.” When asked what he thought of polls that showed President Barack Obama holding a slight lead over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Nugent replied, “Well, when you read those kind of manipulated and dishonest polls it actually does increase confidence [in Mitt Romney] because the leftist media is so addicted to dishonesty and misrepresentation and manipulation … I believe there’s more of us than the bloodsuckers that [President] Barack Obama and his gangsters have bought and paid for and if that offends somebody who is listening to Rusty Humphries and Ted Nugent, you need to get a clue because this president has bought his votes by offering something from the productive Americans to the non-productive Americans … If you look at the average voter for Barack Obama, he’s either receiving something from the taxpayer or he’s an elected official or government employee that is being overpaid.” Turning to the topic of his family, Nugent stated, “We shoot pretty much every day. I shoot every day … Unarmed citizens are slaves so we take our shooting very seriously.”

On October 17, 2012, Nugent tweeted, “Apparently soulless liberals & zombie democrats dont care that their president lies thru his teeth. Go Mitt [Romney].”

In an October 7, 2023 interview on Armed America Radio, Nugent stated, “Regardless of your ideology, this guy, this President Barack Obama clearly is intentionally dismantling the greatest quality of life in the history of the world. His policies are anti-American. His polices and his czars and his administration are anti-American, anti-quality of life, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, and anti-being the best that you can be. Every word, deed, and action by Obama is against the very spirit of rugged individualism, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution … This guy, this Barack Obama is a Mao Zedong wannabe. Everything he stands for, all of his policies, all of his smoke and mirrors, his mastery of deception and deceit and outright lying, is so Mao Zedong. In fact a lot of his czars, a lot of Barack Obama's czars, will look right in the camera and say, ‘Yeah, I'm a communist and I like it’ … The President of the United States, the Commander in Chief, which is supposed to be respected by the heroes of our U.S. military; Barack Obama goes to the Vietnam memorial wall in Washington where 58,000 American patriots and heroes and warriors gave their lives fighting communism. When he is not at the wall pretending to show tribute to these warriors, he's implementing communism. The very system that these warriors died fighting against … And for Americans to accept that the Commander in Chief is implementing communist policies while feigning respect for heroes who fought communism is one of the most vile, repugnant, obscene gestures in the history of American politics.” Nugent, by his own account, evaded being drafted for the Vietnam War in the 1970s by taking controlled substances and smearing his body with feces before a fitness exam.

In an October 4, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent wrote, “Not so amazing, but the backbone of the Democratic Party, the ones buying the most lottery tickets, are the ones who can least afford it. Duh. If these mouth-breathers promise not to vote, the GOP should buy them a lottery ticket. That would be cheaper than trying to reach them with political ads. The Democrats are once again playing class warfare. Jacking the poor and downtrodden against wealthy Americans is a core Democratic political strategy … The message the Democrats send to their base is that wealthy Americans are to be despised, maligned and punished. The Democratic Party will never admit that wealthy Americans might just be smarter, have a greater tolerance for risk and a stronger work ethic than supporters who carp about how the system is rigged against them and seek a fantasy of ‘shared opportunity.’ Show me where life is fair and I will vote for President Obama. The only things rigged against these comfortably dumb Americans is the image staring back in the mirror and the Democratic Party, which has intentionally enslaved and victimized them for decades … To demonize wealthy people is to spit in the face of the American dream. You might want to note that there is no demonization of the wealthy from Republicans, only Democrats.”

On October 4, 2012, Nugent tweeted, “The presidential looking self made American [Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney] bitchslaps the clueless community disorganizer [President Barack Obama] upside the head with crowbars of truth & logic.” Nugent was referring to the first presidential debate in Denver, Colorado on October 3, 2012.

