Jim Gilmore

Jim Gilmore (Board Member)

Jim Gilmore  - NRA Board Member
Former Republican Governor of Virginia, President & CEO of Free Congress Foundation

James Gilmore, who holds a law degree from the University of Virginia, was first elected to office in 1993 as Virginia’s Attorney General. After serving four years in that position, Gilmore was elected as Virginia’s governor in 1998. During his last two years as governor, Gilmore also served as Chairman of the Republican National Committee. He was an unsuccessful candidate in both the 2008 presidential election and Virginia Senate election.

Controversial Actions and Statements

Controversial Actions and Statements:

Jim Gilmore (Board Member)

In separate documents filed for his 2008 presidential and Virginia Senate campaigns, Gilmore failed to disclose that he sat on the board of Windmill International. At the time, Windmill International was facing allegations that the company’s president attempted to secure fraudulent government contracts in Iraq. The President of Windmill International, Douglas Combs, made tens of thousands of dollars in political donations to Gilmore during his political career.

Political Corruption |

Jim Gilmore (Board Member)

The Free Congress Foundation (FCF), a think tank that promotes the far-right’s viewpoint in the “Culture War,” has courted a great deal of controversy. Gilmore effectively succeeded FCF President & CEO Paul Weyrich in 2009. On replacing Weyrich, Gilmore said, “Paul Weyrich blazed the trail for many conservative themes and I want to continue that leadership.” The “themes” advocated by FCF have included the following:

Conspiracy Theory | Repressive Regimes | Gay Rights | Race | Religion
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