Linda Walker

Linda Walker (Board Member)

Linda Walker - NRA Board Member

Walker, an Ohio resident, became Central Ohio Chair of the Buckeye Firearms Association in 2005. She began serving as an NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator for the Ohio 12th Congressional District in 2008. She also previously served as Chairman of the Licking County Friends of the NRA. Walker is an NRA-certified concealed carry instructor and was elected to the NRA Board of Directors in 2011.

Controversial Actions and Statements

Controversial Actions and Statements:

Linda Walker (Board Member)

In a February 3, 2023 interview with NRA News, Walker claimed that sales of firearms to American women were on the rise, stating, “There is not a definitive reason but there’s a lot of components that are going into this equation. I think the political climate, with the economy, crime has gone up ... I think women have figured out that they can’t rely on their husband, boyfriend or a police officer to be there to protect them 24/7. So, women are takin’ it into their own hands … Being able to carry a firearm and having your own self defense is a great equalizer.” Neither Walker nor NRA News produced any retail gun sales data to support this claim. Furthermore, violent crime declined for the fifth year in a row in the United States in 2011, according to the FBI

Conspiracy Theory | Vigilantism

Linda Walker (Board Member)

In a September 29, 2023 interview with NRA News, Walker spoke about a bill in the Ohio state legislature which allows individuals to carry firearms into restaurants that serve alcohol. The bill had been signed into law and was to go into effect the following day. Walker remarked, “I am as about as giddy as a four-year-old–no wait, let’s revise that. I am about as giddy as a first-grader tiger cub going on a camp out.”

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