In an October 2, 2023 radio interview on 101 KXL, a Portland, Oregon news radio station, Nugent stated, “[Michigan] turned into a liberal cesspool of slovenliness and gluttony and just entrenched irresponsibility…the opposite of what I grew up in Michigan … Positive spirit and entrepreneurial work ethic…is still alive and well in Michigan, it’s just been overwhelmed by the pimps and the whores and the welfare brats.” Nugent continued, stating, “I couldn’t be more proud, in 2012, hippies and communists hate me. They hate me, which means I’m really really a good person.” When asked what he would do if President Barack Obama won the election in November 2012, Nugent replied, “I’ve saluted too many flag-draped coffins to give up. I’ve spent too much time with U.S. Marines with no legs and Army heroes with no arms and Navy and Air Force and Coast Guard and National Guard guys who have given up everything to give up … If Barack Obama gets back in, I’ll just turn up the heat and fight to demand the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and that ‘We the People’ get more engaged and take this country back from these criminals. Barack Obama and [U.S. Attorney General] Eric Holder and [U.S. Secretary of State] Hillary Clinton and [U.S. Treasury Secretary] Tim Geithner and other czars, they’re all America-hating punks. They hate this country. They hate freedom. They hate excellence. They hate entrepreneurialism. They hate genuine effort. They think there’s somehow some kind of fairness available where people who don’t try as hard somehow benefit the same way as people that try really hard. That’s just buffoonery. That’s just a Karl Marx [author of the ‘Communist Manifesto’], [Former Leader of Communist China] Mao Tse-tung insult.” Nugent, by his own account, evaded being drafted for the Vietnam War in the 1970s by taking controlled substances and smearing his body with feces before a fitness exam.

In an October 1, 2023 radio interview on KMOX, a St. Louis news radio station, Nugent spoke about the November 2012 presidential campaign, stating, “[Republican vice presidential candidate] Paul [Ryan] is a great man … He is really a keeper. He’s one of the best of the best and I really believe that what [Republican presidential candidate] Mitt Romney has learned over the years really makes him better than just a good man, he’s now a great man. He would be such a vast improvement over this current criminal administration and the policies that clearly are against the American way and against being the best that you can be. So, Mitt Romney picked the right guy. Paul Ryan’s a real blood-brother, man … Bow-hunting really is the most difficult thing in the world, as far as a self-imposed challenge goes … There’s a real higher level of awareness that one attains, that one has to aspire to and Paul Ryan has achieved that. He’s a dedicated, very successful bow-hunter. And that higher level of awareness that drives your higher level of awareness on every level of life is what has made [Paul Ryan] a great representative, a great U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights representative of ‘We the People’ of Wisconsin. So, what he can do in America, I think we have seen with [Wisconsin Governor] Scott Walker, Tommy Thompson, the past governor and hopefully U.S. Senate from Wisconsin and with Paul Ryan as Congressman. I mean, Wisconsin went from a suburb of the hash-bash hippie hell of Madison to being a really accountable, living within their means, balancing their budget, and getting rid of the fat and the waste in Wisconsin.” Governor Scott Walker did not balance Wisconsin’s budget. In a letter sent by Mike Huebsch, Walker’s Administration Secretary, to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services in December 2011, Huebsch stated that Wisconsin would have an “undisclosed deficit” from January, 2012 through June, 2013. Nugent then explained why he thought polls showed some swing states leaning towards President Barack Obama in the election, stating, “When you buy votes, when you buy entire societal blocks with handouts and with promises that clearly can’t be kept. But this president, President Obama and his gang, they have literally smoke and mirrored their way into this artificial reign of terror. Unfortunately, the terror isn’t artificial. And so the people that support Barack Obama and this current corruption, the current abuse in the U.S. government, it’s because they’re getting something out of it.” Nugent told the radio host, Mark Reardon, “There’s a bunch of us, like you and me and people that work really hard and get up early and put their heart and soul into being the most productive asset they can to their fellow man … Barack Obama’s voter block, either you’re a liability or you believe people can intentionally put themselves in the position of a liability. So, that’s why Mitt Romney’s 47 percent statement is statistically irrefutable.” Nugent referred to controversial comments Mitt Romney made at a private fundraiser earlier this year. Romney stated, “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it—that that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. ... These are people who pay no income tax. ... [M]y job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives." Nugent continued, stating, “This President [Barack Obama] has bought the gay vote, overall, just basically speaking, obviously there’s a bunch of smart gay people out there that ain’t buyin’ this crap. He’s bought the black vote, event though there’s a bunch of really smart, independent, rugged individuals in the black community. And the female vote with this lie that we’re somehow gonna take away their health care because we won’t buy them contraception. I mean, every aspect of Barack Obama’s campaign would be laughable if it was just a movie.” Nugent was referring to a January 2012 Obama Administration announcement that the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” requires employers to provide health insurance which covers contraception for women free of charge.

