Chuck Norris (Celebrity Spokesperson)

In an August 10, 2023 op-ed for WorldNetDaily about the extra-marital affair of Democratic politician John Edwards, Norris wrote, “I myself have experienced it, as I wrote about in the chapter ‘A sin that became a blessing’ in my autobiography, ‘Against All Odds,’ in which I discuss an adulterous one-night stand in the early ’60s that resulted in my wonderful daughter, Dina.” In “Against All Odds,” Norris described several dates he and his friend went on with two sisters, despite the fact that Norris was married at the time. According to Norris, “One night Johanna and I went to a drive-in movie alone, and we engaged in sexual intercourse, right there in the car.” Norris went on to harshly criticize Edwards for his affair, writing, “Enduring public humiliation is not the only price a political leader should pay for improprieties; I think they should be disciplined, suspended, if not disposed from areas of future public service. The consequence of corruption should also be increased restrictions, if not a banning from certain areas of public service. If one cannot properly handle their private affairs, can we truly expect them to handle political ones?” In another column published in February 2007, Norris encouraged Newt Gingrich—who participated in multiple extra-marital affairs—to run for president “because despite personal past shortcomings, I believe Newt is a Republican as they used to be and, even more, meets the criteria established by men of old.”

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