In an October 1, 2023 interview with Big Hollywood, Nugent stated, “[President] Barack Obama hates America. Barack Obama hates freedom. Barack Obama's voting record, his upbringing, his education, his words, his actions, his misdeeds, all reek of everything anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of Rights. The latter of which is most deviously manifested in his voting record against the individual right to keep and bear arms … America faces doom if we re-elect Barack Obama to the presidency. It is a dire, dangerous forecast for freedom … If he wins in November he won't have to kowtow, he won't have to placate anybody anymore. He will be able to go for the jugular, and that includes the jugular of the Second Amendment. He will begin again what he did in Illinois as a gangster politician and go against gun rights, he will tax ammunition, he will ban certain types of bullets, and he will ban certain types of firearms. His goal is Attorney General Eric Holder's goal: namely, to brainwash Americans into believing that guns are bad and that the Second Amendment does not mean individuals have the right to keep and bear arms. Barack Obama is a smoke-and-mirrors scam artist who has convinced people he believes one and one equals two, while he shoves three-and-a-half down your throat … In November 2012, we are voting for [Republican presidential candidate Mitt] Romney/[Republican vice presidential candidate Paul]Ryan because we are voting for the very soul of America. If Barack Obama is elected again, this country is done." Nugent was referring to a speech Eric Holder, then-U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, gave to the Woman’s National Democratic Club on gun violence in 1995. Holder stated, “We want to have…an informational campaign to change the hearts and minds of people in Washington, D.C. and particularly young people. They are saturated in the media and entertainment, or by the entertainment industry, with violence. And I think too many of our young people, in particular our young men, are fascinated with violence, and in particular fascinated with guns. What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it something that’s not cool, that it’s not acceptable, it’s not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we changed our attitudes about cigarettes. When I was growing up, people smoked all the time…but over time we changed the way people thought about smoking…and that’s what I think we need to do with guns, really change the way people think about them … This is not going to be something that’s very easy to do, because we are, quite frankly, fighting something that appears every day on television, on the radio, in our popular music, in movies that these kids are exposed to … We need to get really innovative, really creative things that are gonna grab the attention of these kids and change, as I said, the way in which they think about guns … I have asked the school board to make a part of every day some kind of anti-violence, anti-gun message. Every day, every school, at every level. One thing I think is clear with young people, and adults as well, is that we just have to be repetitive about this … We need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

On September 27, 2012, Nugent tweeted, “Who could possibly not admit that [President Barack] Obama & the dem[ocrat]s are slavedrivers creating a sheeplike subclass of bloodsuckers. buy the vote buy the vote.”

In a September 27, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent wrote, “[Republican presidential candidate]Mitt Romney hit the bull’s-eye with his comments regarding the 47 percent of Americans who do not have any skin in the game as it pertains to paying federal income tax. Facts are facts … As I’ve written before, for at least the past 50 years the Democratic Party has intentionally engineered a class of political ‘victims’ who have been bamboozled into being dependent on the federal government for their subsistence, including food, housing and now health care. They get this without paying any federal income taxes, and that’s wrong. Something for nothing is always a scam. This is how you buy votes, plain and simple … Alternatively, the majority of federal income taxes are paid by the top wage earners, the very group of individuals the Democrats and President Obama constantly demonize and want to punish by raising their taxes even higher. This is what’s called ‘fair’ in this bizzarro world. Those who pay nothing can continue to pay nothing, and those who pay all will pay more … The Democratic Party exists because it promotes the creation of dependence on Fedzilla. They have intentionally created the real political victims, many of whom have been victimized by the Democrats for decades … Through the creation of the Nanny State, the Democrats have destroyed lives, families and entire communities, and convinced some Americans that they can’t achieve anything without Fedzilla’s help. They have their own soulless Declaration of Dependence. That’s downright pathetic. While creating this voting bloc of handcrafted victims, the Democrats have also waged an artful campaign to paint Republicans as a group of arrogant, greedy rich people. Some Democrats like Vice President Joseph R. Biden take their venom-filled lies about the GOP even a step lower … He’s a race-baiting yarn-spinner. He should be made to wear a dunce hat and stand in the corner for the remainder of the campaign … No able-bodied American should get anything for free while doing nothing to earn it. Put a rake, shovel, paint brush or broom in their hands. That will instill some pride back in their lives that the Democrats have worked double-time to make extinct … What Fedzilla has done to individuals and businesses is not a victimless crime. It’s killing America.” Nugent was referring to controversial comments Mitt Romney made at a private fundraiser in May 2012. Romney stated, “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it –that that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. ... These are people who pay no income tax. ... [M]y job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

On September 5, 2012, Nugent tweeted, “The [Democratic National Committee] ‘leaders’ are not just Godless they are pathetically soulless antiAmericandismantlers.”

In a September 3, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent wrote, “What a psychotic piece of subhuman debris [mentally ill mass shooter Jared Lee Loughner] did on Jan. 11, 2011, outside a Tucson Safeway store where Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was holding a ‘meet and greet’ with constituents was an unfathomable act of barbarism … The obviously guilty mass murderer has pleaded guilty and has been spared the death penalty. Yet the death penalty is exactly what he deserves. For his crimes, he will spend the rest of his life in prison while six innocent Americans are dead and 13 more are struggling to recover from their wounds. Sparing the killer’s life is not justice, it’s legalized barbarism. Allowing him to live out his days in prison is our convoluted legal system allowing Lady Justice to be mugged again and again … If a killer is deemed to be psychotic, he is held to a different standard by our legal system than a killer who is deemed not to be crazy. That’s a legal system that is certifiably nuts … Locking up the terminal whack-job shooters in prison for the remainder of their lives will cost taxpayers many millions of wasted dollars when all that is required is a 25-cent bullet to the back of their deranged heads. But the do-gooders among us say we shouldn’t do that, that the state shouldn’t sanction ‘murder,’ especially of those who are deemed to be mentally incompetent. Do-gooders are more dangerous than a sow grizzly with cubs or a coiled rattlesnake, as do-gooders champion and sanction legalized barbarism … The McNaughton rule, which basically states that terminal whack jobs can’t be held responsible for their crimes, is the ultimate definition of nuts. It should be replaced with the McNugent rule, which states that regardless of your mental state, if you slaughter innocent people, expect a bullet to the back of the head, most preferably at the scene of the crime. So long as the American justice system is held hostage by mindless do-gooders who wish to enforce their toxic, brain-dead legalized barbarism on the rest of us, our only recourse is to be vigilant and ready to protect ourselves and our loved ones from these psychotic monsters. Shoot them. Punks deserve to pay for their crimes with their lives instead of living out their lives and attending group therapy sessions on the taxpayers’ dime and further burdening the society they already have hurt deeply.” The McNaughton Rule, which Nugent refers to, is a legal standard for insanity. Under the rule, there is a presumption of sanity. The defense must prove "at the time of committing the act, the accused was laboring under such a defect of reason, from disease of the mind, as not to know the nature and quality of the act he was doing or, if he did know it, that he did not know what he was doing was wrong." In addition, studies show that it is typically less costly to imprison an individual for life than to sentence him/her to death.

On September 1, 2012, Nugent tweeted, “Did I mention how insane fun it is slaughtering pigs with machinegunsfrom helicopters? Cleanse the goodearth.”

In a September 1, 2023 interview with Patriot Update, Nugent stated, “The Fourth Amendment is trampled on all the time … Do you know that game wardens, who I adore and have great respect for, they’re heroes of law enforcement – most of them—law enforcement agents of Game Department can come into your house without a search warrant, without just cause. Maybe cause they don’t like you. Maybe you’re the wrong color. Maybe they don’t agree with your politics. Maybe they don’t like your music. It doesn’t matter the reason. A law enforcement official of Game Departments of the United States of America do not respect and are not limited by the Fourth Amendment … They don’t need just cause. They don’t need a search warrant. They can cut the lock on your gate–while you’re home or you’re not home. They can break into your freezer and examine the meat and see if it’s legal. On a hunch. On a rumor. Or just on a bad day … So that’s offensive on all levels but there’s also some other jack-booted Gestapo maneuvers going on these days like the Gibson raids … While we’re sitting here, my email’s going [noise] blowing up with stories of heartbreak: where a teenager, who’s never broke the law in his life, who’s never been in trouble with the law in his life, his family [is] law-abiding, their family has been bankrupted because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife thugs, the same ones that raided Gibson … Just the examples would gag you … When Governor [and Republican presidential nominee Mitt] Romney becomes Commander-in-Chief, I pray to God, along with a great Vice President, Paul Ryan … have got to look into these violations of civil rights and basic human rights at the hands of agencies gone mad … Vote Romney and Paul Ryan as president.” The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is subject to the requirements of the Fourth Amendment; however, some statutes give U.S. Fish and Wildlife agents authority to conduct warrantless searches. Nugent was referring to several U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department raids on the guitar maker Gibson for importing endangered wood.

Turning to the topic of sexual assault of minors, Nugent stated, “We’ve got to create community review boards for judges who keep letting child rapists out, when that judge knows if that child rapist is let out on the streets, he will rape again. And our court systems answer to that is to register them? To know where they live? In a neighborhood instead of a cage, instead of jail?” In 1978, Nugent began a relationship with seventeen-year-old Hawaii native Pele Massa. Due to the age difference they could not marry so Nugent joined Massa’s parents in signing documents to make himself her legal guardian. In 1998 interview with VH1, Nugent spoke about his “weakness for young women.”

In part two of the interview with Patriot Update, Nugent stated, “I hold the most important office on earth, ‘We the People.’ I am a we the people activist on behalf of my family, my neighborhood, my state, my country, and mostly that soldier in a box who died fighting for the U.S. Constitution. We all owe [that soldier] to make sure our elected officials abide by that document that he gave the ultimate sacrifice for.” Nugent evaded being drafted for the Vietnam War in the 1970s. Nugent then spoke about Kasim Reed, the Mayor of Atlanta, stating, “Me and old Kasim go way back. Kasim condemned me recently on one of the news shows … I love when the brown-shirts hate people saving Jews. Anyhow, the idiots and the America-haters hate me. That proves I’m doing God’s work because the devil is upset.” Regarding The Badger State, Nugent said, “Wisconsin is the guiding force and light for what America should be doing, between Scott Walker as Governor, Paul Ryan as Congressman, and now the Senator Tommy Thompson. America should go the way of Wisconsin because Wisconsin turned into a lump of liberal snot hair, just embarrassing. Everything was wrong with it and then come from the debris came Scott Walker.” Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, whom Nugent refers to, appeared on “Meet the Press” and was asked about a comment Vice President Joe Biden made to a crowd in Danville, Virginia. Biden stated, “Every Republican’s voted for [the House GOP budget]. Look at what they value and look at their budget and what they’re proposing. Romney…said in the first hundred days he’s going to let the big banks once again write their own rules, ‘unchain Wall Street.’ They’re going to put y’all back in chains.” Reed replied, “When Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan stands up to Rush Limbaugh…when they’re disparaging a Georgetown law student or stands up to Ted Nugent, really stands up to anybody or stands up to Donald Trump, then I’ll be willing to have a conversation about a comment that the vice president made.”

In an August 31, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent wrote, “[President Barack] Obama’s kamikaze borrow-and-spend policies, his addiction to job-killing regulations and his Marxist desire to punish producers with higher taxes have created the perfect job-killing storm. That plan is working out well for the president if you examine his real agenda.” He also offered advice, stating, “Fedzilla should do is to get out of the way of the free market as much as possible, but power-hungry bureaucrats rarely let that happen. These are the same clueless clowns who, if given the chance, would go down into the pits of a NASCAR race and tell the pit crew how to tune engines based on pompous presumptuousness. No thanks, clowns. Have you met my monkey wrench? Fedzillacrats should be forced to sign a pledge that they will spend 100 days studying the impact on the economy for every piece of proposed legislation. The Chamber of Commerce, Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Tax Reform, and Steve Forbes should be consulted before any changes. The U.S. tax code needs to be tossed into a giant wood chipper. Then toss in every anti-business regulation, starting first with Obamacare. This will jump-start the economy.” The Chamber of Commerce, Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) are conservative organizations. Fellow NRA board member Grover Norquist is the president of ATR. Steve Forbes is the editor-in-chief of the conservative Forbes magazine. He was also twice a Republican nominee for president.

In an August 29, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent wrote, “The root of evil is not the want of money, but rather a government that thinks it knows better than free-thinking individuals how best to provide for our well-being. Socialists like [President Barack Obama] use the law and courts to force their failed big-government ideas on those of us still helplessly drunk on freedom, rugged individualism and liberty. You know, the American way. Socialists argue that fairness is the goal. For their version of fairness to occur, socialists must take the earnings and wealth from one person who earned it and give it to another who has not. Karl Marx would be proud of Mr. Obama. We would be wise to remember when then-Sen. Barack Obama was campaigning for the presidency and told Joe the Plumber, “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” Those are the words of a socialist who learned his lessons well from his socialist upbringing and on the streets of Chicago as a community organizer … Socialists are punks who think they are smarter than ordinary Americans and that ordinary Americans are so dumb they need to be managed by Fedzillacrats in Washington. These punks are smug, arrogant and wrong … Join me at the dead-end brick wall of freedom and liberty. Let’s ring the Liberty Bell once again. Educate and remind all the people you know every day that if they’re not registered to vote and they fail to vote Romney-Ryan, the socialists win. And the shining city upon a hill comes tumbling down.”

On August 29, 2012, Nugent tweeted, “The less than perfect GOP has a near perfect message/platform where the Dems reek of soulless dependency [e]xcuse mongering & bloodsucking WTF.”

On August 25, 2012, at a concert in Fort Worth, Texas, Nugent stated, “I vow that I will use our freedom to get these dirty [expletives] out of the White House. The president is a bad man. The vice president is a bad man. They’re all bad people. If you don’t get that, you’re a dead [expletive]. If you don’t get that, get out of Texas. Move to Illinois … It’s time to celebrate the taking back of America in 2012 … The whole word sucks, America just sucks less.” While holding up a machine gun, Nugent said to the crowd, “All the skinny girls get a free machine gun tonight. The big girls can load them.” Turning to another topic, Nugent stated,“This is an illegal Gibson guitar, the game warden told me it was illegal. They’re soulless [expletives]. Those spineless, soulless pieces of [expletive] from the Wildlife Agency should take me down now, because all of my Gibsons are made of dangerous species. This one is made of platypus! My audience will beat them within an inch of their lives. Is that illegal? [Expletive], it’s just entertainment!” Nugent was referring to previous U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department raids on Gibson for importing endangered wood.

In an August 24, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent addressed requests by President Barack Obama’s campaign that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney release five additional years of his tax returns. Nugent wrote, “As usual, the Democrats have nothing worthy of their own to promote, so they are going after Mitt Romney to release more of his tax records. My advice to Mr. Romney is to tell the Democrats to pound sand … What the Democrats want to do is to play class warfare, pit rich against poor. Playing class warfare is all the proof you need to know that the Democratic Party despises successful people such as Mr. Romney. The Democrats abhor success. They would rather Americans be beholden to Fedzilla for food stamps and other government programs than go out and become tremendously successful on their own. The Democrats hate success because they know success ultimately breeds success. The more successful Americans are, the less power and influence the Democrats can have over them, which means the less political power the Democrats can wield. That’s not a good thing for socialists and other big-government addicts and dependents. The “man” keeping down the people is not a successful person such as Mr. Romney, but rather the Democratic Party, which buys their votes by enslaving its supporters with government programs and checks, funded with the tax dollars that people like Mr. Romney have paid … With the sizable and legal pile of money Mr. Romney is reported to have made and banked, my hope is that he has legally hid as much of it as possible from Fedzilla. I would much rather Mr. Romney have his money than surrender it to Uncle Sham, who burns through our hard-earned tax dollars with impunity … Should Mr. Romney release his records, let’s wait and see if [President Barack Obama] then releases all his academic records, complete health records and other documents. How about it, Mr. President?”

In an August 24, 2023 interview with Newsmax, Nugent addressed a shooting that had occurred earlier that day at the Empire State Building in New York City. Gunman Jeffrey T. Johnson, a disgruntled former employee of a women’s clothing shop across the street from the Empire State Building, shot and killed a former co-worker. Nugent said, “The Empire State shooting is yet another gun free zone.” Officers posted at the front entrance of the Empire State Building shot and killed Mr. Johnson shortly after the shooting.

On August 10, 2012, in an interview with Newsmax, Nugent stated, “Everybody dead in Aurora was unarmed and helpless. Everybody dead in Milwaukee was unarmed and helpless. Everyone dead at Virginia Tech was unarmed and helpless. How dare President [Barack Obama] or [Congresswoman] Nancy Pelosi, or [New York City Mayor Michael] Bloomberg want more of that? [Republican presidential candidate] Mitt Romney made the terrible mistake of banning a certain type of firearm in the past — what they call assault weapons, which is not what they are. But he has seen the light. I spoke with him at length. I am convinced in my absolutist Second Amendment heart and soul that Mitt Romney will never even consider any more infringements on guns, ammo, fire power, access of guns ever again for Americans. He’s learned his lesson. Compared to Barack Obama and his team, Mitt Romney is indeed Michael the Archangel. He is a knight in shining armor for individual rights to self-defense.” Nugent also spoke about a proposed small arms treaty at the United Nations, stating, “When they talk about reducing unnecessary violence by eliminating small arms in the hands of citizens around the world, they’re talking about the same thing that Hitler talked about: Disarm the populace so you can control them at your every whim.” In reality, the treaty would set only international standards for the import/export of conventional weapons—leaving it to individual countries to “regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership.”

On August 7, 2012, at a concert in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Nugent told the crowd that he and his band members spend months each year performing. “The rest of the year, I just kill shit,” Nugent added. He also spoke about President Barack Obama, stating, "I wanna get rid of the dirty cocksuckers in the White House! If there's justice, Barack Obama will end up being a communal worker in Cuba!” Finally, Nugent stated, "The only thing missing in this world is more dead fucking assholes!"

On August 7, 2012, Nugent Tweeted, “what kind of subhuman demon would actually want more gunfreezones proven to be THE slaughterzones wasserman schultz holder lunatic fringers.” Nugent was making reference to U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D – FL) and Attorney General Eric Holder. There is no data to demonstrate that a majority—or even a significant minority—of the approximately 34 gun homicides that occur in the U.S. each day occur in “gun-free zones.”

On August 6, 2012, Nugent Tweeted, “Its official-democrats are addicted to flying over the cukoos nest at all costs, hell with truth logic honesty or anything good for America.”

In an August 6, 2023 interview with the New Times Broward-Palm Beach, Nugent was asked what rock bands would represent President Barack Obama and the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Nugent responded, “Out and out politicians are anathema to rock-n-roll, so I hesitate to attempt to connect the two. But on important issues, I am saddened to admit that Obama represents everything bad about humanity and Romney pretty much all that is good. It is really that stark.” Nugent, also asked about gun rights and knife rights, stated, “The right to self-defense is secondary to the pure righteous instinct to self-defense. Historically, monster freedom crushing tyrants, kings, emperors, despots, and evil slavedrivers denied mankind of such basic God-given rights, and this sacred experiment in self-government is based on refusing to give any of them up ever again … If a man is forced to be unarmed and helpless, you are at the mercy of evil, and that simply does not compute to conscientious, thinking people, so we stand and fight.”

In an August 6, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent called Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a “punch-drunk senator” making “buffoonish comments this goofy blurt being just the latest.” Nugent was referring to a statement Reid made to reporters on July 31, 2023 claiming that Romney hadn't paid taxes for ten years. Nugent commented, “This is a typical left-wing, Saul Alinsky playbook ploy: denigrate, besmirch, lie, deceive, then try to slip away under the cover of darkness.” Saul Alinsky was a community organizer and writer in the mid-20th century. In 1971, he wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals” which describes his theory and methods of organizing. Nugent also wrote about President Barack Obama’s administration, stating, “The Obama team will continue to embarrassingly play the hateful race card, the vile class-warfare card, and every other divide-and-conquer card they can think of. Now that they have backed themselves into a corner with their failed policies and agenda, they will resort to yet more desperate political ploys … Smoke, mirrors, lying, cheating and trumped-up character assassinations are the Chicago way. Let’s be smarter than four years ago when we got exactly what we deserved—a die-hard leftist amateur community organizer with no productive experience except being a political street hustler.”

In an August 2, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent wrote about proposed reforms in the wake of a mass shooting that occurred at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012. In that shooting, severely mentally ill gunman James Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58 others. Nugent commented, “According to the kind, caring and considerate left, you have every right to be a crazy druggie and roam the streets with no means of support. Heck, they even help nut-jobs occupy Wall Street and beyond. Surely, the unarmed and helpless will someday bring peace to the world, end world hunger and Rodney King’s dream of everyone getting along will become a reality. No wonder they call it dope. Years ago the left clamored that mental institutions violated the rights of those with mental illnesses. The American Civil Liberties Union even sued on their behalf. The result was the doors of the cuckoo nests were flung open and the patients stumbled out. Now they are everywhere. You can’t visit any city in America without encountering dirty people who are severely mentally impaired roaming the streets. Pushing shopping carts, mumbling to themselves, sleeping under bridges or in parks and basically being a nuisance, they ultimately endanger themselves. Most are not violent, just certifiably crazy by anyone’s standards. The real discussion that needs to occur in America is how we finally throw off the shackles of political correctness, quit worrying about ‘feelings’ and simply restrict the rights of psychotics by making it easier to lock them up for their safety and the safety of others. Advocating additional gun laws and gun-free zones is crazy. Crazy talk like that can get you killed.” Rodney King was an African-American construction worker who was beaten by Los Angeles police officers during a traffic stop in 1991. Four police officers from the LAPD who took part in the incident were later tried. Three of them were acquitted, and the jury failed to reach a verdict regarding the fourth. The acquittals are generally considered to have triggered the 1992 Los Angeles riots, in which 53 people were killed, and over 2,000 injured. During the riots, King appeared on television and asked, "Can we all get along?"

On July 28, 2012, Nugent Tweeted, “Dear UN Blue Helmut gangsta punks & all freedom hating people everywhere, I am the NRA. Eat shit & die. Sincerely, Ted Nugent.” Nugent was likely referring to a small arms treaty discussed at the United Nations in July. The treaty would set only international standards for the import/export of conventional weapons—leaving it to individual countries to “regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership.”

On July 26, 2012, Nugent Tweeted, “How much dope must one injest [sic] for how long to believe unarmed & helpless is a desirable condition? soulless is as soulless does to bait evil.” Nugent’s Tweet came six days after a mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, in which severely mentally ill gunman James Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58 others in a span of two minutes. Holmes wore full body armor during the attack.

In a July 26, 2023 op-ed for the Washington Times, Nugent wrote, “Fedzilla is growing fatter, less accountable and less transparent by gorging itself on our tax dollars. Instead of tightening Fedzilla’s fiscal belt, government bureaucrats just buy him bigger belts and suspenders, and he gets fatter and smellier each day. The only good pig is a dead pig. Regrettably, there are way too many intellectually stunted Americans who support this gluttonous and irresponsible spending curse. They are called socialists. Socialists believe in Keynesian economics, which supports government control and meddling in our economy … It’s akin to Jerry Sandusky managing a little boys’ football team. Another, more accurate name for Keynesian economics is Kamikaze economics.” Keynesian economics are based on the ideas of 20th century economist John Maynard Keynes. Advocates of Keynesian economics argue that private sector decisions sometimes lead to inefficient macroeconomic outcomes which require active policy responses by the public sector. Nugent also made reference to Jerry Sandusky, a former assistant football coach at Penn State University who was convicted of sexually abusing ten boys during a 15-year period. Finally, Nugent described fellow NRA board member Grover Norquist as “The Dirty Harry of tax and government reform.” “Dirty Harry Norquist, president of Americans For Tax Reform, has never seen a tax increase he supports,” wrote Nugent, “which should immediately put him at the head of the line for a Presidential Medal of Freedom once Mitt Romney is elected. If there was a Hall of Fame of Common Sense, a huge statue of Grover Norquist would at be the front door.” ATR’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” calls on lawmakers to swear to never vote for any legislation that would raises taxes, no matter how modestly.

On July 26, 2012, at a campaign event for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin, Nugent stated, “[Thompson] knows the right to keep and bear arms can only mean one thing. 'Keep’ means it's mine, you can't have it! I got a couple on me right now, and they're loaded.” Nugent also spoke about President Barack Obama, stating, “We are on the fast track to the end of the American dream with this corrupt, power-abusing criminal machine in the White House right now. Things are bad, people ... The president of the United States is a Chicago gangster who knows every criminal trick in the book; it's why he's the president of the United States.”

In a July 26, 2023 interview with conservative radio host Glenn Beck, Nugent spoke about a mass shooting that had occurred at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado six days earlier. In that shooting, severely mentally ill gunman James Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58 others. Holmes wore full body armor during the attack. Nugent commented to Beck, “And remember, Glenn, this monster in Aurora took 20 minutes to do his evil. In 20 minutes you don't need an assault weapon, you don't need a machine gun, which he didn't have either of, but you could do more damage with a single shot or a bolt action because he had 20 minutes … His AR-15 Smith & Wesson rifle is now the most popular sporting rifle in America. It is the number one competition, number one in self-defense; it's the number one sporting rifle for big game and small game. And if they keep calling it an ‘assault weapon,’ I may have that aneurysm.” In fact, the shooting in Aurora lasted only two minutes, after which time Holmes was apprehended by police in the parking lot of the theater. Single shot rifles and bolt action rifles, which Nugent made reference to, must be reloaded manually after each shot is fired. A semiautomatic firearm reloads automatically and can keep firing until its magazine is emptied. Holmes had three semiautomatic